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The Clydes Get In The Halloween Spirit With New Single

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"The Vampire of Hanover" is The Clydes Halloween contribution, and the third and final single off of their upcoming full-length, So The Story Goes, due out on October 20th via Mint Records.

Check it out below!

The song premiered on New Noise Magazine where the band shared, "Brian, our guitarist, likes to read about crime, and he came across an article in the New York Daily News about this guy, Fritz Haarmann. He was a German serial killer known as the Vampire of Hanover. He handed Brent, our lead singer, a tape of a song he was working on and showed him the article and said, 'Write about this.' Brent wrote the lyrics from the killer’s point of view. That became 'The Vampire Of Hanover,' the song. Brian feels it’s one of his best pieces of music he’s written. The rest of the album is more uplifting – songs about standing up for yourself and trying to find the best version of yourself. It’s our fifth recording overall and our second on Mint 400 Records. But we feel it’s by far our most complete work."

To keep up with the upcoming release as well as the other cool stuff The Clydes are up to, check out their social media below!

The Clydes: Facebook

GRIMM. Debuts New Music Video 'Summerset Station'


A blend of hip-hop & alternative rock, GRIMM. brings out the best of both genres in their brand new single "Summerset Station," off of upcoming EP, spectrum. The new track also has an exclusive music video you can watch below!

The track is an upbeat, 21 Pilots-esque anthem that you definitely want to check out. If you're familiar with the genre blending techniques of Linkin Park, 21 Pilots, or even locally grown band Civil Youth, then you're definitely going to dig this. The video isn't what it seems, but maybe you should watch it for yourself to figure it out.

According to GRIMM., "After years of writing, managing and playing for bands, Adam found his own voice that would be the inspiration behind a new perspective in mainstream music. Being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, Adam had always been treated differently. Dealing with a mandatory separation from class into a resource room where Adam spent his time writing music and helping his classmates that functioned at a lower level. He used his musical ability to become more social and gain the confidence to become the performer he knows he will be. GRIMM. wants to be an inspiration to kids with Autism who feel their disability is stopping them from achieving their goals in life."

Good, new & exciting music for a good cause is definitely the type of stuff we like to get behind. GRIMM is going to push the limits on genre bending, and we look forward to what's to come in the near future!

Stay tuned later this month when GRIMM anticipates to release spectrum, and check out their social media to keep up with all updates!

GRIMM: Facebook // Instagram

Raising Cadence Make New Announcements

Raising Cadence by Red Oak Collective.jpg

Alternative pop-rock outfit, Raising Cadence, are thrilled to announce the details for their newest EP, Take Me Higher, which has been set for release on October 27th!

arlier this year, the band gave fans a taste of what's to come when they released the EP's title track, "Take Me Higher," an uplifting, danceable groove that brings out the best in you. Take Me Higher was produced by Randall Karriker (Stages and Stereos, The Dangerous Summer) at Red Oak Collective.

Check it out below!

The band states, "Our debut EP 'Northbound' was written when we first became a band as we were developing our sound. This upcoming EP 'Take Me Higher' has been three years in the making.  We have been writing non stop and hand picked our favorite songs together to make an eclectic mix of all our styles into one dynamic release."

Keep up with Raising Cadence as they prepare for their upcoming release, and check out their social media below!

Raising Cadence: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Album Announcement Out Now From A Story Told

Comprised of vocalist Alex Chaney, guitarists Josh Allen and Jason Lieser, bassist Zach Holley, and drummer Casey Hardman, A Story Told are an emotionally forward and irresistibly catchy five-piece outfit that are pioneering their way through the West Virginia scene!

The band recently released a brand new music video for their track, "Good As Gold," and their follow up full-length, Good Looks also came as a brand new announcement, due out October 13th.  The 10-track album was produced/mixed by Jason Lieser with additional production by Kyle Grass and mastered by Brad Blackwood.

Check out "Good As Gold" below!

The band had this to day about the upcoming record: "Good Looks" is a record that we are tremendously proud of and we can't wait to share it with the world.  The album contains a message that weighs heavy on our hearts and we are thrilled to present a collective expression of a subject that is so relevant to our generation.  We have seen firsthand over the past two years how much of an impact music can make, and we are excited to continue to evolve and spread our message with this release."

In addition, the band will hit the road this October to celebrate theGood Looks release with 7 Minutes in Heaven, see dates below!

For more on A Story Told, check out their social media down below!

A Story Told: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show Release 'Approximate Girl'

the final single from their forthcoming concept EP, Catherine, "Approximate Girl" is NYC-based concept group Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show most recent share!

Check it out below!

"For all of the usual weird songs we have about circus freaks and nukes, 'Approximate Girl' is a relatively straightforward breakup song," shared Deschain in a piece with Impose Magazine. "It’s about the constant pursuit of some imagined perfect future, and the people we leave behind in that chase. Then when you realize that maybe you had it best when you were together, how do you pick up what’s left and move forward?"

The group is gearing up to release their second EP in a planned trilogy, Catherine, on July 14th, which is today! The EP will also be accompanied by an illustrated book. For more on Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show, check out their social media below!

Dalton Deshain & The Traveling Show: Website

Jesea Lee Releases Dreamy New Acoustic Single "Great Lakes"

Photographer: Andrew Wells

Photographer: Andrew Wells

Cleveland-based indie pop songwriter Jesea Lee has released the third single from is upcoming debut EP, Sleepspent. "Great Lakes" is an acoustic track about Lee's fiancé and tells a dreamy story of one's willingness to endure anything to keep the person they love safe.

Check out the stream below!

"While recording my new EP I had three tracks done and it felt incomplete, like I needed to have a fourth song and I knew I wanted it to be an intimate acoustic track," says Lee. "When I sat down to write this song I had just gotten engaged, so the words poured out of me pretty quickly. After I recorded the guitar and vocals, it felt a little too simple, so my buddy Lance and I spent hours creating all these weird ambient sounds with feedback and different amps. I think it really adds to the mood and atmosphere of the song."

Pre-order Sleepspent now on iTunes or Bandcamp and get an instant download of the EP's first single "TV Glow." Definitely check out the new track, and then check out Lee's social media to keep up with his upcoming release!

Jesea Lee: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp

The Bandicoots Share "Dead End Street"


In anticipation of their July 23rd release, Zolly, The Bandicoots have shared with listeners a brand new EP, "Dead End Street." Impose Magazine premiered the track, and the band says they may have had a music video for it, but decided to hold off!

Check out "Dead End Street" streaming below!

According to the band, this was their process on the new single, "When I’m writing songs, I usually find myself hiding behind the words as often as possible. I’ll pile on as many metaphors I can so that when I eventually get up to sing them in front of people, the ones I’m singing about might not realize its about them. With this tune though, I basically said fuck it and tried to be as clear as I could. Doing that kind of helped me smooth out the edges of the thing I was dealing with, since I was forcing myself to stare straight at it."

For more on The Bandicoots and their psychadelic sound, check out their social media below!

The Bandicoots: Website // Facebook

"You Fell From Me" Music Video Out Now From Children's Books

Photography: Ben Wainwright

Photography: Ben Wainwright

Philadelphia based band, Children's Books, has been busy creating new, exciting content that we're excited to share with you! 

Out now from the alt-rock, 90's inspired trio is their latest music video and brand new single, "You Fell From Me." The group is comprised of Kyle Bosler (guitar), Jon Wojcik (bass), and Ramon Gadea (drums/vocals). "You Fell From Me" was released on June 2nd officially on all streaming platforms. Children's Books recorded the track at Philly Sound Studios with Tom Conran (Cllctyrslf, Pelican Audio) and Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Algernon Cadwallader, Joyce Manor) as producers for the track.

Check out the video below!

The video is a fun, clear new way for Children's Books to express themselves, and here at The Hook we're all about it! Check out the video above, and then check out Children's Books social media to stay up to date with whatever they're up to next!

Children's Books: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp

Exclusive Video Premiere: Jack Romanov's "Par for the Course"

Photography: David Kinchen

Photography: David Kinchen

The Hook is happy to announce our recent collaboration with Boston's own Jack Romanov to help premiere their latest music video for their track "Par for the Course."

Thanks to Open Casket Productions, everything in the series was shot by the crew, with the help of Jack Romanov. Additional work was done thanks to their friend Harry, who produced the video! Check out this exclusive premiere of "Par For The Course" down below, right here on The Hook!

The 17-minute long video details (in spectacular quality, might we add) highlights a daily look into a life maybe similar or far away from your own. And of course, Jack Romanov's impressive musicianship and quality laid over the video make for a more cinematic, emotional take. 

We really enjoyed the video over here at The Hook, and we're hoping you'll take the time to watch this little story unfold. Definitely don't want to miss this!

For more on Jack Romanov, check out their social media below!

Jack Romanov: Bandcamp // Twitter // Facebook

New Single “Anymore” From Blonde Roses, Debut EP Announced

From good ole’ New Orleans, southern blues/alt-rock group Blonde Roses bursts onto the music scene with their new single, “Anymore.” The single comes off their forthcoming EP, Hell or High Water, slated for release this spring.

Blonde Roses is described as “the perfect balance between sassy and feminine,” and the band is comprised of members Molly, Harry, Anthony, and Albert, four friends with a dream of making memorable music.

Their single, “Anymore,” is about taking back your life after you’ve been put through the ringer by a person you thought was a friend. We’ve all been there at some point – you get close to a person, you bond with them, only to have them do something later that you never thought would happen, and it shatters your world. It sucks when people we thought we were close to show us their true colors, and “Anymore” is about overcoming that hardship, about not letting what happened in your past control your future. “Anymore” is an anthem meant to inspire people to break free from their past; at it’s core, it’s a revenge song, and the revenge comes in the form of fighting your own demons and winning. After someone has knocked you down, you get back up again stronger. 

Check out the video below!

Blonde Roses claims influences from the 60’s and 70’s, and their goal as a band is to deliver powerful songs with truthful lyrics that are about overcoming obstacles and gaining strength from life’s ups and downs. The band’s lead singer Molly said, “Even when things seem really tough, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you going. There’s something bigger and better waiting for you if you look hard enough. Life isn’t always going to be easy, but it’s a blessing.”

Blonde Roses certainly follows through on their promise to release honest, real songs with “Anymore.” Listen to it above, and check out their social media for more info!

Blonde Roses: Website // Facebook

Evening Darling Shares Their Ode To 'Classic Cars'

Evening Darling, a quartet of New Yorkers formerly known as The Hunting Party, got their name from a graffiti tag spotted on the side of a warehouse in Queens. The band will be releasing their self-titled debut LP on April 14th of this year! In anticipation of this release, they have just put out their third single, “Classic Cars.”

Check it out below!

Lead singer Erica Lane says of the single, "Classic Cars is about nostalgia and the way we tend to rose-color the memories of people who actually weren't very good for us."

Nostalgia is also a perfect word to describe the feeling the listener will experience upon hearing the new track. Guitars saturated in spring reverb, an early 70’s drum tone, and a vocal technique reminiscent of Abba or Karen Carpenter come together as a creative modern blend of many classic rock elements.

Enjoy “Classic Cars” and check out “Evening Darling” when it drops on April 14th! In the meantime, catch the group live on one of their many upcoming tour dates!

Evening Darling Tour Dates:
3/25 - Keegan Ales - Kingston, NY
4/12 - TBA - Providence, RI
4/13 - TBA - Boston, MA
4/14 - Bowery Electric - New York, NY
4/15 - The Barbary - Philadelphia, PA
4/22 (daytime) - Hifi Records - Astoria, NY
4/22 (night) - The Quay - Astoria, NY
5/12 - Union Hall - Brooklyn, NY
6/17 - Krogh's - Sparta, NJ
6/21 - TBA

For more on Evening Darlings, and their upcoming announcements, check out their social media below for more access!

Evening Darlings: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp 

CoolDad Music Celebrates 5 Years

Being a writer myself, it is always an accomplishment when a peer has something to celebrate - and this year, fellow music blog, CoolDad Music are celebrating their 5th year! And what a celebration to be had.

The award winning music site will be spending this special occasion (how else, honestly) by throwing a fantastic show - looking back and applauding 5 years of countless reviews, local show bookings and all around support of local music credited to Jim Appio!

Jim Appio had this to say on the exciting, upcoming event: 

"I've never worked harder on anything than I have on CoolDad Music; and not one, single moment of it in five years has ever felt like work. I've become that cliché about following your passion. In that way, I feel like I can identify with many of the bands I cover.

"dolllys, Smalltalk, The Rock N Roll Hi-Fives, and Shellshag are all close friends of the site and continue to inspire me. dollys are students of classic pop music and, simply, one of my favorite bands. Smalltalk take me back to those days of tooling around the Jersey Shore and listening to WHTG. The Rock N Roll Hi-Fives are a shining example of how the family who rocks together, stays together. And Shellshag exemplifies staying true to your passion and doing things on your own terms.

"I'm honored that the Asbury Lanes Family have agreed to co-present the show. There would be no CoolDad Music without Asbury Lanes, and I hope we can achieve a little bit of the vibe of that place at the anniversary show."

The big party will be happening Saturday, March 25th at The Overlook at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ featuring performances by ShellshagdollysSmalltalk and The Rock N Roll Hi Fives!

You can check out the Facebook event right here, and be sure to get to the celebration! Check out CoolDad's links below for more info!

CoolDad Music: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Exclusive Premiere: Sentient Moss Shares '1999 in Colombia' Anticipating New Album

Photography: Dave McArthur / Moberium Media

Photography: Dave McArthur / Moberium Media

Anticipating a new album is an exciting and tricky endeavor. The guys at Sentient Moss have been preparing for their March 24th release of their upcoming album, Somebody, Somehow, by sharing a track or two with listeners - and this week, The Hook was lucky enough to pair up with the foursome to exclusively premiere their newest track, "1999 in Colombia."

Check out the stream below!

If you're a fan of American Football, or Moving Mountains, Sentient Moss might be right up your alley. The single, "1999 in Colombia" features members Connor McArthur (Vocals & Guitar), Matt Balkovic (Vocals & Guitar), Nigel Whitley (Bass), and Joe Fadem (Drums). Somebody, Somehow was produced / Mixed by Kevin Grossman at The Hangar (Wall, NJ), and mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media (Asbury Park, NJ).

The band first released "Clarity" last week with 36vultures, and "1999 in Colombia" at first starts out like something I've heard before. Traditional alternative rock with the heavy, gruffness of the vocal outlining a stand out guitar riff. The song, though, surprised me as I listened further - that guitar riff breaking itself down into a more methodic, math like arrangement making the track feel unique and more emotionally heavy hitting.

To celebrate the upcoming album release, Sentient Moss will be joining Halogen's (our faves) Homecoming Release Show on March 25th, presented by Electric Oak! Toy Cars and Grin & Bear are joining the show as well, check out the poster below!

So far, with this being their second release off of the album, Somebody, Somehow, is lining up to be a killer collection that you definitely want to stay tuned for on March 24th! For more on Sentient Moss and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Sentient Moss: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Calcedon Shares New Single

Brielle Goheen, under the name Calcedon, has premiered her new single entitled “Sparrow.” The song is a sample of her upcoming album Echo In. Debuted in video form on Silent Shout!, the single sonically, lyrically and visually depicts a fully unified artistic vision surrounding her moniker, (Calcedon) which by definition means "a faulted vein which runs through a gemstone.” Goheen sings “when a thing is built too fast it’s weak” as she is shown repairing broken ceramic pottery.

Check it out below!

The metaphor is completed as the process is seemingly overlooked by an alternative representation of herself in the form of a statue whose own cracks and imperfections are visible, yet do not seem to erode the overall beauty of the sculpture.

The sound of “Sparrow” is particular to Calcedon, but to someone who has not heard it, a fair comparison would be a fusion of Sia’s pop digestibility and Katie Melua’s artisanal avant-garde feel in songs like “The Flood.” The vocal sound is clean and poppy with a tastefully sputtered delivery, almost as if to further push the imagery of the beautiful yet broken quality of the subject in question. Musically, there is a significant electronic element to the song, yet it maintains an aura that somehow still feels more performed than programmed.

Watch the video above, and keep watch for the album Echo In as it will be available soon on March 25th, 2017! For other info, check out their social media below!

Calcedon: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Exclusive Premiere: Secret Nudist Friends Share 'Met You At That Show' With The Hook

Photography:  Jeanette D. Moses

Photography: Jeanette D. Moses

Straight out of the Philadelphia scene, Secret Nudist Friends have been making waves with their good vibes and good music. The garage/post-punk/surf trio is excited to premiere their newest track, "Met You At That Show," here at The Hook!

Based in Philadelphia, with strong roots in the Brooklyn and Philly scenes, Secret Nudist Friends was originally, the Brooklyn based bedroom project of Edward Krosney of The Fancy Balloons. Krosney teamed up with former bandmate Matthew Klauser to bring the project to the live stage, and thus the band went on to feature several lineups until they met Brian Hullihen, who brought new life and collaboration to the project. Recently, Krosney has passed the project over to the loving hands of Klauser and Hullihen who make up the new trio with bass player Andy Slepman.

SNF states that they "draws its sound from the psych rock roots of the 60s, such bands as the Zombies, Beach Boys, and Beatles, as much as current garage and psych groups such as Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Thee Oh Sees." The band has released several singles, an EP, and are working to release a full length in 2017. (Woohoo, that's this year)

Check out this exclusive premiere below!

The smooth track is an exciting establishment in a series of upcoming events for SNF, including a release show on March 6th at the Tralfamadore, which kicks off a month long SXSW tour! "Met You At That Show" vibes so hard as spring approaches, and relives that fateful experience of meeting someone at a show (do you know that experience, we do).

The track was written and performed by Secret Nudist Friends, with Matty Klauser -(vocals), guitar, Brian Hullihen (drums), and Andy Slepman (Bass). And in the usual DIY fashion, the single was recorded January-February 2017 at Tralfamadore in South Philly!

If you're stoked on Secret Nudist Friends (like we are), then you should check out their upcoming tour dates, and then check out their social media to keep up on all things SNF!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // Bandcamp

Four Star Riot Shares New Single

Tampa Bay rockers, Four Star Riot, have been working hard to create a space for them in the music scene, and with the absolutely fantastic momentum they gained in 2016, Four Star Riot hope to continue that uphill climb in 2017 - and in doing so have recently released a brand new single!

The single, "Beautiful Soul," was released on February 15th, and is accompanied by a beautiful, little music video! You can check out and listen to "Beautiful Soul" down below to hear it for yourself!

The video was filmed during the band's opening set for seminal power pop band The Smithereens last month at Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo, FL. Additional footage is from the recording session at Zen Studios in Pinellas Park, FL the month prior.  Four Star Riot is working on new material at the moment, and like we said before this first release of 2017 is a powerful rocker that speaks to the beauty inside us all!

For to keep up to date on Four Star Riot, check out their social media below!

Four Star Riot: Website // Facebook // Instagram

New Music Video From New Found Glory


Florida's own, New Found Glory, has released the music video for "Happy Being Miserable."This is the first single from their upcoming album, Makes Me Sick, due out April 28th via Hopeless Records!

Check out the video for "Happy Being Miserable" below!

Directed by Max Moore in Nashville, TN, the creative concept for the video came from the band, who wanted to do their own version of the iconic puking scene from the movie "Stand By Me."

On the video, guitarist Chad Gilbert shares, "NFG has always done a lot of pop culture movie references throughout our career, from cover songs to t-shirt spoofs. So with our album being called 'Makes Me Sick,' it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take that iconic scene and give it our own spin. Or maybe we just wanted to show that all bad situations can have a redemptive outcome if you let it. Are you just gonna let life puke all over you? Or are you gonna look beyond yourself, pull people together, and celebrate being alive."

Upcoming tour dates for NFG are below!
New Found Glory Tour Dates:
March 22       Baltimore, MD            Soundstage - SOLD OUT
March 23       Philadelphia, PA         Union Transfer - SOLD OUT
March 24       Philadelphia, PA         Union Transfer - SOLD OUT
March 25       Asbury Park, NJ         Stone Pony - SOLD OUT
March 26       Asbury Park, NJ         Stone Pony - SOLD OUT
March 28       Sayreville, NJ             Starland Ballroom
March 29       Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club - SOLD OUT
March 30       Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club - SOLD OUT
March 31       Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club - SOLD OUT
April 1            New York, NY            Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT
April 2            New York, NY            Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT
April 4            Cleveland, OH           Beachland Ballroom & Tavern - SOLD OUT
April 5            Cleveland, OH           Beachland Ballroom & Tavern - SOLD OUT
April 7            Cincinnati, OH           Bogart's - SOLD OUT
April 8            Detroit, MI                  Magic Stick - SOLD OUT
April 9            Detroit, MI                  Magic Stick - SOLD OUT
April 11          Chicago, IL                 Bottom Lounge - SOLD OUT
April 12          Chicago, IL                 Bottom Lounge - SOLD OUT
April 13          Chicago, IL                 Bottom Lounge - SOLD OUT
April 14          St. Louis, MO             Delmar Hall - SOLD OUT
April 15          Lawrence, KS            Granada Theatre
April 17          Denver, CO                Marquis Theater - SOLD OUT
April 18          Denver, CO                Marquis Theater - SOLD OUT
April 19          Denver, CO                Marquis Theater - SOLD OUT
April 21          Santa Ana, CA           The Observatory - SOLD OUT
April 22          Santa Ana, CA           The Observatory
April 23          Las Vegas, NV           House of Blues
April 25          San Francisco, CA     Slim's - SOLD OUT
April 26          San Francisco, CA     Slim's - SOLD OUT
April 27          San Francisco, CA     Slim's - SOLD OUT
April 28          West Hollywood, CA  Troubador - SOLD OUT
April 29          West Hollywood, CA  Troubador - SOLD OUT
April 30          West Hollywood, CA  Troubador - SOLD OUT
May 2            Phoenix, AZ                Nile Theater
May 5            Dallas, TX                   The Door - SOLD OUT
May 6            Austin, TX                   The Mohawk
May 8            Orlando, FL                 The Social - SOLD OUT
May 9            Orlando, FL                 The Social - SOLD OUT
May 10          Orlando, FL                 The Social - SOLD OUT
May 12          Ft. Lauderdale, FL      Revolution Live
May 14          Orlando, FL                 House of Blues
May 15          Atlanta, GA                  Masquerade
May 17          Carrboro, NC               Cat's Cradle
May 18          Nashville, TN               Exit/In

Check out the video above, and for more on New Found Glory, check out their social media below!

New Found Glory: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

'We're Still Here' From Above the Moon To Aid Planned Parenthood

One of The Hook's long time favorites, Above The Moon, recently released a brand new single, "We're Still Here."

The track was released on January 20th, the inaugural day of 45th President, Donald Trump. As the country rightfully begins to protest against the seemingly hostile new president, Above The Moon has spent their time wisely - introducing a new track for listeners, and the best part is that all of the proceeds from the single will be donated to Planned Parenthood!

Check out a stream of it below!

The anthemic track highlights some of the misconceptions that have risen from the election, and is a validating quietude of reminding "him that you're here, we don't have much to fear anymore." 

This one is for a good cause, so definitely check out Above The Moon and donate for a good reason!

Above The Moon: Website // Bandcamp

Civil Youth Ring In Holiday Season With "Let It Snow" Cover

Rising Philadelphia indie/alt-rockers, Civil Youth, are celebrating the holiday season the only way they know how: by releasing an epic cover for "Let It Snow," to help us all get in the spirit!

Recently, Civil Youth announced the official release date for their third full-length studio album, Conversations, which is to be released on May 19th. Civil Youth is taking a break from promoting Conversations to share with their fans an exclusive holiday song, which you can check out below!

This is what Civil Youth's Michael Kepko had to say about the song, "With all the Christmas covers coming out during the holidays, we wanted to give you something a little bit different. We were heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra on this one, so we took his "Let It Snow" and made it darker. We tried to make it as Civil Youth as possible with spacey guitars and a melody that's more minor and more mysterious. We even got dressed up for this... We hope your holidays are amazing and you enjoy our version of "Let It Snow"! Share with your family and friends to spread the holiday cheer!"

Definitely check it out, let your dog listen to it, your Mom, your Grandpa! And for more on Civil Youth, and what they're up to, check out their social media below! Our hometown heroes, so definitely peep the links!

Civil Youth: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify

Dry Jacket Drops Brand New Single


You cant help but feel like you’re waking up in your contemporary Brooklyn apartment just before you have to work a 16 hour shift to make rent. They’ve incorporated horns that replace a rhythm guitar part nice and snug. 

Dry Jacket recently shared their newest track off of their upcoming EP! "Two Toasters" comes off of the highly anticipated full-length, For Posterity. It’s a fun song on the better end of the usual hipster hard-indie spectrum. The track sounds very well mastered for a local NJ band, and has a bridge that makes you contemplate that one errand you've been putting off.

Check out the video below to see if it works for you!

This is only a lyric video but perhaps the future video will begin with someone stepping off a porch onto a busy sidewalk before they get themselves into a bunch of yuppie shenanigans. Unfortunately, this isn’t as good as it should be.

The reason being that the vocals stay in an underwhelming middle range and sound like their too heavily supported by the wet guitar fills. They’re dancing on the line of being just another forgettable indie band, so a change of vocals/singers might do them good.

Still, be sure to check them out, their EP drops on Jan 13th and hopefully we’ll see them take advantage of that promising sound.  

Dry Jacket: Twitter // Facebook // Bandcamp