SAD Marquise Anticipates New Album With Single, 'Watercolor'

In anticipation for his latest EP, iPhone Pop, due out tomorrow on August 18th, SAD Marquise recently released a track to hype up listeners - and "Watercolor" is just a precursor to what we can expect from the upcoming release!

Check out the single below!

The smooth track highlights on R&B and electro-pop in a way that feels seductive and exciting. SAD Marquise brings in a retro type wave style of music that feels refreshing, especially as the end of summer dwindles down.

Check out the track above, and stay tuned for the release of iPhone Pop tomorrow!

To keep up with SAD, check out his social media below!

SAD Marquise: Facebook

Debut EP 'Hell Or High Water' From Blonde Roses

Blonde Roses, based out of New Orleans, have partnered with Substream Magazine to stream their debut EP, Hell Or High Water. Blending alternative rock with southern blues, Blonde Roses is proud to stream the full EP after they previously released their single, “Anymore.” The band is influenced by artists from the 60’s and 70’s, and with Hell Or High Water, they aim to give their fans honest and real lyrics about staying strong through the curveballs life throws at you. 

Band members Molly, Harry, Anthony, and Albert want Hell Or High Water to be their introduction to a long career in music, and the EP is a promising start. Raw, vulnerable, relatable, and real, Hell Or High Water draws from the band’s Louisiana roots and their personal experiences, sending a message to persevere, to stay strong, and to stay true to yourself.

The two singles off the EP, “Anymore” and “Bullet,” paint a picture of overcoming life’s obstacles and still being able to appreciate the beauty of it all. Lead singer Molly says, “Life isn’t always going to be easy, but it’s a blessing.” 

Hell Or High Water will officially be released later in the spring, but for now, it’s available for digital streaming, and keep up with Blonde Roses on social media for more updates from the band.

Blonde Roses: Facebook // Website

Jesse Eplan Releases Music Video

Get ready to fan yourself, ladies, because teenage heartthrob Jesse Eplan is here with his music video for "Dreams"! The release is exciting as it is the first-ever single released by the 17-year-old Pop/R&B artist from New York. Below, you can stream the captivating music video featuring Jesse singing at the camera in various locations, cut with shots of him on a date with a gorgeous young woman whom **SPOILER ALERT** eventually knocks a basketball out of his hands to his despair.

But enough hype, you can stream the video for "Dreams" below!

Given his age, it will be interesting to see what Jesse cooks up as he gets older and experiences more harsh realities of life. Regardless, he has a good base given his perfect pitch and keen ability in "making beats". I just want to hear more personal, grounded music from the artist given his usage of age-old "Yeah-ees" found in his debut as there are cynical folks (like myself) who would find that kind of stuff clichè and that can pigeon hole the young artist trying to make a name for himself. Nonetheless, Jesse is a talented young man with a promising future should he choose to keep working at his craft and explore.

Keep up with Jesse Eplan's journey on their social media!

Jesse Eplan: Website // Twitter // Instagram

Up-and-Comer Alli Walker Has her 'Head In The Clouds'

Based in Toronto, EDM-pop singer-songwriter Alli Walker is stepping onto the music scene with her debut single, “Head In the Clouds.”

Check it out below!

Alli describes her music as “a fun, EDM-fused, pop sound with the musicality of funk and R&B,” and “Head In The Clouds” delivers just that. Alli says it took her a while to find her footing as an artist, but once she “stopped trying to fit in a mold and write songs that fit on the radio, that’s when I was able to find who I wanted to be as an artist and just write catchy songs about things I wanted to write about.”

Walker came up with the idea for “Head In The Clouds” when she was in the car, following the pattern of many other great artists and songs. Alli claims it’s one of her favorite songs “for it’s funky, outside-the-box, catchy, make-you-wanna-dance feel,” and it encompasses everything she was aiming for in a funky dance beat. Walker is looking to turn her music into a collaborative project with a team of people who think similarly to the way she does. She wants to make music people love listening to, and she certainly starts off on the right foot with “Head In The Clouds.”

Give it a listen, and keep an eye out for Alli Walker in the future, and check out her social media down below!

Alli Walker: Website // Facebook // Instagram

Uncle Frank Release Double Side Single

80's synth rock makes a welcome appearance in Uncle Frank's new double sided single Love Lion and Tokyo. According to the band, the new album will be out "soon" and will deliver some funk rock jams to their funk rock fans. The duo has already had a renowned presence overseas, garnering multiple plays on BBC Radio 2 and BBC6 and features in some popular UK magazines. 

If anything categorizes this band, it’s the constant use of sounds like "hey", "oooouhh", and "oohhh". These sounds take the place of lyrics and only seem to induce mild eye rolling. The 4 piece is led by  multi-instrumentalists Frank Benbini & Naim Cortazzi who work to give us the ideal jam for a summertime 30 and up dance party. The two sided single is a continuation of their office party DJ style and will soon be heard at bar-b-ques around the world.  They sit on the line of lame and cute where countless bands stay until they eventually disband. Hopefully something drastic happens to energize these semi pro groove seekers.

If you want more of the PG-13 feel good jams, check their social media!

Uncle Frank: Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud

FRTNK Release New Single

Los Angeles' own alternative hip-hop duo FRTNK (Fourteen K) released their brand new track, "Aqua" via TeamBackPack this week.

The sentiment behind the song is to live care free, and be happy despite the struggles you may face. The band explains,  "it's a playful track that's meant to ignite that childlike feeling in all of us. From the playful melody to shouting out the vowels, how we can combat our adulthood is by reigniting the simplicity of just living in the now like we did when we were kids." 

Stream it down below!

"Aqua" is a song about letting go of the struggles in life and allowing yourself to be happy. The band elaborates, "Aqua" is one of the singles leading to the band's forthcoming EP, to be announced soon. 

FRTNK (pronounced "Fourteen K") is an American alternative hip-hop group hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, known as the Inland Empire. Formed by artists Benjamin Aragbaye, Bryan Ramos and Barin Butler, the group's musical style joins the electronic sounds of rock and Neo-RnB, while seamlessly merging it with heavy 808's and groovy synthesizers. Each being only in their early twenty's, their daring dream-like production laid with raps and harmonies has already generated comparisons to world renowned musicians like Outkast, Kanye West, The Neptunes, and The Gorillas. This book-smart, skater-type band has been studying music since they were in elementary school and they've found some way to blend and mesh opposing musical genres effortlessly. Their first official recorded work, Operation AU, was released in November 2011. This six track EP and their follow-up freshman project Moreno Beachhave peaked the interest of many indie & major labels in America and overseas, FRTNK's songs "Imagine" and "Can I Love You" landing on the desk of Director Issa Rae. FRTNK has been working diligently in their California home studio recording and producing for themselves & other artists. 

Head to TeamBackPack today to check out FRTNK's latest track, "Aqua." Follow FRTNK online for new music, updates, and more.

FRTNK: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

VERIDIA Release Haunting Music Video

On tour now with Evanescence, VERIDIA is excited to share their newest, haunting music video for their track, "Still Breathing."

The video was directed by Matt DeLisi, the director behind their previous video for "Pretty Lies" and filmed at a haunted house located in the band's hometown of Nashville. The group is currently on tour with Evanescence and at work on an upcoming 2017 full-length.

Check it out below!

"Still Breathing" shares the important message of dealing with fear, something frontwoman Deena Jakoub's deals with on personal level and is portrayed in the music video.

"I don't write because I have all the answers or because I want everyone to think I'm in this really good place," says Jakoub. "In fact, I am struggling, I am still healing, I am human. 'Still Breathing' was written to say, I feel you, we're all struggling through something, and though there are some things we may solely have to endure on our own, we don't have to process it alone.

This song was birthed out of fear and grew into an anthem of strength and conquering for me. I have a chronic illness that takes fear to the next level, and when I am over-stressed, anxiety and panic chase me down no matter how fast I run. What I've recently learned and keeps me going, is to actually slow down and find something to be grateful for in that day, in that moment. When I wrote this song, my gratitude was literally focused on being alive, having been given a chance to breathe another breath into the day. Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective.

Vulnerability can be painful, but I think it’s worth it if someone else can be empowered by what you’ve endured. I share because I hope that someone finds strength through what I’ve learned in my weakness. "

As we said above, VERIDIA is currently on tour with Evanescence until November 23rd! For more news, check out their social media links below!

VERIDIA:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Website

Ray Hodge Inspires With "I Am King" Music Video

With emotion that can only be conveyed in a hymnal like this, songwriter Ray Hodge drops the first single off his upcoming October 28th EP, Braveheart.

His voice is best described as a high pitched lullaby coupled with smooth undertones and Michael Jackson-esque screams. The single “I am King” is an over the top inspirational track reminding you that when you’re struggling, the best place to look for strength is within. Ray explains the song as a tribute to his future children to never lose hope when faced with hardship. The song is a full bodied a cappella with layers of gentle hums underneath crisp vocals.

The simplistic music video conveys his intense emotion through his grasping hand movements and painful expressions and a singular drum-clap beat gives the song a marching steadiness that compliments its motivational theme.

Braveheart EP Tracklist:
1. I Am King
2. Voodoo
3. Braveheart
4. If It's Easy
6. Fast Drive



However, that same steadiness proves to be a bit one-dimensional as the inspirational charm wears off in the ending moments. The closing vocal crescendo is a nice touch and a perfect example of Ray’s vocal range, but seems to be predictable. His early performances showed his prowess as a soulful rock & roll front man, but “I am King” makes him sound like the lead in a nu-wave gospel choir. While his voice maybe perfect fit for both, it’s a little more perfect when coupled with a drum kit and guitar.

For more on Ray Hodge, check out their social media below!

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The CMDWN Release New Music Video

R&B/Rock band The CMDWN are preparing to release their debut EP, Doubt, coming out on August 19th, 2016. The EP sounds like an R&B mix of The Weekend and BANKS smashed together with rock outfits such as The Neighborhood and Bring Me The Horizon in order to create a unique sound. 

The CMDWN are proud to release a new music video for their track “Feelin' It” through an exclusive premiere over at AXS. You can check that out over here!

Talking about the new single, The CMDWN has said the following: "Not everyone learns or finds themselves in the same ways, and sometimes it takes the most unconventional events to get you to that point. This song is about finding that unexpected confidence in yourself." 

Consisting of Chris Gibbons (vocals), Andrue Hale (bass), River Wilde (guitar) and Clayton Blue (guitar), The CMDWN have been pushing an interesting mix of R&B Indie hip-hop with modern alternative rock. The band has been experiencing a great rise in popularity since their debut, playing on the main stage at the LoudWire Music Festival with bands such as Linkin Park, Weezer,  A Day To Remember and Rob Zombie. 

Here is the tracklist for The CMDWN's upcoming debut EP, Doubt:

DOUBT-EP-ART (1).png

1. Shiver

2. Empty Room

3. RoSes

4. Feelin It

5. Black Bile

6. For the Last Time 

The CMDWN: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram// SoundCloud// Tumblr


Pop Singer Josh Bailey Releases Track

Rising New York City pop singer, Josh Bailey, unleashed his new single, “Baby No.”
Produced by L Williams, the instrumental crosses between dubstep, hip-hop and R&B with its percussive, slow, smooth reverberations. Beneath Bailey’s synthetic voice, it creates a brand new, never before heard sound. In a way, Bailey is every legendary pop artist in one, and because of some of his stylistic choices, it isn’t difficult to infer where he gets some of his inspiration from. He often begins verses with stout crescendos like Prince does in “The Beautiful Ones” and waves a “no no” around like Michael Jackson does in “Dirty Diana.

Dissecting his appearance, he presents himself like a 80’s artist. Bringing the delicate but firm male presence back to alternative pop music with his sleek up-do and look away pose, his face radiating in the lighting scheme.

Bailey has spent years posing for pictures. He ventured into modeling at age 14, around the time he concurred that he decided music was important to him and a career that he wanted to pursue. At age 15, he developed his voice and performance skills in community theater classes for three years. Because of that preparation, he was able to write and record original music including his track “Sugar,” released in 2015.

Currently, Bailey is constructing a free experimental R&B Ep, due for release this summer and will feature “Baby No.”

Follow Josh Bailey online with the links below!

Josh Bailey: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

R&B Artist KLE Signs to CNMTC

New York City’s R&B artist KLE has just signed to Imminence Records’ CNMTC imprint, that is owned by Kinnecom, and dropped her first single “Crying Out Loud," that will be released on her forthcoming label debut later this year. Check it out below.

“Crying Out Loud” is a song about wanting a mutual connection with someone, wanting to be loved whole heartedly as one would love the other. I felt emotional when writing this song. The music gave me intense vibes. The instrumental brought me feelings of love and loss, all at once. I had to find a way to bring the two together. It’s a declaration of love, and a cry for clarity.” -KLE

Based out of New York City, KLE grew up performing long before her R&B career. Even in the most competitive city, KLE stands out with her soothing voice, uplifting lyrics and unteachable skill. In late 2015, shortly after meeting hip hop producer Kinnecom, they began recording her debut album, scheduled to drop late 2016. In June of 2016, it was announced that she had signed to Kinnecom’s label CNMTC and released her lead single “Crying Out Loud.” Keep up with KLE on social media with the links below.

KLE: Facebook // Twitter

The CMDWN Announce Album

Alt-rock/R&B dudes of The CMDWN have made some huge announcement since the beginning of summer, and we're just trying to keep up!

After spending the last year in the studio, they're super stoked to announce their debut EP, Doubt - set for release on August 19th! The band worked in tandem with New Noise Magazine to release "Shiver" off of the EP!

The CMDWN had to say about the song, "'Shiver' comes from a very harsh reality that everyone experiences - losing yourself in someone else that you know is not good for you. It's that internal conflict of regretting your choices, but continuing to make them. It's exciting, but disastrous."

With a sound that is reminiscent of artist like The Weeknd, BANKS, or The Neighbourhood, The CMDWN has proven not to disappoint, so we're super stoked on the announcement and this smooth track!

For more on The CMDWN, check out their social media!

The CMDWN: Website //  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // SoundCloud // Tumblr

Mayberry Release Music Video

Alt pop band Mayberry have released a brand new single from their upcoming EP, Beautiful Mess. The single is called “Say What You Want From Me,” and you can check it out along with its new music video right here!

The video was directed by Rudy Cerda and the song was produced by John Keefe & Morgan Dorr (Boys Like Girls).

Mayberry is made up of Esteban Rodriguez (Vocals), Hector Rodriguez (Bass), Brayden Dillard (Drums), and Andrew Vela (Guitar). They focused on writing this alt-rock/R&B song to hit a relatable chord with people who have suffered heartbreak. “Say What You Want From Me”about the heartbreak that comes from differing feelings between yourself and an ex, where the lines of emotions are unclear. 

The future seems bright for Mayberry as the excitement going forward to their new EP is getting a lot of praise. Make sure you check out Mayberry on social media to keep up with their activities heading up to the release of Beautiful Mess on July 22nd!

Here is the tracklist for the upcoming Beautiful Mess EP!

1 Wildfire
2 On Top Of The World
3 Say What You Want From Me
4 Don't Be Shy
5 Find My Way
6 Coming Home To You

Mayberry: Facebook//Twitter//Youtube//Instagram


TK The Architect Reveals New Album

unnamed (1).png

On April 29, 2016, New York, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist TK The Architect celebrates his first and independently released alternative hip-hop & R&B album, Blue Season, with a show at Bar Matchless alongside Feather+Eyes, Hunter and Wolfe, and Light Craft and accompanied by his supporting band, The Get Back Kids. 

The LP fluidly fuses the cacophonous delivery of TK The Architect’s rap verses with under-toning smooth symphonic soulful grooves and live instrumentation, primarily played by himself.  It is also a direct reflection of himself, mirroring his upbringing, music history, and surroundings. Growing up in a bilingual home in New York, TK (born Zach Takayuki Zanghi) was raised by his Japanese mother and Italian father. This mixture of cultures became an essential aspect of his identity and his ability to bridge words was crucial to the development of some of his lyrics. His musical background also played a significant role in both the creation of Blue Season and in the development of himself as an artist. He’s been an instrumentalist since the age of nine and has toured as a guitar tech/stage manage where he adopted the name TK, an abbreviation of his middle name. 

Blue Season does not encompass all of his productivity, though. After touring, he earned a dual degree while releasing several DIY projects, his most recent being Life in Stereo. He’s also founded CON TEMPLATE, a collective of artists, musicians, and other creatives. He advocates for youth talent in his neighborhood by arranging and booking festivals for them in the local community. 

Blue Season not only depicts TK’s full range or work ethic and artistic capability, it also reflects the most common human experiences by communicating his experiences through quality lyrics and reverberations. 

Track List
1.  Blue (Intro)
2. Result of the Fire
3. Shore Somewhere (Interlude) 
4. Water
5. Wait Up Slow Down
6. OGOGOG (Interlude)
7. Current Passing
8. Peace of Mind
9. If You Can
10. Blue (Reprise)

“I genuinely feel that no one could have made this record but me,” TK says, “This is the first time I found a way to connect everything I do, as a musician/producer and as an MC.”

For more on TK The Architect, or what's going on, check out the links below!

TK The Architect: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


DALEK Shares New Single


New Jersey based progressive hip-hop trio, Dalek share their new single, “Control,” from their first album in six years, Asphalt for Eden! They also announced their record release show at The Bell House in NYC on April 22, 2016. 

Check out the Soundcloud stream for "Control," below!

For the past decade and a half, the group has been known for their old-school-street poetry influenced language and delivery underscored by enticingly alarming, sinister sounds. 

They’re eccentricity manifests most in their full-length albums: Gutter Tactics (2009), Abandoned Language (2007), Absence (2005), From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots (2002), and Negro Necro Nekros (1998) - all of which were released through Ipecac Recordings. Dalek supported these albums on tour for a decade, and has performed with many influential artists!

That includes, (but is not limited to) KRS One, Tomahawk, The Melvins, TOOL, Grandmaster Flash, Jesu, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pharcyde, RJD2, DeLa Soul, Prince Paul, Lovage, ZU, Black Heart Procession, Gaslamp Killer, Earth, Flying Lotus, The Bug, Mastodon, and Fantomas. 

After taking a break from the tour, the group was revived and reformed by virtuoso and producer, DJ Dalek creating a new line-up. This consisted of DJ rEk, who works the turn-tables, as well as co-producer Mike Manteca who manages samplers and effects. The trio united to share their original, experimental sub-hip-hop genre through their long anticipated album, Asphalt for Eden

Check out the track list below!

1. Shattered
2. Guaranteed Struggle
3. Masked Laughter (Nothing's Left)              
4. Critical
5. 6dB
6. Control
7. It Just Is

For more information on Dalek, check out their social media!

DÄLEK: Website // Facebook

Adrian Daniel Premiers New Album

New York, home of the big apple and domicile of dreams breeds a new alternative soul singing sensation, Adrian Daniel. He proudly premiere’s his album Disillusions. The 15-track collection is a creative weaving of modern & post 1970 R&B instrumentals coated with the synthetic sounds of his vocals. The album released on iTunes on April 1, 2016, and reflects heavy influence from Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, and Cold Play. 

Work from the Brooklyn born artist has made a bit of a splash in the music pool and has generated acclaim and support from Spotify, TIDAL Discovery, Complex, Vibe, The Fader, as well as Okayplayer; but, the list goes on. 

After the rise and fall of a band that he started called L.D.C, Daniel committed to pursuing a solo career and prides himself on having an unbreakable work ethic and trying vigorously to impact world with his music.

He stated: "Music is everything we hope life would be... At least that's what I believe. That's what I've tried to do with this album: with the storytelling, sonics and everything. I just think that's the purpose of art, to push. I wrote this album to move past all the anger I had with myself and people... to keep from going insane at points in my life. Making this album was a labor of love for me. I never had to do anything this difficult in my life... but it was gratifying though. I learned so much in the process." 

You can listen to the full stream of Disillusions here.

For more info on Adrian Daniel and what he is up to, check out his social media below!

Adrian Daniel: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter // Instagram