Port Lucian's "Lucid Dreaming II" Easy To Get Lost In

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A recent transplant to Philadelphia, 18 year old Port Lucian is off to a smooth start in the city.

After releasing her first EP, Sun, and embracing pop to it’s fullest - Port Lucian uses their latest track to take a completely different path; but, we aren’t complaining! “Lucid Dreaming II” is exactly that. A bedroom pop anthem that pulls on layered reverb and a slowed down guitar. Remaining true to her admiration for unrequited love & cliché, Port Lucian is tantalizing listeners with “Lucid Dreaming II” as she gears up for a new EP.

Check out the track below!

The track is a dreamy, dusk anthem sure to make you feel something. This track is perfect as the nights grow longer & the days shorter.

As October rolls on by, Port Lucian is amping up for her single release on November 10th at Happy Dog on Euclid with The Last Great American Band, Perfect Girl and ES&Co. This is music you definitely don’t want to miss - to stay up to date, check out Port Lucian’s social media links below!

Port Lucian: Website

Braveyoung Announce Album Release

Post rocking Portlandians, Braveyoung, recently announced the release of their long-awaited sophomore album, Misery and Pride, due out Friday, March 24th. Why is it long-awaited? You may be surprised (or horrified) to hear that founding member Isaac Jones suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, thus hindering the album's release.

Thankfully, however, Jones recovered and so the group released "Wonderful" to push the LP release, which you can stream below!

Despite the song's title, its general vibe is far from wonderful. The track creates a dark, foreboding atmosphere devoid of hope and reasons to wake up in the morning. Much like Harry Potter's description of encountering a Dementor, I really did feel as if all the happiness in the room had been sucked out of it. This is an instrumental track you might listen to in order to prepare yourself to watch a Holocaust documentary or if you just want to get sad for no reason. Its airy synths, combined with somber piano notes and eventual swelling string section make for an epic emo track bound to get you moping all afternoon.

If you want to get sad, definitely peep Misery and Pride (distributed through The Flenser) when it comes out in March but otherwise, keep up with Braveyoung on their social media below!

Braveyoung: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Flenser Website