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MKNLY's "When I'm Lonely" For When You're Lonely

North Carolina 4-piece are celebrating their most recent release, “When I’m Lonely,” this week!

”When I'm Lonely" is the first look into their upcoming EP, due out later this year. After spending a year preparing for their upcoming release, MKNLY aims to showcase a more vulnerable side to their sound.

Check out the single below!

About the single, the band states, "“When I'm Lonely” is the title track for our upcoming EP release. This song truly encompasses the emotions of the one night stand mentality. Scared to be alone but yet at the same time completely scared to love or be with someone."

With plans to release an EP in the winter, “When I’m Lonely” is setting the stage for something great. For fans of that bridge between emo, pop, and alternative, MKNLY is going to be the band you’re looking out for. We’ve got their social media links down below, so check it out!

MKNLY: Facebook

Sophomore Slump Fest Lineup Announced

The lineup for 2017’s Sophomore Slump Fest has been announced. The festival will take place on August 5th at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC, and will feature a total of 16 bands including Keep Flying, Kid Liberty, and To Speak of Wolves. A surprise headliner will be announced on May 28th. 

This is the festival’s second year, and it is sponsored by Lucid Life Apparel, Babetalk, and Existential Clothing Company. You can get pre-sale tickets here for only $27! 

Trey Sexton, vocalist for Kid Liberty, is excited to return for a special reunion set at the festival. “We did a reunion show at So What! In Texas at the end of March,” he said. “We decided that the 30-minute set was not enough to quench our thirst . . . so we’re headed to NC for some East Coast love in August! This could very well be the last time this happens!” In that case, fans of Kid Liberty should get those pre-sale tickets now before they run out!

Here’s the full lineup for the festival:
Kid Liberty
Keep Flying
To Speak of Wolves
Bad Case
Home Sweet Home
Light It Up
Heroes Like Villains
Safe, So Simple
Scowl Brow

And don’t forget about that surprise headliner announcement on May 28th! Keep your eye out for that one. Grab your tickets now, and mark August 5th on your calendars! 

Sophomore Slump: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Imminence Records Participating In Extra Life 2016

Imminence Records is picking up steam in the music industry as a respectable business entity, and recently, the Greeneville, NC company signaled the opening of a new avenue in their operations: philanthropy.

Specifically, the company has declared that they are taking part in the 2016 edition of Extra Life when it kicks off on November 5th. Extra Life is typically an event during which gamers stream themselves playing their chosen entertainment title for 24 hours as they simultaneously pool for donations that go toward their choice of Children's Miracle Network hospital. Imminence Records have set a donation goal of $500 by November 5th, with proceeds going toward the James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital in Greenville.

As for the streaming end of things, Imminence has not made it clear yet as to whether or not they will be partaking. However, they have been finding clever ways to garner donations, including a recent Debate "Drinking" Game on Facebook. The game suggested making a $1 donation for every lie told by either candidate and for every interruption. Based on how this election is going, they very easily could have filled out their donation on that night alone!

If you're interested in contributing to their efforts or those of others, follow this link to make a donation. November 5th is coming fast, so get on it before it's too late! For more information, as well as news on some of the hottest new music coming out in the metal/post-hardcore scene, be sure to follow Imminence Records on their respective Internet outlets. As always, stay tuned!

Imminence Records: Website // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube