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Hope Vista Shares Brand New Single

One of the hardest working women in music & a peer I admire greatly, Hope Vista has been spending her downtime productively, and with Hope, there never is downtime (lucky for us).

Her first solo release since 2015, Hope now spends the majority of her time leading her full band VISTA. “Skin & Bones” is due out on December 28th, and harkened to be the only release from her solo act in the foreseeable future.

About the single, she states, “For the last three years, my life has been VISTA. It will remain VISTA, and that will always be my main priority. While VISTA is focusing on writing, I wanted to share with you all a song I wrote this fall that I felt was important to share. I have no further plans to release any other solo music again, but I felt this one was special.”

December 28th, we expect you guys to be right here for “Skin & Bones” debut! The single is a tantalizing teaser not only as a solo single, but for the future of VISTA. We can’t wait to see & hear what happens as the year ends with this fast moving, hard working band & artist.

Check out their social media links below to stay in touch!

Hope Vista: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Flounder Warehouse Shares 'Better Now' Music Video


An ode to the freedom of life & love & music is Flounder Warehouses most recent endeavor with their music video, “Better Now.”

The fun loving band has a fun loving track, one that takes on the challenges of happiness, of pursuing something you love no matter what - and we can’t stop listening. The jazz infused pop track is an effortless listen which makes it easy to add to any playlist you’ve got going right now.

Check out the fiery tune devoted to life itself down below!

About the track, the band said, “This video is completely absurd --- a series of scenes in which I have the time of my life while doing silly things. At one point I dance with an enormous rubber ducky on the beach. It was really fun. The project came together when I was talking to my brother, Alex, on the phone and he said, "Let's do another music video." I had no idea about what, and I hadn't written a song in a year. So the prompt he gave me was: "Write a summer song that doesn't use the word 'just.'"

Turns out, I use "just" a lot in my songs. So that part was challenging. The rest was natural. It's the second video I've collaborated on with my brother, who is the videographer and director -- it's really special bringing our passions together into these projects. After watching this video, I hope people feel inspired to be themselves, spread good vibes always, and choose to live out their dreams no matter what.”

We feel pretty good, what about you? Check out the music video & spread some love with Flounder Warehouse! We’ve got their social media links down below!

Flounder Warehouse: Facebook

September Tour Announced From The Major Minor

Detroit pop-punk outfit The Major Minor is pleased to announce their forthcoming tour in promotion of their recent EP. The In Pop Punk We Trust Tour will go through the month of September and will be promoting their six track label debut, entitled Different Light.

The EP is full of emo dipped pop-punk that harkens back to the middle 2000s, definitely check out those dates below!

Dan Amaro had this to say about the announcement, "There's a special feeling when promoters and venues open their door to your band hundreds of miles from home. We've been touring the Midwest a lot the past 12 months waiting until the time is right to stretch our reach. And come this September, that special feeling will return when we play some new markets on our forthcoming tour. If you want to see what a dream come true looks like at small-mid level venues, come to one of our shows on the tour.”

Check out the band via their social media down below to keep up!

THE MAJOR MINOR: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

8/7 Central Share New Track 'Missile'

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC 8/7 Central have been preparing for their upcoming September EP release in Berlin, Germany on their European Tour! What better a way to hype up than to share a brand new single from the upcoming EP!

"Missile" is the first release off of the nameless EP, and 8/7 Central released it on (you guessed it) August 7th for fans and listeners everywhere! Check it out below!

The track is reminiscent of new wave and indie, but a smooth and easy listen for sure. It's quickly become a favorite on our playlist!

8/7 Central is comprised of Stephen Kingslow (bass), Florian Mewes (drums), Evan Banks (guitar), and Victor Crusner (vocals, guitar). The multi-national band includes members from Germany, Switzerland and the US respectively. 

To keep up with 8/7 Central, check out their social media below and watch out for that upcoming EP!

8/7 Central: Facebook // Instagram

Ledges Impress With New Single 'Nothing To Say'

Akron, Ohio indie rock trio Ledges will release their debut album Homecoming on September 1st, but now they're celebrating their brand new, anthemic new single "Nothing To Say" can be heard on Spotify!

Homecoming is a story that follows a character on a journey through doubt, love, loss, and redemption, and "Nothing to Say" is the 3rd scene of that story. Frontman Andy Hoffman explains "In the song, the character stumbles out of the cold into an old school cabaret bar. There he meets this beautiful girl and thinks that she's the answer to his problems, but it's just infatuation and even though he knows that to an extent, he still pursues the girl. The simple lyrics and upbeat vibe of the song are meant to represent that first moment when you meet someone and it's all superficial emotions/feelings and there's not much to actually say (hence the title of the song)."

To keep up with Ledges, check out their social media below!

Ledges: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Bare Teeth Share New EP With Listeners

French punk rock band Bare Teeth has just released a new EP, titled First The Town, Then The World. The EP is available for digital download, as well as on vinyl and Digipack CDs. Bare Teeth members are Greg, Titouan, Jerome, and Tom, of Lille, France. 

First The Town, Then The World is their first real full-length record, following the previous release of a three-track demo in December of 2015. First The Town, Then The World features seven original songs and a bonus acoustic track, and the final product took almost a year to finish. Bare Teeth is proud to release it now, as they’ve overcome a few obstacles with band members coming and going, to finally make the album available to the public. 

Bare Teeth also plans on releasing new music videos for their singles off the EP soon. The first one is already out for the song “Parted Ways.” Check it out, and listen to First The Town, Then The World to show these guys some support! 

Bare Teeth: Facebook

Three Strands Releasing New Album

Local singer/songwriter Sean Cox, previous frontman of Philly band The Band of Rivals, is embarking on a solo project and re-branding himself as Three Strands. Three Strands is a project that began in November of last year, and Sean’s debut EP under his new name will be released later in July. The EP is called Letters to the Light and is a collection of songs about love, loss and doubt. 

Three Strands is folk/Americana music, and Letters to the Light will feature 6 original songs by Sean Cox. He is also partnering with Pledgemusic to allow his fans to be a part of the creative process, giving them access to exclusive deals and bundles if they choose to become a backer of the album. To get a taste of Three Strands before the release of the EP, you can listen to his single “Brother James,” a soft acoustic track that features Sean Cox’s wonderful vocal talent. 

Three Strands names his influences for Letters to the Light as Van Morrison, City and Colour, and Gregory Alan Isakov, and his soothing voice and talent with the guitar in “Brother James” promises a beautiful EP to look forward to. There will be a release show on July 7th at Tellus 360 in Lancaster, so if you can make it, don’t miss it. 
Three Strands: Facebook // Pledgemusic

Haunted Homes Share Spooktacular Music Video With Fans

It's not even Halloween, but we're getting spooky as all heck up in here. Haunted Homes, Philly's own, have recently shared their music video for their track, "COASTGHOST2COAST."

Check it out below!

The black & white music video sports a surreal spacey cowboy feel. I mean you've got ghosts drinking beverages, what more could you want? "COASTGHOST2COAST" comes off of Haunted Homes CoastGhost2Coast / Spooksville, USA - a two-track EP that came out in February.

Haunted Homes is expected to have a release in early summer, which we're looking forward to here at The Hook. This group is doing something different and exciting - and making good music while they're at it, so what's not to like?

Check out the music video up above, and to keep up with Haunted Homes, check out their social media below to stay up to date!

Haunted Homes: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp

Dizzy Bats Share 'Until We Die' With Listeners

NYC's very own Dizzy Bats have recently shared their most recent music video for their track "Until We Die." A low-key tribute to the struggles and hardships of a newer band - working itself through the highs and lows of practice frustrations and on-stage performances. 

Check out the video below!

The video, shot in LA, is their third collaboration with California-based director/producer, Michael Chiu. Dizzy Bats is made up of Connor Frost (Vocals/Guitars), Dave Ma (Vocals/Bass), Jared Sochinsky (Guitars), and Derek Swink (Drums).

"Until We Die" comes off of Dizzy Bats' latest EP, Until We Die. A three track concept that was released back in February! The track produced by Jonathan Markson at The Gallery Recording Studio, and the anthemic video is sure to be in your queue after first watch!

Check out the video streaming above, and then feel free to check out Dizzy Bats' social media to keep up with everything they've got going on! A band you definitely don't want to miss.

Dizzy Bats: Facebook // Bandcamp

"Can You Relate" Out Now From The Great Enough

Philadelphia native rockers, The Great Enough, have recently shared their brand new music video "Can You Relate?" for listeners and fans! The music video is for the debut single "Can You Relate?" which is a lush, almost anthemic alt-rock track, one that premiered around two weeks ago. The music video is brand new, debuting just on Sunday!

Check out the video below!

The Great Enough formed in 2015, bringing together their brand of rock & roll. The band states that "rather than subscribe to labels, the band wants to let the music speak for itself.  It will tell you that these guys work hard and care deeply.  That they are exploring the human experience in as honest a way as they are able.  That they want to laugh, and rage; they want to feel our loneliness and our exultation; that they want to roar," and that everything else is up to the listener.

"Can You Relate?" is a refreshing rock track, with a feel good music video. I was surprised at first upon listening to the track, as there hasn't been much exciting progress happening in the realm of rock or alternative rock, but I'd definitely say that The Great Enough are bringing something new and exciting to the table. A more contemporary style that is easy to listen to and relatable. 

To keep up with The Great Enough and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

The Great Enough: Website // Facebook

A Will Away Share Acoustic Version of "Crochet"

A Will Away teamed up with Paste Magazine to premiere their new acoustic music video for "Crochet" today! The song is taken from their debut full-length album Here Again, which was released earlier this year on March 3rd. 

Check out the video on Paste Magazine right here!

A Will Away previously released the song and music video for the album's title track. The band just wrapped up their massive, nationwide tour with Moose Blood, Trophy Eyes and Boston Manor! A full list of upcoming tour dates can be found below. 

Watch the music video for "Here Again" below!

Upcoming tour dates:
6/3 - Shot Fest II - Columbus, OH

For more on A Will Away, check out their social media below!

A Will Away: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Little Person’s “Perfect Girls” Now Released

You may remember reading about Little Person’s single “Solemn Is The Only Word” off their new EP, I Feel Fine, scheduled for release on April 3rd. Now they’re back with another track from the EP, and this one is called “Perfect Girls.”

The song premiered through Impose Magazine, who said that the single “blends Beach Boys inspired surf rock and 50’s style sock hop pop, told through bright jangle guitar and gentle orchestration.” If that description isn’t enough to get you to listen to it, I don’t know what is.

Check it out below!

Little Person offered their own statement on the song, saying, “This is the track off the EP that we put the most work into. With all the harmonies and extra orchestral instrumentation, it’s kind of like Little Person’s chef d’ouevre thus far. It also happens to be our favorite track on the record and the one we dance and sing along to the most.”

It’s certainly a catchy song, and it does feel distinctly Beach Boys-esque.

It succeeds in showing its 50’s inspiration; it feels like a summer song, one that you would listen to while you’re with your friends on the beach or strolling down the boardwalk. Listen to it up above, and mark April 3rd on your calendars for the release of the full EP, I Feel Fine.

A reminder that Little Person will also be celebrating the release of the EP with a performance coming up in Brooklyn on March 30th! 

For more, check out their social media below!

Little Person: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp // Youtube

Glenn Matthews Announces Spring Tour

Glenn Matthews is headed on tour, and it's about damn time!

In celebration of last year's release, Glenn Matthews is headed on the road for four weeks playing solo versions of their songs.  At many of the shows Glenn Matthews will be working with local chapters of SSDP, a student run organization, to educate people about the war on drugs and how to end it.  

Also, 718 Records in Staten Island is doing a short run of CDs and forest green tapes, which are currently available for pre-order. 

We've got the dates down below for you, you definitely don't want to miss this!

New Music Video From Trophy Eyes

Aussie Natives, Trophy Eyes, have released a brand new music video for their song "Counting Sheep" recently! The song is taken from the band's new album, Chemical Miracle, which was officially released on October 14th, 2016. It is now available for digital and physical purchase.

The video was shot by Warwick Hughes, while the band was on their sold out Chemical Miracle album tour. Fans can now watch the video on the official Hopeless Records YouTube channel, or up above where we have it streaming for your convenience!

Trophy Eyes are currently on tour in the US with Moose Blood, Boston Manor, and A Will Away. Afterwards, they will be hitting the road in the UK and Australia for a headlining tour. A full list of upcoming tour dates can be found below!
Trophy Eyes - Upcoming Tour Dates:
w/ Moose Blood, Boston Manor, & A Will Away
3/14 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
3/16 - LA Tulipe - Montreal, QC
3/17 - Virgin Mod Club - Toronto, ON
3/18 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
3/19 - St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, MO
3/21 - Double Door - Chicago, IL
3/22 - The Firebird - St. Louis, MO
3/24 - Marquis Theater - Denver, CO
3/25 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT
3/27 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
3/28 - Analog Theater - Portland, OR
3/30 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
3/31 - The Roxy - Los Angeles, CA
w/ Like Pacific
5/25 - Camden Assembly - London, United Kingdom                       
5/26 - The Attic - Glasgow, United Kingdom                                           
5/27 - Slam Dunk Festival - Birmingham - Birmingham, United Kingdom                       
5/28 - Slam Dunk Festival - Leeds, United Kingdom                                           
5/29 - Slam Dunk Festival - Hatfield, United Kingdom                                           
5/30 - Joiners - Southampton, United Kingdom                       
5/31 - CLWB Ifor Bac - Cardiff, United Kingdom   
w/ The Hard Aches & Trash Boat
8/18 - The Capitol - Northbridge Wa, Australia                        
8/19 - Fowlers Live - Adelaide Sa, Australia    
8/25 - The Metro Theatre - Sydney, Australia    
8/26 - The Triffid - Brisbane, Australia                        
9/2 - The Corner - Melbourne, Australia    

For more info on Trophy Eyes, you can check out their social media to keep up to date on what these alt rockers are up to!

Trophy Eyes: Facebook

CoolDad Music Celebrates 5 Years

Being a writer myself, it is always an accomplishment when a peer has something to celebrate - and this year, fellow music blog, CoolDad Music are celebrating their 5th year! And what a celebration to be had.

The award winning music site will be spending this special occasion (how else, honestly) by throwing a fantastic show - looking back and applauding 5 years of countless reviews, local show bookings and all around support of local music credited to Jim Appio!

Jim Appio had this to say on the exciting, upcoming event: 

"I've never worked harder on anything than I have on CoolDad Music; and not one, single moment of it in five years has ever felt like work. I've become that cliché about following your passion. In that way, I feel like I can identify with many of the bands I cover.

"dolllys, Smalltalk, The Rock N Roll Hi-Fives, and Shellshag are all close friends of the site and continue to inspire me. dollys are students of classic pop music and, simply, one of my favorite bands. Smalltalk take me back to those days of tooling around the Jersey Shore and listening to WHTG. The Rock N Roll Hi-Fives are a shining example of how the family who rocks together, stays together. And Shellshag exemplifies staying true to your passion and doing things on your own terms.

"I'm honored that the Asbury Lanes Family have agreed to co-present the show. There would be no CoolDad Music without Asbury Lanes, and I hope we can achieve a little bit of the vibe of that place at the anniversary show."

The big party will be happening Saturday, March 25th at The Overlook at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ featuring performances by ShellshagdollysSmalltalk and The Rock N Roll Hi Fives!

You can check out the Facebook event right here, and be sure to get to the celebration! Check out CoolDad's links below for more info!

CoolDad Music: Website // Facebook // Twitter

'Good Things' Out Now From Foreign Sons

A new music video for their single, "Good Things," emerged earlier this week, and indie rock boys, Foreign Sons, are on a roll!

This is the second single off of their forthcoming full-length which is set to release later in 2017. Deriving their sound from many different genres, Foreign Sons solidified their indie rock groove before releasing their last EP, Of Want & Wisdom, in 2013.

Check out the video for "Good Things" below!

""Good Things" is about the struggle of losing our way and taking hold of the redemption that is possible regardless of how far we may have drifted. The video captures this struggle through the lives of four children rediscovering freedom." says Vocalist Chris Bundra of the track!

Watch the eye catching video for "Good Things" above and be on the look out for more music from Foreign Sons by hitting up their social media below!

Foreign Sons: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Mad Ones Stream "End of You"

Toronto-based indie rockers, Mad Ones, (I guess they're British, too?) recently dropped "End of You", a fun and light indie rock track you'd listen to during a getting-ready-for-the-day morning montage. It sort of makes you feel like a late 20's, messy-haired misfit trying (and failing to) finally find footing in the harsh waters of adult life after years of protesting, virtue signaling and active participation in varying social media echo chambers. This track pairs well with the moments you duel with the snooze button or struggle to catch public transportation to your cubicle on time...the days of working at a vegan cafe and PBR-soaked nights long gone. The end of you.

You can stream "End of You" below!

New listeners and fans alike will be glad to hear that "End of You" was released as a single to promote Regretless - the Mad Ones' new album due out Friday, March 3rd. On top of this thrill of a release, the Toronto-ans will be embarking on a European tour coinciding with the album's release.

Tour Dates can be found below!

Mad Ones Spring Tour:
March 5 - Schaffhausen, Switzerland at Tobaco Lounge
March 7 - Geneva, Switzerland at Urgence Disk Records
March 9 - Mannheim, Germany at Kurz Bar
March 10 - Halle, Germany at Hühnermanhattan
March 11 - Magdeburg, Germany at Lion City Pub
March 12 - Braunswcheig, Germany at Nexus
March 14 - Chemnitz, Germany at Subway To Peter
March 15 - Prague, Czech at (A)void Floating Gallery
March 16 - Vienna, Austria at Kramladen
March 17 - Feldbach, Austria at Glam
March 18 - Beltinci, Slovenia at Ambasada SKM
March 19 - Ajdovščina, Slovenia at Klub Baza
March 20 - Novi Sad, Serbia at CK13
March 21 - Kecskemet, Hungary at Kilele Music Cafe
March 22 - Budapest, Hungary at S8
March 23 - Nuremberg, Germany at Hannemann
March 24 - Brussels, Belgium at Rock Classic
April 8 - Toronto, Canada at The Silver Dollar Room

Otherwise, you can keep up with the Mad Ones on their social media below!

Mad Ones: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

Alien Knife Fight Announce Tour

Texas based, indie rock duo, Alien Knife Fight have recently announced a West Coast tour taking place this Spring! This announcement comes after the recent release of their 5 track EP Some Girls released on 1/1/2017. 

The duo will be heading on their upcoming West Coast tour with Scott H Biram and Jesse Dayton. Kicking off March 24 at the Triple Nickle Tavern in Colorado Springs, CO before winding through Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California, finally wrapping up at Fitzgerald's at The Continental in Houston, TX.

Check out the tour dates below!

AKF 2017 West Coast tour with Scott H Biram & Jesse Dayton: 
03/23 @ Hoots Pub, Amarillo, TX
03/24 @ Triple Nickle Tavern - Colorado Springs, CO
03/25 @ 3 Kings - Denver, CO
03/26 @ Hodis Half Note - Fort Collins, CO
03/28 @ Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
03/29 @ Neurolux - Boise, ID
03/31 @ Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA
04/01 @ Dante’s - Portland, OR
04/04 @ Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA
04/05 @ Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA
04/06 @ Alex’s Bar - Long Beach, CA
04/07 @ Pappy & Harriet’s - Pioneertown, CA
04/08 @ Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AR
04/13 @ Three Links - Dallas, TX
04/14 @ Antone’s - Austin, TX
04/15 @ Continental Club - Houston, TX (with Sam Pace, and Hilary York) 
04/29 @ Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park - Austin, TX

For more on Alien Knife Fight & their upcoming tour, check out their social media!

Alien Knife Fight: Facebook // Twitter

Exclusive Premiere: Secret Nudist Friends Share 'Met You At That Show' With The Hook

Photography:  Jeanette D. Moses

Photography: Jeanette D. Moses

Straight out of the Philadelphia scene, Secret Nudist Friends have been making waves with their good vibes and good music. The garage/post-punk/surf trio is excited to premiere their newest track, "Met You At That Show," here at The Hook!

Based in Philadelphia, with strong roots in the Brooklyn and Philly scenes, Secret Nudist Friends was originally, the Brooklyn based bedroom project of Edward Krosney of The Fancy Balloons. Krosney teamed up with former bandmate Matthew Klauser to bring the project to the live stage, and thus the band went on to feature several lineups until they met Brian Hullihen, who brought new life and collaboration to the project. Recently, Krosney has passed the project over to the loving hands of Klauser and Hullihen who make up the new trio with bass player Andy Slepman.

SNF states that they "draws its sound from the psych rock roots of the 60s, such bands as the Zombies, Beach Boys, and Beatles, as much as current garage and psych groups such as Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Thee Oh Sees." The band has released several singles, an EP, and are working to release a full length in 2017. (Woohoo, that's this year)

Check out this exclusive premiere below!

The smooth track is an exciting establishment in a series of upcoming events for SNF, including a release show on March 6th at the Tralfamadore, which kicks off a month long SXSW tour! "Met You At That Show" vibes so hard as spring approaches, and relives that fateful experience of meeting someone at a show (do you know that experience, we do).

The track was written and performed by Secret Nudist Friends, with Matty Klauser -(vocals), guitar, Brian Hullihen (drums), and Andy Slepman (Bass). And in the usual DIY fashion, the single was recorded January-February 2017 at Tralfamadore in South Philly!

If you're stoked on Secret Nudist Friends (like we are), then you should check out their upcoming tour dates, and then check out their social media to keep up on all things SNF!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // Bandcamp

Another Single From George Morris

Indie rocker George Morris is back to promote his upcoming album with the release of a second single entitled "Full of Stars". The track takes you on an astral journey, as you float through the cosmos with George and his haunting melody.

I like this track a lot - there's a certain liberating tone to it. It's almost like a high school-esque, coming-of-age song that you'd watch a montage of the good 'ole days's also a good song to die to honestly. You'd hear this song as your car slowly takes on more water and you slip under the surface of that lake you accidentally drove into.

Anyway, besides having a glimpse into the dark inner workings of my mind, you can stream "Full of Stars" below!

But besides all the macabre and nostalgic elements I introduced earlier, the song is about space apparently. Confirming this was George talking about the single:

"'Full of Stars' basically all came from the Space Odyssey books by Arthur C. a few random rhymes...the chorus is one of my favorite melodies I've written, probably because I don't remember writing it."

Otherwise, George Morris' album, We Will Go To Hell For This, drops Friday, February in the meantime, keep "Full of Stars" and "100 Years" on repeat and keep up with the artist on:

George Morris: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp