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Port Lucian's "Lucid Dreaming II" Easy To Get Lost In

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A recent transplant to Philadelphia, 18 year old Port Lucian is off to a smooth start in the city.

After releasing her first EP, Sun, and embracing pop to it’s fullest - Port Lucian uses their latest track to take a completely different path; but, we aren’t complaining! “Lucid Dreaming II” is exactly that. A bedroom pop anthem that pulls on layered reverb and a slowed down guitar. Remaining true to her admiration for unrequited love & cliché, Port Lucian is tantalizing listeners with “Lucid Dreaming II” as she gears up for a new EP.

Check out the track below!

The track is a dreamy, dusk anthem sure to make you feel something. This track is perfect as the nights grow longer & the days shorter.

As October rolls on by, Port Lucian is amping up for her single release on November 10th at Happy Dog on Euclid with The Last Great American Band, Perfect Girl and ES&Co. This is music you definitely don’t want to miss - to stay up to date, check out Port Lucian’s social media links below!

Port Lucian: Website

Readership Shares New Single With Listeners

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Having just been released last Friday, Readership have lots of fun up their sleeves! "Pet Ghost" is the band's latest track, a fun mix of power pop and 80's/90's vibes. 

Before their beginning in 2012, Adrian Morse and Matt Lee started performing together in various Philadelphia bands after Matt inexplicably responded to Adrian's internet ad seeking a female collaborator to write coffee shop folk music. West Chester, PA-based musician Gregory Matthew joined with Adrian and Matt in 2014, having spent most of his formative years drag racing cars and baking many delicious cookies.

The band released their debut LP New Ways to Make the Same Mistakes in 2016. Since the release of that record, the band added a full-time bass player in Gabe McCall.

Check out "Pet Ghost" streaming below!

We've got Readership's social media down below to check out if you feel like keeping up with what they're up to? Check out the single streaming above, and as always thanks for reading!

Leadership: Website // Facebook // Instagram

Secret Nudist Friends Start Off 2018 With 'Lima Beans'


Secret Nudist Friends jump started their 2018 with a brand new music video to accompany their track "Lima Beans," and we can't share it enough with you!

One of the hardest working Philadelphia DIY bands encompasses all areas of DIY that we love, and their music video doesn't fall short in that area at all. With that do it yourself mentality, and sheer musicianship, it's not hard for Secret Nudist Friends to succeed - and we're here to share that with them!

Check out "Lima Beans" below!

Their fun loving nature and good vibes radiate out of this music video. Set in the infamous Tralfamadore, Secret Nudist Friends are playing to a host of artists (or maybe people who just like looking at it) and the video moves between images of the band playing (live!!!), newest member Missy, and spectators surrounded by Philadelphia basement aesthetic. 

Leave it to SNF to give us exactly what we want!

Keep up with Secret Nudist Friends in the future, the band is playing Johnny Brenda's on February 6th, so you can catch a live performance of "Lima Beans" and support a great band! Otherwise, check out their social media down below!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter // YouTube

The Hook Journal Releases Latest Compilation Charity EP

We are elated to announce our latest compilation charity EP, The Winter EP, available for stream and download right stinkin' now!

The EP includes 5 previously unheard tracks from local bands including Honeytiger, Anna Ladd, Downtrodder, Psycle, and Doggo. Each track on this EP is either an unheard demo, or unreleased master of tracks these bands graciously donated to our cause!

The Winter EP's profits will be donated, 100%, to WOAR. WOAR is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whose mission is to eliminate all forms of sexual violence through specialized treatment services, comprehensive prevention education programs, and advocacy for the rights of victims of sexual assault.

"Founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1973 WOAR is Philadelphia’s only rape crisis center and one of the first in the nation. Over the years the organization has grown from a group of volunteers working in a small room of a hospital to an organization that touches individuals across the city."

Click here for a sample of WOAR’s history over the last 40 years.

Check out a stream of the EP below!

It'd mean the world to us if you checked out the EP and donated some money to the cause! If you can't because funds are short, please just share the EP and that would be great too!

As always, thanks for all of your support & Happy New Year!

In Place Share Their Latest Single "Spiral Daze" With Listeners

Philadelphia's very own instrumental duo, In Place, have recently released their newest single "Spiral Daze" for fans and listeners!

Recorded out of the band’s home studio, the song is the byproduct of a brief moment of life’s pressure pushing down all at once. "The beginning riff symbolizes the intensity while the acoustic at the end is the release of that," says In Place. 

Check out the single, "Spiral Daze" below!

In Place is made up of childhood friends Brandon Cassel and Justin Leggio. Focused on electric guitar and drums, they incorporate brass, percussion, and bass elements performed by friends of the two. The sound has been described as moody, filled with peaks and valleys of tension and release, and that instills a sense of nostalgia and reflection in the listener.

If you're digging this and wondering when you can catch In Place live, you can catch them on July 20th at Front Street Cafe performing with QQQ and Shy. There will be artwork by Cody Bluett as well, so you're in for a treat!

To keep up with In Place, check out their social media below!

In Place: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website

yeenar Shares New Track & Music Video


Philly locals, yeenar, have recently shared their newest music video for their single, "80/20."

After last years release of their debut album, baseball & chain, yeenar have been steadily working their way through the Philadelphia DIY scene. The band also recently released a new track along with a music video on May 27th, which is an exciting endeavor for the band!

Check out the video below!

Check out the video, and be sure to check out yeenar's social media to stay up to date with what they're up to!

yeenar:  Twitter // SoundCloud // Instagram // Facebook

Deadfellow Shares New Single In Anticipation For Release

Photography: Stef Sexton

Photography: Stef Sexton

In anticipation for his June 9th release of Mescalifornia: A California Dream, Deadfellow has released his first single off of the album for listeners! And if you know anything about The Hook, it's that we're huge fans of Deadfellow.

"Miss California" is, in many ways, reminiscent of Deadfellow's previous work. For fans and listeners, this means that the Deadfellow you know and love isn't going to be pulling out anything too absurd for this new album (we think, I mean mostly we assume).

The things you love about the singer/songwriter like the smooth, deep, billowing voice, the semi-sarcasm that lurks in the foreground, the haunting nature of the instrumental background all working together to create the lushness of Deadfellow. Enough of us gushing about this, check out "Miss California" streaming below!

We're anticipating that 6/9 release as much as the next Deadfellow fan, so check out the single streaming above, and then check out Deadfellow's social media to keep up on any updates the artist may be sharing!

This is something you don't want to miss!

Deadfellow: Facebook // Website

Wack Cheddar Release New Music Video

It's not often that The Hook gets the opportunity to celebrate music - and hey, maybe we are constantly celebrating music by sharing it, but maybe not always in the music. Wack Cheddar helped us get right into the music with their funk/jazz/rock/pop inspired jams!

The group just released a brand new music video for their piece, "Arrogance," a nearly 7 minute long track of pure, heavy hitting, feel good music. 

Check out the music below!

The group states that they "draw inspiration from artists such as James Brown, Roy Hargrove, Steely Dan, and Tower of Power. They are led by drummer and composer John Venezia. Wack Cheddar's music is driven by a dynamic three piece horn section complimented by an energetic, hard hitting rhythm section."

Besides John, the group also consists of Nathaniel Hawk, Hiruy Tirfe, Phil Anthony, Nick Lombardelli, Sam Riessen, and Anthony Nigro.

Definitely check out Wack Cheddar's music video for "Arrogance," and then check out their social media to keep up on what's going on with the group, links provided below!

Wack Cheddar: Youtube // Facebook

Exclusive Premiere: Secret Nudist Friends Share 'Met You At That Show' With The Hook

Photography:  Jeanette D. Moses

Photography: Jeanette D. Moses

Straight out of the Philadelphia scene, Secret Nudist Friends have been making waves with their good vibes and good music. The garage/post-punk/surf trio is excited to premiere their newest track, "Met You At That Show," here at The Hook!

Based in Philadelphia, with strong roots in the Brooklyn and Philly scenes, Secret Nudist Friends was originally, the Brooklyn based bedroom project of Edward Krosney of The Fancy Balloons. Krosney teamed up with former bandmate Matthew Klauser to bring the project to the live stage, and thus the band went on to feature several lineups until they met Brian Hullihen, who brought new life and collaboration to the project. Recently, Krosney has passed the project over to the loving hands of Klauser and Hullihen who make up the new trio with bass player Andy Slepman.

SNF states that they "draws its sound from the psych rock roots of the 60s, such bands as the Zombies, Beach Boys, and Beatles, as much as current garage and psych groups such as Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Thee Oh Sees." The band has released several singles, an EP, and are working to release a full length in 2017. (Woohoo, that's this year)

Check out this exclusive premiere below!

The smooth track is an exciting establishment in a series of upcoming events for SNF, including a release show on March 6th at the Tralfamadore, which kicks off a month long SXSW tour! "Met You At That Show" vibes so hard as spring approaches, and relives that fateful experience of meeting someone at a show (do you know that experience, we do).

The track was written and performed by Secret Nudist Friends, with Matty Klauser -(vocals), guitar, Brian Hullihen (drums), and Andy Slepman (Bass). And in the usual DIY fashion, the single was recorded January-February 2017 at Tralfamadore in South Philly!

If you're stoked on Secret Nudist Friends (like we are), then you should check out their upcoming tour dates, and then check out their social media to keep up on all things SNF!

Secret Nudist Friends: Facebook // Bandcamp

Deadfellow Soon To Release New EP

Poster:     Greg Geiger

Poster:  Greg Geiger

Philly artist Deadfellow is anticipating the release of upcoming EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener, this Friday!

The singer is also prepping for an upcoming EP Release show, happening at The Grape Room! Support by the Slomo Sapiens. Also on the bill are The Primaries, The Classic Hunt and The Sly Foxes! RSVP here.

If you haven't already, make sure to visit the Deadfellow page to stay up to date, watch his appearance on WXPN's WXPN Folk Show and look out for a special cover video coming very soon. In the mean time, you can check out the music video for the single "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl" down below (also available on iTunes and Spotify)!

Jesse Ruben Shares Politically Charged Single

Philly born, Brooklyn local singer/songwriter Jesse Ruben has taken to the microphone as our country prepares for the proverbial changing of hands in just a matter of weeks! 

irst made waves with his inspiration anthem "We Can." A triumphant tuned that was inspired by his initiative, The We Can Project, where he was enabled to travel to schools across America to help children believe they can achieve anything they put their minds to! Now, following the widely successful single, Ruben is back at it again with "Scared of America," a politically-charged tune that focuses on the flaws in the healthcare system, education boundaries, the rape culture on college campuses and institutional racism.

Check it out below!

This fall, Jesse will release his EP A Reply to Violence. The title is inspired by a Leonard Bernstein quote he stumbled upon on the side of a school while walking through the East Village: "This will be our reply to violence, that we make music more intensely, more beautifully, and more devotedly than ever before."

For more on Jesse Ruben and what he's up to, check out his social media links below!

Jesse Ruben: Website // Facebook

The Hook & Paper Scissors Media Present...

Poster Art: Maggie Fenning

Poster Art: Maggie Fenning

After a successful September 9th show, The Hook and Paper Scissors Media have teamed up to bring you (what we hope to be) a super rad show series.

Right here in Philly you can check out our latest gig, October 13th at The Tralfamadore. Invite yourself to the event page, or head over to our social media to check out more info - and we're super fuckin' stoked.

This show will feature Coping Skills, Holy Tunics, Curtis Cooper, Killer Ghost, and Secret Nudist Friends! To drum up the hype, you can look forward to articles about each of these stellar bands - so definitely do keep out on the look out for that.

We're adding this event to our calendar, and so should you!

Glenn Matthews Premieres "On Repeat"

In preparation for an upcoming September album release, Philadelphia native band Glenn Matthews has been sharing tracks with listeners over the past few months - and we're itching in anticipation.

Today, Glenn Matthews shared their most recent single, "On Repeat." The track joins the ranks along with "Scab Over," which had been released on July 24th. Both tracks express a somber quietude that echoes thanks to the baritone guitar's featured sound - a marked trait of Glenn Matthews as they've grown.

You can check out "On Repeat" streaming on youtube below, and "Scab Over" right here!

The indie rock band is from Philadelphia, PA - a staple since their formation in 2009. Originally created as an acoustic project, Glenn Matthews (aka Kenny Miller) has developed into a full band! Glenn Matthews released their debut EP, The Kitchen Fire of '97, in late 2015. They then released of a six song acoustic EP, two coins add up to thirty cents (tour tape), which was followed by a week long tour through the northeast and Canada. The acoustic EP is where "On Repeat" and "Scab Over" come from!

The great news is that if you really dig these singles, then on September 30th, Glenn Matthews are preparing to release their first full length album, Maintenance, with the help of Family Fabric Wreckords

Check back on The Hook for more info, and here's hoping for a few more songs off of Maintenance to really get us going for the release on the 30th! For more on Glenn Matthews, check out the links below!

Glenn Matthews: Facebook // Bandcamp

The Hook Announces September Show

Poster Art: Jena Stevens Mar

Poster Art: Jena Stevens Mar

The Hook Journal is proud to announce that we are beginning our show series this September at The Tralfamadore right here in Philly!

We'll be using these shows to present to you the really rad, and hard working scene that we're constantly surrounded in. By collaborating with featured artists, we'll be able to bring the music right to you! Read about it, hear about it - that's the goal. 

This debut show will take place on September 9th at 7pm. We're featuring some of The Hook's OG faves including Weatherhead, Semiotics, and Halogens. Joining them is one of our newest features, Dear Friend!

Check out our Facebook event here, more info coming on this soon!!!!!

Vincent Paragano Premieres New Track

Philly local, Vincent Paragano just released his newest track "A Mile," today! 

You can check it out premiering exclusively on The Hook, and you can check it out below via soundcloud!

The self-proclaimed creator of "atmospheric music" has a ton of other really cool jams you can rock out to also on his soundcloud! So, definitely check out "A MIle" above, and keep checking back for more news on Vincent Paragano and what he's up to!

Vincent Paragano: Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Dylan Young Releases Album

Photography: Ashley Yu

Photography: Ashley Yu

PA/NJ artist Dylan Young just dropped his latest work, How It Felt, a few days ago and it's really freakin' cool.

Released on the 21st, the 10-track LP, How It Felt, is Young's debut album of complete original work - which is an exciting step forward for the artist! The album was tracked/produced at Timber Studios with Adam Cichocki, and was mixed/mastered by Sam Carlen! 

Check the tracklist and album art below!

How It Felt
1. Burn
2. How it Feels
3. After Words
4. Brooklyn
5. Curse of the Hips
6. Interlude
7. Falling
8. The Quiet Room
9. Patience
10. Cheap Cigarettes

The album culminated after years of work for Dylan, who then spent the last few months releasing it bit by bit on social media - a huge tease if you ask me! The Hook will have a review of the album on June 28th, so check back then! In the mean time, check out How It Felt on Bandcamp, and for more on Dylan Young - feel free to check out his social media!

We're super stoked about this, so get stoked on it!

Dylan Young: Facebook // Bandcamp // Website // Instagram // Youtube // Twitter

Philly's Former Belle Shares New EP

The Philly alt-folk natives, Former Belle, have recently shared their newest EP - an inimate, and vulnerable collection.

Foreign Bed is a steady collection of new songs mixed with revisited old material, and the EP is available for stream below.

With beginnings in 2010, Former Belle has walked down many different paths, all led by frontman, Bruno Catrambone. Former Belle also put out an animated video for "I Woke Up In Chicago" which you can also check out right below if you haven't gotten enough of this really awesome group.

For more on Former Belle and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Former Belle: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // YouTube

Weatherhead Premieres New Music Video

Today, Weatherhead premieres their music video for "Contact," and we're probably crying about it.

"Contact" comes off of Weatherhead's most recent EP, Cleaner Blood - and the music video is a first for the band, which is a really exciting development and direction for these Philly locals to be headed in! 

The video was created thanks to director and friend of Weatherhead, Johnny Costa, and we have the music video below for you to check out! 

The video explores a really interesting 'groundhog day' tactic, you know like the movie with Bill Murray - which lead singer Evan and guitarist Jordan co-wrote with director Johnny. 

Also, in our opinion (which probably doesn't matter, but we're going to tell you anyway) "Contact" is a perfect song for their debut music video - and we'll tell you why. The song is a really impactful, emotional, and cathartic representation of Cleaner Blood. It also shows a huge and important amount of growth from their Weatherhead EP to their most recent recognized style - it's growing up and maturing. Lastly, "Contact" is the final track on the EP - and truly acts as this call to answer for Cleaner Blood.

I'm just super impressed, alright. It's like when you read a book and they make a movie and the movie is exactly what you saw in your head. Like, Fight Club. Except, this is Weatherhead.

Definitely watch the video if you haven't already. Listen to Cleaner Blood, tell Weatherhead your favorite joke. The Hook is super stoked on this video, and you should be too!

Check out their social media for more on the music video and upcoming events!

WeatherheadFacebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Moon Jellies Announce Summer Tour & EP


Philadelphia psychedelic band, Moon Jellies, share their plans for upcoming Summer tour and a single off their new EP expected for July!

Founded by co-frontmen Eoin Murphy and Kevin Moran, the Moon Jellies established their spacey, hypnotic sound through elements of psychedelic, indie, and funk music. Upon moving to Philadelphia, the two acquired drummer, Derek Sattazahn, and bassist, Kevin Segal, to complete their lineup. In addition to several singles, The Moon Jellies’ released their first record, MOON PHASE 1, in August of 2015. Since then, the band has been compared to dream pop groups like Tame Impala, all the way to “The Beach Boys on Acid”. 

The guys are currently in the process of creating their new EP and expect to release it by July of 2016. Check out their single “Time Frame,” appearing on the upcoming EP. Murphy says “I got the idea (for “Time Frame”) while messing around over winter break from school. The riff just sort of came to me and after I brought it in we just kept collaborating on it.”

If you’re a fan and want to catch the Moon Jellies jam this summer, you’re in luck. They’ve made plans to tour around the U.S in states/cities including Philadelphia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Baltimore. They expect to announce specific venue locations and dates of their shows very, very soon!

To hear more from the Moon Jellies, check out their Facebook and Soundcloud pages and be sure to see them live this summer in a city near you!