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The Hook Launches: What Music Means To Me

Photographer: Rich Sanders

Photographer: Rich Sanders

We have spent a lot of time writing about music. Three years of our time, in fact, just writing about our friends, peers, colleagues, faceless emailers. We’ve loved every moment of it, but what does this all mean? We made it out of our terrible two’s, and we spent a lot of time refocusing our agenda on what’s important to us here at The Hook Journal.

Community is one of the biggest driving forces that we, as people who enjoy music, play music, make music, listen to music, archive music, would agree upon, right? What makes music this experience for all of us, no matter where we are in relation to it? Whether it’s behind a microphone, behind a camera, through headphones, in a packed basement in South Philly, a coffee bar in New Hampshire, an abandoned Warehouse in South Carolina, music gives us something to hold onto - so, we decided to ask about it.

What Music Means To Me is our forthcoming project that has been carefully asked of contributors all over the United States. The contributors are unique music creators, enjoyers, opinion havers, & art makers who identify all in different, creative & unique ways - ways that make them just them.

Music is one of the oldest art forms, and has been a constant source of power, of courage, of enlightment, of togetherness, of vulnerability - and we hope this project shows that. What Music Means To Me can be as abstract or as literal as human beings allow it, it can be in the form of words, of song, of art, of understanding and silence. We hope to create community by giving a platform to people, by giving the opportunity for others to feel understood, to give and receive empathy, to promote local music, and most of all to be meaningful humans.

Over the course of the next month and a half, beginning on April 10th, a new contributor’s story will post in the morning hours, and we hope that you read these stories, share these stories, take in these moments and apply them to What Music Means To You - and then let us know what you think, tell us your biggest fears, your highest moments, how to be better, who to listen to. What we want most of all from this project is a sense that people are heard, and this is a community that cares for every person, no matter how small or large their part - so, come be part of it with us!

The Hook Journal & Emily Famularo

"In The Dark" Is The Latest From The Caracals


With a stellar mixture of garage rock roots and indie sound, The Caracals are bringing their own fresh twist to the scene. With a beginning in Orange County, California, the new project is inspired by gritty, noisy bands like The Black Keys or The Last Shadow Puppets. Their latest release, "In The Dark" is a conceptual single with hints of surf rock and contemporary twists.

We have it streaming down below for you, and we couldn't be more excited about it! Check it out down below.

The moody, brooding single is the set up for a hopeful 2018 EP from The Caracals and we'll agree that we're hopeful too. According to the band, their mission is "...to craft exciting down-to-earth tracks that are filled to the brims with chunky guitar riffs, energetic vocals and steady rhythm sections with a retro feel."

You heard it here, so to keep up with the up and comers, check out their social media down below!

The Caracals: Facebook // Instagram

New Year, New Music From Halogens

Photo by  Connor Meany

Photo by Connor Meany

What better way to start our new year than with Halogens?

One of our longest followed bands, the New Jersey foursome has recently shared a brand new song to start of 2018 and we couldn't wait to get our hands (and ears) on it. Their first single release since their split with Staten in December 2016, it's quite literally music to our ears.

Check out "Pretty Enough" below!

In true Halogens fashion, they're here to make you feel everything. Between the constant highest standard of lyricism and their instrumental push and pull, "Pretty Enough" is fresh air for those feeling stale. We're excited for what else may be coming this year, so stay tuned!

For more on Halogens & to keep up with what they're up to, check out their social media down below!

Halogens: facebook // Instagram // SoundCloud // Twitter // YouTube

Beshiba Anticipates New Album With New Single

Photography: Jacob Williamson

Photography: Jacob Williamson

South Carolina's very own, Beshiba, is celebrating the upcoming release of their sophomore EP, Worthless, by sharing the second single off of the November 4th release! The song, "F.E.L" features a guest spot from Garett Hood, the vocalist/drummer of Guerrilla Warfare.

Check out the track below streaming for free on Bandcamp!

According to Beshiba, "The basis of the song came from the chant, which is rooted from the perspective of being an outcast from society and refusing to conform to the standards of every day life to which the mainstream imposes on you. It's about being a dreamer and looking beyond every day life and those precedents & values which are forced on you, and using your anger as a driving force to push through all that to achieve & get what you want out of life. On the other hand, the other parts of the song reference suburban kids who had everything handed to them on a golden plate who never really experienced hardship or poor upbringing, but try to pretend like they know what struggle is."

esides the anticipation of Worthless, Beshiba also recently announced a November tour, we've provided dates below! In the meantime, the single is available for free download on our Bandcamp as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & Google Play!

To keep up with any new announcements that Beshiba will be putting out, check out their social media to never miss a moment!

Beshiba: Facebook // Instagram

The Hook Journal To Put Out Compilation Charity EP

We know a lot of music, right? I mean, yes, we do and it's no question that because we know a lot of music, we always want to share that music with others. I mean that's why we're a music magazine after all, right?

We're super excited to announce that we'll be putting together some of our favorite local artists together for a good cause! 

On July 1st, we'll be releasing our first ever compilation EP featuring artists such as Nikolai, yeenar, Architect The Destroyer, Andross, and Halogens! We're in the works with finishing up this first batch, but each EP will be dedicated to a different non-profit organization in which all of the proceeds from the EP will be donated!

July's EP donations will go to Books Through Bars, a non-profit organization dedicated to the faciliation of books & education texts to inmates all across the United States. Located in Philadelphia, PA this organization is close to our heart, and we're excited for the opportunity to help a hardworking organization doing work for an incredible cause!

We will also be accepting book donations along with this July EP, and you can check out our Facebook for more information on how to donate books!

For more information, stay tuned!

Funeral Attire and With Sails Ahead Announce Northeast Summer Tour

Two of the Northeast's rising bands are coming together to head out on tour, and we're really fuckin' stoked on it.

Massachusetts based screamo band, Funeral Attire, and New Jersey based progressive rock group, With Sails Ahead, have joined forces to create a Northeast Summer Tour Lineup that is something you definitely don't want to miss. You can check out the lineup above, featuring 9 separate dates from August 12th to August 20th.

Funeral Attire released a split EP in March with I Dreamt The Sea from Long Island, including a track featuring Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy. Funeral Attire have been featured on Alternative Press as well as Alternative Press’ writer-curated “AP Discover” Spotify playlist. With Sails Ahead recently finished tracking a six song EP produced by Kevin Antreassian from The Dillinger Escape Plan to be released late 2017.  

Music by Funeral Attire and With Sails Ahead can be found on all major digital retailers and streaming platforms. 

To keep up with these up & comers, check out their social media!

Funeral Attire: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
With Sails Ahead: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

yeenar Shares New Track & Music Video


Philly locals, yeenar, have recently shared their newest music video for their single, "80/20."

After last years release of their debut album, baseball & chain, yeenar have been steadily working their way through the Philadelphia DIY scene. The band also recently released a new track along with a music video on May 27th, which is an exciting endeavor for the band!

Check out the video below!

Check out the video, and be sure to check out yeenar's social media to stay up to date with what they're up to!

yeenar:  Twitter // SoundCloud // Instagram // Facebook

Electric Halloween An Experience Not To Miss

Still looking for something to do this upcoming Halloweekend? We know you've got a really solid costume idea and no where to show it off.

We'll meet you over at Electric Halloween, a three day music/camping fest that takes place right in New Jersey's Pine Barrens. You want spooky, Electric Halloween has spooky. Entering it's fifth year, the three day festival is sure to have something for everyone. During the day you can expect traditional Halloween activities such as face painting, pumpkin carving, tarot reading, mummy wrap game, and more! 

It's like a three day long Halloween party, October 28th - October 30th!

According to the event page, there will even be a magic show, fire spinners, and artists painting live on stage. Not to mention costume contests, apple cider, and best of all: live music. Electric Halloween is unique because it offers not just camping, but also 60 of the best bands within the tri-state area! Consider every genre on the spectrum represented, post hardcore, metal all, jam, electronic, you name it! 

Check out the flyer below!

We're all about the local scene here at The Hook, and we're stoked to be getting some coverage on Electric Halloween! The festival is located at Paradise Lakes Campground on Route 206 in Hammonton, NJ, and tickets are still on sale, check out the prices below!

3 day passes: $60
Day Passes: $30

Camping is included with all ticket purchases, and there is a $5 parking fee, but re-entry is free! Which is a huge steal if you ask us! We're not gonna miss this, and neither should you. Check out the links below for more on Electric Halloween, and get your tickets fast!

An event that's sure to be a really spooky time & Hook Approved!

Electric Halloween: Website // Facebook 

Sing, Bird of Prey Share Brand New Music

Photography: Rebecca Aon

Photography: Rebecca Aon

Fall is starting to sound really good right now - not just because it's been hot as heck out, but also 'cause of all the really good music that's been set to come out, and here at The Hook we're excited to dive right in.

Enter in Sing, Bird of Prey.

From the Poconos/Lehigh Valley area, Sing, Bird of Prey is gearing up to release their debut LP, CRYSTAL EMBRYO, on September 13th. Comprised of David Nicholas (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Aon - Guitar, Cliff Albert (Drums/Vocals), Todd Ashenfalder (Bass), Tommy Heinick (Trombone/Trumpet/Keys/Vocals), and Andrew Valish (Percussion), Sing, Bird of Prey has been amping up listeners for the 10-track debut by releasing two singles from CRYSTAL EMBRYO.

Singles "Microsatellite," and "Painted Bones" have taken on the weight of being the first couple of tracks released as teasers - and we were definitely not disappointed. Self-described as "fucked up rock n' roll," Sing, Bird of Prey encapsulates ideals of rock music while also infusing this gooey, ethereal self that speaks through the music. 

You can check out most recently released track "Painted Bones" streaming below.

If you're looking for a title, how about psychedelic pop rock, and if you're looking for some insight into CRYSTAL EMBRYO, we can tell you right now it's really stinkin' good. The LP features a really good collection of tracks, each that shows off a different type of Sing, Bird of Prey - and we can really get down with all of them.

Overall, here's your takeaway. Listen to Sing, Bird of Prey. Our favorite track so far is most definitely "Painted Bones," but you should see for yourself when CRYSTAL EMBRYO comes out on 9/13. And when it does, check back here for a little something like an album review.

Until then, check out Sing, Bird of Prey's social media links and stay tuned! 

Sing, Bird of Prey: Facebook // Bandcamp

Red Bull Sound Select Announces Philadelphia Show

Red Bull Sound Select just announced their June 16th show right here in Philadelphia, PA!

The sound series is focused on creating shows for exciting emerging artists - and this show is especially important to us here at The Hook because it features our super rad local feature, Sonnder!

The June 16th show takes place at Underground Arts in Philly with mewithoutyou, The Yawpers and Sonnder in support! This is a super big deal for all of the bands involved, and it's going to be a seriously amazing and talented show!

You can get all the info for the show here, make sure to RSVP!