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Hannah Lorimer Celebrates Debut Single, 'Alive'

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

After tireless hard work & dedication, we are excited to announce the celebration of a debut release from Philadelphia’s own, Hannah Lorimer.

The Illinois native has been creating, performing and supporting local music & artists since 2013 here in Philadelphia - and has now, finally, put out her debut single, “Alive.” The track is sweet, sultry, and romantic in all ways that we’ve all always known & loved with Lorimer’s music. The singer & songwriter has really crafted something special & unique, which can be a feat in itself: a track that shows off Lorimer’s distinct sound.

Check it out below!

“Alive” is upbeat, but remains grounded in gentle lyricism, and the powerhouse that is Lorimer’s voice. There isn’t a single moment in the song where you’re questioning where Lorimer is bringing you. It feels confident, fluid & matured, as if Hannah herself knows that the content she is putting out is content that needs to be heard - and so, we hear it.

The 5-minute long track is what we hope is the first of many, whether that be more singles, or even a full album. Either way, Hannah Lorimer is always gigging here in Philadelphia, and we’ve included her social media down below so you never miss a beat!

Hannah Lorimer: Facebook // iTunes // Spotify // Instagram

Wack Cheddar Release New Music Video

It's not often that The Hook gets the opportunity to celebrate music - and hey, maybe we are constantly celebrating music by sharing it, but maybe not always in the music. Wack Cheddar helped us get right into the music with their funk/jazz/rock/pop inspired jams!

The group just released a brand new music video for their piece, "Arrogance," a nearly 7 minute long track of pure, heavy hitting, feel good music. 

Check out the music below!

The group states that they "draw inspiration from artists such as James Brown, Roy Hargrove, Steely Dan, and Tower of Power. They are led by drummer and composer John Venezia. Wack Cheddar's music is driven by a dynamic three piece horn section complimented by an energetic, hard hitting rhythm section."

Besides John, the group also consists of Nathaniel Hawk, Hiruy Tirfe, Phil Anthony, Nick Lombardelli, Sam Riessen, and Anthony Nigro.

Definitely check out Wack Cheddar's music video for "Arrogance," and then check out their social media to keep up on what's going on with the group, links provided below!

Wack Cheddar: Youtube // Facebook