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I The Victor's "Tongue & Stutter" Fall Jam You're Looking For

I The Victor are the Atlanta Based New Comers sure to rock your socks this Fall.

With a running start into the game this year including a tour with The Orphan The Poet, support shows with Vinyl Theatre and Vesperteen, a DIY west coast tour, and a handful of slots on Vans Warped Tour this past July. The solo project was created by Atlanta’s Rebecca Ramos, who co-produced “Tongue & Stutter” in addition to directing, writing & editing the music video.

Check out the music video below!

The track is the lead of three singles and videos to precede a new EP in early 2019.

About the single, Ramos states: “Tongue & Stutter is about individuality, really. We’ve been playing it live for a little bit and I always sum it up as a song about growth and making the intentional decision to be who you are and not be afraid of some of the risks that may come with that. I’ve grown so much since past ITV songs, I just wanted to write about not being as afraid to dive into the unknown, especially if the driving force is being more free and better off for it. There are dozens of little moments in the lyrics that mean the world to me or that exemplify little breakthroughs — not trusting a phone is in reference to my newfound disregard for social media and the numbers game, getting out of ‘the woods’ and into my own life instead of following people’s opinions and living for others, etc. I feel like Tongue & Stutter really led me through some growth I didn’t realize I needed; each section is it’s own little betterment of my headspace and that’s why I’m so excited to have it lead off this whole new era for I The Victor.”

To follow this exciting sky rocket of I The Victor, check out their social media below!

I The Victor:
Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Blessing A Curse Release Brand New Music Video

unnamed (4).jpg

Orlando-based metalcore band Blessing A Curse has partnered with Idobi Radio for the premiere of their new music video, "Every Single Lie." The track comes from their latest album Satisfaction from the Vengeful, released on Smartpunk Records last year.

Check it out below!

Lead Guitarist Brandon Swanson says "It's a song written about the struggles and hardships of our day to day life, not just as musicians but as people. This song is for anyone who's been promised something that never came true and lost the will to keep fighting. We were all in a pretty dark place when this album was written, and I think this song especially reflects that."

The new album Satisfaction from the Vengeful was produced by Andrew Wade and the video for "Every Single Lie" was shot by Bryce Hall (The Summer Set, Wage War) at a live show in Florida.

For more on Blessing A Curse, check out their social media below!

Blessing A Curse: Facebook // Twitter //Instagram

The Used Announce Upcoming Album

The Used have announced they will be releasing their seventh studio album titled, The Canyon due out October 27th on Hopeless Records. Produced by Ross Robinson (The Cure, At The Drive In), the 17-track album is the most raw, unadulterated and personal piece of art the band has ever released.

The Canyon will take fans on a lyrical journey through the intimate psyche of Bert McCracken.

"I've learned as an artist that a great idea is such a gift. If I don't stop whatever it is I'm doing, even if while driving, if I don't pull over at that moment, then maybe I didn't deserve the idea to begin with. I learned to respect and worship the ideas in that way, that they are and will always be something sacred. Stopping in that moment was a brand new approach for us during this process" says McCracken.

To keep up with this upcoming album, check out The Used's social media down below!

The Used: Facebook

Major Announcements From Becomes Astral

Astral Full Band (With Album Art1).jpg

Ontario-based death metal outfit Becomes Astral announced their album Paleblood Sky, which has been set for release on August 18, 2017. Paleblood Sky includes six pulverizing tracks and was recorded and mixed by Christian Donaldson and Marco Frechette at The Grid.  

Upon the release of Paleblood Sky, the band will set out on their album release tour throughout Canada, starting on the Eastern leg with Eye of Horus and later adding Into Eternity for the Western leg of the tour.

Check out the dates below!

Of the new release, Layne says, "This is our breakthrough into the minds of the creators, early development in our quest of outcasting ourselves. Dark souls will manifest themselves in these hymns of insanity."

To keep up with Becomes Astral, check out their social media below!

Becomes Astral: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter  // YouTube

Exclusive Premiere: Goodfight Share New Music Video

Anticipating their upcoming East Coast tour, power-pop duo Goodfight is celebrating with a brand new track and music video for listeners! "Lucy" is a trippy, funky little video sure to make you fall in love if you aren't already!

Check out "Lucy" below!

Based in Brooklyn, New York City, Goodfight are cooing songs for both the lovers and the broken hearted. Andrew Forman and Annique Monet float as the yin-yang of young love with their pastel melodies and goosebump anthems. The duo are on a self organized east coast tour from July 14-28, Goodfight is spreading the band's gospel and song before their debut EP's fall release. 

On July 14th you can catch Goodfight at The Hook's July Showcase, so you definitely don't want to miss out on that, and their kickoff to tour as well - so you're in for a treat!

To keep up with Goodfight, check out their social media so you don't miss a moment!

Goodfight: Website // Facebook

New Single from Amanda Markley ft. Will Pugh

Seattle songwriter Amanda Markley has released a new single, called “Ways to Go,” a year after debuting her self-titled EP. The new track features Cartel frontman Will Pugh, who also produced the song.

Check it out below!

“Ways to Go” is about relationships: the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the journeys people take together to grow and change. Recording the single was the first time Markley and Pugh worked together, and Markley says it “has a good message because it’s about getting through the ups and downs of a relationship and how life is always a journey.”
Her own life has certainly been a journey. Markley wasn’t always a singer. She used to ride horses, but after a devastating spinal injury (I’ve been there – it sucks) she had to scale back on her passion for horseback riding and channel her emotion into something else. She coped with her injury by writing in a journal, which lead to her inspiration for writing music. And since then, she’s come a long way. Markley strives to inspire people to follow their dreams, which is the foremost message in many of her lyrics. “Ways to Go” may be about relationships, but it also encompasses Markley’s passion for embracing life and all that comes with it. 
Listen to “Ways to Go” through the exclusive release with Substream Magazine, and keep up with Amanda Markley on social media for more updates from the soulful singer. 

Amanda Markley: Twitter // Youtube // Instagram // SoundCloud

Melt Mountain Share Debut Album

A four-piece guitar-pop ensemble from Greece (one of my favorite countries in the world, which makes these guys automatically worth listening to, IMHO) called Melt Mountain has just released their first official full-length album, titled Superfetish. This release follows the band’s previous self-titled EP containing four songs. Superfetish was released via Inner Ear Records, and is available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify and BandCamp

Melt Mountain describes themselves as “one’s inner most angst” which sounds kind of perfect for us millennials, am I right? We’re full of angst. It’s leftover from the days we all listened to MCR and Green Day. Except Melt Mountain is more on the side of dreamy indie-pop than hard alternative. Superfetish dives into the depths of Melt Mountain as musicians, exploring the limits they were willing to go to past their self-titled EP. The album is influenced by urban culture and conduct, and the complexities of urban life. It explores aspects of the misunderstood personality and captures the band’s abstract thought process and their musical power. 

Melt Mountain is made up of Dimitris Apostolakidis on guitar, keys, and vocals; Eddie Theofanisis on bass; Nikos Bakopoulus on saxophone; Xenofon Karakonstantis on guitar, keys, and vocals; and Nikos Kotsaris on drums. It’s always cool to hear some international music, so let’s spread the word about these guys around Philly! 
Listen to Superfetish through the link, and keep up with Melt Mountain for more news!

Melt Mountain: Facebook // Twitter

Julian Fulton Releases EP, 'Battered Receptions'

Just after the release of the single “Rosie’s Disposition,” which I loved, Julian Fulton has released the full EP Battered Receptions. A solo project offset from his band The Zombie Gospel, Battered Receptions is Julian Fulton’s solo exploration into his own musical abilities, and it sounds like another success. Fulton previously released 2 other solo EP’s, but Battered Receptions proves to be the strongest. With tracks like “Rosie’s Disposition” and “Howl,” Fulton exhibits a strong solo presence that sets him apart from his previous work with The Zombie Gospel.

The 5-track EP is one worthy of listening to more than once. Check out the full track list streaming below!

Julian will be stopping close to home on an upcoming tour date in New Hope, so if you’re interested in seeing him live, stop by John & Peter’s on the 20th of this month to watch his performance.

5/20 – John & Peter’s – New Hope, PA

Battered Receptions is available for streaming now, so head to Julian Fulton’s Bandcamp and listen to it as many times as you can before you get tired of it. And then listen to it some more. “Rosie’s Disposition” is definitely my favorite track, but all the songs are worthy of attention. 

Julian Fulton:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Youtube

New Single from Stay Inside, Debut EP Out 4/21

Brooklyn post-hardcore band Stay Inside is preparing to release their debut EP tomorrow, titled As You Were. Ahead of the official release, Stay Inside dropped their first single off the EP, called “Blockbussa.” The single is a personal one, having to do with the recent presidential election and how the band members dealt with it in their personal lives.

Check it out below!

Stay Inside member Bartees Cox, Jr. said that the song grapples with the concept of reconciling things from his past and learning about himself in a new environment, as well as struggling with the fact that there will always be people around him who don’t understand each other. In regards to the election, the band asks, “Who are we in such a polarized environment and how do we bring both sides together?”

It’s a touchy subject indeed, one that Stay Inside addresses in the best way they know how: with music. Atwood Magazine, in their premiere piece on “Blockbussa,” had this to say about Stay Inside and their new song: “The mere fact that they vocalized this issue and these feelings so well give this release profound substance and import. There is a light at the end of this long tunnel, but it’s going to take a lot of effort on all sides for us to get there.”

The message is one that’s definitely needed in times like these, and makes “Blockbussa” worth listening to. Stay Inside has a goal in mind with their music: to tell stories about fighting back, making people impassioned, and bringing people together. They’re ones to watch out for in the coming months.

Keep up with them on social media for more announcements and updates from the band. 

Stay Inside: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp

New Single From The Velveteins

Canadian indie-rock band The Velveteins have just released a dreamy new track off their upcoming album, called “Midnight Surf.” The album is called Slow Wave (slated for release on May 12th) and “Midnight Surf” follows the theme of the album – slow wave sleep. The song was inspired by a conversation the band was having about deep sleep and disconnecting from reality (one of my favorite things to do). “Midnight Surf” accomplishes everything they were aiming for with its dreamy vibe. The synths, vocals, and melodies combine to make a song that definitely makes you want to drift off into dreamland. I personally really enjoyed this song because of how much it reminds me of my favorite artist, and it’s definitely one I’ll be saving for later. 

The Velveteins are a group of three, with Spencer Morphy on vocals and guitar, Addison Hiller on percussion, and Dean Kheroufi. To hear more of their stuff (which I recommend you do!) check out their Bandcamp, where you can listen to their full EP, A Hot Second With The Velveteins. Following the release of Slow Wave in May, the band will be heading off on a US/Canada tour. Keep up with their social media for more announcements, and keep listening to “Midnight Surf” until the full album comes out!

Tour Dates:
April 6th - Nanaimo - The Vault Cafe
April 7th - Victoria - TBD
April 8th - Vancouver - The Cobalt
April 13th - Winnipeg - The Handsome Daughter
April 14th - Madison, WI - University of Madison
April 20th - Toronto - Cherry Cola's (CMW)
April 21st - Toronto - The Great Hall (CMW)
April 26th - Montreal - L'esco
April 27th - NYC - Pianos
April 29th - NYC - Our Wicked Lady
May 3rd - Winnipeg - TBD
May 4th - Saskatoon - The Capitol
May 5th - Edmonton - The Buckingham
May 6th - Calgary - The Palomino
May 11th - Seattle - UpStream Music Festival
More TBA!

Keep up with their social media for more announcements, and keep listening to “Midnight Surf” until the full album comes out!

The Velveteins: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube 

Tonight Alive Sign With Hopeless Records

Australian-based rock band Tonight Alive is back and better than ever with a new single and lyric video for “World Away.” The band has recently signed with Hopeless Records, which marks a big change for the band and opens up the door to exciting new opportunities. Hopeless Records is a huge label that has worked with popular artists like Neck Deep, Moose Blood, Yellowcard, The Used, All Time Low, and Sum 41, and the company’s EVP Business Development and A&R, Eric Tobin, said they are very excited to add Tonight Alive to the family. 

Check out the video below!

As someone who was a huge fan of Tonight Alive in my early teenage years, I am so excited to see them come back with new music. Their new single, “World Away,” makes me feel nostalgic for all of their old music I used to listen to on repeat. It pulled me right back into my obsession with Tonight Alive and made me remember why I loved them in the first place. I will be listening to it on repeat over the next few days. I love Tonight Alive for their guitar riffs and heavy rhythms and melodies, and “World Away” does not disappoint in those aspects. It’s similar to their old stuff, but there are some subtle changes in the music, and I can tell this is the start of a new and exciting journey for Tonight Alive.

The song was produced by Dave Petrovic, who produced The Other Side, my favorite Tonight Alive album, and lead vocalist Jenna McDougall said the track “is a continuation of our quest for self understanding and empowerment, but this time through developing a personal relationship with darkness.” It’s awesome. Listen to it. And get excited, because Tonight Alive is recording their new album over the summer. I personally can’t wait for it. 

The band is currently on a UK tour with You Me At Six, and then they are scheduled to appear at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. Check out the full list of tour dates below, and listen to “World Away” on Tonight Alive’s official website. 

Upcoming Tonight Alive Tour Dates:
In Support of You Me At Six

May 27 - Birmingham, UK @ Slam Dunk Festival
May 28 - Leeds, UK @ Slam Dunk Festival
May 29 - Hatfield, UK @ Slam Dunk Festival

Tonight Alive: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Debut Single “BURN” from HOLDN

Alternative rock artist Gina Petro has revealed a completely different side to herself: a dark pop singer alter ego named HOLDN. HOLDN’s debut single is called “BURN,” released alongside a music video that gives fans a look at how HOLDN is a bit different from Gina Petro. Her first solo track is infectious, haunting, and mysterious, and it will definitely leave you wanting more.

Check out the video below!

HOLDN herself had a few words about the single: “’BURN’ is about someone walking out of my life without warning and that person staying within close enough proximity to watch me struggle to stand back up as they continue on as if my pain was non-existent.”

Real, open, and honest, “BURN” is an excellent introduction of HOLDN to the pop music scene. HOLDN comes from from New York City, and she calls herself a “rhythmic disciple.” “BURN” does a good job of fitting into that title, and the aesthetic that goes along with it. Originally from the world of alt-rock, HOLDN has previously performed at events like the Vans Warped Tour and held performances across the country at venues such as Webster Hall. HOLDN is Gina Petro in her most honest, revealing form, disguised as a daring alter ego. 

For more on HOLDN, check out her social media below!

HOLDN: Facebook

New Music Video From New Found Glory


Florida's own, New Found Glory, has released the music video for "Happy Being Miserable."This is the first single from their upcoming album, Makes Me Sick, due out April 28th via Hopeless Records!

Check out the video for "Happy Being Miserable" below!

Directed by Max Moore in Nashville, TN, the creative concept for the video came from the band, who wanted to do their own version of the iconic puking scene from the movie "Stand By Me."

On the video, guitarist Chad Gilbert shares, "NFG has always done a lot of pop culture movie references throughout our career, from cover songs to t-shirt spoofs. So with our album being called 'Makes Me Sick,' it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take that iconic scene and give it our own spin. Or maybe we just wanted to show that all bad situations can have a redemptive outcome if you let it. Are you just gonna let life puke all over you? Or are you gonna look beyond yourself, pull people together, and celebrate being alive."

Upcoming tour dates for NFG are below!
New Found Glory Tour Dates:
March 22       Baltimore, MD            Soundstage - SOLD OUT
March 23       Philadelphia, PA         Union Transfer - SOLD OUT
March 24       Philadelphia, PA         Union Transfer - SOLD OUT
March 25       Asbury Park, NJ         Stone Pony - SOLD OUT
March 26       Asbury Park, NJ         Stone Pony - SOLD OUT
March 28       Sayreville, NJ             Starland Ballroom
March 29       Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club - SOLD OUT
March 30       Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club - SOLD OUT
March 31       Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club - SOLD OUT
April 1            New York, NY            Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT
April 2            New York, NY            Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT
April 4            Cleveland, OH           Beachland Ballroom & Tavern - SOLD OUT
April 5            Cleveland, OH           Beachland Ballroom & Tavern - SOLD OUT
April 7            Cincinnati, OH           Bogart's - SOLD OUT
April 8            Detroit, MI                  Magic Stick - SOLD OUT
April 9            Detroit, MI                  Magic Stick - SOLD OUT
April 11          Chicago, IL                 Bottom Lounge - SOLD OUT
April 12          Chicago, IL                 Bottom Lounge - SOLD OUT
April 13          Chicago, IL                 Bottom Lounge - SOLD OUT
April 14          St. Louis, MO             Delmar Hall - SOLD OUT
April 15          Lawrence, KS            Granada Theatre
April 17          Denver, CO                Marquis Theater - SOLD OUT
April 18          Denver, CO                Marquis Theater - SOLD OUT
April 19          Denver, CO                Marquis Theater - SOLD OUT
April 21          Santa Ana, CA           The Observatory - SOLD OUT
April 22          Santa Ana, CA           The Observatory
April 23          Las Vegas, NV           House of Blues
April 25          San Francisco, CA     Slim's - SOLD OUT
April 26          San Francisco, CA     Slim's - SOLD OUT
April 27          San Francisco, CA     Slim's - SOLD OUT
April 28          West Hollywood, CA  Troubador - SOLD OUT
April 29          West Hollywood, CA  Troubador - SOLD OUT
April 30          West Hollywood, CA  Troubador - SOLD OUT
May 2            Phoenix, AZ                Nile Theater
May 5            Dallas, TX                   The Door - SOLD OUT
May 6            Austin, TX                   The Mohawk
May 8            Orlando, FL                 The Social - SOLD OUT
May 9            Orlando, FL                 The Social - SOLD OUT
May 10          Orlando, FL                 The Social - SOLD OUT
May 12          Ft. Lauderdale, FL      Revolution Live
May 14          Orlando, FL                 House of Blues
May 15          Atlanta, GA                  Masquerade
May 17          Carrboro, NC               Cat's Cradle
May 18          Nashville, TN               Exit/In

Check out the video above, and for more on New Found Glory, check out their social media below!

New Found Glory: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Flats Drop Surprise New EP 'Auburn in the Everlast' for Free


On Friday, Junuary 6th, The Flats, a five-piece alternative/indie-pop from Toledo, Ohio released their latest EP, Auburn in the Everlast completely free of charge.

Taking everyone by surprise, the band dropped news of the record in complete obscurity a few days ago along with the announcement of 3 brand new music videos as well. Releasing a single video each day culminating in the release of the EP on the 6th, you can download The Flats’ record, Auburn in the Everlast, for free on their bandcamp!

Auburn in the Everlast showcases the band at the top of their game. Drawing influences from bands like The Cure, The National, and even Third Eye Blind, there’s something to be said about this type of introspective and mature music that is well refined, tight, and produced in all the right ways without having its authenticity taken away. Founder/Singer Chris Kerekes explains that the new EP is about him entering a new phase of his life. It’s about moving forward and acknowledging the people who have come into his life just as much as those who have left and taking responsibility for all of his actions that have led him to this point of trying to distance himself from the negativity. 

On top of a brand new EP and 3 new music videos, The Flats are also embarking on a short tour with Mat Kerekes (of Citizen) and Elder Brother (The Story So Far side project) and will be hitting Philly on the 13th.  

You can check out the entire tour schedule in the poster below.

The Flats are starting off 2017 with an explosion, and everyone here at The Hook can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring them. For any and all information regarding The Flats and so much more, keep it tuned here at The Hook.

The Flats: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Vista Teases Fans With Upcoming Single

Anthem Rock group Vista has spent the majority of 2016 being very busy. Basically rebuilding themselves from the ground up, the group released their 2016 EP, VERSUS, and then spent most of their time on the road making sure the press knew they were there, and they were proud!

Now, on the verge of a new year, Vista is also preparing for new and exciting announcements and music! The band recently announced their brand, spanking new single "Henchman," expected out on January 13th! Hoping to solidify the band as a punchy anthemic trio, the band set out to write and record “Henchmen,” their latest offering as a powerhouse single, written collectively by all 3 members.

Check out VERSUS for a taste of what's to come!

Be on the lookout for the upcoming single, and until then, check out Vista's social media below to keep up to date always!

Vista: Facebook

Thieves Share Lyric Video Ahead of Album Release

Revival Records, Thieves, are gearing up for an exciting closure to 2016 with their release of No Motive, recorded by renowned producer, Sam Pura which is due out November 25th!

In anticipation of the release, Thieves have shared their lyric video for track "Fade." In partnership with New Noise Magazine, the song details that moment when you travel back to your childhood and feel differently about this things you loved growing up. Check out the lyric video for "Fade" below!

The band had this to say about the track, "Going back to your childhood home, school, or hangout can be a strange thing as an adult. I wrote Fade to try and capture the weird mix of nostalgia and regret I sometimes experience in those moments, metaphorically burying the person I used to be in hopes that I can be someone better tomorrow."

For more on Thieves, check out their social media below!

Thieves: Facebook // Twitter

Outerloop Records Announces Label Showcase

November 17th is going to be a packed day for Outerloop Records, as they have just announced their upcoming label showcase at Webster Hall in NYC!

This comes after the recent announcement of the formation of a new artist development deal with Cooking Vinyl America, and will be featuring performances from all four label artists, Lorna Shore, Chasing Safety, Youth in Revolt, and Megosh! 

Outerloop Records founder, Mike Mowery, states, "One of the first things that we discussed with Cooking Vinyl was the importance of live shows for our artists.  Developing artists requires getting them in front of people, and we are excited to give the fans of these bands, and the music industry professionals in the greater NYC area, the opportunity to see all of our bands in one place on one night.  We plan to make the evening a fun one including some gifts, prizes and contests."

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here!

For additional information, check out the social media links below!

Outerloop Records: Website // Facebook // Instagram

New Single out from PUBLIC

Like a cleaned up version of surf rock, Public releases their latest single "Perfect". Sounding like a band opening for 311, the simple lyrics and beach club riffs make this song ideal for freshman move in day or perhaps the playlist in your favorite chain burrito restaurant. It comes off as a “feel good jam” with a cleaned reggae theme begging you to turn up the bass on that new stereo your parents bought you.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this song actually does have an admirable message: Paying tribute to the problems of low self-esteem in a woman’s image. Singer John Vaughn croons to his girlfriend(s) that they’re perfect to him, no matter what, just the way they, no matter the shape and size. Its a tribute done a bit generically, but nevertheless goes against the beauty standards we accept via the Kardashian-esque Instagram pages.

When listening to a theme that’s been beaten into submission over the past few years, you cant help but roll your eyes at his breathy voice as he assures her she doesn’t have to worry about looking perfect because (Yup, you guessed it!) she’s already perfect to him. Just because they incorporate a popular theme doesn’t make them memorable. The track is worth a listen, and the quaffed-haired trio may eventually find originality, but don’t expect to hear from this band anytime soon.
This song is one of three singles they will release before debuting their winter LP. 

For more on PUBLIC, check out their social media below!

PUBLIC: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Creatures In Secret Share Music Video

The Creatures In Secret have a new music video for their track “Texas Red” and it is brutal!

This track is off of their first full length album which was released earlier this year. They worked extensively with Yanic Bercier of WaveTransform Studios on this new record. This dark music video compliments the track well with a charcoal autumn backdrop. The track drives with a great pounding beat with a memorable and melodic chorus.

Check out the video below!

According to Guitarist Allen Cox, “We are very excited to be releasing this new music video for 'Texas Red' off of our debut album "The Gathering". This song is about the struggle between an abusive father and his family, from the perspective of the son. He wishes to just hold a strong relationship with his father, but worst comes to worst, and he learns he needs to leave the situation. The lyrics discuss the process of "hell" the young man goes through, while learning he can and will have a better life.”

TCIS, as they have been dubbed, have a great energy that can only truly be experienced in their live performance. Their sound and style can be compared to that of As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red and others like Green Day and Fall Out Boy. These guys cannot be ignored. They guys can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Follow links to the video and social media below! 

The Creatures In Secret: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

FRTNK Drop Track & It's Guaranteed To Make You Dance

L.A. based hip-hop trio, FRTNK (pronounced Fourteen K) have released their new track ‘Let Go’ exclusively on Afropunk in the wake of their latest EP, Perplex City.

Classified as alternative hip-hop, the trio pays homage to the classic sounds of the genre while drawing comparisons to world-renowned such as Outkast, The Gorillas, and The Neptunes. ‘Let Go’ is a song for a new generation of relationships that walks a fine line between a serious and emotional R&B track and a ‘too cool for love’ rap track while taking all of the best elements from both. The track is an incredibly danceable upbeat song that conveys the struggle of wanting something you can’t have in today’s modern relationships. 

On the topic of the track, FRTNK had this to say: “It's about the game of wanting and missing somebody when you can't have them, but when they are there 'somehow' things still don't work. It's that endless circle we experience and know we should probably reject, but still find ourselves stuck in the loop. We are saying it's time to 'Let Go' of that."

Check out the video below!

Comprised of members, Benjamin Aragbaye, Bryan Ramos, and Barin Butler, FRTNK are quickly gaining momentum in LA, on their social media outlets, and on Spotify where their album Perplex City is doing extremely well. Each member has been studying music from a young age and every one of their tracks effortlessly blends ideas from competing genres to make a sound all their own.

You can listen to ‘Let Go’ above, and be sure to check out their social media pages to stay up to date with all things FRTNK!

FRTNK: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud