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Hannah Lorimer Celebrates Debut Single, 'Alive'

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

After tireless hard work & dedication, we are excited to announce the celebration of a debut release from Philadelphia’s own, Hannah Lorimer.

The Illinois native has been creating, performing and supporting local music & artists since 2013 here in Philadelphia - and has now, finally, put out her debut single, “Alive.” The track is sweet, sultry, and romantic in all ways that we’ve all always known & loved with Lorimer’s music. The singer & songwriter has really crafted something special & unique, which can be a feat in itself: a track that shows off Lorimer’s distinct sound.

Check it out below!

“Alive” is upbeat, but remains grounded in gentle lyricism, and the powerhouse that is Lorimer’s voice. There isn’t a single moment in the song where you’re questioning where Lorimer is bringing you. It feels confident, fluid & matured, as if Hannah herself knows that the content she is putting out is content that needs to be heard - and so, we hear it.

The 5-minute long track is what we hope is the first of many, whether that be more singles, or even a full album. Either way, Hannah Lorimer is always gigging here in Philadelphia, and we’ve included her social media down below so you never miss a beat!

Hannah Lorimer: Facebook // iTunes // Spotify // Instagram

Joe Marson Releases Politically-Driven Single

Alternative/Soul singer-songwriter Joe Marson is back with another single. This time around however, his release is a bit political. "Explore/Explode" is a response to the results of the recent U.S. Presidential Election. The foreboding tune begs listeners to ask themselves "Where will we go from here in the next 4 years? Will we explore and expand? Will we become more open-minded, listen to each other and begin to understand one another? Will we become less divided? Will the metaphorical walls built up between us due to alternative points of view dissolve? Or will we explode or rather, implode? Will we fall apart as a free and just nation?"

Regardless of your conclusion, you can stream "Explore/Explode" below:

To give listeners a better understanding of "Explore/Explode", Joe Marson reflected on the track:

"Inspired by the recent election, I was thinking a lot about humanity's darker tendencies vs what we could be. Explorers. Of the unknown both of our planet and beyond. Or the less evolved of us could rise to power and ruin everything with war and greed. The song is about ultimately about hope vs fear. I created this song on my computer, a method of writing I have never tried before. It was fun finally being able to use some synth and drum loops on a project. Everything else was recorded in my bedroom."

Otherwise, after questioning everything about humanity and why we behave the way we do, keep up with Joe Marson on:

Joe Marson: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

WVM Shares Dynamic New Single With Listeners

Echoing both classic synth-pop masters Depeche Mode and New Order as well as the more modernized sounds of Daft Punk and The Chromatics, the Christoffer Berg (The Knife, Fever Ray), electronic musician, visual artist, and multi-instrumentalist WVM has released his Electronic Pop single "Sown." 

Check out "Sown" below!

"Sown" gets a lot of its inspiration from 80s Bowie and Peter Gabriel with a lot of early Prince.... but mostly it's just the music I want to hear, a lot of my heart and soul went into it which is why it really doesn't sound like any other artist other than me," says WVM of the single!

The single premiered on Huffington Post, and is a catchy tune for sure! For more on "Sown" or on WVM, check out their social media down below!

WVM: Official // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

Traveling Songstress Jetty Rae Releases New Single

If you haven't yet heard of singer-songwriter Jetty Rae, its likely because she is always on the move, and difficult to pin down. For existing fans and new fans alike, we have some good news –the traveling songstress just released her new single "Queen of the Universe." Check it out below.

The traveling songstress is known as much for her catchy rhythms and sweet melodies as she is for her unconventional living situation.

Years ago, Jetty decided it was time to make a change and took a big leap of faith. She got rid of all of her superfluous belongings, and took off for the open road with her family (husband, two children, and pug), on a permanent tour around the U.S.

Years later, Jetty remains true to her decision, and states proudly, "I love the idea of being rich in adventure vs. being rich in stuff and things"


Paul Pfau Releases New EP

Nashville based folk/pop singer-songwriter Paul Pfau released his latest EP today-- entitled Great American Love Story via Noble Steed Music. Check out the official lyric video for his single "See You Better" below.

As a part of the release, Pfau decided to tell some of the love stories that helped inspire the record to his fans on Facebook. Here's what he had to say about the concept backing the new EP.

This album is a collection of love songs that cover the ins and outs of relationships- the good, the bad, the ugly.  I just feel like it’s something everyone can relate to.  Everyone wants to love and be loved, but there are many ups and downs that come along with it.”

The Great American Love Story Track List:

1. Hey, Hi, Hello

2. Hollywood Rose

3. Statues

4. Cry

5. See You Better

For music, updates, and more visit or follow Paul on social media.



Paul Pfau: PaulPfauMusic //Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Instagram    

Gainsay Releases New Single

Ukrainian based musical duo Gainsay is made up of Vova Migunov (singer, songwriter) and Ivan Markovsky (producer, composer). Just recently, the guys announced their official release of latest single entitled “Hiroshima” via digital music streaming platforms worldwide on October 14, 2016.  This is their first single off off upcoming EP “Close.” Check the song out here.

Here is what Vova had to say about “Hiroshima”:

“Hiroshima is not a story in a direct way. It’s a slow-mo animation, it’s supposed to put 3D glasses on you and guide you through the set of changing environments – gloomier ones, colder ones, vague ones, and then to show you that you’re moving fast enough to have nothing to do with them, which gives you a sense of safety and certainty.”

Ivan also had this to say about the new EP:

“The upcoming EP ‘Close’ is the new direction for our music where we tried to be as straight forwards and laconic as possible; here’s the voice- here’s the song- here’s an accompaniment.  Our intention was to express our own musicality regardless of trends and genres.”

GainsayWebsite // Facebook     // Instagram // Soundcloud        


My Silent Bravery Releases New Video

In this brand new music video, Paste Magazine, describes Silent Bravery's video with a punchy twist. Fans can watch the music video here!

Boston based singer-songwriter, Matthew Wade has been performing and releasing hits for nearly a decade. Under the name, My Silent Bravery, he has successfully toured with the likes of Daughtry, Kris Allen, Tyler Hilton, and is gearing up for dates with Elliot Yamin, Eric Hutchinson, and Blake Lewis, all in celebration of his fifth studio album, Breakthrough, to be released September 28th.

MSB is presently gearing up for his new album, entitled Breakthrough set for release in September, 28 2016. The album features an all-star array of producers including Grammy Award-winner Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, David Byrne, Smash Mouth), Peter Zizzo (Avril Levine, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Mraz), and Anthony Resta (Elton John, Collective Soul, Guster). 

In the interim, Matt has already released the album's first single and video for "Drunk off the Sun" this summer, which has already surpassed half a million views on YouTube. The video trended overseas and reached #1 on youtube's most popular chart in Brazil and cracked the top ten in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. 'Drunk Off the Sun" is also featured on United Airlines' playlist, "The Hits List," throughout the summer, at 35,000 feet altitude, globally.

 My Silent Bravery: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube