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The Burns Share New Music Video With Listeners


Straight out of New Jersey, The Burns have been hard at work since 2018 started!

With the recent release of their debut album, Splenderson, The Burns are celebrating with a brand new music video! "Wolves" is a bit of a teaser for listeners and fans, a pre-release for their upcoming EP expected out in June - and there might be a little personal surprise in there when you watch!

You can check out the music video streaming down below, so definitely do that!

"Wolves" is a rumbling track that builds into a fierce and emotional listen - The Burns make you want to feel things, and gosh darnit, we're feeling them! The band is celebrating their one year anniversary on March 2nd at The Saint in Asbury Park - so if you're in New Jersey you definitely want to check that out.

To keep up with The Burns, definitely check out the music video above, and then check out their social media to make sure you never miss an update! We'll be hosting the NJ band on February 23rd at our place in South Philly, so if you're around and you dig it, come check it out!

The Burns: Website // Spotify

ANSON Share New Music Video 'To Be Or Nothing At All' & Announces EP

unnamed (6).jpg

Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock band, ANSON is a 3-piece act set to bridge early 2000's emo rock with today's mainstream stratosphere. The group, consisting of Anson Li (Vocals), George Tello (Bassist), and Zack Mueller (Lead Guitarist) offer an array of introspective songs about life and discovering who you are as a person.

Recently they announced their debut EP entitled To Be or Nothing At All, and celebrated with the release of a brand new music video for the title track! Check it out below!

The EP offers a very personal and raw reflection of when vocalist, Anson Li, began the journey to self identity and speaks to the struggles of putting everything on the line to live for your art. In 2017, Li collaborated with George Tello and Zack Mueller to complete this newfound artistry when wanting to transition from being a solo act to a full band and re-titled the project to ANSON. The three found commonality in self discovery, strength, and empowerment to take a risk in life, and brought a unique synergy to the full band sound.

Li continues,  "To Be or Nothing at All" is about living at the crossroads of my life and dealing with the daily struggles with self identity, self doubt, and depression that come with that. The EP tells a story of how I dealt with these issues and gained strength to choose a path and move forward in my life. This EP is a testament to the fact you can't live your whole life stuck at the crossroads. You have to make a choice because not making a choice is just as bad as making the wrong one. In life you have to stand up for what you believe in, don't be scared to fail and go for it. Follow your dreams. Taking leaps of faith is terrifying, but at the end of the day when you do it, everything in your life aligns together and it's pure bliss."

Debut EP To Be or Nothing At All due out September 29, 2017. Fans can pre-order To Be or Nothing At All now.


8/7 Central Share New Track 'Missile'

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC 8/7 Central have been preparing for their upcoming September EP release in Berlin, Germany on their European Tour! What better a way to hype up than to share a brand new single from the upcoming EP!

"Missile" is the first release off of the nameless EP, and 8/7 Central released it on (you guessed it) August 7th for fans and listeners everywhere! Check it out below!

The track is reminiscent of new wave and indie, but a smooth and easy listen for sure. It's quickly become a favorite on our playlist!

8/7 Central is comprised of Stephen Kingslow (bass), Florian Mewes (drums), Evan Banks (guitar), and Victor Crusner (vocals, guitar). The multi-national band includes members from Germany, Switzerland and the US respectively. 

To keep up with 8/7 Central, check out their social media below and watch out for that upcoming EP!

8/7 Central: Facebook // Instagram

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show Release 'Approximate Girl'

the final single from their forthcoming concept EP, Catherine, "Approximate Girl" is NYC-based concept group Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show most recent share!

Check it out below!

"For all of the usual weird songs we have about circus freaks and nukes, 'Approximate Girl' is a relatively straightforward breakup song," shared Deschain in a piece with Impose Magazine. "It’s about the constant pursuit of some imagined perfect future, and the people we leave behind in that chase. Then when you realize that maybe you had it best when you were together, how do you pick up what’s left and move forward?"

The group is gearing up to release their second EP in a planned trilogy, Catherine, on July 14th, which is today! The EP will also be accompanied by an illustrated book. For more on Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show, check out their social media below!

Dalton Deshain & The Traveling Show: Website

Vault 51 Drops Second Single "Magnolia" & Announce Debut EP

Vault 51, an alt-rock five-piece from Atlanta, Georgia, are making their debut with the announcement of their first EP, Kid, and the release of their second single “Magnolia.” This new track comes off the heels of the band’s first single, “Thirty Six.” Both songs are from Vault 51’s EP, which is slated for release on July 20th. If you’re looking for new music to listen to, keep Vault 51 in mind – “Magnolia” offers a glimpse of their personal style, and also gives fans a sneak peek of what’s to come with the full release of Kid

Check out "Magnolia" below!

About “Magnolia,” the band had this to say: “We chose to release ‘Magnolia’ as a single because we felt it was an appropriate song to reflect the overall theme that our EP gives off. That is, the idea that as we grow older, life seems to pass us by more and more quickly. Life is constantly ticking by, whether you want it to or not. And we spend so much of that time completely wasted. Everyone wants to create something beautiful before they die. To leave their mark on the world. We all start from nothing and strive to grow into something beautiful, much like a magnolia flower.”
With those impassioned words and that inspiring message (a message that I vibe pretty heavily with, TBH), “Magnolia” makes for a successful release. And Kid is sure to be a fantastic debut EP for Vault 51. 
Listen to “Magnolia,” and keep up with Vault 51 on social media for more updates. 

Vault 51: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Shatterproof Kicks Off Summer Tour With New Single

Kicking off their Best Summer Ever Tour with Never Let This Go, Shatterproof support their latest single "So Punk" off their forthcoming release. The tour will weave its way through the US this June hitting the Northwest and Midwest before ending on June 25th in Dallas, TX. 

Off the band's forthcoming release, "So Punk" was recorded at The Blasting Room, produced/engineered by Chris Beeble, and mixed by Mark Needham at Red Oak Studios with assistant mix engineer by Tyler Spratt. 

Check it out below!

 The band details their "So Punk" single which premiered exclusively with New Noise Magazine, by stating, '"So Punk" is one of our favorite songs we have ever written. It's high energy, fast and super fun to play live. It's about the struggles of a working artist, about how art doesn't have the value it used to have, and not just in the music world. But while exploring these struggles of artists, it has a message of hope, that "I'm not down... I'm not out." We think this song sets the stage well for the rest of the EP, and we have been dying to have people finally listen to it." 

For more on Shatterproof, check out their social media below!

Shatterproof: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

A Day Without Love Announces Tour, Release New Music Video

Philly's own, A Day Without Love recently made some super exciting announcements regarding their future! The first being the release of a music video for their track, "Joseph," and the second being the announcement of a tour with Izzy Heltai!

The song is the first track off their debut studio LP, Solace, which came out last year. The music video was directed by local videographer Bob Sweeney who has filmed other local talent including Nik Greeley & The Operators, RFA, & Abi Reimold, and has previously directed previous A Day Without Love music videos for “Too Fast” & “Solace.”

Check out the music video for "Joseph" below!

Along with the music video, A Day Without Love has announced a summer tour throughout the midwest and northeast. The band will be hitting the road with Sounds and Tones Records label mate Izzy Heltai. The tour includes a home show in Philadelphia, stops in Chicago, Nashville, Richmond and more, as well as a daytrotter session!

Some big things you don't want to miss, so check out the dates below!

A Day Without Love Tour W/ Izzy Heltai:
5/24 - Philadelphia, PA @ Pentajawn
5/25 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Cattivo
5/26 - Columbus, OH @ Melancholy House
5/27 - Indianapolis, IN @ Ultra Velvet Lounge
5/28 - Chicago, IL @ West Town
5/28 - Davenport, IA @ Daytrotter
5/29 - Nashville, TN @ East Room
5/30 - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
5/31 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Java Surf Cafe
6/01 - Richmond, VA @ Crossroads
6/02 - Washington, DC @ Commune 1605
6/03 - College Park, MD @ The WhyteStone Creative Outcrop

For more on A Day Without Love and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

A Day Without Love: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud // Itunes // Bandcamp

"Can You Relate" Out Now From The Great Enough

Philadelphia native rockers, The Great Enough, have recently shared their brand new music video "Can You Relate?" for listeners and fans! The music video is for the debut single "Can You Relate?" which is a lush, almost anthemic alt-rock track, one that premiered around two weeks ago. The music video is brand new, debuting just on Sunday!

Check out the video below!

The Great Enough formed in 2015, bringing together their brand of rock & roll. The band states that "rather than subscribe to labels, the band wants to let the music speak for itself.  It will tell you that these guys work hard and care deeply.  That they are exploring the human experience in as honest a way as they are able.  That they want to laugh, and rage; they want to feel our loneliness and our exultation; that they want to roar," and that everything else is up to the listener.

"Can You Relate?" is a refreshing rock track, with a feel good music video. I was surprised at first upon listening to the track, as there hasn't been much exciting progress happening in the realm of rock or alternative rock, but I'd definitely say that The Great Enough are bringing something new and exciting to the table. A more contemporary style that is easy to listen to and relatable. 

To keep up with The Great Enough and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

The Great Enough: Website // Facebook

Lilac Lungs Release Debut Album 'Eventide'

Detroit foursome Lilac Lungs, an indie rock band with a pretty name, will be releasing their first official album on May 12th. The album is called Eventide, and it’s a 10-song emotional roller coaster that comes from a personal place for the band members.

With frontwoman Emily Torres on vocals, Johney Birrell on guitar, Terrence Elizondo on bass, and Matt Jones on drums, Lilac Lungs is ready to show the world who they are, inside and out. When they were developing the album, lead singer Emily Torres had a certain image in mind: she wanted to capture the whole spectrum of human emotion in the songs on Eventide, and she wanted her listeners to feel safe when they heard the album. She wanted it to be a safe space, and that’s what the album and its gorgeous cover artwork calls to mind for her.

“This album came from a very genuine and emotional place for us,” says guitarist Johney Birrell. “Nonetheless, we never fail to push ourselves to strive for new sounding music to give whoever listens to these a refreshing, yet nostalgic experience.” 

Eventide is a mix of catchy pop, indie, and alternative, hitting on a wide range of musical techniques that come together to create one emotional ride. Emily Torres adds, “I wanted to capture the thoughts of the night, how we fear them and really use the album artwork to represent a never ending sunset as the safe place, where I want to always be lost in.” The album cover sure is pretty, and the track list looks stellar. You can hear the first single off the album, “Next to Nothing,” and watch the music video for it below. That’ll have to be enough to hold you over until May 12th, when the full-length album Eventide will be released. 

Until then, keep up with Lilac Lungs on social media, and listen to “Next to Nothing” on repeat.

Lilac Lungs: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Spotify // Website

Show To Watch: April 17th at The Barbary

Let's face it, there are a ton of shows going on literally all the time, every day of the week. So how do you know what show is worth going to, and which you can catch the next time around? The Hook is interested in keeping every one up to date, so we're filling you in on a show to watch within the next few months!

Monday, April 17th at The Barbary is going to feature a ton of local Hook favorites including Secret Nudist Friends, Honeytiger, When Ships Collide, and The Big Drops! Doors are 7PM with a $10 cover, but be sure to get those $7 advance tickets for a few bucks off!

We've even got the set times for you, just so you really don't miss the show! Check 'em out!

April 17th At The Barbary:
07:00pm - When Ships Collide
07:50pm - Honeytiger
08:45pm - The Big Drops
09:40pm - Secret Nudist Friends

For more on this upcoming show to watch, check out the bands pages, or the Facebook event! Save this date in your calendar, a Monday night show you definitely don't want to miss!

Single Debut From Benchmarks

In anticipation for their forthcoming album, Nashville rock band, Benchmarks, amped up fans with their recently released single, "Frames." "Frames" premiered with New Noise Magazine, and was mixed by Jay Maas (Defeater, Transit, Polar Bear Club, Make Do And Mend) and produced by the band themselves.

Check out "Frames" Below!

The upcoming album, Our Undivided Attention, comes out on March 24th via Sofaburn Records. 

Benchmarks vocalist Todd Farrell Jr. (who also pulls double duty as the lead guitarist for the band Two Cow Garage) says, “I have some pretty intense inattentive ADD and this is sort of about me trying to navigate my brain while also keeping up with real life, relationships, friends, and how being on the road half the year doesn't make that any easier. The title of the record, 'Our Undivided Attention,' comes from the bridge and how on a larger plane, we're all trying so hard to do so many things at once, while probably sacrificing the quality of everything we do and the quality of the time we spend with people. As soon as we wrote this one, we knew it would become the cornerstone to the rest of the record.”

For more on Benchmarks, and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Benchmarks: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Civil Youth Ring In Holiday Season With "Let It Snow" Cover

Rising Philadelphia indie/alt-rockers, Civil Youth, are celebrating the holiday season the only way they know how: by releasing an epic cover for "Let It Snow," to help us all get in the spirit!

Recently, Civil Youth announced the official release date for their third full-length studio album, Conversations, which is to be released on May 19th. Civil Youth is taking a break from promoting Conversations to share with their fans an exclusive holiday song, which you can check out below!

This is what Civil Youth's Michael Kepko had to say about the song, "With all the Christmas covers coming out during the holidays, we wanted to give you something a little bit different. We were heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra on this one, so we took his "Let It Snow" and made it darker. We tried to make it as Civil Youth as possible with spacey guitars and a melody that's more minor and more mysterious. We even got dressed up for this... We hope your holidays are amazing and you enjoy our version of "Let It Snow"! Share with your family and friends to spread the holiday cheer!"

Definitely check it out, let your dog listen to it, your Mom, your Grandpa! And for more on Civil Youth, and what they're up to, check out their social media below! Our hometown heroes, so definitely peep the links!

Civil Youth: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify

Equipment Announces Debut EP

Ohio based project Equipment just announced their debut EP, and then for good measure made sure to share a brand new single!

"Chump" due out November 25th via All Sounds and Counter Intuitive Records. Equipment
has released their first single "Commuter" for free download on Bandcamp. Commuter is a perfect introduction, in under three minutes Equipment cycles through jazzy arpeggios, fuzzed out powerchords, and heart-on-sleeve lyrics, all about the commuter college angst.

Check it out below!

Equipment is the brain child of 19 year old wunderkind Nick Stoup, who combines the immediacy of the great 90's power pop bands! For more on Equipment and what they're up to, check out their links below!


King Shelter Announce West Coast Tour w/ Sticky Fingers

King Shelter, Orange County's premiere “salad rock” group, are about to undergo a short West Coast tour with Australian band Sticky Fingers. The band is looking forward to this tour to bring their unique sound on the road. 

The band has recently released a new music video for their single 'Preoccupy.” You can check that out right here!

Indie Shuffle described the sound of “Preoccupy” as “several familiar pieces of different styles of songs that you're heard before mixed into one song that makes sonic love and produces a pleasantly audible baby.”

King Shelter's whole thesis is that no one person is more important than anyone else, especially in this artistic realm. They aim to make music that stands alongside the people listening, not above them. Hecocks states: “If we want things to be better, then we have to do it. Change happens by people doing things, by people disregarding classes and associations. I want people to see what is important. People are important, art is important, output is important, YOU ARE IMPORTANT." 

Here are the tour dates:
9/30/16 @ Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA | 9pm
10/1/16 @ Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA | 8:30pm
10/2/16 @ The Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA | 8pm
10/5/16 @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR | 9pm
10/6/16 @ The Crocodile, Seattle, WA | 8pm 

You can follow King Shelter on their various social media sites to check out their stuff and keep up with new announcements as they happen. 

King Shelter: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

7 Minutes In Heaven Added to The Rise Tour

Alt rock band, 7 Minutes in Heaven were pleased to announce they’ve been added to So What?! Music Festival’s Artist on the Rise Tour next month. The Chicago-based group will be joined by Assuming We Survive, Coldfront, and Marina City as they make their way down to perform a 2-day stint at So What?! (Dallas, TX).

Being added to this line-up has been huge for the band, especially coming off the recent success of their debut EP, Side Effects. The tour kicks off October 13th in their hometown of Chicago and will be wrapping up at the end of the month in Columbus.

Dates can be seen below:

October 13 - Chicago, IL - The Wire

October 16 - Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep

October 17 - Albuquerque, NM - Jan Spot

October 20 - Oklahoma City - 89th Street Collective

October 21 - Houston, TX - Walters

October 22-23 - Dallas, TX - So What?! Music Festival

October 25 - Springfield, MO - The Outland Ballroom

October 26 - Nashville, TN - Rocketown

October 28 - Fayetteville, NC - Drunk Horse

October 29 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Smiling Moose

October 30 - Cleveland, OH - Nahall's Locker Room

October 31 - Columbus, OH - Double Happiness

Otherwise, keep up with 7 Minutes In Heaven on their social media below!

7 Minutes In Heaven: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

The Spill Canvas Announce Acoustic Tour

In the midst of their innovative "Requestour", South Dakota natives, The Spill Canvas, have announced an acoustic tour through Florida to close out 2016. According to the alt-rock outfit, this will be their last string of shows before hunkering down to write their next album.

Since this little acoustic tour is only 4 dates and exclusive to Florida, it would be wise to catch The Spill Canvas on their current "Requestour" tour where as fans, you actually get to select the track list for their performance - basically, it's a cool time to be a fan of the band.

 Tickets for Requestour can be found here and the dates are as follows:


Sept 20 | Los Angeles, CA | The Roxy Theatre

Sept 21 | San Diego, CA | Voodoo Room @ House of Blues

Sept 22 | Phoenix, AZ | The Rebel Lounge

Sept 23 | Las Vegas, NV | Beauty Bar

Sept 24 | Salt Lake City, UT | Billboard - Live

Sept 25 | Denver, CO | Bluebird Theater

Sept 27 | Austin, TX | Parish

Sept 28 | Dallas, TX | The Prophet Bar

Sept 29 | Houston, TX | Bronze Peacock Room @ House of Blue

Sept 30 | New Orleans, LA | The Parish @ House of Blues

Oct 1 | Memphis, TN | 1884 Lounge @ Minglewood

Oct 2 | Nashville, TN | Exit/In

Oct 4 | St. Louis, MO | Firebird

Oct 5 | Indianapolis, IN | Emerson Theater

Oct 6 | Valparaiso, IN | Big Shots

Oct 7 | Madison, WI | The Frequency

Oct 8 | Des Moines, IA | Vaudeville Mews

Oct 9 | Fargo, ND | The Aquarium (Dempsey's Upstairs)

Oct 10 | St. Paul, MN | Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Otherwise, you can keep up with The Spill Canvas on their social media for more!

The Spill Canvas: Website // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

Approaching Troy Drop Single

Alt-rock post-hardcore group Approaching Troy has just released a new lyric video for their newest single. The song is called “Sparta (This Isn't Over),” and it's off of their upcoming EP, Best Intentions, came out on August 19th.

You can watch the new video right here! 

Approaching Troy has a melodic approach to their punk-y, hardcore style, which brings a heartfelt sound to their music. You can expect more of that on Best Intentions. Their first EP, Dear Sadie, was well-received by fans and their energy at live shows garnered them popularity. Approaching Troy has been featured as support for bands such as Hawthorne Heights, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Patent Pending. 

You can check out an exclusive Q&A with Approaching Troy over at MySpace, where they discuss the new single as well as Best Intentions. In addition, Approaching Troy had a release party show for Best Intentions on August 19th in Patchogue, NY at 89 North. 

You can find out more about it over on their Facebook. Below are links for Approaching Troy's social media outlets so you can follow them as they release Best Intentions!

Approaching Troy: Facebook // Twitter // Website

The Wonder Years Announce Fall Tour


The Wonder Years made huge announcements yesterday, and fans every where are buzzing with excitement!

A Fall Tour announcement was released on August 15th, and The Wonder Years announced a massive North American fall tour with Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Moose Blood, and Seaway! The tour will kick off in Columbus, OH on October 15th and hits 29 cities across North America!

VIP packages are on sale now offering fans a chance to sit in on The Wonder Years sound check as the band plays songs pulled from their requests. Purchase the packages here! General tickets will go on sale Wednesday, August 17th at 10AM local time and can be purchased here!

Check out the dates below for full tour information!

Fall Tour w/ Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Moose Blood, and Seaway
10/15 - Park Street Saloon - Columbus, OH     
10/16 - Anthology - Rochester, New York           
10/18 - Sherman Theater - Stroudsburg, PA     
10/19 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ      
10/21 - Rams Head - Baltimore, MD
10/22 - Webster Hall - New York, NY           
10/23 - Webster Hall - New York, NY
10/24 - The Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, ON                       
10/26 - Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH     
10/27 - Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak, MI      
10/28 - Pop's - Sauget, IL           
10/29 - The Granada - Lawrence, Kansas           
11/1 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR           
11/2 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA           
11/4 - Ace of Spades - Sacramento, CA
11/5 - SOMA - San Diego, CA
11/6 - The Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
11/8 -  Brooklyn Bowl - Las Vegas, NV
11/9 - The Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
11/11 - House of Blues - Dallas, TX
11/12 - Alamo City Music Hall - San Antonio, TX
11/13 - House of Blues - Houston, TX           
11/15 - The Cannery Ballroom - Nashville, TN      
11/16 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA           
11/17 - The Ritz Ybor - Tampa, FL           
11/18 - Revolution - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/19 - Maverick's Live - Jacksonville, FL
11/20 - Amos' Southend - Charlotte, NC     
11/22 - House of Blues - Boston, MA           
11/23 - The Fillmore - Philadelphia, PA

For more info, check out the links below!

The Wonder Years: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Approaching Troy Unveil Single


Post-Punk/Post-Harcore Long Islanders, Approaching Troy, are excited to share a new single! 

The song is called “Wake Up” and it is currently streaming on New Noise Magazine. The single is off their upcoming release, an EP titled Best Intentions, out August 19th. 

Jake Salaar, the lead singer from Approaching Troy, had this to say about the new single, ""Wake Up" was so much fun to record - we really tried to push the boundaries on the creation of this song. We wrote parts that borrowed from other genres, threw in effects we never thought of using before, used instruments we never thought to utilize, and really played around with it as much as possible. We tried not to be confined to just one sound, and in return we created something we felt was our best effort to date."

Approaching Troy has an upcoming show on the day of the EP release to promote their new music! This EP will be the first release for them since 2015's Dear Sadie and the band is excited to showcase their musical growth since then. 

Approaching Troy Show:
August 19 – Patchogue, NY @ 89 North 

Check out Approaching Troy on social media to keep up with future news and to connect with them as they release Best Intentions!

Approaching Troy: Facebook // Twitter // Website

Manic Pixi Releases New Summer Single

Alternate indie-punk group Manic Pixi has released an energetic new summer tune as a single for their upcoming LP. The single is called “Newly Ordered World” and it will be featured on their second LP, Iron Heart, set for release on July 22nd 

You can listen to the song right here on Idobi

Front woman Kat Hamilton said that “'Newly Ordered World' exemplifies the playful side of our second LP, Iron Heart. It’s a catchy, irresistible gem that you’d expect from Manic Pixi a la our debut album Sugar Bomb. But the lyrics get darker – more real. The instrumentals more complex. 'Newly Ordered World' is the hard truths in poppy packaging – that’s what we love about it.”

The band is getting ready to release Iron Heart, which is promised to be a more mature entry in the band's discography. While, at the same time, still delivering the sweet punk-pop sensibilities that bring the charm to the music. It's a well-seasoned and talented mix of sounds similar to Paramore, Letters to Cleo, No Doubt, Hole, and Blink-182. If you're a fan of pop-punk, there's going to be something on the album for you!

Make sure to follow these guys on their social media sites to keep up with them as they prepare to release Iron Heart!

MANIC PIXI Links: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter