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Flounder Warehouse Shares 'What To Do'


Philadelphia & NYC prog-pop band, Flounder Warehouse recently shared their debut music video for single, "What To Do." The Femme-Fronted band is an emotional, cathartic experience that all at once feels large and small.

Check out the video below!

With your main instruments being a piano, violin and percussion you're getting an earful that is reminiscent of a singer/songwriter genre on a larger scale. According to front-woman Seann, "This project was really personal for me. The song is based off a life experience. It’s from the point of view of a woman who is falling in love with someone, but she is hesitant to reveal her feelings to him. As she’s struggling with that decision though, she is unaware that there is no real possibility for a future between them: he’s leaving, to somewhere she can’t follow. By the last verse, she discovers his impending departure, and she is sort of left helpless, scrambling with her emotions. Hence, “What to do”."

The video is a clean, clear representation of that. The warm, light colors open up a sense of vulnerability that can be shared between listener and musician which I can definitely appreciate. To keep up with Flounder Warehouse check out their social media links below, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

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Violet Sands Share New Video

Following the June 30th release of their debut album, Hotel, Violet Sands are now sharing a futuristic noir music video for hit single “Drive.” The video, directed by Christian Haberkern, draws on the band’s nostalgic 90s influences and perfectly captures the mood of the song.

We follow the journey of a girl (actress Julia Vasi) through vibrant desert landscapes toward the Violet Sands Hotel, which is enhanced by Haberkern’s stunning visual effects.

Check it out below

The video premiered with One’s To Watch who hailed it saying, “Violet Sands perfectly encapsulates the magic of driving with no sense of direction or destination.” The song ‘Drive’ was started while Derek was still living in California, and it kept a lot of its warm, desert-highway vibe as it traveled to Brooklyn.

Check out “Drive” and be sure to follow Violet Sands on any of their social channels detailed below.

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New Music Video Ahead Of Debut LP From Forever Starts Today

The female-fronted power pop/punk outfit Forever Starts Today signed with Third String Records recently and are gearing up for their debut release Always Hope due out this Friday, August 25th! To celebrate, the band has shared a brand new music video for single, "Last One Standing."

The album was produced and recorded by Joseph Milligan at ORB Studios and mixed/masted by Paul Leavitt. Consisting of Christina Murphy (Lead Vocals), Nathan Dunn (Guitar & Vocals), Troy Hirschhorn (Guitar), Kyle Salaga (Bass), and Nicholas Turner (Drums), Forever Starts Today aim to share  messages of hope, positivity, and discovery throughout their lyrics.

Check out the video below!

Always Hope explores some of the tougher things in life (like losing a loved one, surviving abuse and finally cutting ties in a toxic relationship) but they all tie around in a positive way. The band elaborates, "If you listen to our new record, you will hear that we draw inspiration from everyday life. We tackle a wide range of topics on Always Hope, but it can really be summed up by saying 'this is what it means to go through life in your 20's, in today's world.' We didn't shy away from any of the more intense topics either." The main goal is to connect with people through music, by delivering a sense of hope and positivity by opening up about some tough situations brings a sense of rawness to the lyrics and sound. The band continues, "we hope that in doing so we can help provide some listeners with a sense of sympathy or empathy and the feeling that they aren't alone in whatever they are experiencing." 

They have a few shows lined up if you're into them!

The Tambo Rays Share New Single Off Of Debut Album

Pop-rockers, The Tambo Rays, are busy preparing for their upcoming release of Recharge, and to celebrate they've recently shared their brand new single, "Yes or No," from it!

Check out the track below from the Oakland natives!

The track premiered along with a music video via Wonderland Magazine where the band shared, "This song is about letting go of old habits and beliefs, and the uncertainty that ensues the unfamiliar territory of new begins. It’s about confronting the difficulties of going in a direction different than the status quo, and releasing the expression of our most honest form of self, regardless of what others think."

To keep up with The Tambo Rays, check out their social media below!

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HOLDN Releases Aaliyah Cover Video

Iconic and never-forgotten R&B legend, Aaliyah, has been given new life in HOLDN’s cover for her song “Are You That Somebody.” HOLDN’s previous release before this cover was her single “BURN,” and it introduced Gina Petro’s dark pop alter-ego to the world.

HOLDN is innovative, electric, and mysterious, a completely different side to Gina Petro, whose previous musical experience falls more on the side of alternative rock. HOLDN is something special, proven in the way she brings emotion to her music. Her inspiration comes from a place of negativity that she spins into a positive.

She says, “I’ve been kicked when I’m down over and over again more than I’d like to admit while trying to create and make my first step back into music. This writing process allowed me to channel all of the inspiration I’ve gained from being suppressed, silenced, talked down to, denied, and disrespected. This is my safe place within an unsafe place where everyone is looking to take what they can from you and run away with it, but I hope to provide an unconditional safe place for others to turn to in my music.” 

Her “Are You That Somebody Video” is only a small insight into what HOLDN is all about, and it’s a special treat for longtime fans of Aaliyah (may she rest in peace). Check it out, and look out for more releases from HOLDN as she continues to make a name for herself in the pop world. 

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VISTA Releases 'The Kill' Cover Video

After the release of their latest single, “Henchmen,” and the announcement of their acoustic YouTube series The Stripped Sessions, VISTA is back with a cover of 30 Seconds To Mars’s “The Kill.”

Check it out below!

The video is the fourth installment in their Stripped Sessions series, following three previously released acoustic videos of their own original songs. The Stripped Sessions has been pushing VISTA in a new direction with their music, and coinciding with the release of the videos, the band has also been working on their second EP, slated for release this summer. VISTA combines different aspects of sound and their own personal influences to create a new genre in the umbrella of alternative music, anthem rock.

“Henchmen,” their latest single, sends a message of unity in the face of oppression, and the rest of their songs contain a unique, vibrant voice that makes VISTA an artist to watch. VISTA was recently seen at Irving Plaza supporting Fueled by Ramen artist Against the Current, and they have also recently announced their upcoming Weekend Warriors Tour.

“The Kill” is worth listening to, especially if you were already a fan of 30 Seconds To Mars. VISTA’s version of the song is a haunting rendition that combines beautiful harmonies and the talents of guitarist Greg in one goosebumps-inducing video.

Check it out, and keep an eye out for VISTA’s second EP in the summer, and check out their social media for more below!

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SØF Release New Single 'Infinity'

Infinity CompFEB13@16x16png (1).png

From spunky indie-pop artist SØF comes her new single “Infinity,” fresh off the release of her first single “Ghosts” in January. “Infinity” reveals SØF’s personal fantasies and unveils another enticing layer to her artistry.

The song is about the relationship between love and existentialism – “two things that are not often grouped together,” says the singer. She says “Infinity” is one of her favorite songs to date, combining romance and the concept of human existence in a beautiful melody that perfectly weds the two together. “As someone who does not believe in an afterlife, especially one where lovers can be reunited, Infinity was written as an expression of my ultimate fantasy – to have a love completely uninterrupted by time and space,” SØF says. The lyrics and the haunting melody spin a cosmic image of just what the singer describes, and it comes across vastly different from her onstage personality of a cheeky, spunky indie-pop singer.

“Infinity” strays from SØF’s younger career, following a less conventional structure than her usual mainstream pop persona. The soulful vocals in the song show a different side to SØF; one which will continue to shine through as she releases more singles every month in the first half of 2017.

“Infinity” is available for listening now on Spotify, and you can hear SØF’s first single, “Ghosts,” on YouTube. Stay connected with SØF through her social media and watch out for her new releases in the next few months!

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Amestris Teams Up With Garret Rapp For New Single

Amestris has recently teamed up with The Color Morale's very own Garret Rapp to release a brand new single and music video, "(Not So) Safe Haven." The new single is the band's debut off their forthcoming EP titled, (Your) Safe Haven and is set to release March 3rd. Pre-orders are available on the band's website here.

Check out the music video below!

"This first song from our debut EP is about a girl falling in love with her own demons. It has a very personal and deep connection to me," says lead singer Kayleigh Schutte. Along with the group getting set for their forthcoming EP, the band is also gearing up to hit the road on their month long run which travels much of west coast and midwestern states. The tour begins March 6th in Seattle, WA at The Funhouse.

Check out those dates below!

For more on Amestris, and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

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Sad Vegan Debut New Track

California born & bred quintet, Sad Vegan, have recently shared their brand new, surprisingly upbeat single, "New Years, No Fears." 

The newest single from their upcoming debut EP Another Life, Another Day. The track "New Years, No Fears" premiered with Fresh Beats 365 and follows the EP's first single "Palm Trees" (streaming here). The catchy tune is offset by some seedier subject matter, where the perspective of a one night stand is shared from both sides!

Check out "New Years, No Fears," below!

New Years, No Fears is basically about hooking up with someone one last time before deciding that it’s time to settle down and show commitment to someone else and the regret that comes along with doing that,” explains guitarist and vocalist Bailey Blanton. “That incident also happened to take place on New Years Day so the name seemed fitting. My favorite thing about the song is that it switches from the male perspective of the situation to the female’s.

Check out the song above, and then follow Sad Vegan's social media for more on the band and what they're up to!

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VISTA Announces 'The Stripped Sessions'

Long Island-based anthem rock band VISTA have just released their new single, “Henchmen,” but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down any time soon. “The Stripped Sessions,” their new acoustic series, will launch on YouTube this month. The first video in the series is a single-guitar version of their 2016 track “Mansions.”

Check it out below!

The video gives viewers an idea of what “The Stripped Sessions” will encompass: a new, stripped-down side to VISTA never before seen by audiences. The YouTube series nudges the band in a fresh new direction while they are getting ready to create their next EP. 

Rock Sound has named VISTA as one of their “On The Radar” bands to watch, and VISTA is certainly living up to the title as their presence is being recognized in the press and on social media. Their latest single, “Henchmen,” sends a powerful message of unity in the face of oppression and a reminder to stay strong to those who face it. Their song addresses an issue which is all too relevant in modern society. “The single is a big, anthemic, and energetic testament to what this band is capable of,” says Substream Magazine. Along with the recent release of “Henchmen,” the band was seen in New York City supporting Fueled by Ramen artist Against The Current. Their second EP will be released later this spring. 

To keep up with VISTA and their new acoustic series, subscribe to the band on YouTube and watch out for any new releases, social media links provided below!

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SØF Release New Track "Ghosts"

East Brunswick's very own, SØF has taken some time to do some re-branding, allowing herself to take on a new persona! Shedding away her initial pop tracks, SØF delves into a feisty and organic sound. She plans to release multiple singles throughout the first half of 2017, hoping to maintain a wave of momentum through her natural ability to write descriptive, personified indie tracks, all tinged with a hint of relatable pop. 

To do so, SØF has released her single, "Ghosts" which you can check out below!

About the tracks, SØF states: “Writing “Ghosts” was admittedly a massive therapy session for me. For years, I dealt with a unforgiving urge to cling to the past and hold onto the memories of people who hurt me. I wanted so badly to be the girl who is unaffected by all of that, and “Ghosts” was my way of faking it until I could make it.”

For more on SØF, check out her social media below!

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EXNATIONS Shares New Single & Tour Dates


D.C. born & bred band EXNATIONS just recently shared their single "Free" with fans & listeners!

Started as a studio experiment between vocalist/guitarist, Josh Reich and drummer, Taylor Hughes. The two found an instant chemistry with shared influences and ideas on the music they felt they were ready to create. The group became whole in late 2015 when they recruited guitarist, Gaelen Smith!

Check out "Free" below!

Together the band has put out a successful single entitled "Found You," which IDOBI radio said of the single, "If you’re looking for a new blend of alternative rock and indie to love, look no further that EXNATIONS. The new band is hitting the music scene with a killer sound, and the promise of an incredible career. Give “Found You” a listen and then spread the word about your new favorite band."

In summer 2016 the band teamed up with producer and engineer, Joe Costable, who is best known for his work with American Authors and Young Rising Sons, the group worked on their new single “free,” which came out on October 14th!

For more on EXNATIONS, check out their social media plugs below!

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The World Over Release Lyric Video for "Mountains"

LA-based alternative rock band, The World Over, released a new lyric video for their song “Mountains,” off of their new EP, also called Mountains. 

“People who are stuck dealing with depression, anxiety, self-confidence issues, etc. could all use a friend or loved one to rely on to get them through their struggle.,” Ball said about the new song. “As a person who has struggled with the same problems striving to have a healthy life, I want to help my friends or family dealing with similar issues. But to what extent? At the expense of my morals, time, and energy? People are worth saving but there has to be a limit. You have to know the difference between someone sincerely wanting help and someone trying to bring you down with them. This song ("Mountains") is what I had to learn the hard way.”

Watch the lyric video right here!!

The World Over is lead by frontwoman Tiaday Ball, grandaughter of Ernie Ball, the creator of Music Man Guitars and Slinky Strings. The band came together in 2013 with founding members, Ball, Xavier Xavier Moreux, Ryan Knecht, Anthony Dellaripa, and Eric Gledhill joining forces to make a band that spread empowering and hopeful messages with their music. They released an EP in 2014, Rampart Disctrict, with Escape The Fate's Omar Espinosa on guitar. The bassist, Donovan Allen, joined in 2015. 

Mountains EP Tracklist:
1) Traitor
2) Liberosis
3) Let Go
4) Invisible
5) Mountains

Follow The World Over on their social media pages to keep up to date with the band's activities!

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VARNA Share "Living A Lie"

Photography: Chad Michael Ward

Photography: Chad Michael Ward

Female-fronted, hard rock group, VARNA, have recently shared their latest single, "Living A Lie."

"Living A Lie" premiered over at Revolver! Led by vocalist Tiana Woods, VARNA has received praise from The Los Angeles Music Awards, The North American Independent Rock Awards and The Barebones Entertainment Awards for their DIY hard rock sound. 

Check out the music video below!

The three-piece have built a fanbase across the globe since their 2013 debut EP, This Time, It’s Personal, which pulled opportunities to share the stage with prominent acts like Drowning Pool, Act of Defiance and Screaming For Silence Armored!

For more on VARNA, check out their social media below!

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