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Fit For A King's 'Oblivion' Reaches 1 Million Streams

Since their recently released album, Dark Skies, dropped, Fit For A King has been reaping the rewards. In under 1 week, the album has already surpassed 1 Million streams on Spotify, setting the band up for what could be the best first week in their 10-year history. To celebrate this achievement, featured track, “Oblivion,” now has an impressive music video to illustrate what we’ve all been feeling.

The emotional, heavy hitter of a track is musically and instrumentally unnerving. "Oblivion, on its own, is a very personal songs to me, but with this video, it's brought to a different level. The video shows how powerful forgiveness can be, and even when we don't think others deserve it, God does. This video definitely isn't for the faint of heart. But we believe it can show the power of forgiveness through the pain,” says the band of the music video, which you can check out below!

Dark Skies was produced and mixed by the legendary Drew Fulk (I Prevail, Motionless In White, Memphis May Fire.) Dark Skies is the band's evocative declaration of a hard won victory. "This album is far from happy. It's about personal struggles," explains singer Ryan Kirby.

Fit For A King will be hitting the road again next week when they join genre legends The Devil Wears Prada on their 10 Year Anniversary Tour of With Roots Above And Branches Below. Tour dates below!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

September 26 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater

September 27 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon

September 28 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theater

September 30 - Edmonton, AB - Union Hall

October 1 - Calgary, AB - The Gateway

October 3 - Winnipeg, MB - The Garrick Centre

October 4 - Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theatre

October 5 - Iowa City, IA - Blue Moose Taphouse

October 6 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave II

October 7 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrew's Hall

October 9 - Indianapolis, IN - Old National Theatre

October 10 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's

October 11 - Nashville, TN - Exit/In

October 12 - Springfield, MO - The Riff

Fit For A King: Website

Hound The Wolves Anticipate Album With New Music Video


Camera Obscura is Hound The Wolves upcoming anticipated album, not due out until Valentines Day, the band has been sure to hype up listeners with a teaser - and you don't want to miss this!

Straight out of Portland, Oregon, Hound The Wolves have released a brand new track & accompanying music video! "If Lost In Mind" is a brooding, heavy rock outpouring of song. The music video is there to disorient you into the headspace Hound The Wolves want you in - so let's get lost in it together below!

The music video was entirely a DIY effort, with the premise, shooting and post-production from
their own skill, which is incredibly impressive! The video itself is going to leave you wanting more, and more is what will be coming within the next month from Hound The Wolves. Camera Obscura is on our to-do list so be sure to check back in February for our review!

If you're interested in learning more about our new found West Coast friends, check out their social media below to never miss an update!

Hound The Wolves: Facebook // Bandcamp

Dominy Celebrate Album Release With New Music Video


Philadelphia's own Dominy are a feel good, indie-rock/folk mashup that have a lot of good vibes to share - so, ya' know, we're taking advantage of it. Fresh off the high of their most recent album release, Wet Leather, Dominy continue to live up to their own hype with their most recent music video for track "Leather Jacket Song."

The band spent the summer of 2017 at Gradwell House Studios in Hadden Heights recording Wet Leather, and you're not going to want to miss it. The retro aesthetic, the feel good attitude, and the respectable, smooth music of Dominy make the music video for "Leather Jacket Song" one you should sit down and watch.

We even made it easy for you, streaming below!

If you're into this, then you should definitely check out the album streaming on Spotify! Dominy has a few shows coming up in February to look forward too, and otherwise they've entered 2018 with a positive start, and that's more than some of us!

To keep up with this Philly foursome, check out their social media down below to never miss an update!

Dominy: Website // Facebook

Playing To Vapors' Live Music Video Celebrates Debut Album Release

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Five-piece indie-pop band Playing To Vapors is celebrating the release of their debut album, Shred The Master Design, with an awesome live music video for the album’s title song. Along with that, the full stream of Shred The Master Design is now available here, accessible to all fans.

Check out the video below!

Playing To Vapors hails from Columbus, Ohio, and their sound is described as “sonic ambience.” With a description like that, they’ve gotta be worth a listen.

Before Shred The Master Design, Playing To Vapors released two other EP’s and a series of singles, and they’re excited to unleash their first official full-length album on the world. The band’s vocalist Lucas Harris had a few words to say about the album: “We sought to throw out many of the practices we’d used in the past to make a record (hence the title). It was the first album we’d recorded to tape, many of the decisions were made in the moment, and songs were literally crafted as we were tracking them.”

Shred The Master Design captures the raw aesthetic and powerful musicality of Playing To Vapors’s live shows and performances. They took inspiration from live shows they’d done in the past and brought that energy to the recording studio, and it can be seen in the live music video for “Shred The Master Design.”

Check it out, and stream the full album now!

Playing To Vapors: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Midwayer Streaming 'Never Together' EP In Full

 Georgia melodic metalcore outfit Midwayer is back with their sophomore release on the label. The concept EP, entitled Never Together, is now streaming in full. It features six new tracks and a special bonus track for the longtime fans of the band. 

Check it out below!

Guitarist Gary Pounds had this to say, "Thematically, This is a very different recording than 'Thresholds'. Where 'Thresholds' was more ethereal, political and observational, 'Never Together' has a much more grounded subject basis. It's effectively a story of a man who has shut himself off from the world for so long, but is beginning to see the good in mankind. Removing himself from his cave to find the good in the world.

Anger, Fear, Disgust and coping with Death. But also intertwined with positivity, self-inspiration, and closure. These are the themes and the lyrical content comes from a very personal place and those experiences that inspired them. Musically, we wanted the sound to be reflective of these themes as well, While bringing back that early 2000's metal core style, mixed with more modern elements."

For more on Midwayer and their brand new album, check out their social media below!

Midwayer: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

New Album Out Now From New Found Glory

New Found Glory, pop-punk legends, have now released their 9th official album, Makes Me Sick. Nine albums is pretty impressive, and this one is plenty up to par with the first eight. New Found Glory’s sound still packs a punch, and Makes Me Sick proves that the band is still capable of delivering amazing music even after 20 years. The new album takes risks, introducing new sound and style from New Found Glory.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert says, “We put more of ourselves into Makes Me Sick than any other of our albums. Lyrically and musically. Going where no NFG record has gone before.” If that isn’t enough to get you to buy it, preview a few of the tracks on iTunes or Spotify and see for yourself just how this album differs from the previous New Found Glory records.

The band has partnered with Urban Outfitters, everybody’s favorite overpriced hipster heaven, to release a limited edition vinyl of Makes Me Sick. Not only that, but New Found Glory is currently on a massive anniversary tour for 20 Years of Pop Punk, with venues already sold out everywhere. Only a few select dates still have tickets available, so get them now, and you can also get some exclusive bundles through Ticketmaster that include a download of the new album!

Check out some of the remaining tour dates below to see if you can manage to snag a ticket before they sell out in your area.

New Found Glory: Website // Facebook // Instagram

David And The Curse Announce Debut LP

Often compared to Ryan Adams for his self-sustaining artistry, David Stücken, the brain behind David and the Curse, has announced the release of his debut album, An Epitaph For Love. With the LP release due out early next year, David has been building anticipation with "She Loves The Night" - a raw, after-midnight tune about an edgy woman.

You can peep the single below!

From what I can gather off "She Loves the Night", David is a true rock & roll songwriter with eclectic taste. Evidence of this can be heard as he effortlessly traverses through the years of its various styles and incorporates some of the best elements of the genre while still coercing his own flavor into the mix.

David's whiskey-riddled vocal delivery brings to mind singers like Scott Weiland (RIP) or like, Jon Bon Jovi. He just gives off that classic rocker persona backed by soaring guitars and cutting drums that anyone who's into real rock & roll would enjoy.

Since David and the Curse's An Epitaph For Love release date is still TBD, you'll have to keep up with him on his social media!

David And The Curse: Website // Twitter // Instagram

SUM 41'S New Album Makes Billboard Charts

"I don't wanna waste my time...become another casualty of society..." Ah. The lyrics you used to shout a lifetime ago; the years before you began working 15 hours a week at your unpaid internship. "I will never fall in line...become another victim of your conformity..." Your iconoclastic edge lost on you while you wait in line attempting to cop brand new Yeezys.

Everything changes.

All nostalgia aside, your fav Canadian punk rockers, Sum 41, are back with their sixth studio album, 13 Voices, which dropped earlier this month. The release is a bit more special in that lead singer, Derryck Whibley, nearly died before its inception - the album is about his recovery from an alcohol-induced coma that came close to killing him.

But on a lighter note, not only is this album the group's first with former guitarist Dave Baksh back in the cut (the guy who did that guitar solo in the pool for the iconic "In Too Deep" music video), but it also peaked at #9 on Billboard's Top Album Chart during release week. With all these fun facts in mind, check out Sum's video for their single "War" below:

13 Voices is being distributed through Hopeless Records and can be purchased here. Otherwise, you can (hopefully) catch Sum 41 on their "Don't Call It a Sum-Back" tour below:

Oct 18 - The Phoenix - Toronto, ON - SOLD OUT

Oct 19 - St. Andrews - Detroit, MI - GA SOLD OUT

Oct 21 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL - GA SOLD OUT

Oct 22 - Mill City Nights - Minneapolis, MN

Oct 25 - Union Hall - Edmonton - GA SOLD OUT

Oct 26 - MacEwan Hall - Calgary, AB - SOLD OUT

Oct 28 - Commodore - Vancouver, BC - GA SOLD OUT

Oct 29 - Neptune - Seattle, WA - GA SOLD OUT

Oct 30 - Hawthorne - Portland, OR - GA SOLD OUT

Nov 1 - Regency - San Francisco, CA

Nov 2 - Riverside Municipal Auditorium - Riverside, CA

Nov 4 - Livewire - Phoenix, AZ

Nov 5 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA

Nov 6 - Mayan - Los Angeles, CA - GA SOLD OUT

Tickets available here.

Sum 41: Website//Facebook//Twitter//Instagram

Moose Blood Release "Blush"

On August 5th, Moose Blood released their highly anticipated sophomore album, Blush.

Blush follows suit after Moose Blood's highly successful debut album, I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time. In preparation for the release, Moose Blood teased fans with music videos for tracks "Knuckles" and "Honey." 

You can check out the tracklist for Blush below!

Blush Track Listing:
1. Pastel
2. Honey
3. Knuckles
4. Sulk
5. Glow
6. Cheek
7. Sway
8. Shimmer
9. Spring
10. Freckle

Currently Moose Blood just finished up a successful US tour run, and are beginning their journey into the UK & Australia for the Late Summer and Fall! In the meantime, fans can purchase Blush on iTunes and Merchnow!

For more on Moose Blood, check out their links below!

Moose Blood: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Check Out Portland OREGON'S Amanda Jones

High school is a significant transitional period where we form clique's, or avoid them all together, and learn to abandon our favorite parts of ourselves to fit in or even stand out from the majority. 

In my experience, I thought I had gotten used to losing these little bits of myself, until I enrolled at a university forty miles from home. Now entering sophomore year, I've developed new friendships, and unfortunately haven't spoken to many of my high school friends since I left. With that said, I ran across Amanda Jones’ music at the perfect time. 

Her music, especially “My Goodbye,” “Brand New Day,” “Cool Runner,” and “Over Losing,” expresses the cyclical nature of loss, along with typical coping mechanisms one may turn to when they're feeling down. Though she’s undergone quite a transition from alternative r&b/soul to modern pop, the messages in her music has remained consistent: loss, change, and renewal. 

As a 21 year old, it’s been a time in my life where change is all around me. I’ve spent a couple of years figuring out myself, my beliefs and what makes me happy and am starting to feel really good about the place I’m at in my life. Sometimes you just need to start over in order to become the best version of yourself. –Amanda Jones 

Her song “My Goodbye,” written to cope with the death of her cousin, speaks about loss in its most devastating form, taking the listener through the difficult stages of grieving; experiencing unbearable pain, sifting through chains of unanswerable questions, readjusting oneself to continue living, and accepting that one’s life does not cease because you've lost something. These messages are the focal point of her music.

Born in Idaho, raised in Portland, Oregon, Amanda Jones developed a love for music that was discovered in first grade. Soon she was performing at cafés and releasing demos on Myspace. Her fanbase has only grown since. Stay tuned for this articles corresponding interview where we'll discuss Jones’ perception of the modern relationship, along with her quirky performance rituals. 

Amanda JonesTwitter // Facebook // Spotify // Website //  

Moose Blood Stream Brand New Track "Sulk"

In anticipation for their upcoming album, Blush, Moose Blood have released another tantalizing single for listeners!

"Sulk" comes off of the awaited and anticipated August 5th album from Moose Blood, and the band premiered the single off of FUSE, but you can check out the stream for "Sulk" below! A track that further proves that Moose Blood is deepening their already emotional sound for their sophomore album!

Moose Blood had this to say about the track, "'Sulk' is about a family relationship, it was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and we're so pleased with how the song evolved into what it is now."

Blush is now available for pre-order by visiting MerchNow or iTunes. The songs "Honey" and "Knuckles" will be available as instant grat downloads when the album is pre-ordered!

For more on Moose Blood, check out the links below!

Moose Blood: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Singer/Songwriter Alexander Unveils Details For Debut EP

On July 7th, Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Alexander announced the release date of his new debut self-titled EP!

Alexander is ecstatic to release five pure pop tracks filled with genre-bending sounds. With the ability to adapt and create a sound that molds various decades and sounds together he is able to create something similar to Jason Derulo with a hint of Nick Jonas's pop tunes, and as much passion and honesty as The Weeknd.

The self-taught Nashville-based musician, Alexander, has been writing and performing music for the last decade and is stepping out as a solo artist for the first time in his career. His lyrics tackle struggle, happiness, and relationships.

“I want my listeners to relate with me through my struggles, and also through my happiness. I want them to know that they’re loved and to give them hope.”  He continues, "I love writing stories, but I definitely write mostly about things that are happening in my life. It helps me cope with the problems I'm facing. Not just to complain about them, but putting them on paper sometimes helps me deal with them."

The debut EP is set to release August 12 and features Christian Fiore, Brittany Lane, Thomas Bracciale, and Brooke Williams as co-writers.

For more on Alexander, or details on the upcoming EP, check out the links below!

Alexander: Facebook


Debut Album From The Maytags Out Now

Iowa's own retro-soul group The Maytags have recently released their debut album, Love Lines, which was released on July 1st. 

Love Lines has been met with a ton of praise, and is about the intensity of the end of relationships. Each member of the seven-piece band took part in writing the album. The band, consisting of Dustin Smith (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Leo (Keys), Sam Mogerman (Drums), Daniel Kreipke (Bass),  Andy Poppen (Trumpet, Vocals), Tim Sanders (Saxophone, Vocals), and Ben Chappell (Lead Guitar), spent less than 30 hours hammering out the album in-studio. The gang is musically coordinated and fine-tuned after extended touring. 

The Maytags have received praise from Talking Heads' David Byrne and a few publications such as Politico and The Atlantic. Smith's lyrics are a highlight of the album, referencing the culture of Des Moines, his hometown. 

The Maytags are going to be going on a local Iowa tour to support the album. You can check out the dates right here!

The Maytags Tour Dates:
7/15 Camp Euforia Music Festival - Lone Tree, IA
7/22 Iowa City Summer Concert Series - Iowa City, IA
7/22 Yacht Club - Iowa City, IA
7/23 Beaverdale Bluegrass Festival - Des Moines, IA
7/29 Woolys - Des Moines, IA
8/7   Prairie Moon Winery & Alluvial Brewery - Ames, IA
8/12 Redstone Room - Davenport, IA (The Maytags Album Release Show)
8/13 The Octopus - Cedar Falls, IA
9/18 Maximum Ames Music Festival - Ames, IA
9/24 Waverly Festival - Waverly, IA

You can check out Love Lines on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud

For more info on The Maytags, check out their social media below!

The Maytags:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

A Boy Named John Shares Album

NJ born & raised alt-rockers A Boy Named John have been spending the month of June very wisely! The group not only just released their new full-length album, So We Live | So We Die, they also have shared a new music video for their track "Sir John" off of the LP!

Check out the music video for "Sir John" below!

So We Live | So We Die was released on June 24th, and features production from Kevin Kumetz (I Am the Avalanche, With The Punches, Seaway) and Michael White (Whitney Houston, 3 Doors Down, The Rolling Stones). And since their beginning, the six-piece has shared the stage with prominent alternative rock outfits like You Me At Six, Metro Station, Never Shout Never, The Academy Is… and The Spill Canvas, to name a few!

Which really means you should be on the look out for these up & coming dudes! For more on A Boy Named John, check out their social media below!

A Boy Named John: Facebook

Imisu Releases New Album

Imisu announces the independent release of new EP, Historic Self on June 24th.

Check it out here.

Imisu is a solo project of producer, Paul Marchesani, a multi-instrumentalist that exudes creativity. Based out of Pennsylvania, Marchesani is also co-frontman of Larry Nodder, as well as co-founder of record label, Forest Kids. His unique concept through Imisu is to evoke emotions of longing.

Historic Self is a sophomore release for Imisu. The purpose of the abstract mini album is to call upon the listener’s past and remind them of who they once were. Following debut It’s Always Been You, Marchesani says, “(It’s Always Been You) was spontaneous and recorded and released in one night. I wanted Historic Self to have depth. The goal was to explore emotion through dense instrumentation and my more experimental ideas.” He even samples a Terence Mckenna lecture explaining how magic mushrooms can be the key to our world’s salvation!


Historic Self Tracklist:

  1. The Plan
  2. A Weekend Alone Somewhere With You
  3. What Now
  4. Seeing Ghosts Everywhere




The album explores a sea of sound, blending elements of Lo-fi and Electronic genres into the perfect soundtrack for a rainy Sunday night. Each of the four tracks build from a simple idea and expand gradually until you’re hit with an epiphany as intense as a dose of mushrooms. Consisting of ambient room noise, glitchy clicks and pops, fluttery acoustic guitar loops, and reversed audio samples, the serene textures of Historic Self will mend those who dwell on the past. 

Check out Imisu on these social media platforms to keep up with future releases and live performances!

Imisu: Bandcamp  // Facebook // Soundcloud

Dylan Young Releases Album

Photography: Ashley Yu

Photography: Ashley Yu

PA/NJ artist Dylan Young just dropped his latest work, How It Felt, a few days ago and it's really freakin' cool.

Released on the 21st, the 10-track LP, How It Felt, is Young's debut album of complete original work - which is an exciting step forward for the artist! The album was tracked/produced at Timber Studios with Adam Cichocki, and was mixed/mastered by Sam Carlen! 

Check the tracklist and album art below!

How It Felt
1. Burn
2. How it Feels
3. After Words
4. Brooklyn
5. Curse of the Hips
6. Interlude
7. Falling
8. The Quiet Room
9. Patience
10. Cheap Cigarettes

The album culminated after years of work for Dylan, who then spent the last few months releasing it bit by bit on social media - a huge tease if you ask me! The Hook will have a review of the album on June 28th, so check back then! In the mean time, check out How It Felt on Bandcamp, and for more on Dylan Young - feel free to check out his social media!

We're super stoked about this, so get stoked on it!

Dylan Young: Facebook // Bandcamp // Website // Instagram // Youtube // Twitter

Altamina Releases New Album

Montreal ambient rock outfit, Altamina, have released their new album, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight, via Gray Owl Point. You can head over there to check out their sophomore album!

The somber album broods yet sounds light and dream-like, highlighting the new Altamina sound influenced by electronic acts like Joy Division, Portishead, Tool, PJ Harvey, Alt-J, Interpol, Leonard Cohen, and more. Lead singer François Graham delivers lyrics in a soothing baritone voice, reminiscent of a deep Bowie or Matt Berninger (The National). 

Marco Gervais and François Graham provide more experimentation on this album with the inclusion of new band members Matt Davis and Roxanne Miller, giving the previously lo-fi duo a larger, more comprehensive sound. 

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight is cinematic, sweeping, and introspective, discussing themes of life, love, loss, healing, redemption, and loneliness. 

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight


1. Under the Black Sea
2. Telescope
3. Storm
4. Light
5. Tonight
6. Bunkers
7. Follower
8. Liability
9. Drifter
10. Solstice


Follow Altamina on their social media, provided below, for more information about where they're headed in the aftermath of the album release!

Altamina: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud

LA Director ETA Announces Single Off New EP

Image by Tony Manis

Image by Tony Manis

ETA has endured a circuitous journey on the road to the release of his album due at the end of the summer Past Hype. Here's his single off the EP featuring Eddington Again & Tomemitsu "dyin (going thru it)."

Past Hype symbolizes­ reimagined materials compiled from over several years ago. Since 2011, ETA hadn’t written or sang a note. Things changed in 2014 after the film director self-medicated unforeseen heartbreak not only by directing LA artists' music videos, but also by refurbishing his retro beats and self releasing a four-track EP. ETA realized after revisiting unfinished work, that music heals, and later produced this upcoming EP.

Keep an eye out for the release of ETA's Past Hype dropping at the end of Summer 2016.

ETA: facebook // instagram // twitter //

Wrekmeister Harmonies Announce Album & Tour

Wrekmeister Harmonies returns with their latest album Light Falls scheduled to be released on September 16th through Thrill Jockey.

At the core of Wrekmeister are guitarist and vocalist, JR Robinson, and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Esther Shaw. The two are joined by Godspeed You! Black Emperor musicians, Thierry Amar on bass and contrabass, Sophie Trudeau on piano, violin and vocals, and Timothy Herzog on drums. Chicago musicians Ryley Walker and Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) who appear on the album as well.

Light Falls Tracklist:
1.  Light Falls I - The Mantra
2.  Light Falls II - The Light Burns Us All
3.  Light Falls III - Light Sick
4.  The Gathering
5.  Where Have You Been My Lovely Son?
6.  Some Were Save Some Drowned
7.  My Lovely Son Reprise


The title of the album originates from the text of “If This Is A Man” by Primo Levi’s.

The manuscript was written about the year he spent as an inmate at Auschwitz. The Jewish-Italian chemist and anti-fascist resistance fighter suggested in his seminal work that society sees inhumanity through gradual change. People will begin to accept things they normally find reprehensible.

Robinson adds, “I wanted to sonically convey the idea of slow, creeping change. When I came up with the title I was thinking of how when daylight turns to night time it’s a very gradual process. You are lulled into watching this slow, peaceful sunset but then all of a sudden you look up and it’s dark.”

Wrekmeister Harmonies have toured relentlessly with the likes of Bell Witch, and members of Dead to a Dying World throughout North America and Europe following the release of their album Night of Your Ascension last November. The collective will be touring North America and Europe in the new 5-piece format this fall/winter. This summer, Wrekmeister Harmonies is touring North America with Marissa Nadler. Tour dates can be found below.

Wrekmeister Harmonies Duo Tour Dates*
Jul 5 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
Jul 6 - Boise, ID - Neurolux
Jul 8 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
Jul 9 - Denver, CO - Lost Lake Lounge
Jul 10 - Omaha, NE - Reverb Lounge
Jul 11 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
Jul 12 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
Jul 13 - Detroit, MI - El Club
Jul 14 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel
Jul 15 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa
Jul 16 - Hudson, NY - Half Moon
Jul 19 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
Jul 20 - Providence, RI - Aurora
Jul 21 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
Jul 22 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
Jul 24 - Washington, D.C. - DC9
Jul 25 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle Backstage
Jul 26 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
Jul 27 - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa
Jul 29 - Austin, TX - Sidewinder
Jul 30 - Dallas, TX - Dada
Aug 1 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar
Aug 2 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
Aug 3 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
Aug 4 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
Aug 5 - Big Sur, CA - Henry Miller Library
Aug 7 - Vancouver, CA - Cobalt
Aug 8 - Seattle, WA - Barboza

* w/ Marissa Nadler, Muscle & Marrow

Look for more information on Wrekmeister Harmonies to be announced soon.

Wrekmeister Harmonies: Website // Facebook

Mayberry Make Album Announcement

Alternative pop-rock band, Mayberry have announced their 6 song EP, Beautiful Mess, which comes out on July 22nd!

Co-written and produced by John Keefe and Morgan Dorr (you may recognize him from Boys Like Girls), this album will be influenced by everything from pop/rock to R&B to acoustic folk to upbeat dance music. If you like bands like Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, and Imagine Dragons you'll be sure to love these guys and their infectious hooks and powerful vocals.

Consisting of Esteban Rodriguez (Vocals), Hector Rodriguez (Bass), Brayden Dillard (Drums), and Andrew Vela (Guitar), Mayberry are extremely excited for fans to hear Beautiful Mess

Esteban says, "Beautiful Mess is a project I'm extremely excited about. Songs about personal experiences, this EP is influenced by many styles and sounds that I hope will appeal to old & new listeners." 

After sharing the stage with artists like Plain White T's, Fifth Harmony, Fall Out Boy, Rixton, this is a band you definitely want to keep an eye on.

Mayberry: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // YouTube // Tumblr