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The Wonder Years Announce Acoustic EP

The Wonder Years are excited to announce the upcoming release of a very special acoustic EP entitled Burst & Decay. The EP will be co-released with Hopeless Records as well as through a new venture created by the band called Loneliest Place On Earth.

The EP will be officially released on September 22nd, 2017, and is now available for pre-order. A very limited pressing of the EP on 12" vinyl is available on Hopeless Record and Loneliest Place On Earth.

Vocalist Dan Campbell shares a note to fans and explains, "To whom it may concern, We've begun a new venture. I'm hesitant to give it a title because I don't want to limit what it could become but, for now, I'm going to call it a collective - an avenue for music and art and writing and performance. The first order of business will be to pair up with Hopeless Records to co-release an acoustic EP we recorded in May called 'Burst & Decay'. In the coming months and years, we'll be rolling out releases, artists and events. The seeds are being planted. This is just the beginning but for now, thank you. We love you. We'll see you soon."

To keep up with this special EP and The Wonder Years, check out their social media down below!

The Wonder Years: Facebook // Twitter

Honey Anticipates New Album With Single Release

We've been following Pittsburgh based band, Honey, in anticipation of their upcoming album release, Mock Pop. Expected out on June 30th, the band is gearing up listeners by teasing out a single from the forthcoming LP.

Honey is now streaming "Send Me No Flowers," on their bandcamp, but you can check it out below!

Honey's Evan Meindl says of the track, "Utilizing the classic loud/soft/loud dynamic made popular in the 1990s, the song simultaneously captures and provokes it's audience with a combination of sickly sweet melodies and abrasive subject matter. Ascending and descending through a tense sonic landscape, the song ruminates on secrets of the past, kept in the ephemeral present, waiting to be unlocked in the uncertain future. Clocking in at a cool four minutes, "Send Me No Flowers" leaves the listener with a statement that they can not only relate to, but sing along to time and time again."

The track is an exciting anticipation for Honey's upcoming LP, out June 30th via Wild Kindness Records! To keep up with Honey and any more exciting news they have to share, check out their social media below!

Honey: Facebook

Cool Philly Bands Record Cool Songs

It's always fun seeing your favorite local music, and it's even more fun when your favorite local artists come together to create a kick ass compilation album featuring some of their favorite covers!

George Valdivia is to thank for the culmination of the cover compilation, as he brought together (whether by chance or fate) some of Philadelphia's top notch local DIY artists! Musicians like Curtis Cooper, Stavi, Witch H(c)unt, and Kevin Brusha of Cerulean Blue all came together to share their favorite tracks, and take it from us, it's really stinkin' good. 

Check out a quick recap of the tracklist below!

Check out George's experience with creating this project, "My "Fostex 160 multitracker" is what I used for the whole thing. I've recorded 2 solo albums under the name "Georgey V" and by the end of the 2nd album, I started to realize that I wasn't to bad at doing this whole recording thing. I started thinking "Hey why don't I record my friends on this and see what they would sound like" it later became the idea of having them pick out a cover they enjoyed to play/listen to/favorite song. I started with recording Kevin Brusha of "Cerulean Blue" at the now "Overlook Hotel" it was fun! Recording someone else who wasn't me. Later through the night I said hell let's record a couple more people at this house because they're very talented in there own unique way. So I ended up recording Forest Ranger, I recorded his song in one take. I micd his acoustic guitar that's 4 string [I believe] and he just played. Lina Xinos now going by the name (Stavi) just so happened to be there so I recorded them as well. A week or so past and I decided to record Branden Bauer, this session was kinda more relaxed and a very fun time. Time went by and Curtis Cooper messaged me asking to record something on my 4 track. I told Curtis what I was doing, and they said they wanted to be apart of it."

"This was exciting because I really enjoy Curtis's music and when I started going to basement shows Curtis was one of the first people who I saw perform. My girlfriend and I came to his house at the "all night diner" for me to record him. We spent from 12 in the afternoon till 4 recording, this was a very interesting time because I felt like this was the first time I really got to know Curtis as a person. Super nice sweet person and obviously very talented! For example as we were talking about how we would record, Curtis would be noodling on the guitar completely paying attention to what I was saying and having responses. (I definitely can't do that lol) anyway the whole thing was very interesting watching Curtis play each instrument and when it finally came time to record vocals it was incredible hearing Curtis change with his powerful dynamics. Next I started to record my song because hey I wanted to be apart of this thing too hahah I chose the song Adeline by Dr. Dog because I love Dr. Dog and if you ever listen to the album "toothbrush" the whole thing was recorded on a 4 track so I kinda thought to myself I have to do it heh heh. Last I recorded Dori of "Witch H(c)unt" at the "all night diner" as well. This was nice to record because this was the first time I've recorded someone with a banjo. We spent an hour or two to record. This is pretty much it for the recording aspect the only thing I wish I've done was record the band "Fred Beans" but it just didn't happen and by the end of everything my 4 track kinda kicked the bucket. Next I took it to be mixed and mastered by Tim Jordan of "Sun Organ" veeerrrry cool guy. When we finished we drank two 6 packs and just shared music with each other and hung out."

Definitely stream the album above on bandcamp, and check out all of these really cool, local artists who are all giving their own unique flare to each track on this quirky EP. That's a Hook recommendation!

New Song from Have Mercy Premiered Exclusively with CLRVYNT

You may have read a previous article about Have Mercy releasing their single “Good Christian Man” from their upcoming album, Make The Best Of It. Now they’re back with another single off the album, which is due in full on Friday, April 21st. The new single is called “Baby Grand,” and Have Mercy has partnered with CLRVYNT to release the song exclusively.

Check it out below!

In an interview on their site. CLRVYNT said about the track, “Tender but powerful, it conveys both deep loneliness and warm comfort. It’s a ballad that tugs at heartstrings with desperate conviction, but also burns with a hopeful urgency.”

Pretty powerful words for a powerful song. Lead singer of Have Mercy, Brian Swindle, had his own words to say about the song: “’Baby Grand’ is a song of just regret. Regretting leaving a good situation or ‘thing’ that you had with someone over stupid reasons. It’s about trying to find a way to get back to that time but never being able to.” 

The full album, Make The Best Of It, was a passion project that took months of hard work trying to capture the essence of Have Mercy as a band. After seven months of crafting it, the album drops tomorrow, and with songs like “Baby Grand” and “Good Christian Man” it’s sure to be an emotional whopper. Check out the track listing below, and listen to “Baby Grand” (also read the full interview with CLRVYNT) through the link. 

You can also catch Have Mercy on tour soon, along with Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere, starting on April 27th and ending on June 9th. 

Have Mercy: Website // Facebook

Dizzy Bats Share 'Until We Die' With Listeners

NYC's very own Dizzy Bats have recently shared their most recent music video for their track "Until We Die." A low-key tribute to the struggles and hardships of a newer band - working itself through the highs and lows of practice frustrations and on-stage performances. 

Check out the video below!

The video, shot in LA, is their third collaboration with California-based director/producer, Michael Chiu. Dizzy Bats is made up of Connor Frost (Vocals/Guitars), Dave Ma (Vocals/Bass), Jared Sochinsky (Guitars), and Derek Swink (Drums).

"Until We Die" comes off of Dizzy Bats' latest EP, Until We Die. A three track concept that was released back in February! The track produced by Jonathan Markson at The Gallery Recording Studio, and the anthemic video is sure to be in your queue after first watch!

Check out the video streaming above, and then feel free to check out Dizzy Bats' social media to keep up with everything they've got going on! A band you definitely don't want to miss.

Dizzy Bats: Facebook // Bandcamp

New Music Video From Have Mercy

Ahead of the anticipated release of their third studio album, Make The Best Of It, Have Mercy has released a music video for “Good Christian Man,” the latest single off the album. Make The Best Of It is expected on April 21st, but in the meantime, “Good Christian Man” gives fans a taste of what the album will be like. It comes from a personal place of faith for Brian Swindle, singer and lead guitarist of Have Mercy. 

Check out the video below!

“I grew up in a Catholic family,” Swindle says. “I’ve always believed faith is a beautiful thing but never thought religion was for me. This is mainly about me not being able to openly talk about these things with my family. Also, over-analyzing things and habits that under the assumption that if I do them then something bad will happen.”

The music video for “Good Christian Man” is powerful, painting a picture of Swindle facing his demons and not getting support from his friends and family. For anyone who knows what that feels like, “Good Christian Man” will be emotional and honest.

Have Mercy will be going on tour with Real Friends, Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside, and Nothing, Nowhere in the spring. Check out the tour dates down below, and listen to “Good Christian Man” through the link. Make The Best Of It is also available for preorder. 

Have Mercy: Website // Facebook

Show To Watch: April 17th at The Barbary

Let's face it, there are a ton of shows going on literally all the time, every day of the week. So how do you know what show is worth going to, and which you can catch the next time around? The Hook is interested in keeping every one up to date, so we're filling you in on a show to watch within the next few months!

Monday, April 17th at The Barbary is going to feature a ton of local Hook favorites including Secret Nudist Friends, Honeytiger, When Ships Collide, and The Big Drops! Doors are 7PM with a $10 cover, but be sure to get those $7 advance tickets for a few bucks off!

We've even got the set times for you, just so you really don't miss the show! Check 'em out!

April 17th At The Barbary:
07:00pm - When Ships Collide
07:50pm - Honeytiger
08:45pm - The Big Drops
09:40pm - Secret Nudist Friends

For more on this upcoming show to watch, check out the bands pages, or the Facebook event! Save this date in your calendar, a Monday night show you definitely don't want to miss!

Secret Space Cover Weezer

Everyone loves a good cover, and Secret Space have made it clear that they love covers, too! In anticipation for their upcoming album, The Window Room Pt. 2; Lost In A Dream, the band has released a cover track of Weezer's "Butterfly."

Check out the youtube video of the stripped song below!

he track "Butterfly" (originally premiering with Chorus.fm) is an acoustic version of Weezer's Pinkerton cut and was surprisingly recorded years before Secret Space formed.

"Our recording of this song actually slightly predates Secret Space," says guitarist/vocalist Dean Tartaglia. "Steve (drummer) and I recorded this in spring of 2014, before Secret Space was even an idea. Steve produces bands for a living, and I was just a guinea pig testing out some new equipment/recording techniques to make his acoustic recordings sound more up-close/intimate. We chose Butterfly because we both love Pinkerton and 'Butterfly' is the most personal moment on that record. Flash forward almost 3 years later, we never had any intention of putting this song out, but when we came up with the idea for an acoustic record, we rediscovered our version of Butterfly and realized that it was exactly how our record needed to sound. Instead of trying to re-record it, we decided to stick with the version we had and put it on the record as is. It's kind of amazing to listen back to it now; it's technically the very first Secret Space recording, and because of that it will always feel pure to me."

The original version of The Window Room was released last June on Equal Vision Records and was produced by Will Yip (Circa Survive, Citizen, Turnover). This time around, the band kept it in-house, having drummer Steve Warstler produce the record in his new studio "The Master Bedroom," focusing on one production style and one vibe. Tartaglia and company will play a few select dates in NY with Envy on the Coast before Tartaglia branches out on an 11-date solo run in support of the new record.

The Window Room Part 2 is available March 17th Bandcamp!

For more on Secret Space, or what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Secret Space: 
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Have Mercy Announce New Album 'Make The Best Of It'

The highly anticipated third studio album from Maryland's Have Mercy was just recently announced! Make The Best Of It, will be released on April 21st, 2017 via Hopeless Records.

The 11 track record hits all the marks that Have Mercy fans have been known to love, but this album pushes the band further. Musically, lyrically and stylistically, Make The Best Of It rings loud and true throughout, being the bands catchiest and tightest endeavor to date!

The music video for their first single off of the album, "Coexist," came out on February 28th, directed by Erik Rojas (Yellowcard, Somos) the video has frontman Brian Swindle fighting himself to save his own life only to find out in the end none of it matters, and you can check it out below!

During the writing and recording of Make The Best Of It-a seven-month affair with producers Paul Leavitt (All Time Low) and Brian McTernan (Thrice) as well as writing partner and guitarist Nathaniel Gleason - Swindle made sure to internalize the essence of Have Mercy and let that guide the songwriting. The period surrounding the album was one filled with profound change, both personal and professional. The entire band around Swindle altered, with the frontman now the only original member of Have Mercy. One thing that's not uncertain is that Make The Best Of It, with all its confidence and cohesion, hasn't changed who Swindle is at all. "Everyone who worked on the album poured every ounce of themselves into this," Swindle says. "Even if nobody likes this record, we don't give a shit."
Have Mercy will be hitting the road in support of Real Friends with Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere this spring. The first show is set to kick off on April 27th in Grand Rapids, MI and will wrap up on June 9th in Chicago, IL. 

Check out the tour dates below!


For more on Have Mercy & what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Have Mercy: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Moose Blood Announce 2017 North American Tour

Moose Blood recently announced a 2017 North American headlining tour with support from Trophy Eyes, Boston Manor, and A Will Away, which is super exciting!

The tour kicks off on February 23rd in Pomona, CA and will hit 27 cities across North America! The band just finished up a massive tour in the states with The Wonder Years, Real Friends, Knuckle Puck and Seaway.

This tour comes in support of their recent release of Blush via Hopeless Records on August 5th! It was met with glowing reviews and landed #1 on the Alternative New Artist Charts. It can be purchased through iTunes or the band's merch store

Check out the tour dates above!

For more on Moose Blood & what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Moose Blood: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


The Hook Announces September Show

Poster Art: Jena Stevens Mar

Poster Art: Jena Stevens Mar

The Hook Journal is proud to announce that we are beginning our show series this September at The Tralfamadore right here in Philly!

We'll be using these shows to present to you the really rad, and hard working scene that we're constantly surrounded in. By collaborating with featured artists, we'll be able to bring the music right to you! Read about it, hear about it - that's the goal. 

This debut show will take place on September 9th at 7pm. We're featuring some of The Hook's OG faves including Weatherhead, Semiotics, and Halogens. Joining them is one of our newest features, Dear Friend!

Check out our Facebook event here, more info coming on this soon!!!!!

Moose Blood Stream Brand New Track "Sulk"

In anticipation for their upcoming album, Blush, Moose Blood have released another tantalizing single for listeners!

"Sulk" comes off of the awaited and anticipated August 5th album from Moose Blood, and the band premiered the single off of FUSE, but you can check out the stream for "Sulk" below! A track that further proves that Moose Blood is deepening their already emotional sound for their sophomore album!

Moose Blood had this to say about the track, "'Sulk' is about a family relationship, it was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and we're so pleased with how the song evolved into what it is now."

Blush is now available for pre-order by visiting MerchNow or iTunes. The songs "Honey" and "Knuckles" will be available as instant grat downloads when the album is pre-ordered!

For more on Moose Blood, check out the links below!

Moose Blood: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram