Animal Youth's "You Don't Know Love" Is Out Now

Still reeling from the lauded release of their debut album, pensive post-punk trio Animal Youth have premiered a video for rousing album closer “You Don’t Know Love.” The video for “You Don’t Know Love” reflects that perfectly calibrated aesthetic, yielding a piece steeped in age, as opposed to “videos looking like mineral water commercials shot with 4K cameras and drones.”

Check it out below!

“‘You Don't Know Love’ sounds to me like a journey through the night after the end of a summer love, something nostalgic and beautiful, something you'll never know again,” vocalist Guy Tourney said of the track. “For me it was more than just a summer, this song is about the end of a 6-year story, and at some point, I could have filled an ocean only with tears.”

The Brussels-based trio, which was sculpted from the remains of noise-punk group Siamese Queens, take cues from the Cocteau Twins’ enigmatic persona, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s white-knuckle grip on noise, and the nimbleness of Echo & The Bunnymen. Their debut album, ‘Animal’ is out now via Weyrd Son Records.

Vault 51 Drops Second Single "Magnolia" & Announce Debut EP

Vault 51, an alt-rock five-piece from Atlanta, Georgia, are making their debut with the announcement of their first EP, Kid, and the release of their second single “Magnolia.” This new track comes off the heels of the band’s first single, “Thirty Six.” Both songs are from Vault 51’s EP, which is slated for release on July 20th. If you’re looking for new music to listen to, keep Vault 51 in mind – “Magnolia” offers a glimpse of their personal style, and also gives fans a sneak peek of what’s to come with the full release of Kid

Check out "Magnolia" below!

About “Magnolia,” the band had this to say: “We chose to release ‘Magnolia’ as a single because we felt it was an appropriate song to reflect the overall theme that our EP gives off. That is, the idea that as we grow older, life seems to pass us by more and more quickly. Life is constantly ticking by, whether you want it to or not. And we spend so much of that time completely wasted. Everyone wants to create something beautiful before they die. To leave their mark on the world. We all start from nothing and strive to grow into something beautiful, much like a magnolia flower.”
With those impassioned words and that inspiring message (a message that I vibe pretty heavily with, TBH), “Magnolia” makes for a successful release. And Kid is sure to be a fantastic debut EP for Vault 51. 
Listen to “Magnolia,” and keep up with Vault 51 on social media for more updates. 

Vault 51: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

"You Fell From Me" Music Video Out Now From Children's Books

Photography: Ben Wainwright

Photography: Ben Wainwright

Philadelphia based band, Children's Books, has been busy creating new, exciting content that we're excited to share with you! 

Out now from the alt-rock, 90's inspired trio is their latest music video and brand new single, "You Fell From Me." The group is comprised of Kyle Bosler (guitar), Jon Wojcik (bass), and Ramon Gadea (drums/vocals). "You Fell From Me" was released on June 2nd officially on all streaming platforms. Children's Books recorded the track at Philly Sound Studios with Tom Conran (Cllctyrslf, Pelican Audio) and Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Algernon Cadwallader, Joyce Manor) as producers for the track.

Check out the video below!

The video is a fun, clear new way for Children's Books to express themselves, and here at The Hook we're all about it! Check out the video above, and then check out Children's Books social media to stay up to date with whatever they're up to next!

Children's Books: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp

Leeroy Staggers Shares "I Want It All"

"The antidote to fear is gratitude. The antidote to anger is gratitude. You can't feel fear or anger while feeling gratitude at the same time." -Tony Robbins

Without a doubt we exist in the era of information. An article by claims that the average person spends a collaborative 4.5 hours a day on their phone. If this is true, nearly a third of our waking hours are spent hypnotized by a 2x5 tumble dryer of political uproar, celebrity updates and internet memes. In a period of time blanketed by fear and consumption, Leeroy Stagger’s new single “I Want It All” beckons for the listener to fight back with gratitude and self expression. He recalls, “The inspiration for “I Want It All” came about after meditating on the idea of being grateful for what I have as opposed to the things I want or feel I need. It also acts as a call to action for artists today to speak truthfully or create truthful art.”

Check it out below!

The single feels like a modern optimistic interpretation of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A’ Changin’ (1964).” The album, Love Versus, from which the track is derived is set to release on April 7th, 2017 via True North Records.

Recorded at his home studio in Alberta and produced by Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Black Mountain, Dan Mangan), Leeroy brings forth a sound that mashes a familiar southern swing with joyful anthemic energy. He says of the new record, “There is a lot of darkness and maybe a bit of cynicism on this album, but there is also more hope and joy on it than anything I’ve done in the past.” The hope and joy he speaks of are astonishingly conspicuous in “I Want It All,” which is now streamable on YouTube. The uplifting lyrical content and comforting vocal tone in the single almost allow you to hear his smile as he sings.

Keep and eye and an ear out for Leeroy Stagger’s Love Versus and check out the social media links below!

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The Unlikely Candidates Announce February EP

The new year is off to an exciting start, and with that The Unlikely Candidate joins the likes of many others with their announcement for their upcoming EP, Bed Of Liars!

The EP is due out February 17th, via Another Century Records, and will serve as the band's label-debut and features six danceable, indie-infused alt-rock tracks. Vocalist Kyle Morris explains, "Bed Of Liars is the first time the band truly defined itself in sound. It also marks the departure from observations on humanity to introspections on being human. The messiness, contradictions, and compromises of love are unraveled between life's tangled sheets of grey, as the band's focus shifts from the head to the heart."

Check out the tracklist below!

unnamed (2).jpg

Bed Of Liars Tracklist:
1. Best Things in Life Aren't Free
2. Ringer
3. Your Love Could Start A War
4. Violence
5. Call My Name
6. Reaction





The Unlikely Candidates released their single "Ringer" as an instant download for those who pre-order Bed Of Liars on iTunes & Amazon! Definitely worth the pre-order, in my opinion! The track is an intense, but exciting song that is sure to tease fans for this February release!

For more on The Unlikely Candidate, peep their social media links below!

The Unlikely Candidate: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Civil Youth Announce Third Full Length

Philadelphia's own rising indie/rock band, Civil Youth, just announced their upcoming third full length, Conversations set for release on May 19th, 2017!

The band shared the announcement with dreamlike video teaser as well as the announcement of an official album release show at Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA, on May 20th, 2017.

Conversations is a genre-bending album self-produced by the band in their home studio, filled with rock, rap, and electronic elements similar to groups like Twenty One Pilots.

Lead singer Michael Kepko had this to say on the announcement, "Lying in the back of our van one tour, the windows start to fog. Everyone is asleep besides me [Mike]. I sit up to realize there has been a word written in the fog against the windows. I squint, but everything is a blur. The next thing I realize there's demons surrounding the van. Face to face we stare at each other. "What do you want?" Before an answer comes, the faces start to morph and I'm staring at myself. I scream to leave, but I only hear laughter. The word written in the fog is "Conversations." The demons vanish and I'm sitting up, heavily breathing. I try to go back to sleep, but I'm lying awake as the sound of footsteps circle my ears. That night we begin writing a new record. An era that describes conversations we've had with our past & future selves. People we wish we were, or people we want to be. This highly-anticipated, 3rd full length album is an intense and driven fusion of rock, rap, & electronic music encompassed into one unique album. Recorded with the energy of the house we grew up in, the spirit of our past selves lives within the music. We proudly present, Conversations." 

Check out the teaser video below!

For more on Civil Youth, you can always check out their social media links below!

Civil Youth: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify

A Boy Named John Shares "Gentleman"

CW: Sexual Assault

On September 25th, A Boy Named John did their part in shining a light on the constant brewing storm that is sexual assault. The band recently released their music video for the track "Gentleman," a track off of their album So We Live | So We Die.

According to the band's youtube, "We wrote this song with the intention to help provide solace for victims of sexual violence. These horrible incidents will keep happening until our society learns to respect and love one another. Enough is enough. Be the change you want to see in our world."

The music video was put together by Eric DiCarlo, while the music was produced/engineered by Kevin Kumetz, and Mastered by Mike White. You can check out the video above, a powerful music video for a powerful track. 

In the mean time, check out A Boy Named John's social media for more of an inside scoop.

A Boy Named John: Facebook // Website

Four Star Riot Share New Track


Tampa alt-rock pop group Four Star Riot has released a new single off of their latest album, Waves. The new single is called “Empty Space.” You can listen to it right now for free on SoundCloud!

“Empty Space” is a tight, catchy rock song about a personal journey as one is growing up into adulthood, maneuvering around the changes in your way of life. It's full of energy and passion and you'll be singing it all week long!

Waves is set to release on September 2nd via Vital Records. 2016 has been a great year for Four Star Riot after their song “Something So Right” was featured in the soundtrack to the box-office smash hit Deadpool as well as several television appearances on ESPN and MTV. 

Give them a look and follow them as they lead up to the release of the LP!

Four Star Riot: Website // Facebook // YouTube