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Composer/DJ/Producer Varien Shares New Track "Mutiny"

Ahead of his performance at the Dreamhack Convention last weekend, Composer/DJ/Producer, Varien has just released a new single, "Mutiny." The track presents a cinematic blend of synthwave, vaporwave, house, and other genres to give the listener a fresh, new sound.

"Mutiny" comes just after Varien's single, "ghost△shell," a remix of the Ghost In The Shell Anime franchise, which garnered over 150 plays in over a week! Check out "Mutiny" here on Spotify! 

Varien had this to say about the track, "Going into 'Mutiny,' I wanted to blend synthwave with EDM in a very tasteful way. I wanted to have the colour and feeling you would get from a great synthwave/outrun type track, but something that was dancefloor and DJ-ready. I definitely feel I accomplished this and am absolutely excited to share it with the world. This is one of my first experiments with combining new and exciting ideas like synthwave, vaporwave, witch house, etc. into an understandable format - and I hope to please both the underground that gave birth to these incredible genres and the more casual listeners who love a fresh style."

To keep up with Varien and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

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Wetbrain Shares New Single

Our Philly favorites, Wetbrain, spent their Tuesday (yesterday, keep up with us) by sharing brand new music. And let us tell you, it's been a long time coming, and we're ready for the ride.

With an impressive lineage and resumé including over 30 shows, and an admirable beginning in 2014 - Wetbrain has been notoriously known for tackling and bending genres to create their own style of music. "Filter Face" is no exception to this methodical process.

Check it out below!

Released on September 20th, "Filter Face" was self-recorded and produced at band member Andrew Haff's house/recording & rehearsal spot, The Jug. According to the band, "[they] had been jamming on the chorus guitar riff for a couple of weeks without really knowing how to turn it into a concise song." 

And yet here we are with this super funky, drippy track that I've been listening to everywhere - on a run, before bed, hyping up to do work. "Filter Face" is a must listen track, and we're super stoked on Wetbrain (per usual, amirite).

Check out the track, support your scene, and for more on Wetbrain check out their music below!

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Sianvar Release 3rd Single

Sianvar, a post-hardcore/experimental supergroup consisting of members from Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Hail the Sun, and Stolas, has released the third single from their upcoming full-length album release, Stay Lost.

The single, “BedRoots,” is available to listen to on YouTube, and we have it streaming for you below! “BedRoots” is passionate and intense, showcasing the band's handle and skill in the genre. The video features some trippy animation as well. 

Stay Lost will be released on August 5th. You can check out the music video for their previous single, “Omniphobia,” right here, and you can put in your pre-orders for the album over at MerchNow

Sianvar is going on tour to promote the album with My Iron Lung and Save Us From The Archon. You can check out the tour dates below!

Sianvar Tour Dates:
August 5th Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
August 6th Portland, OR @ Analog
August 7th Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
August 9th Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
August 10th Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
August 11th Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall
August 12th St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
August 13th Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
August 14th Detroit, MI @ Loving Touch
August 15th Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
August 17th Kent, OH @ Outpost Concert Spot
August 18th Rochester, NY @ Harmony House
August 19th Providence, RI @ Firehouse 13
August 20th New York, NY @ Webster Hall (Studio)
August 21st Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
August 23rd Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
August 24th Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
August 25th Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
August 26th Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
August 27th St. Petersburg, FL @ Local 662
August 28th Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
August 30th Houston, TX @ Walters
August 31st Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
September 1st Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar
September 2nd San Antonio, TX @ Jack’s Patio Bar
September 3rd El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
September 4th Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
September 6th Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
September 7th Fresno, CA @ Strummers

For more on this group, check out their social media below!

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Thief, Steal Me A Peach Shares Tape Release Show

Thief, Steal Me A Peach is on The Hook's radar for their super cool experimental concept album, LANNY, which we reviewed recently!

Luckily for us, Thief, Steal Me A Peach will be playing a show on August 7th at The Pharmacy right in Philadelphia, PA in celebration of their LANNY tape release! It's a show you definitely don't want to miss, so check out the event page on FB!

We're putting it on our calendars right stinkin' now!

Thief, Steal Me A Peach: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Instagram

New Music Video From Will Wood & The Tapeworms

New Jersey natives, Will Wood & The Tapeworms, have released a brand new, unconventional music video!

It is a short film entitled, “Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity: Tulpamancer's Prosopagnosia as Direct Result of Trauma to the Fusiform Gyrus.” The video is directed by Will Wood and Adam Nawrot. The song is the new single off of their upcoming album Self-ish, due out on August 23rd! 

The video premiered over on Fangoria!

Wood had this to say about the filming of the video: “The process of shooting this music video was a lot like the content. It was euphoria and dysphoria. Everyone took their clothes off, even when not filming. We all kissed and held each other and said, ‘I love you,’ talking of liberation and the freedom we felt in those moments. We were knee-deep in hedonism and histrionics, ego and one-ness. We were the yin and yang of self-love and free love. All the most beautiful things in this world seem paradoxical, like narcissism and humility, dress-up and nudity, black and white. All one. And that’s what makes the video honest — the fact that we used our vulnerability as our vanity. We worshiped our flaws and revered our imperfections.” 

Self-ish will feature guest appearances from Alex Nauth of Foxy Shazam/The Skulx, and Matt Olsson of Frnkiero and the Cellabration plays drums for the album. 

Stay tuned for more info about Self-ish. Make sure to follow Will Wood & The Tapeworms on their social media sites, available here:

Will Wood & The Tapeworms: Website // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

Kayo Dot Streams Album Early

Ever-changing and experimenting band Kayo Dot is about to release their newest full-length LP, Plastic House on Base of Sky.

Kayo Dot has never settled on a specific type of sound. Each and every one of their releases are radically different, ranging through genres such as chamber music, progressive black metal goth, jazz and avant-garde classical.

They are masters of experimentation and this new LP still holds true to that. In Plastic House on Base of Sky, 5 songs over 40 minutes explore the themes of futuristic noir with a vintage electronic sound, filled with rezzed-out synthesizers and ambiance tones. There is a cyberpunk tone to this record, filled with visions of decaying mechanic concepts and mysterious darkness hiding around every corner. 

Which is great news because even though the album releases this Friday from The Flenser, it is currently available for early streaming over on Noisey!

Check out Kayo Dot over on Facebook for more updates and head over to The Flenser this Friday to purchase the album!

In Letter Form Release Album

In Letter Form just recently released their new album Fracture. Repair. Repeat. The album features ten tracks, each one delivering the promise of In Letter Form's excellent throwback post-punk sound. The band is reminiscent of Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo & The Bunnymen, blending a few different styles of post-punk in a new and creative way.  

The album goes through an emotional place. While writing the album, the band was dealing with the recent suicide of one of the member's girlfriend and the death of his best friend. The band was able to process their loss together in this creative output. The Hook will be reviewing Fracture. Repair. Repeat. soon, so stay tuned!

The lead single, “Face In The Crowd,” is available to check out on Soundcloud. The song is rocking and psychedelic. It's a great lead single to describe the overall sound of the album. 

They have also released a music video for “Reflecting The Rain.” The video was directed by Ant Boyd. You can watch that here!

You can buy the album from Metropolis and you can check out more information about the band's upcoming tour dates here!

In Letter Form Tour Dates:
6/4 - Mountain View, CA @ Shorline BFD
8/27 - Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Operahouse 

For more on In Letter Form, check out their links below, and check back here for a review of the album!

In Letter Form: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud

Tomemitsu Shares Video & Album

unnamed (3).jpg

Recently, L.A. Record premiered the video, directed by ETA, for “Vacation,” off of Tomemitsu’s upcoming record, Loaf Eye.

Tomemitsu says, “‘Vacation’ is a song that I wrote all the lyrics to while on vacation in Mexico in 2014. I like it because it brings me back to the beach, reading in the shade while the waves roll in. The feelings of total relaxation and peacefulness come back to me when I hear and play this one.”

Check out the video below!

Tomemitsu, a Los Angeles-based lo-fi and dream pop musician, has spent over two years working on his sophomore record, Loaf Eye, following 2013 debut, m_o_d_e_s. After the cassette sold out, his audience quickly grew to a more worldwide following, especially after HBO series, “High Maintenance” credited Tomemitsu’s songs, “In Dreams” and “Runaway.”

Loaf Eye is the product of two years work, patience, introspection, and collaboration. There are appearances by Colleen Green, Devin Ratliff and Erik Felix of So Many Wizards, as well as Christina Gaillard and James Roehl of Crown Plaza. And Earlier this week, Tomemitsu played an album release show at The Smell with Arjuna Genome and Samira’s Infinite Summer. 

The album officially dropped May 20th on iTunes and Spotify, and CD and cassette via Chill Mega Chill Records and Sucks About Dinosaurs (S.A.D Records). Keep an eye out this dedicated musician’s future releases along with his latest music video and album!

Tomemitsu: Facebook // Twitter

ORBS Share "Exploded Birds"

With the combined forces of Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Ashley Ellyllon (Fear Before The March of Flames), and Adam Fisher(Fear Before The March of Flames) the music world is rocked with ORBS!

They are releasing their second album after a six year break to work on other projects. The second record, Past Life Regression, is produced by Briggs with help from Kris Hilbert Recording and Will Yip Mixing. The record is being released by Briggs' own Hogweed & Fugue Records via Equal Vision Records.

“Exploded Birds” is the first single of the album, and you can stream the track below!

The single takes the listener on a journey of chaos, suicide, and rebellion. The range of influences on this track represent the group’s wide array of talent. The song is its own concept album; watching the struggles of young person through a chaotic life. Much like Pink Floyd’s The Wall or The Who’s Quadrophenia. The song follows the protagonist as the tempo and lyrics change in this tale of pandemonium. Many of the lyrics act a voice in the mind of the protagonist, telling them to “prepare your body for death” and “release the dog they’ve got chained up."

This is the voice of the chaotic youth striving to go against the grain and raise hell. Then the protagonist is met with the past and future versions of themselves. The future protagonist reminisces the youthful past they once had that was “smothered out by routine." The future protagonist takes on their own life and regret changing it and becoming normal. This is a theme all of us as human beings experience, letting go of our youth and bracing for the end of our lives as we know it. 

Instrumentally, the track takes the influences of each member of this powerhouse of an experiment. The intro feels like a New Wave track from the early 1980’s but with its own twists and turns. Then it comes into its own “acid rock”/punk environment smack in the middle of the track. As the song winds down, the feeling becomes slowed down and labored. Like the turn of a time the song turns into a folk rock ballad that speaks to the Bob Dylan or Neil Young in all of us.
This track makes me very excited to see what the rest of the album will be.

With an album titled, Past Life Regression, the band is expected to take us other lyrical and instrumental roller coasters!       

Check out their social media below!

ORBS: Website // Facebook

All Your Sisters Announce Album

Photography: Olivia Lee

Photography: Olivia Lee

Weird, surprising, and undefinable darkwave band, All Your Sisters, have announced a new LP!

Uncomfortable Skin is set for release on June 8th, and All Your Sisters recently released a single from the album! "Open Wide" is an interesting track for the band to release - steeped in nostalgia, but entirely contemporary and it seamlessly shifts between genres, yielding a sound that is both brooding and catchy.  

Check out the Soundcloud stream below!

Jordan Morrison, the frontman of All Your Sisters, had a major influence on the dark lyrical content. He says this about this experiences: "I was 19, living in Las Vegas and driving an ambulance. I became a full blown paramedic by the time I was 23. I eventually moved to Reno and worked for a few more years. The job started to wear on me. I saw the worst things you can imagine. People in their worst, most vulnerable states. There was definitely no sign of a god anywhere. I can't un-see a lot of what I saw. These images might be in my head forever. So the feelings from it kind of sneak their way into the lyrics”.

You can check out the track-list for Uncomfortable Skin below!

Track List:
1.  Nothing Is Sacred
2.  Open Wide
3.  Black God
4.  Heater
5.  Loss
6.  Remains
7.  Filled With Waste
8.  Shame
9.  No Hope
10.  Reconcile

Keep an eye out on the band's website for more updates!

All Your Sisters: Facebook

In Letter Form Releases Single

Bay Area quartet, In Letter Form, treated listeners to a track off of their upcoming release!

"Face In The Crowd," comes off of the group's upcoming album Fracture. Repair. Repeat. and is an exciting single for fans and listeners to experience. The single is a psychedelic, indie purgatory you can get so easily lost into - which is made clearer by In Letter Form's drawn inspiration: Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Imagine post punk and synth pop, which is everything I've been looking for in music lately (let's be real.) But, you don't have to imagine because you can just check out the stream of "Face In The Crowd" below!

The upcoming album will explore the whirlwind of emotions that come with grieving and repairing, which is why the foursome considers their formation a fortunate turn of events, as they were all experiencing heartbreak on some level when they came together!

Indie Minded wrote of In Letter Form, “theirs is that rare, reverential sound that not only makes you want to revisit classic artists, but pushes you to want to know more of the story behind the intriguing new band inspired by them.”

You can check out the track-listing below for the May 20th release of Fracture. Repair. Repeat.

Track List:
1. Face In The Crowd
2. Won't Get The Best Of Me
3. Wait Now
4. Audio Drones; Adagio For Terror
5. Terror (is a State of Mind)
6. High Line
7. Edison's Medicine
8. 111
9. Rain Prelude
10. Reflecting The Rain
11. Mal de Mer


Besides the release of their new album, In Letter Form also has tour dates available, and we highly recommend you go and check this group out! Dates below!

In Letter Form Tour Dates:
5.21 New York, NY @ Pianos
5.28 Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedros
6.4 Mountain View, CA @ Shorline BFD
8.27 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Operahouse

Otherwise, you can check out In Letter Form on social media!

In Letter Form: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud

Muscle And Marrow Share New Single

With a dark and foreboding experimental sound, "Black Hole" is the second single off of Love, the upcoming second album from Portland's Muscle And Marrow. Muscle And Marrow formed in 2013 and released their debut album from Belief Mower Records, "The Human Cry", in 2014 to critical acclaim. They recorded this second album last October in Providence, RI. 

"Black Hole" is deep, heavy, operatic, and dramatic. It touches on themes that will be relevant to the overall scope of the album; death, loss, decline, and the love you can give to push through. The album also deals with feminism and the archetypes that surround that topic. 

Kira Clark sings the track with odd and intriguing vocals delivering literary lyrics. She has described this song to be about pain and the internal struggle with loneliness. 

The album is set to be released on May 27th!

Track Listing:
1. My Fear
2. Black Hole
3. Womb
4. The Drooling Mouth
5. Sacs of Teeth
6. Bereft Body
7. Light

For more info on Muscle & Marrow, check out their social media below!

Muscle & Marrow: Facebook // Bandcamp