SAD Marquise Anticipates New Album With Single, 'Watercolor'

In anticipation for his latest EP, iPhone Pop, due out tomorrow on August 18th, SAD Marquise recently released a track to hype up listeners - and "Watercolor" is just a precursor to what we can expect from the upcoming release!

Check out the single below!

The smooth track highlights on R&B and electro-pop in a way that feels seductive and exciting. SAD Marquise brings in a retro type wave style of music that feels refreshing, especially as the end of summer dwindles down.

Check out the track above, and stay tuned for the release of iPhone Pop tomorrow!

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Marcus Alan Ward Releases "Devil In Popular Culture"

A new single from multi-instrumentalist artist Marcus Alan Ward has been released! It's called “Devil In Popular Culture,” and it's a flowing, funky soulful alt-rock track that blends a genre mishmash with insightful commentary about our culture-based society.

"I think it taps into an increasing paranoia and cultural unease that's present in 2016," Ward says about the new single. "Sonically, it's a healthy mix of soul, garage rock, electro and beyond. I had a lot of fun with this one."

You can check out “Devil in Popular Culture” right here!

This is Ward's second single this year, coming after the release of “Little Sunshine” back in August.

You can check out the music video for that here!

After releasing his acclaimed album, Last Night I Grew Tentacles, in 2014, Ward decided to forego focusing on album releases and instead concentrate on releasing individual songs to make each new release a unique experience.

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Xolos Release Debut Single

unnamed (7).jpg

Xolos (pronounced sho•los) is an electro pop production duo, who recently premiered their debut single "Do You Recall" on Ground Sounds last Friday, June 3rd. 

Originally from SoCal, the group draws their inspiration from their Mexican heritage and a variety of different genres. From indie rock to poppy electronica. Xolos eclectic twist seamlessly merges different musical worlds into a unique, forward thinking formula, definitely for fans for STRFKR, Capital Cities, and Passion Pit. The infectious sound of "Do You Recall" is a sign of great things to come from Xolos. 

The single's groovy electronic beat and airy vocals make for the perfect summer anthem.

The name Xolos is derived from the Nahuatl word Xoloitzcuintli, who were considered sacred dogs by the Aztec people. They believed the dogs could help the souls’ of their masters to safely navigate the depths of the underworld. The indigenous people of Mexico symbolize the Xoloitzcuintli as guardians and protectors from evil spirits.

As their name depicts, their single “Do You Recall” will purge your body of any demons leaving you no other choice but to celebrate a good time. Be sure to follow these guys on social media and listen to their debut single, “Do You Recall."

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Bür Gür Share New Music Video

Bür Gür, Los Angeles tropical noise/pop duo, just released a new music video!

The two-some consists of Makan Negahban and Corbin Clarke, and the guys just released their sophomore album, Have You Lost Your Faith In God? on April 1, 2016 through New Los Angeles, an Alpha Pup Records.

Written and produced by Clarke and Negahban, the album supports a fun, upbeat sound built on a foundation of poly rhythms, dreamy vocals, and intricate acoustic guitar lines. The music is matched with darker, contemplative lyrical content, a stark contrast to their bright, tropical sound. 

The music video flows through a stream of psychedelic and glitchy visuals, jumping from a variety of clips and shots from the band, to turbulent colors. Tune Collective writes, "The mind bending imagery alongside honeyed, dulcet tones brings a peace and calm that translates to a cross-cultural sound with mass appeal."

You can check out "Shek," below!

In recent weeks, Bür Gür has played Los Angeles’ staple underground show Low End Theory, opened for an Animal Collective DJ set, showcased at SXSW, and premiered music videos on The Mat Mag and IHEARTCOMIX. On May 10th, Bür Gür is performing live at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles alongside DJ sets by Kenny Segal (Team Supreme), Raskal (Noise Revolt), and Nina Tarr.

Have You Lost Your Faith In God? is available via Apple Music and Spotify and for download upon request.

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Bür Gür: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Kayo Dot Share New Track

Kayo Dot has premiered the first single off of its upcoming album, Plastic House on Base of Sky on TinyMixTapes

Listen to "Magnetism" here, or below!

Plastic House on Base of Sky embraces the electronic allusions found on 2014's Coffins on Io LP. The LP incorporates a variety of analog synthesisers, creating an explosive work that fuses with the experimentalism of Conrad Schnitzler or Morton Subotnick. The group describes Plastic House on Base of Sky as an exploration of our mechanical post-human future-present.
At the core of Kayo Dot is a mood that lies on the crossroads of darkness and mystery. In film, music emoting mystery sounds almost nocturnal, relating our brains to the unknownness hiding in the absence of light. This intersection is the essence of Kayo Dot.

The man behind Kayo Dot’s curtain of sound, Toby Driver, has been fiercely productive and experimental over the last year. So much so, that the amount of risks taken with Kayo Dot’s music can outnumber what most traditional artists will attempt for an entire album. There are very eclectic collaborators on this record as well. Driver, who recorded Plastic House on Base of Sky collaborates with lyricist Jason Byron. Byron, a lifelong student of the occult, gives the listener a feast of words as elusive and satisfying as the labyrinths of sound they travel through. Whether by means of menacing guitars, ethereal woodwinds, or aggressive electronics, there's always a sense that a new door might open, that anything can be found around the corner.
Plastic House on Base of Sky will be available June 24, 2016 from The Flenser.  Pre-order the album here

Check out the tracklist below!

unnamed (3).jpg

 1.  Amalia's Theme
2.  All The Pain in All the Wide World
3.  Magnetism
4.  Rings of Earth
5.  Brittle Urchin

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GreyMarket Releases New Album

GreyMarket, a Tampa-based alt-punk electro-pop duo, has released their fourth full-length LP, The Stress Kills.

This album furthers the sound of the band by taking their taste for electronic and heavy beats to the next level by introducing a heavier, punk-based element and a harder edge! The Stress Kills blends equal parts indie, pop/punk, and chiptune-y electro - while also including a bit of abrasive glitch thrown in to make for an incredibly eclectic and intense album from front to back!

Check out the album teaser below!

This all coming from a band formed over a "Bassist Wanted" advertisement put up by Mike Gargiulo that was answered by Cave McCoy. The two bonded over musical interests and eventually developed into an electronic outfit while taking classes at the University of South Florida!

There's bound to be something for everybody on this album and you should definitely give it a listen. You can follow the band on social media for more updates!

Definitely check out the album, and check out this up & coming duo!

GreyMarket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

LIINKS Release Video

Canada bred power duo, LIINKS, grants us a new tune through a compelling, nearly intoxicating music video, now available on Youtube. The song masterfully blends soul, electronic, and R&B into one soothing, catchy ear-worm. The song, like all of their tunes, does what it was intended to: captivate an audience with a romance that embraces tightly before walking away without looking back. Georgia states, "All our songs come from personal experience and this tune is about falling in love with an understanding that nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays easy and we just wanted to write about those love-at -first-site feelings and wanting to hold on to them forever."

In just two years time, alternative R&B-soul singer, Georgia and producer, writer and studio engineer, DWhiz,  has already stepped foot on the road to stardom, signing to The Universal Music Publishing Group! The home of Adele, Future, Demi Levato, Mariah Carey, and many more. 

Mentored by maestro and producer, Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Hollywood Vampires), LIINKS has already been charted on Billboard, had presence on radio airwaves and have, has partnered with Dastik and Travis Barker for new classic, “Darkstar,” have shared the stage with noteworthy musicians including Macy Gray, Method Man, and Talib Kweli, and have been titled “Artist of the Year” by Beatport’s Breakthrough

Even prior to their partnership with Ezrin and the solidification of their group, LIINKS, they have been all-stars in the music industry, especially after writing a #1 hit song in South Korea that had created so much of a gravitational pull that it ended up between the sticky fingers of Korea’s most popular singer of the time and had been at the top of the charts for almost a month before the scandal was revealed to the public. They also received a nomination for the ‘Urban Recording of the Year’ at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and had been chosen to perform on CBC’s televised reality show, Cover Me Canada. 

Check out their mesmeric single, “This Feeling,” and their first single, “The Break,” a masterpiece that reached #35 on CHR Billboard and #18 on the Emerging Artist Billboard chart, in the links here & here

Follow their moves and music on their social media below!

LIINKS: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud