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The Hook: A Comeback Story (Or Something Like It)

Photographer:  Richard Sanders

Photographer: Richard Sanders

This is the beginning.

In 2016, we started our site in a dimly lit bedroom on the corner of Locust & 15th in a basement apartment. Since then, we have grown exponentially and without limit. We could not be more appreciative of the music scene, not only here in Philadelphia, but the entire East Coast. We would not be who we are without the bands & artists that fuel us further, push us harder than what we believed.

In the two years since our beginning, we have hosted dozens of showcases, reviewed hundreds of albums, and put our stickers on lots of stop signs in different places around the country. We have been supported by volunteer writers, photographers and artists. We have paid every artist who has worked with us, and donated more than three-hundred dollars to different Philadelphia non-profit organizations. Without our scenes, near and far, we would not be where we are.

So, here we are. Two and a half years later, and we’re ready to get started. We will continue to host shows, to create charity EP’s to donate to important non-profit organizations, we will continue to review and talk about local music. We hope to begin to give voices to those who don’t always have them in our scene, we want to create critical op-ed pieces to, not only fuel and better our scene, but to also better ourselves as people in a world. It’s time to talk about it, so we will. We welcome guest writers, bloggers, and artists to host their work on our site. We welcome those who are in need of a safe space, of suggestions for shows, albums, groups that will allow every body in our scene the place it deserves.

If you're interested in learning more about us, we've got a handy video now, so check it out below!

To begin, we have our first returning showcase on July 13th at our place, so if you’ve never been to a Hook Show, this would be the one to get to. We will be hosting a show on July 17th at Century Bar, and future shows will soon be announced. We are in the works for a 5th Charity EP, featuring all unheard, local music for a good cause.

As always, you can check out our social media down below to keep up while you're on the move. More announcements to follow, so stay tuned!

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Exclusive Premiere: Lazarus Wilde Teases Listeners With New Single


The vulnerable, ever talented Lazarus Wilde has spent the new year preparing for their upcoming March release - an EP that explores the raw emotion of being, and one we're personally anticipating - but, in the meantime, Wilde has teased fans and listeners with a sneak peak of what's to come: a brand new single.

Exclusively on The Hook, we're premiering Lazarus Wilde's latest track "Angor Animi" for everyone to check out. We have a streaming video down below for you! The third release under Lazarus Wilde is anticipated release on March 1st, just a few weeks away. The Condition Of Human Dilemma will feature four tracks including "Angor Animi," and is sure to knock your socks clean off.

Check out the video below!

"I wanted to create a song that explored the feelings of someone going through an anxiety attack for the first time, i know when i myself had my first panic attack, i felt as though something was seriously wrong, in an extreme thought even possibly dying or having a heart attack. We as humans tend to internalize our emotions when things get hectic forgetting that sometimes we need to express our feelings in however way we see fit. This song was my approach in expressing a feeling that many of us experience often," says Wilde of the track. 

So, you heard it hear first, "Angor Animi" is the first track off of Lazarus Wilde's March 1st EP - so stay tuned, because if you dig this then you're gonna dig the whole damn thing. As always, social media links down below to keep up with everything that is Lazarus Wilde!

Lazarus Wilde: Facebook


OUT TODAY: The Hook Journal's Charity EP 'The July EP'

Out today is the anticipated Hook Journal Compilation Charity EP!

The EP features 5-tracks from some of Philly's best, and most talented bands including Nikolai, yeenar, Architect The Destroyer, Andross, and Adventure LostJuly's EP donations will go to Books Through Bars, a non-profit organization dedicated to the faciliation of books & education texts to inmates all across the United States. Located in Philadelphia, PA this organization is close to our heart, and we're excited for the opportunity to help a hardworking organization doing work for an incredible cause!

Check out the EP below, and make sure to purchase it to help donate to a great organization!

We will also be accepting book donations along with this July EP, and you can check out our Facebook for more information on how to donate books!

VISTA Announces 'The Stripped Sessions'

Long Island-based anthem rock band VISTA have just released their new single, “Henchmen,” but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down any time soon. “The Stripped Sessions,” their new acoustic series, will launch on YouTube this month. The first video in the series is a single-guitar version of their 2016 track “Mansions.”

Check it out below!

The video gives viewers an idea of what “The Stripped Sessions” will encompass: a new, stripped-down side to VISTA never before seen by audiences. The YouTube series nudges the band in a fresh new direction while they are getting ready to create their next EP. 

Rock Sound has named VISTA as one of their “On The Radar” bands to watch, and VISTA is certainly living up to the title as their presence is being recognized in the press and on social media. Their latest single, “Henchmen,” sends a powerful message of unity in the face of oppression and a reminder to stay strong to those who face it. Their song addresses an issue which is all too relevant in modern society. “The single is a big, anthemic, and energetic testament to what this band is capable of,” says Substream Magazine. Along with the recent release of “Henchmen,” the band was seen in New York City supporting Fueled by Ramen artist Against The Current. Their second EP will be released later this spring. 

To keep up with VISTA and their new acoustic series, subscribe to the band on YouTube and watch out for any new releases, social media links provided below!

VISTA: Facebook // Twitter

HOOK EXCLUSIVE: Watch The Video For Ecclesiast's BRAND-NEW Single "Naysayer"

Happy Holidays! We here at The Hook have teamed up with the St. Louis, Missouri metalcore band Ecclesiast to bring you an exclusive music video for their BRAND-NEW single "Naysayer"! Mixing their hardcore sensibilities with mystical melody and solid riffage, this new single provides a bite-sized sample of what's to come! Check it out below:

The Hook has had the privilege of writing about/interviewing this astounding Christian metalcore act in the past, notably following the release of their eponymous debut EP. The release ripped and we were extremely excited to get into direct contact and hear what these boys had to say about their work. Therefore, it is now with honor that we present this single! 

"Naysayer" itself is one more giant step in this band's career, the first of new material which will eventually precipitate in the release of a full-length album. The band is currently planning on taking some time off to work on this as-yet-unannounced release, which you will definitely hear more about by mid-2017.

With so much in the works, now is the opportune time to start following Ecclesiast on their various social media platforms to keep up with them! Enjoy the single, look forward to new material, and if you haven't yet, go check out their self-titled EP - released through Sancrosanct Records - right here. As always, stay tuned for some merry metalcore madness!!! 

Ecclesiast: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Hook & PSM November Showcase

Photography: Mac Schibel

Photography: Mac Schibel

The Hook & Paper Scissors Media are proud to present our third installment of our monthly showcase series for the month of November!

As October winds down, The Hook & PSM are excited to ring in the month of November with a show on November 4th at Philly's own Pharmacy! The doors open at 8 for music from Philly natives like Secret Nudist Friends, Honeytiger, Geisha Facade, and Motherwhore! Visitors from Tennessee Mom and Dad are also joining the show!

So, be there or be square!

Philly, PA
Doors at 8PM

We're stoked to see you there, and you can check out the Facebook event for more hype!

Will Wood & The Tapeworms Connects With The Hook


After the recent release of their latest album, Self-ish, Will Wood & The Tapeworms has taken the time to connect with readers of The Hook!

Check out what Will Wood had to say about his first show, or his last show, or maybe all of those shows in between. A handful of experiences you definitely don't want to miss!

     Suck down a cigarette and toss it down a gutter on Bleecker Street. Splash some water on my face in the water closet at Vivaldi. Five-dollar flask of Evan Williams on the corner where they don’t check ID and down it in four swilling gulps before oozing down the sidewalk to suck down a cigarette on the corner of 9th and Ave. A. Bacardi Gold in the pocket of my tzatziki-stained $800 Loro Piana trenchcoat to hold up my sleeve between opportunities to discreetly spill a few drops into a black coffee from Au Bon Pain on College Avenue. Don’t look both ways before crossing the street to roll on up to the hookah bar on George. Learn to freestyle rap from a large redhead who called himself Johnny Fresh up at Matelson Hall. Two tabs of a research chemical only known as 25i-NBOMe under my tongue at the Relay for Life in a North Jersey Suburb. Bile, sick, coughing, wheezing, heart palpitations and a faint occasional reminder that I need to change my face and get out of this town before they tar and feather my Borderliner ass and send me out with my keyboard strapped to my back on an NJTransit back to wherever I came from.
What was my first show like? I’d like to know myself. I don’t think I’m capable of reaching back into the cloudy ether of my memory and fishing out something I’m certain of. I have scraps of things to look back on, but the order and the significance are all twisted and knotted and tangled like matted hair on a sweaty pillow. Like lofty thoughts on an acid peak. I sort of emerged around 2013 or so, I think, although I had been on stage as a musician before then. Under various names and disguises and personas who all requested unique attention from me and gave nothing back in return. Nothing but vaguely haunted blackout shards of evening mania and what I fear may be permanent damage to my internal organs. There’s no Dewey Decimal System in my head to keep track of these haphazardly-arranged memories. Scratched DVDS and unwound video tapes on crooked bookshelves in the attic of my head – I can pull out overexposed polaroids and maybe tell you which one in the photo is me, but to pick a single evening out of the haze and say “yes, that’s it, that’s the one!” is like asking a toddler his earliest memory. He’ll probably babble about his time spent as a dinosaur in a past life, and new age freaks will make youtube comments about indigo children and the dawning of the age of Aquarius.
 Maybe my first show was that night at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village. I was 18 years old and a fresh dropout from Binghamton University, singing about LSD in front of my friends and family. The response was mixed. Maybe it was the night I got drunk on the curb with the Rabbi I met at the Sidewalk Café, or got drunk with the schizophrenic outside the Pyramid Club who told me that the government had repossessed his mansion because of something he had in his intestines- he had good weed. Or in the basement of the Poetry Club soaked in face paint, boxed wine and strange men’s saliva. Or the night I discovered that fascinating gay bar with the red walls and pornographic videos showing behind the bar, doing bumps of cocaine off a stranger’s house keys. And what about that night spent on the bench with the wailing obese man covered in mud who cackled like a maniac at every word I said but let me drink long island iced tea of an old milk carton he had on his lap? Or was it the night I asked out the goth girl with the skull candy headphones, not knowing it would lead to years of emotional turmoil, heartbreak and nonsense?
 I’ve been playing shows for a long time. I suppose since High School. For some musicians, there may be a landmark by which they knew they were getting their start. An event etched into their mind that they look back on fondly, or maybe embarrassedly, and say “that was my first time.” I don’t have that. I’m missing huge chunks of my life and I’m still sitting on the curb picking up my molars and putting them back in my face. Will Wood and the Tapeworms has existed since before there was even a band I could call Will Wood and the Tapeworms. Will Wood came somewhat before that, but I’m not sure when. There were other personas and other iterations and countless utter failures to launch, but with the way I scrambled my brain, I can only tell you that I don’t remember my first show. Just lots and lots of last shows.

-Will Wood

For more on Will Wood & The Tapeworms, or what they're up to, check out their social media links below!

Will Wood and the Tapeworms: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

The Hook & Paper Scissors Media Present...

Poster Art: Maggie Fenning

Poster Art: Maggie Fenning

After a successful September 9th show, The Hook and Paper Scissors Media have teamed up to bring you (what we hope to be) a super rad show series.

Right here in Philly you can check out our latest gig, October 13th at The Tralfamadore. Invite yourself to the event page, or head over to our social media to check out more info - and we're super fuckin' stoked.

This show will feature Coping Skills, Holy Tunics, Curtis Cooper, Killer Ghost, and Secret Nudist Friends! To drum up the hype, you can look forward to articles about each of these stellar bands - so definitely do keep out on the look out for that.

We're adding this event to our calendar, and so should you!

The Hook Announces September Show

Poster Art: Jena Stevens Mar

Poster Art: Jena Stevens Mar

The Hook Journal is proud to announce that we are beginning our show series this September at The Tralfamadore right here in Philly!

We'll be using these shows to present to you the really rad, and hard working scene that we're constantly surrounded in. By collaborating with featured artists, we'll be able to bring the music right to you! Read about it, hear about it - that's the goal. 

This debut show will take place on September 9th at 7pm. We're featuring some of The Hook's OG faves including Weatherhead, Semiotics, and Halogens. Joining them is one of our newest features, Dear Friend!

Check out our Facebook event here, more info coming on this soon!!!!!