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Hannah Lorimer Celebrates Debut Single, 'Alive'

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

After tireless hard work & dedication, we are excited to announce the celebration of a debut release from Philadelphia’s own, Hannah Lorimer.

The Illinois native has been creating, performing and supporting local music & artists since 2013 here in Philadelphia - and has now, finally, put out her debut single, “Alive.” The track is sweet, sultry, and romantic in all ways that we’ve all always known & loved with Lorimer’s music. The singer & songwriter has really crafted something special & unique, which can be a feat in itself: a track that shows off Lorimer’s distinct sound.

Check it out below!

“Alive” is upbeat, but remains grounded in gentle lyricism, and the powerhouse that is Lorimer’s voice. There isn’t a single moment in the song where you’re questioning where Lorimer is bringing you. It feels confident, fluid & matured, as if Hannah herself knows that the content she is putting out is content that needs to be heard - and so, we hear it.

The 5-minute long track is what we hope is the first of many, whether that be more singles, or even a full album. Either way, Hannah Lorimer is always gigging here in Philadelphia, and we’ve included her social media down below so you never miss a beat!

Hannah Lorimer: Facebook // iTunes // Spotify // Instagram

Better Things Share New Single

Alt-Punk band, Better Things have released a brand new single straight off of their upcoming album!

Getting Worse is expected to release on August 19th, and in preparation, VA based guys Better Things have shared their single, "Named After A Kiss Song." The recording of the track came together very quickly says the band's producer Ryan Cohen, who owns Robot Dog Studio in VT. "I love the simplicity of this song," says Cohen. "I think Brad took two takes and we were like, 'Cool. Sounds good. Let's get some Moe's'"

Meanwhile, the band had this to say about the track, "I wrote this song as a valentine's day present for a girl who later shit on my heart," says vocalist Brad Yandow. "Originally, I intended for it to be entirely acoustic and eventually I talked to the band about putting it on this album. In the studio I taught them all three notes and bada-bing bada-boom."

"Named After A Kiss Song" is available for purchase on Bandcamp!

Better Things: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website

GIIA Debuts Single

Boston bred indie elctro-pop singer GIIA makes a splash in the electronic music industry by unleashing her new single “Burning Game,” produced by MEMBA.

Exclusively released with Paste Magazine, the earworm highlights her vocal range and delivers a spine chillingly dark vibe intertwined in a moving beat. The song emphasizes toxic relationships and bad habits. GIIA explains: "...any situation that makes you feel stuck. Instead of coming to your senses, getting out of it and moving on, you fall right back in. Falling back into old habits because it's easier than walking away. When I thought of how that feels I immediately thought of the image of a flame. Something that looks so enticingly beautiful from the outside but when you're in the thick of it, it will hurt and wear you away. Hence the name 'Burning Game.'"

Emma Giarrusso, famously known as GIIA, entered the electronic world through her debut feature on MEMBA’s single “One” in June 2016 and from there, has made her mark in the industry. The song was featured on AXS, This Song Slaps, Dancing Astronaut’s Top Trending Chart, and Run The Trap. Her music is heavily influenced by both trap and pop; she takes the two and creates a brand new sound. She began her pursuit at a very young age, starting her early vocal training in the opera. She later attended the Berklee College of music to study contemporary voice. 

"I was trained classically in the Opera genre, so that that part of my voice comes out in my music. It's a unique sound when mixed with the electronic sound. While listening to my music, I want people to be dancing in their rooms, humming the melodies," states GIIA.

After moving to New York City, she began writing music for local producers which urged her to begin making music for herself. She’s currently preparing to release her singles in bulk, this time blending pop, trap, and operatic, and contemporary music.

GIIA: // Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter



Matthew Stewart Releases Debut Single

unnamed (23).jpg

Californian Indie singer-songwriter Matthew Stewart, releases his first single, the title track, “Sex Was Gold” off his forthcoming EP on June 28th.  

The song immediately dives into emotional lyricism with lines like "She listens to love songs to fill the hole in her heart". We soon discover the details of a loveless relationship maintained solely for the sex.

Matthew draws inspiration from Folk, Alternative, Classical, Soul and Spanish music and the song exemplifies the folk sound with Stewart’s crooning vocals, textured piano and triumphant horns. Matthew says, "One of the most mysterious and beautiful things we can experience is Art. That said, the art in which I'm married to and completely obsessed with is Music.”

He recorded his album at the acclaimed 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California with Producer/Mixer Joe Chiccarelli made famous by artists like Jack White, Beck, The Shins, and U2.


Stewart will continue to play select dates to support the new album. If you're a fan of artists like Ben Howard, Hozier and James Bay then you're sure to fall in-love Matthew Stewart.



Prison Escapee Shares Single


Prison Escapee released their newest single, “Gunslinger.” This is the second single off his forthcoming album Disappearing Mountaintop.

Prison Escapee is the moniker of Los Angeles based producer, Erik David Hidde, who named the project after his best friend who hanged himself in his own cell after being put away for twenty-five to life. Musical inspiration for Hidde’s work has drawn from elements of post-rock, electronica, lo-fi field recordings and film scores. His new single, “Gunslinger” explores playful electronica beats decorated with dreamy and serene vocals.

Hidde’s faith is often represented through his music, having been raised in Fort Hunter, New York by a christian family. He produced his first musical works in college, as it was a requirement to completing his degree in multimedia. He hasn’t stopped since. After running the independent record label, Housewarming Records, out of New York from 2011-2013, Hidde has put all his focus into his original music as a means of expressing himself as well as filling an emotional void. After years of writing, recording, and producing, Hidde started Prison Escapee in 2015. Everyday, Hidde returns from his nine to five job and invests whatever time is left in the day to his original music. Both debut and sophomore albums were written, recorded, produced, and mixed in the comfort of his own living room. 

Be sure to hear full-length album Disappearing Mountaintop, featuring both of Prison Escapee’s latest singles, on June 16th!

Prison Escapee: Facebook // Twitter 

Ecclesiast Announce Self-Titled EP & Release Debut Single

Photography:  ©Eichelberger Photography 2016

Photography: ©Eichelberger Photography 2016

Missouri metalcore quartet Ecclesiast has not only announced a forthcoming self-titled EP, but has paired this announcement with their debut lyric video of their biting new single “High Horse." The EP, coming out on June 24th through Sancrosanct Records, is available for pre-order via iTunes.

“High Horse” is a charged, streamlined ride through the Ecclesiast sound, featuring crushingly rough assaults of abrasive riffage paired with an interestingly anthemic chorus. Says vocalist Joseph Smith of the single: “In my eyes, I see the path that's laid before in my heart and I know what is wrong and right. High Horse. This quote means something personal that I went through and questioning my own decisions through how other people felt. This whole song basically is about being the person that God wants you to be and not what man wants you to be.”

Check it out below!

Smith, along with guitarist Tyler Cobillas and drummer Nick Magasano, are going in a more personal direction with their brand of Christian metalcore, which is refreshing in a genre that has by and large seen its glory days come and go.

They have been playing shows non-stop for a while now, and they have no plans on stopping, with shows for the 4th, 11th, and even July 17th with fellow metalcore acts It Lies Within and In Dying Arms, as part of their larger Fight The Parasite tour. Don’t miss out!

Be sure to keep up with the band on social media so you can see when they’ll be through your area. This group is killing it right now, so sleeping on them is not an option!

As always, stay tuned for more!

Ecclesiast:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram