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New Single & US Tour From Scarves

Seattle Based Math Rock new comers, Scarves, are hitting the road with a brand new single and their first full US Tour. With an exciting end to the year ahead of them, Scarves are preparing fans and listeners for their upcoming LP, Dinner Dates for the End of Days.

Due out on September 28th, marking this release as their first with Good Eye Records, will see release digitally and on vinyl, including a limited “Green/Blue” Smoke color run of the album. The brash, emo threesome includes frontperson/founder Niko Stathakopoulos, Cael Watts (drums) and Nessa Grassing (guitars).

Not only have the announced a brand new album, and embarked on tour, Scarves have also released their first track off of the LP. “Arrow” is classically and thematically Scarves - leaving listeners excited for what is coming next.

Check it out streaming on Soundcloud below!

The song just debuted yesterday on KEXP airwaves, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it. tay tuned for more from Scarves and be sure to follow them on their socials below. Dinner Dates for the End of Days is out September 28th and is the ninth release from Good Eye Records.

Scarves links: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

New Single Out Now From CONS

Arizona Hardcore 5-piece, CONS, have recently announced their debut EP, Slowhealer, due out August 11th. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin, It Prevails, Emery), Slowhealer captures the angst of a band having gone through the death of their friends and both the regrets and triumphs of growing up disenfranchised in a small desert city.

In anticipating for the album, CONS shared a brand new single, "The Burden of Knowing Why" which was released originally on Metal Underground. Check it out streaming via youtube below!

Talley expands on the importance of the record by stating, "We recorded Slowhealer almost 2 years ago and had plans to self release and basically give it away just to get our music out there. That being said we couldn't be more honored and stoked to release this through Revival. It brings a sense of validation to what we've been working so hard on, to have a great label show interest and pick up the reins and give it the proper release that we feel it deserves. Thank you to everyone involved in this with us. We can't wait to get this out there and get to work."

Stay tuned for more from CONS!

New Single from The Porchistas, EP to Be Released Soon

Following the release of their daring political single, “Mr. Chump,” The Porchistas have released a new track called “Mischief Night” off their upcoming EP, Axis and Allies. Described as “space-rockers,” The Porchistas, based out of New Jersey, believe in inspiring a sense of community with their music.

Check out the single below!

Founder Alan “Sucia” Smith says, “We see music and art as community building endeavors. When we throw events and shows at the house we try to make them trash free or trash minimal at least. We make food and have pot lucks to try to stoke a sense of community.”

The Porchistas believe in progressive politics, caring about the environment, and using music to bring people together. They blend genres and combine grooves, lyrics, and melodies seamlessly to create music that’s entirely unique to them. With songs like “Mr. Chump,” a diss track aimed unapologetically at The Orange Menace (our president, Donald Trump – and it makes me shudder to type the words), The Porchistas are real and honest, and they aren’t afraid to make a stand and shout for what they believe in. The track list for Axis and Allies promises more political tunes like “Ebolabama,” and “Mischief Night” tells the story of a local hit man while taking aim at the current political climate in America. 

Check out “Mischief Night” and “Mr. Chump” up above. Keep your eye out for the release of the EP soon, and keep up with The Porchistas on social media for any more forthcoming announcements!

The Porchistas: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp 

Bear Fight Releases New Single, 'Harlem'

At first, I was going to write a sarcastic, searing piece about California's Bear Fight and their new single, "Harlem" (because, you know, who knows Harlem better than a group of white males on the other side of the country?). With the constant whitewashing in Hollywood *cringes at thought of Ghost in a Shell*, I thought I was faced with a similar topic in music. What I thought was a song about Harlem, NY, after some mild googling, I realized it's an "unincorporated" community in Monterey County, CA by the same name. It pays to be less reactionary, friends! Use your brain, not your hearts.

Anyway, you can check out the "Harlem" below:

Bear Fight brings to the table some fun blues and indie rock vibes just in time for Spring weather. They bring to mind groups like the 1975 or Vampire Weekend mixed with the Black Keys. Basically, you combine the soulful, grounded elements of blues with the cutesy elements of indie pop rockers and you get Bear Fight. What these young men have created may be regarded as corny, but they actually pull it off. The sounds in "Harlem" show a certain music IQ that displays the depth of the band - they throw nods to classic blues and soul but add a modern, indie rock edge to it in order to create something fresh.

In regards to "Harlem", the group reflected:

"Written in the makeshift studio of someone's living room at the same time as our single 'She,' 'Harlem' was originally an idea played on the Fender Rhodes, just meant to be vocals and keys the whole time. After bringing it to the table with the band, we challenged the direction of the song and ended up with the final track. The song is inspired by feelings of the origin of the city of Harlem and the struggles of those in the city. It also deals with the struggle musicians have when faced with expressing themselves fully. We wanted the track to reach back into the past a little, calling upon familiar sounding tones and vintage guitars that encompass the classic nature and history of the title city." 

It is unclear what is next for Bear Fight as this single is just that, a single - they haven't announced an upcoming EP or full length. But regardless, you can keep tabs on the band on:

Bear Fight: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Version 5 Releases Single

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, brother duo Version 5 recently released "Absolute Zero," a fun electro/pop rock track which will influence flashbacks of your days perusing over-the-top band merch at your local Hot Topic. It reminds me a lot of AFI's Decemberunderground album in that it channels very AFI/Winter-esque sounds especially with the high-pitched, windchime-like tones and whiny vocals in the mix.

You can stream "Absolute Zero" below!

Regarding "Absolute Zero", the band reflected:

“With this single we knew we wanted to blend a forceful breakbeat that would be at home on a Prodigy record & combine it with a stadium-rock chorus. Lyrically, the song covers the loss of a loved one, or significant other, and we use the frigid isolation of space as a metaphor for that. We hope people can relate to it- we certainly can.”

With such depth, it's hard not to be drawn to this track, especially if you're into EDM-ish rock or scene pop, I started listening to this track as Dylan Young, but I'm finishing this writing as xXDyl4n_xXDisast3R due to its heavy scene undertones. Makes you wonder if these individuals were both scene at any point - if so, what malls did they wander? Which space of Tumblr did they inhabit? Who did they "rawr xD" at? Questions bound to make you lose sleep.

Otherwise, stay tuned because in April, the duo will be releasing a music video for "Absolute Zero" and so, you must keep up with Version 5 at:

Version 5: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

DozerTX Release New Single "Fixated"

Teen angst is perpetual. Thankfully we have bands like DozerTX to guide us through with their most recent release, "Fixated," which was shared in anticipation for their upcoming album, Centerpiece - due out on March 10th!

Stream "Fixated" below!

On a realistic note, the post hardcore scene seems to produce a higher caliber of musicians, but at the expense of some measure of originality. 

DozerTX has authentic talent but this song is laden with "Cute Without The E" vibes. They wanted to write about heartbreak and how it always seems to strike when your life is already in disarray. Even though the chaos can feel like its enveloping you, pushing forward is the only thing you could do. Singer/guitarist Kevin Cale explains how they wanted to convey a feeling of solidarity with their fans, he says that a breakup can make everything else seem pointless, but even though it feels as though life is falling apart at once, the only thing to do is push forward.

The track is the 2nd  on the bands upcoming album Centerpiece, the second album from their which is scheduled to be released on March 10th. You can pre-order the album here

Centerpiece Track Listing:
1. Smoke Screen
2. Fixated 02:46
3. Centerpiece
4. Leech
5. Breathe Deep

For more on DozerTX and what they're up to, especially if you dig the new track, check out their social media to keep up on the upcoming releases and news they plan to share!

DozerTX: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Timid, the Brave Releases Single

Fans of sad acoustic vibes will be hype to hear "Alice", a single by Timid, the Brave. The introspective track takes listeners on a bitter journey, exploring the theme of dealing with the loss of a loved one and what's left behind. Featuring distant, crooning slide guitar and the occasional group OoO's and Ahh's, the song is ideal for a late night listen or a main-character-comes-to-grips-with-something terrible movie montage.

Stream "Alice" below:

Talking about the story behind "Alice" and what it means to him, Timid reflected:

"I wrote “Alice” several years ago after my grandmother passed away. After her funeral, there was this really bizarre moment in my grandparent’s apartment when my grandfather called us all upstairs to their bedroom. He had laid out all of her old jewelry on their bed and we took turns selecting pieces of the jewelry. I chose a piece that really stood out to me: a necklace with a single leaf that had been dipped in gold. That image connected with me, the idea that something so fragile and temporary could be clothed in something so valuable and enduring, that our lives hold extraordinary meaning despite their impermanence. That’s the image the song was born out of. It’s a song about love and life and death, and finding a way to fight through the varying levels of devastation that we all experience."

Once you wipe away your tears, you may just smile again knowing that "Alice" is a single that is a part of a full-length release, Firesale, due out Friday, February 24th. Otherwise, while you wait for Timid, the Brave's debut effort to finally drop, you can keep up with the solo artist on their social media below!

 Timid, the Brave: Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram

Single Debut From Benchmarks

In anticipation for their forthcoming album, Nashville rock band, Benchmarks, amped up fans with their recently released single, "Frames." "Frames" premiered with New Noise Magazine, and was mixed by Jay Maas (Defeater, Transit, Polar Bear Club, Make Do And Mend) and produced by the band themselves.

Check out "Frames" Below!

The upcoming album, Our Undivided Attention, comes out on March 24th via Sofaburn Records. 

Benchmarks vocalist Todd Farrell Jr. (who also pulls double duty as the lead guitarist for the band Two Cow Garage) says, “I have some pretty intense inattentive ADD and this is sort of about me trying to navigate my brain while also keeping up with real life, relationships, friends, and how being on the road half the year doesn't make that any easier. The title of the record, 'Our Undivided Attention,' comes from the bridge and how on a larger plane, we're all trying so hard to do so many things at once, while probably sacrificing the quality of everything we do and the quality of the time we spend with people. As soon as we wrote this one, we knew it would become the cornerstone to the rest of the record.”

For more on Benchmarks, and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Benchmarks: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Rebekah Todd Releases Single

NC-based alt/indie/soul singer-songwriter Rebekah Todd recently debuted her single "Let Me Prove My Love" on Paste Magazine. This release follows the recent success of her Kickstarter campaign, wherein Rebekah raised a staggering $30k in order to create, market and release her sophomore album, Crooked Lines, due out Friday, February 17th. 

Anyway, see what the hype is about! You can stream "Let Me Prove My Love" below!

What I like about this track and what it indicates about Rebekah's songwriting is that she is a thoughtful writer who is able to construct timeless music. As corny as the label is, I think she is an "old soul" (lol). But besides my dad observations, the track is solid. You can see where a good chunk of that $30k went. The production is A-1, the instruments supporting her successfully get across the emotion of the track, as does Todd's vocal and lyric choice:

 "I'd swim 5,000 miles if my body would let me.
"They say that flying's the hard part, but I say it's harder touching the ground."

These are powerful lyrics in that the song is about Rebekah's lover from Chile whom she is separated by geographically. This theme is prevalent throughout, as she gets across the sort of bittersweet feeling of having someone so special, yet not being able to be with them in the moment and the pain that comes with that. 

Anyway, Rebekah Todd's album drops next month, but in the meantime, keep up with her on her
social media below!

Rebekah Todd: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Another Single From George Morris

Indie rocker George Morris is back to promote his upcoming album with the release of a second single entitled "Full of Stars". The track takes you on an astral journey, as you float through the cosmos with George and his haunting melody.

I like this track a lot - there's a certain liberating tone to it. It's almost like a high school-esque, coming-of-age song that you'd watch a montage of the good 'ole days's also a good song to die to honestly. You'd hear this song as your car slowly takes on more water and you slip under the surface of that lake you accidentally drove into.

Anyway, besides having a glimpse into the dark inner workings of my mind, you can stream "Full of Stars" below!

But besides all the macabre and nostalgic elements I introduced earlier, the song is about space apparently. Confirming this was George talking about the single:

"'Full of Stars' basically all came from the Space Odyssey books by Arthur C. a few random rhymes...the chorus is one of my favorite melodies I've written, probably because I don't remember writing it."

Otherwise, George Morris' album, We Will Go To Hell For This, drops Friday, February in the meantime, keep "Full of Stars" and "100 Years" on repeat and keep up with the artist on:

George Morris: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Dryjacket Release Brand New Album

Lovers of the iconic (and holy) trinity that is Taylor ham, egg & cheese will rejoice to hear that NJ-based indie group Dryjacket finally dropped their first album. For Posterity is the band's highly-awaited full length effort after having released their debut EP, Lights, Locks & Faucets back in 2015.

For a lite taste of what you can expect to hear off the indie/math rock-y album, check out "Spelling Era" below!

Reflecting on the single, vocalist/guitarist Joe Junod explained how:

"(Spelling Era) describes two colleagues whose relationship remains strictly professional despite the one's failed "romantic" advances..."

If that doesn't make you cringe then I dunno what will. Because what better way to establish a healthy, productive work relationship than making unwanted advances on your co-worker(s)? Why behave like a professional? Pfft. Conformity, man. But on the bright side, Dryjacket is able to mask this bro-culture savagery with their compelling mix of indie/math rock elements...I'd go as far as saying the group is kinda like a mix of kidcrash and American Football (yes, let your little emo hearts flutter at the mention of that sacred band).

Released through Hopeless Records, Dryjacket's album is bound to satisfy long-time listeners eager to hear the group's first attempt at a full length release or those who are fans of the bands previously mentioned. You can peep the track listing below:

For Posterity Track Listing:

1. Wicker Couch

2. Epi Pen Pals

3. Spelling Era

4. Two Toasters

5. Titebond IV

6. Abe LinkedIn

7. Misused Adrenaline

8. Milo with an "H"

9. Bill Gates' Ringtone

10. Patron Without Funds

11. Ana [an-uh, an-nuh]

Otherwise, when you finish sulking over the American Football-esque nostalgia the album influences, you can keep up with Dryjacket on:

Dryjacket: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

George Morris Releases New Single

Former frontman of The Satin Peaches, George Morris, recently put out "100 Years". The indie rock-y single explores the theme of all your friends dying. However, what's compelling about the track is its expression of such a heavy topic - listeners would expect a slow, droning ballad, yet Morris offers an upbeat, almost happy-go-lucky lens through which the expected feeling of great loss turns to one of hope and genial acceptance.

You can stream "100 Years" below!

Another intriguing element about "100 Years" is the feeling it creates. You've lost all those close to you, yet the emotions Morris exude throughout the track make this all okay. It is reminiscent of that meme wherein a dog sits at a table in a burning room with a smile on its face reassuring the viewer "This is fine." Perhaps the meme inspired the song. Which leads me to this question: 

Does culture influence memes or do memes influence culture?

However, despite the sociological line of questioning introduced by "100 Years", the single's practical purpose was to be just that, a single. George Morris put it out to promote his new self-titled album due out Friday, February 10th. This gives you plenty of time to critically reflect on meme culture and its effect on society and social interaction.

Otherwise, keep up with George Morris on:

George Morris: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp