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Take A Moment To 'Rewind' With Hannah Lorimer's Debut Music Video


It’s been a little more than a month since Hannah Lorimer debuted her latest music video, “Rewind.” True to Lorimer’s style, you’re sure to feel smitten in just one listen with the songstress and her unique melody and lyricism.

The music video takes on the sweet song in a carefree, vibrant way. Shot by Terrance Harding, and produced by Fortune West, the video lights up the song in an ethereal way. Taking place on the Atlantic City boardwalk, it embodies summer, love, and laughter. Lorimer’s prior tracks, like single “Alive,” are impressive precursors to this bubbly anthemic tune, and we’re so excited that “Rewind” is joining our ever expanding playlist!

Check out the music video for “Rewind” down below!

We’re hoping (and you should be hoping, too) that this track is bringing forth a collection of songs from one of our favorite singers and collaborators. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Hannah has an extensive background in songwriting, teaching, chorus work, harmonizing and otherwise. An unstoppable woman with the voice of a sweet, sweet angel - count us in!

You can keep up to date with Hannah on her private social media, or on youtube. Feel free to look her up and listen good, because she’s someone you’re not going to want to miss!

ASL Music Video Is Latest From With Confidence

Bands continue to take in the important of inclusivity as they move forward, and With Confidence has always been one step ahead.

"Moving Boxes," the third single from their recent album Love and Loathing, the band's second full length, out on Hopeless Records, was their pet project for this American Sign Language Friendly music video. The band worked with an ASL interpreter to create a really special video for fans to experience the song in a different, more inclusive way.

Check it out below!

A few months ago, With Confidence shared the original music video for "Moving Boxes,"and in June released "That Something".

"Moving Boxes" was written by guitarist Inigo Del Carmen, who said, "I think it's important for media/art to be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to create music for everyone to enjoy and lyrics that everyone has the opportunity to relate to. By doing a video in ASL, we can further immerse our fans who are hearing impaired and create an even bigger platform for some of the topics, such as mental health, that our music touches on. My best friend is hearing impaired and this is something we've talked about doing for awhile and now we've actually done it! Big thanks to Raquel for being an amazing teacher and helping us learn some ASL!”

To never miss a moment of what With Confidence are up to, check out their social media links down below!

With Confidence: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Hope Vista Shares Brand New Single

One of the hardest working women in music & a peer I admire greatly, Hope Vista has been spending her downtime productively, and with Hope, there never is downtime (lucky for us).

Her first solo release since 2015, Hope now spends the majority of her time leading her full band VISTA. “Skin & Bones” is due out on December 28th, and harkened to be the only release from her solo act in the foreseeable future.

About the single, she states, “For the last three years, my life has been VISTA. It will remain VISTA, and that will always be my main priority. While VISTA is focusing on writing, I wanted to share with you all a song I wrote this fall that I felt was important to share. I have no further plans to release any other solo music again, but I felt this one was special.”

December 28th, we expect you guys to be right here for “Skin & Bones” debut! The single is a tantalizing teaser not only as a solo single, but for the future of VISTA. We can’t wait to see & hear what happens as the year ends with this fast moving, hard working band & artist.

Check out their social media links below to stay in touch!

Hope Vista: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Secret Nudist Friends Start Off 2018 With 'Lima Beans'


Secret Nudist Friends jump started their 2018 with a brand new music video to accompany their track "Lima Beans," and we can't share it enough with you!

One of the hardest working Philadelphia DIY bands encompasses all areas of DIY that we love, and their music video doesn't fall short in that area at all. With that do it yourself mentality, and sheer musicianship, it's not hard for Secret Nudist Friends to succeed - and we're here to share that with them!

Check out "Lima Beans" below!

Their fun loving nature and good vibes radiate out of this music video. Set in the infamous Tralfamadore, Secret Nudist Friends are playing to a host of artists (or maybe people who just like looking at it) and the video moves between images of the band playing (live!!!), newest member Missy, and spectators surrounded by Philadelphia basement aesthetic. 

Leave it to SNF to give us exactly what we want!

Keep up with Secret Nudist Friends in the future, the band is playing Johnny Brenda's on February 6th, so you can catch a live performance of "Lima Beans" and support a great band! Otherwise, check out their social media down below!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter // YouTube

Hopeless Records Signs Hold Close To Roster


Hopeless Records is thrilled to add Midwesterners Hold Close to their roster. Today, Hold Close releases the brand new EP I'll Never Go Back, which was produced by Seth Henderson (Real Friends, Knuckle Puck). Along with the new EP, the band has also released a new music video for the single "Bloom," which fans can now watch below!

On the EP, vocalist Braxton Smiley states, "I'll Never Go Back means being you...not wasting time making other people happy before you're happy with yourself. Find your place, find your happiness, and don't let anything break you down. Once you've found it, you'll never go back, only forward."
Fans can stream I'll Never Go Back in full now on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.
"Signing a record deal was never a main focus for us," explains guitarist Jessee Everett. "We just loved writing music and touring. We're very humbled and honored to be a part of the Hopeless family tree, and to finally share the news with our fans along with everyone else who ever had the slightest bit of faith in us. This is only the beginning of something beautiful."

For more on Hold Close and what they have lined up, check out their social media down below!

Hold Close: Website // Facebook

Flounder Warehouse Shares 'What To Do'


Philadelphia & NYC prog-pop band, Flounder Warehouse recently shared their debut music video for single, "What To Do." The Femme-Fronted band is an emotional, cathartic experience that all at once feels large and small.

Check out the video below!

With your main instruments being a piano, violin and percussion you're getting an earful that is reminiscent of a singer/songwriter genre on a larger scale. According to front-woman Seann, "This project was really personal for me. The song is based off a life experience. It’s from the point of view of a woman who is falling in love with someone, but she is hesitant to reveal her feelings to him. As she’s struggling with that decision though, she is unaware that there is no real possibility for a future between them: he’s leaving, to somewhere she can’t follow. By the last verse, she discovers his impending departure, and she is sort of left helpless, scrambling with her emotions. Hence, “What to do”."

The video is a clean, clear representation of that. The warm, light colors open up a sense of vulnerability that can be shared between listener and musician which I can definitely appreciate. To keep up with Flounder Warehouse check out their social media links below, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

Flounder Warehouse: Site // Spotify // Bandcamp // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Raising Cadence Make New Announcements

Raising Cadence by Red Oak Collective.jpg

Alternative pop-rock outfit, Raising Cadence, are thrilled to announce the details for their newest EP, Take Me Higher, which has been set for release on October 27th!

arlier this year, the band gave fans a taste of what's to come when they released the EP's title track, "Take Me Higher," an uplifting, danceable groove that brings out the best in you. Take Me Higher was produced by Randall Karriker (Stages and Stereos, The Dangerous Summer) at Red Oak Collective.

Check it out below!

The band states, "Our debut EP 'Northbound' was written when we first became a band as we were developing our sound. This upcoming EP 'Take Me Higher' has been three years in the making.  We have been writing non stop and hand picked our favorite songs together to make an eclectic mix of all our styles into one dynamic release."

Keep up with Raising Cadence as they prepare for their upcoming release, and check out their social media below!

Raising Cadence: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

New Single Out Now From Death Bells

Photography: Jarryd Lynagh

Photography: Jarryd Lynagh

Dreamy Australian quintet, Death Bells, have recently shared a brand new, ethereal single for listeners! “Only You" is a bulwark of post-punk, built on a blunt rhythm, webbing guitar, and ardent vocals. Frosty and monochromatic, the single’s accompanying video (directed by Jai Love) encapsulates Death Bells’ fascination with the wispy romanticism of the ‘80s.

Check it out below!

After releasing a self-titled EP last year, Death Bells will be gifting the world with a full album later this year. Look for ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World’ to be released in North America on September 29 via Funeral Party Records (and in Australia by Burning Rose). 

In the meantime, check out their social media to stay up to date.

Death Bells: Facebook

SAD Marquise Anticipates New Album With Single, 'Watercolor'

In anticipation for his latest EP, iPhone Pop, due out tomorrow on August 18th, SAD Marquise recently released a track to hype up listeners - and "Watercolor" is just a precursor to what we can expect from the upcoming release!

Check out the single below!

The smooth track highlights on R&B and electro-pop in a way that feels seductive and exciting. SAD Marquise brings in a retro type wave style of music that feels refreshing, especially as the end of summer dwindles down.

Check out the track above, and stay tuned for the release of iPhone Pop tomorrow!

To keep up with SAD, check out his social media below!

SAD Marquise: Facebook

Have a Good Season Shares New Single 'Gum'

3) band photo 2017.jpg

Maybe I have a slight fondness for bands near my hometown, and Have a Good Season may just be the latest band on my radar!

The Eatontown, NJ natives are a sly mix of emo/indie/alternative sounds that evoke memories reminiscent of your teen years. Their latest track "Gum" is a provocative single that aims to chew away at those adolescent crushes. 

Check out the track below!

Keep up with Have a Good Season on their social media to stay up to date on all that they're up to!

Have a Good Season: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // SoundCloud // YouTube

8/7 Central Share New Track 'Missile'

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC 8/7 Central have been preparing for their upcoming September EP release in Berlin, Germany on their European Tour! What better a way to hype up than to share a brand new single from the upcoming EP!

"Missile" is the first release off of the nameless EP, and 8/7 Central released it on (you guessed it) August 7th for fans and listeners everywhere! Check it out below!

The track is reminiscent of new wave and indie, but a smooth and easy listen for sure. It's quickly become a favorite on our playlist!

8/7 Central is comprised of Stephen Kingslow (bass), Florian Mewes (drums), Evan Banks (guitar), and Victor Crusner (vocals, guitar). The multi-national band includes members from Germany, Switzerland and the US respectively. 

To keep up with 8/7 Central, check out their social media below and watch out for that upcoming EP!

8/7 Central: Facebook // Instagram

New Music Video From Sleeptalk

After their recent release via Artery Recordings, Sleeptalk is celebrating the high of their new music with a brand new video to go along with it!

After self-releasing their debut EPs Pure, a straight-laced indie rock offering and Young, the more experimental spaced-out release, the band sought to marry the best qualities of both on Sleeptalk."Bright Eyes" is a short and crisp track is an innocent song about an infatuation that finally blossoms. 

Check out the new video for "Bright Eyes" below!

Vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick says this about the music video, "It's about being with the girl you have wanted to be with for so long and realizing you both were meant to be together." The video uses footage the band shot while they were on their most recent tour. Hotel room jam sessions, meeting fans, and parking lot footraces gone wrong are a few highlights.

Sleeptalk is available now on iTunesMerchNow, and all other digital retailers. Check out the video above, and then check out Sleeptalk's social media links down below!

Sleeptalk: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Instagram

Shatterproof Streams EP Ahead Of Release

The band, Shatterproof, is gearing up for the debut of their self-titled EP release, due out 7/21. The self-titled EP was recorded at The Blasting Room, produced/engineered by Chris Beeble, mixed by Mark Needham at Red Oak Studios with assistant mix engineer by Tyler Spratt and mastered by Stephen Marcussen.

To celebrate the release, the band has partnered with PureGrainAudio to stream the EP in full today, so head over there to check it out! 

Off the forthcoming EP, the band released single "So Punk"about the struggles of working artists and while times may seem tough, to never give up living out one's dream. Following the release of "So Punk" they unleashed "Karma," a classic revenge-breakup song.

The band expands on their forthcoming EP, by stating, "We believe that this EP is the best of Shatterproof. We have been a band for almost 6 years and have written so many songs. But this EP is what Shatterproof is about, our favorite songs we have written so far. It is painting a picture of the direction we want to go, how we want to write songs and what kind of band we want to be. Having the opportunity to put this EP out through Revival Recordings is huge for us. This EP is some old stuff for older fans, and some new stuff for everyone, and as a package we couldn't be happier with it."  

 In addition, Shatterproof will be hitting the road this month with Sink In, in support of their EP Release. Check out those dates below!

For more on Shatterproof and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Shatterproof: Facebook

New Single Out Now From CONS

Arizona Hardcore 5-piece, CONS, have recently announced their debut EP, Slowhealer, due out August 11th. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin, It Prevails, Emery), Slowhealer captures the angst of a band having gone through the death of their friends and both the regrets and triumphs of growing up disenfranchised in a small desert city.

In anticipating for the album, CONS shared a brand new single, "The Burden of Knowing Why" which was released originally on Metal Underground. Check it out streaming via youtube below!

Talley expands on the importance of the record by stating, "We recorded Slowhealer almost 2 years ago and had plans to self release and basically give it away just to get our music out there. That being said we couldn't be more honored and stoked to release this through Revival. It brings a sense of validation to what we've been working so hard on, to have a great label show interest and pick up the reins and give it the proper release that we feel it deserves. Thank you to everyone involved in this with us. We can't wait to get this out there and get to work."

Stay tuned for more from CONS!

The Funeral Portrait Announce Fall Tour

Having just wrapped a run with Islander and Bad Seed Rising and a recent announcement which includes an August run with Marina City and Awake at Last, which kicks off August 11th in Spartanburg, SC (without Marina City) and will conclude August 25th in Toledo, OH.

The Funeral Portrait are excited to announce they will be hitting the road once again with heavy-hitters Social Repose and Hotel Books in October. The tour kicks off on September 30th in Brooklyn, NY at Gold Sounds and will conclude on October 28th in Knoxville, TN at Open Chord!

Tickets are available here.

Check out the tour dates below!

To keep up with The Funeral Portrait and future announcements, check out their social media below!

The Funeral Portrait: Facebook

'Light & Dark' Out By Oliver Ignatius Out Now

Brooklyn based artist & producer, Oliver Ignatius, is celebrating the recent release of their latest single, "Light & Dark." 

The song premiered in an extensive interview piece with Culture Collide where Ignatius detailed his life as a musician and his role as the owner/founder of the studio/collective Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen.

Check it out below!

“Light and Dark” serves as an initial teaser of what’s in store for the future as Ignatius plans to release a trove of long in the works music soon.

Check out this funky track, and then check back with Ignatius' social media to keep up on anything new and exciting!

Oliver Ignatius: Facebook

The Hook Journal To Put Out Compilation Charity EP

We know a lot of music, right? I mean, yes, we do and it's no question that because we know a lot of music, we always want to share that music with others. I mean that's why we're a music magazine after all, right?

We're super excited to announce that we'll be putting together some of our favorite local artists together for a good cause! 

On July 1st, we'll be releasing our first ever compilation EP featuring artists such as Nikolai, yeenar, Architect The Destroyer, Andross, and Halogens! We're in the works with finishing up this first batch, but each EP will be dedicated to a different non-profit organization in which all of the proceeds from the EP will be donated!

July's EP donations will go to Books Through Bars, a non-profit organization dedicated to the faciliation of books & education texts to inmates all across the United States. Located in Philadelphia, PA this organization is close to our heart, and we're excited for the opportunity to help a hardworking organization doing work for an incredible cause!

We will also be accepting book donations along with this July EP, and you can check out our Facebook for more information on how to donate books!

For more information, stay tuned!

Sleeptalk Release Music Video for Dizzying New Single "Young"

Electro-pop quartet Sleeptalk from Los Angeles has released a new music video for their single "Young." The track comes from their debut self-titled album that will be released on July 28th via Artery Recordings, which includes a combination of remastered versions of songs from their earlier EPs as well as brand new tracks. 

Check out the video below!

Vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick says "This song is about a specific night where 10 PM turned to 5 AM within minutes. It's about those nights where the only thing to look forward to is the rest of the night. The type of night when congenial is not only a word but a lifestyle. Stumbling around, lighting continuous cigarettes and enjoying a group of friends where nothing can go wrong, except the end of the night."

Pre-orders for Sleeptalk are available now on iTunesMerchNow, and all other digital retailers. For more on Sleeptalk, check out their social media below!

Sleeptalk: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Instagram


Honey Anticipates New Album With Single Release

We've been following Pittsburgh based band, Honey, in anticipation of their upcoming album release, Mock Pop. Expected out on June 30th, the band is gearing up listeners by teasing out a single from the forthcoming LP.

Honey is now streaming "Send Me No Flowers," on their bandcamp, but you can check it out below!

Honey's Evan Meindl says of the track, "Utilizing the classic loud/soft/loud dynamic made popular in the 1990s, the song simultaneously captures and provokes it's audience with a combination of sickly sweet melodies and abrasive subject matter. Ascending and descending through a tense sonic landscape, the song ruminates on secrets of the past, kept in the ephemeral present, waiting to be unlocked in the uncertain future. Clocking in at a cool four minutes, "Send Me No Flowers" leaves the listener with a statement that they can not only relate to, but sing along to time and time again."

The track is an exciting anticipation for Honey's upcoming LP, out June 30th via Wild Kindness Records! To keep up with Honey and any more exciting news they have to share, check out their social media below!

Honey: Facebook

Brand New Music From Silverstein

Toronto’s post-hardcore heavyweights, Silverstein, have released new single, "Lost Positives." The track is off their forthcoming release of the new full length, Dead Reflection. The band’s eighth studio LP is slated for release on July 14 via New Damage.

Alternative Press shared the dynamic new song along with an in-depth interview about the creation of Silverstein's harrowing new album. Check it out below!

Dead Reflection takes all of the band's strengths--pummeling riffs, explosive dynamic shifts, and hugely anthemic choruses--and ramps up their intensity, demonstrating exactly why Silverstein remain at the top of their game over 17 years into their career. "Lost Positives" is a perfect representation of Silverstein in 2017, its explosive guitar-work and massive chorus are clearly the product of a band that challenges themselves to evolve and create their best material with every release. 

Silverstein will be hitting the ground running with a massive run of tour dates to support Dead Reflection, including performing on the entirety of Warped Tour and a lengthy run of European shows.

To keep up to date, check out Silverstein's social media below!

Silverstein: Web // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram