A Day Without Love Celebrates New Music Video & Touring

Matthew with The Hook (duh) here again to bring you just what you’ve been missing! Reviews of some of your favorite artists, past present and forever. I’m back today with an all too familiar face! Philadelphia favorite & DIY legend, A Day Without Love.

If you need a refresher, the man behind the guitar is Philly artist Brian Walker. He’s back doing what he does best: making you feel things deep down, sharing wisdom, and making real good sounds. This time in music video form! That’s right, this music video celebrates the recently concluded “The Rise Above Tour” which spanned 10 different cities in just 9 days! A Day Without Love spent time in each respective city, visiting friends, making new friends and eating really good food. Now, if you think that’s impressive just wait until we get into the song and video aptly titled: “Good Friends Are Hard to Find.”

Check out the music video down below!

As someone who knows a thing or two about long-distance relationships and the connections we make along the way in this journey of living, I’m really into this music video! Factoring in the stupendous guitar playing and great editing, this video is everything you could want and more! Heartfelt and touching songwriting? Check! A gorgeous guitar patterning, harmonized with just the right touch of back-up vocals? Double check! I don’t want to give away too much of the magic here, because this is a moment you need to have fresh in your mind (by clicking on the above video streaming). If this doesn’t leave you appreciating everyone that has ever left an imprint on your heart, then I recommend listening harder because you’re missing it.

What A Day Without Love and Brian are promoting is a message we here at The Hook find very important and sadly remains often unrecognized. Don’t think for one second that we won’t continue to support A Day Without Love, good vibes, making new friends, and (per usual) enjoying really good music.

Moving forward, we can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon for one of our favorite musicians! 

A Day Without Love: Facebook // Spotify // Main Website // Twitter // Instagram

Take A Moment To 'Rewind' With Hannah Lorimer's Debut Music Video


It’s been a little more than a month since Hannah Lorimer debuted her latest music video, “Rewind.” True to Lorimer’s style, you’re sure to feel smitten in just one listen with the songstress and her unique melody and lyricism.

The music video takes on the sweet song in a carefree, vibrant way. Shot by Terrance Harding, and produced by Fortune West, the video lights up the song in an ethereal way. Taking place on the Atlantic City boardwalk, it embodies summer, love, and laughter. Lorimer’s prior tracks, like single “Alive,” are impressive precursors to this bubbly anthemic tune, and we’re so excited that “Rewind” is joining our ever expanding playlist!

Check out the music video for “Rewind” down below!

We’re hoping (and you should be hoping, too) that this track is bringing forth a collection of songs from one of our favorite singers and collaborators. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Hannah has an extensive background in songwriting, teaching, chorus work, harmonizing and otherwise. An unstoppable woman with the voice of a sweet, sweet angel - count us in!

You can keep up to date with Hannah on her private social media, or on youtube. Feel free to look her up and listen good, because she’s someone you’re not going to want to miss!

The Hook Launches: What Music Means To Me

Photographer: Rich Sanders

Photographer: Rich Sanders

We have spent a lot of time writing about music. Three years of our time, in fact, just writing about our friends, peers, colleagues, faceless emailers. We’ve loved every moment of it, but what does this all mean? We made it out of our terrible two’s, and we spent a lot of time refocusing our agenda on what’s important to us here at The Hook Journal.

Community is one of the biggest driving forces that we, as people who enjoy music, play music, make music, listen to music, archive music, would agree upon, right? What makes music this experience for all of us, no matter where we are in relation to it? Whether it’s behind a microphone, behind a camera, through headphones, in a packed basement in South Philly, a coffee bar in New Hampshire, an abandoned Warehouse in South Carolina, music gives us something to hold onto - so, we decided to ask about it.

What Music Means To Me is our forthcoming project that has been carefully asked of contributors all over the United States. The contributors are unique music creators, enjoyers, opinion havers, & art makers who identify all in different, creative & unique ways - ways that make them just them.

Music is one of the oldest art forms, and has been a constant source of power, of courage, of enlightment, of togetherness, of vulnerability - and we hope this project shows that. What Music Means To Me can be as abstract or as literal as human beings allow it, it can be in the form of words, of song, of art, of understanding and silence. We hope to create community by giving a platform to people, by giving the opportunity for others to feel understood, to give and receive empathy, to promote local music, and most of all to be meaningful humans.

Over the course of the next month and a half, beginning on April 10th, a new contributor’s story will post in the morning hours, and we hope that you read these stories, share these stories, take in these moments and apply them to What Music Means To You - and then let us know what you think, tell us your biggest fears, your highest moments, how to be better, who to listen to. What we want most of all from this project is a sense that people are heard, and this is a community that cares for every person, no matter how small or large their part - so, come be part of it with us!

The Hook Journal & Emily Famularo

Hannah Lorimer Celebrates Debut Single, 'Alive'

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

Photographer: Courtney Kehr

After tireless hard work & dedication, we are excited to announce the celebration of a debut release from Philadelphia’s own, Hannah Lorimer.

The Illinois native has been creating, performing and supporting local music & artists since 2013 here in Philadelphia - and has now, finally, put out her debut single, “Alive.” The track is sweet, sultry, and romantic in all ways that we’ve all always known & loved with Lorimer’s music. The singer & songwriter has really crafted something special & unique, which can be a feat in itself: a track that shows off Lorimer’s distinct sound.

Check it out below!

“Alive” is upbeat, but remains grounded in gentle lyricism, and the powerhouse that is Lorimer’s voice. There isn’t a single moment in the song where you’re questioning where Lorimer is bringing you. It feels confident, fluid & matured, as if Hannah herself knows that the content she is putting out is content that needs to be heard - and so, we hear it.

The 5-minute long track is what we hope is the first of many, whether that be more singles, or even a full album. Either way, Hannah Lorimer is always gigging here in Philadelphia, and we’ve included her social media down below so you never miss a beat!

Hannah Lorimer: Facebook // iTunes // Spotify // Instagram

Port Lucian's "Lucid Dreaming II" Easy To Get Lost In

Headshot 2.jpg

A recent transplant to Philadelphia, 18 year old Port Lucian is off to a smooth start in the city.

After releasing her first EP, Sun, and embracing pop to it’s fullest - Port Lucian uses their latest track to take a completely different path; but, we aren’t complaining! “Lucid Dreaming II” is exactly that. A bedroom pop anthem that pulls on layered reverb and a slowed down guitar. Remaining true to her admiration for unrequited love & cliché, Port Lucian is tantalizing listeners with “Lucid Dreaming II” as she gears up for a new EP.

Check out the track below!

The track is a dreamy, dusk anthem sure to make you feel something. This track is perfect as the nights grow longer & the days shorter.

As October rolls on by, Port Lucian is amping up for her single release on November 10th at Happy Dog on Euclid with The Last Great American Band, Perfect Girl and ES&Co. This is music you definitely don’t want to miss - to stay up to date, check out Port Lucian’s social media links below!

Port Lucian: Website

The Hook: A Comeback Story (Or Something Like It)

Photographer:  Richard Sanders

Photographer: Richard Sanders

This is the beginning.

In 2016, we started our site in a dimly lit bedroom on the corner of Locust & 15th in a basement apartment. Since then, we have grown exponentially and without limit. We could not be more appreciative of the music scene, not only here in Philadelphia, but the entire East Coast. We would not be who we are without the bands & artists that fuel us further, push us harder than what we believed.

In the two years since our beginning, we have hosted dozens of showcases, reviewed hundreds of albums, and put our stickers on lots of stop signs in different places around the country. We have been supported by volunteer writers, photographers and artists. We have paid every artist who has worked with us, and donated more than three-hundred dollars to different Philadelphia non-profit organizations. Without our scenes, near and far, we would not be where we are.

So, here we are. Two and a half years later, and we’re ready to get started. We will continue to host shows, to create charity EP’s to donate to important non-profit organizations, we will continue to review and talk about local music. We hope to begin to give voices to those who don’t always have them in our scene, we want to create critical op-ed pieces to, not only fuel and better our scene, but to also better ourselves as people in a world. It’s time to talk about it, so we will. We welcome guest writers, bloggers, and artists to host their work on our site. We welcome those who are in need of a safe space, of suggestions for shows, albums, groups that will allow every body in our scene the place it deserves.

If you're interested in learning more about us, we've got a handy video now, so check it out below!

To begin, we have our first returning showcase on July 13th at our place, so if you’ve never been to a Hook Show, this would be the one to get to. We will be hosting a show on July 17th at Century Bar, and future shows will soon be announced. We are in the works for a 5th Charity EP, featuring all unheard, local music for a good cause.

As always, you can check out our social media down below to keep up while you're on the move. More announcements to follow, so stay tuned!

The Hook Journal: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

"Didn't Ask For A Dime" From Goodnight/Goodluck Out Now

Philadelphia's own Goodnight/Goodluck are celebrating the second release off their upcoming EP - missing, is expected out on May 12th. In the meantime, fans can enjoy and appreciate their latest release off of the EP, "Didn't Ask For A Dime."

A self-recorded four-track demo was released in April 2017, and picked up the very next day and favorably reviewed by WXPN's The Key. Buoyed by the positive reception and a string of well-received live performances, the band recorded their debut EP the following winter with Joe Reinhart (Hop Along/Algernon Cadwallader) at The Headroom in Philadelphia. goodnight/goodluck is Sarah Puleo, Eric Zrinsky, Ed Taylor, Jayson Verdibello, and Alex Brown, together they create a sound that is electric, fun and feel good.

Check out the track streaming below!

The track is a folksy, easy going and mixes an interesting set of voices and sounds together to create a catchy fusion. missing is being released on May 12th - the release show is at Boot & Saddle with openers Secret Americans and WAX WAV. With "Didn't Ask For A Dime" boasting itself over a month in advance for listeners, goodnight/goodluck have given fans and listeners plenty of time to hype themselves up for the release!

We sure as heck couldn't be more excited to see, and hear, what is to come. Check out their social media down below to follow goodnight/goodluck on their journey!

Goodnight/Goodluck: Spotify // Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp

John Whip's 'Electric Love' Debuts Today

Photographer: Steph Defeo @solidstares

Photographer: Steph Defeo @solidstares

Philadelphia local, John Whip, is celebrating today with the premiere of his latest single, and greatest effort, "Electric Love." The jazz infused-pop single is one listeners can easily fall in love with, and Whip creates an intimate scene for you to get lost in.

Whip is an impressive force, but the singer did have help putting "Electric Love" together, of course. With the help of his regular band as well as some outsourcing, "Electric Love" includes John Whip (keys, vocals, production), Sam Carlen -(guitars, bass, additional keys), Craig Hamilton - drums & percussion), Ilya Setrakian - (keys for Electric Love), and Henry Tirfe - (tenor sax for Electric Love).

Between Whip's smooth voice and tender lyricism, his band also follows suit in a defined, crisp manner to make this track a true delight and experience to listen to. We've got the exclusive premiere of the track, streaming here on The Hook only!

Check it out below!

Whip describes how "Electric Love" came to fruition for us, "I wrote this song after accidentally falling in love with someone.  The way we all do when someone just says the right thing or smiles at you the perfect way.  They way that maybe we all think we shouldn’t because there are so many options and reasons to be alone. I knew I didn’t want it to be a jazz song though as that would limit my possibilities in a commercial world, but I knew that if I sung it a certain way and packaged the song a certain way, it could be pop - but still a different kind of pop.

I've just fallen in love with a lot of guys and wanted to explore what that means and who that makes me in the world we live in.  

I just wanted people to relate to that other side of hookup culture that we don’t sing about. The part when we catch feelings / usually the worst part because feelings aren't always reciprocated ya know?"

Of course we relate to that, and "Electric Love" is the perfect song to put on while getting over those post hookup blues. John Whip should have lots more to give us if this is what he's already putting out - polished, professional work.

To keep up to date with John and what he has coming out, check out his social media down below to never miss an update!

John Whip: Facebook // Soundcloud

Dominy Celebrate Album Release With New Music Video


Philadelphia's own Dominy are a feel good, indie-rock/folk mashup that have a lot of good vibes to share - so, ya' know, we're taking advantage of it. Fresh off the high of their most recent album release, Wet Leather, Dominy continue to live up to their own hype with their most recent music video for track "Leather Jacket Song."

The band spent the summer of 2017 at Gradwell House Studios in Hadden Heights recording Wet Leather, and you're not going to want to miss it. The retro aesthetic, the feel good attitude, and the respectable, smooth music of Dominy make the music video for "Leather Jacket Song" one you should sit down and watch.

We even made it easy for you, streaming below!

If you're into this, then you should definitely check out the album streaming on Spotify! Dominy has a few shows coming up in February to look forward too, and otherwise they've entered 2018 with a positive start, and that's more than some of us!

To keep up with this Philly foursome, check out their social media down below to never miss an update!

Dominy: Website // Facebook

The Hook Journal Releases Latest Compilation Charity EP

We are elated to announce our latest compilation charity EP, The Winter EP, available for stream and download right stinkin' now!

The EP includes 5 previously unheard tracks from local bands including Honeytiger, Anna Ladd, Downtrodder, Psycle, and Doggo. Each track on this EP is either an unheard demo, or unreleased master of tracks these bands graciously donated to our cause!

The Winter EP's profits will be donated, 100%, to WOAR. WOAR is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whose mission is to eliminate all forms of sexual violence through specialized treatment services, comprehensive prevention education programs, and advocacy for the rights of victims of sexual assault.

"Founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1973 WOAR is Philadelphia’s only rape crisis center and one of the first in the nation. Over the years the organization has grown from a group of volunteers working in a small room of a hospital to an organization that touches individuals across the city."

Click here for a sample of WOAR’s history over the last 40 years.

Check out a stream of the EP below!

It'd mean the world to us if you checked out the EP and donated some money to the cause! If you can't because funds are short, please just share the EP and that would be great too!

As always, thanks for all of your support & Happy New Year!

The Wonder Years Announce Acoustic EP

The Wonder Years are excited to announce the upcoming release of a very special acoustic EP entitled Burst & Decay. The EP will be co-released with Hopeless Records as well as through a new venture created by the band called Loneliest Place On Earth.

The EP will be officially released on September 22nd, 2017, and is now available for pre-order. A very limited pressing of the EP on 12" vinyl is available on Hopeless Record and Loneliest Place On Earth.

Vocalist Dan Campbell shares a note to fans and explains, "To whom it may concern, We've begun a new venture. I'm hesitant to give it a title because I don't want to limit what it could become but, for now, I'm going to call it a collective - an avenue for music and art and writing and performance. The first order of business will be to pair up with Hopeless Records to co-release an acoustic EP we recorded in May called 'Burst & Decay'. In the coming months and years, we'll be rolling out releases, artists and events. The seeds are being planted. This is just the beginning but for now, thank you. We love you. We'll see you soon."

To keep up with this special EP and The Wonder Years, check out their social media down below!

The Wonder Years: Facebook // Twitter

Queue Releases Brand New Single 'Frontier'

Dreamy Philadelphia locals Queue have shared their most recently single, "Frontier" with listeners recently! The brand new track is a smooth, indie rock vibe that marks the first release since their June 2016 2-track EP release!

"Frontier" moves Queue into an exciting direction, one that seems popular in indie music right now. I'd compare Queue to bands like Foals, or The xx. You should check it out below, streaming thanks to Soundcloud!

The track was produced, engineered & mixed by Ben Rice, recorded at Degraw Sound, Brooklyn, New York, and mastered by Justin Colletti, Joe Lambert Mastering.

We're really into this new track, and the band had this to say about the track, "The sound of this single is grounded by the bands that first got us started in music (ie. The Cure and The Smiths), and was our attempt at making the kind of song we wish we could still hear on the radio."

They're definitely on my list for things I want to hear on the radio, so I'll be sure to follow Queue nice and close! Check out their social media below to do the same!

Queue: Website // Spotify // Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram

Andorra Back With EP

Slip on your wrist sweatbands and buckle up because rockin' rollin' rollickers Andorra are back with What You Wanted - the first of two EP releases due out this summer. The Philadelphian alt-rock outfit teased its release last September with "Four Corners", the opening track off the work. You can stream the angsty anthem of alienation below, where lead singer Kevin McCall seemingly channels the feelings captured in "Adam's Song", yet adds Andorra's "sweaty, bearded boozehound" spin, making for an edgy alt-rock ride soaked in Bud Light and regret.

What's fun about the What You Wanted EP is how, in actuality, it is the first half of a full-length album to be followed up later this summer with What You Got. As if that wasn't enough, the group will then drop the project as a whole LP, including some bonus tracks, as What You Wanted, What You Got this Fall. w-o-w.

Lead singer Kevin McCall described the full work as a tribute to where one grows up - however, along the way, the work dives into the feelings of moving on and out on your own and what comes with dealing with that; from the vices one may employ to the solace one may find in isolation or "in their room", Andorra is taking a hard look at these decisions one makes under duress.

I believe the underlying theme seems to convey the cruel reality of life in that no matter what you do and/or regardless of your intentions, you will never be in control of what transpires. A famous quote adapted from Robert Burns' To a Mouse best captures this theme:

The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain

In aligning this to McCall's intentions with the LP's theme, one can tie this to the idealized view one encompasses when making the transition into complete independence and adulthood, followed by the crushing realities that come with responsibility and maintaining relationships in adult life, but more painstakingly, the nostalgia one grapples with in thinking about the Before. What You Wanted, What You Got will stand to cover these feelings of dealing with the Now, while still being anchored down by The Before - demons we all grapple with in going through major life changes.

However, beyond subtle references to age-old allegories and the inherent dread that comes with aging, What You Wanted offers a more mature, refined sound for the group since their debut etc, etc, etc... in 2015. One can easily attribute this to line-up changes and a few years of life experience, which always seems to influence a band or artist's sound.

This go around, Andorra displays a much more cohesive sound and has truly come into their own as a functioning band with a clear-cut desire to provide hard-hitting, alt rock jams. My fav track off this first half is definitely "Habits". Despite it being a re-hash of a long lost Andorra tune, it still captures the "new" band's energy, supplied with some lovely dirty vocals by McCall throughout the hook. One can taste the disdain in his vocal performance as he expresses his frustration with being left behind, but like, in that fun, "Hey man, it's just rock" way. Like, by the end of the song, I noticed my dress shoes somehow morphed into converse and my shirt & tie transformed into a wrinkled Ramones t-shirt. What were once khakis became slightly torn jeans. My resentment towards "the Man" now prevalent in all my waking thoughts. All of this because I *foolishly* listened to Andorra at work. But with this transformation in mind, if you enjoy the Foo Fighters, bands like Everclear, the Stone Temple Pilots or Franz Ferdinand, or honestly just rock music in general, you'll enjoy what Andorra has to offer.

Anyway, there's only so much hype one can generate via critical analysis and clever wording, so to get a feel for what one can expect from Andorra, the band is throwing a release show for What You Wanted this Friday, May 26th at the Barbary in Philly. For more details, hit that link or just click the image below:

Otherwise, you can stream What You Wanted above or just click here for the Soundcloud playlist...but to get updates and more, keep up with Andorra on:


Deadfellow Shares New Single In Anticipation For Release

Photography: Stef Sexton

Photography: Stef Sexton

In anticipation for his June 9th release of Mescalifornia: A California Dream, Deadfellow has released his first single off of the album for listeners! And if you know anything about The Hook, it's that we're huge fans of Deadfellow.

"Miss California" is, in many ways, reminiscent of Deadfellow's previous work. For fans and listeners, this means that the Deadfellow you know and love isn't going to be pulling out anything too absurd for this new album (we think, I mean mostly we assume).

The things you love about the singer/songwriter like the smooth, deep, billowing voice, the semi-sarcasm that lurks in the foreground, the haunting nature of the instrumental background all working together to create the lushness of Deadfellow. Enough of us gushing about this, check out "Miss California" streaming below!

We're anticipating that 6/9 release as much as the next Deadfellow fan, so check out the single streaming above, and then check out Deadfellow's social media to keep up on any updates the artist may be sharing!

This is something you don't want to miss!

Deadfellow: Facebook // Website

Lockjaw Media Announces Alright? Okay. Fest

Philadelphia's own Lockjaw Media recently announced their upcoming two day, three show festival bringing light onto mental health awareness, Alright? Okay. Fest.

A portion of the proceeds made at the festival will go to Punk Talks, an organization that aims to to provide mental health assistance and awareness to people involved in music. The fest will take place on April 28th-29th in three different Philadelphia venues: HH Ranch, The Pharmacy, and Cat House

Already announced for the festival are as follows by date:

4/28 @ HH Ranch
Nervous Dater
Past Life
Manic Pixi

4/29 @ The Pharmacy
Mikey Erg
Curtis Cooper
No Thank you

4/29 @ Cat House
Loose Tooth
Max Stern
Lunch Ladies

Each show of the festival will highlight local punk and rock acts, while also featuring comedy and art vendors at the daytime events!

For tickets, check out the brown bag, and for more info on Lockjaw Media or Lockjaw Media Presents: Alright? Okay. Fest, check out their social media below!

Lockjaw Media: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Dear Friend Shares New Music Video

Our good friends, Dear Friend, have recently put out a brand new music video for their single, "Wake Up."

The Philadelphia natives have been hard at work playing shows after their recent EP release a in 2016. "Wake Up" is a brand new music video for the band, and you can check out a Youtube stream of it down below!

The energetic video highlights some of Dear Friend's most redeeming and exciting qualities as an up and coming four piece! So, definitely check out Dear Friend, watch the music video above, and then check out their social media below to keep up to date!

Dear Friend: Facebook

Deadfellow Soon To Release New EP

Poster:     Greg Geiger

Poster:  Greg Geiger

Philly artist Deadfellow is anticipating the release of upcoming EP, Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener, this Friday!

The singer is also prepping for an upcoming EP Release show, happening at The Grape Room! Support by the Slomo Sapiens. Also on the bill are The Primaries, The Classic Hunt and The Sly Foxes! RSVP here.

If you haven't already, make sure to visit the Deadfellow page to stay up to date, watch his appearance on WXPN's WXPN Folk Show and look out for a special cover video coming very soon. In the mean time, you can check out the music video for the single "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl" down below (also available on iTunes and Spotify)!

Dirty Dollhouse Premieres "Moonshine" Video

Philly's very own, Dirty Dollhouse is back, having dropped a music video for their single, "Moonshine", which recently debuted on WXPN's The Key!

The "Moonshine" video is a cut from the folk trio's new album, Vinyl Child, whose release is still TBD. The brains behind the group, Chelsea Mitchell, had this to say regarding the new album:

"The themes are darker, the guitars are louder (thanks in part to August John Lutz II), and the vocals are bigger. I love how Bob Sweeney put this video together with so many layers…it seems like a perfect representation of where we’re going. Brian Strouse (of The Lawsuits) and I have been working for almost a year on Vinyl Child, tweaking and reinventing the Dirty Dollhouse sound. There is still a folk/country heartbeat throughout the album, but it’s definitely multi-genre. I think it’s good to maintain a certain ambiguity; at the end of the day, I’m not a country singer, or an indie rock artist, or a throwback – I’m a songwriter. There’s so much freedom in that."

Otherwise, while you wait for Vinyl Child to drop, you can keep up with Dirty Dollhouse on their social media below!

Dirty Dollhouse: Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Soundcloud

Anthony Green Releases Phenomenal Solo Album

This past Friday, Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin) put out his long-awaited solo album Pixie Queen to mass audiences. The album is something of a collaboration between Green and Will Yip, who produced and released the album through his Memory Music label.

You can listen to the AV Club stream by following the link here.

Pixie Queen Track Listing:
1. You'll Be Fine
2. I'm Not Holding You Back
3. Will It Be
4. A Reason To Stay
5. East Coast Winters
6. Dawn On The Canal
7. From What I Understand
8. Cellar
9. Better Half
10. I'm Sorry For Everything I've Ever Done
11. Pixie Queen


The album is ambitious, boasting a multitude of instrumentation in the layered and beautiful arrangements that accompany Green's vocals. It's chock full of emotion, with an explorative spirit imbuing the entirety of the album. It feels as though Green has matured even more since his last solo release, which came out in 2014. Constantly building on his identity as an artist, it only makes sense that this change occurs as he sets forth to outdo himself with each successive album. 

Green has also set out on a solo tour that began on September 2nd and will come to an end on October 1st right here in Philly. Make it a point to come out and see him! Check the dates below:

Anthony Green is a busy man, so you'd be smart to follow him on his respective social media outlets in order to stay up-to-date so you'll know what he's up to next! As always, stay tuned!

Anthony Green: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website 

The Hook & Paper Scissors Media Present...

Poster Art: Maggie Fenning

Poster Art: Maggie Fenning

After a successful September 9th show, The Hook and Paper Scissors Media have teamed up to bring you (what we hope to be) a super rad show series.

Right here in Philly you can check out our latest gig, October 13th at The Tralfamadore. Invite yourself to the event page, or head over to our social media to check out more info - and we're super fuckin' stoked.

This show will feature Coping Skills, Holy Tunics, Curtis Cooper, Killer Ghost, and Secret Nudist Friends! To drum up the hype, you can look forward to articles about each of these stellar bands - so definitely do keep out on the look out for that.

We're adding this event to our calendar, and so should you!