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Lunch Ladies Stream New Single "Pick Yourself Up"

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Lunch Ladies embody an uncommon sound. Think Vampire Weekend meets some random carnival music. It may sound strange, but the NJ natives manage to invoke some memories reminiscent of your careless childhood jaunts down a New Jersey boardwalk plus whatever creepiness you forgot exists at a New Jersey boardwalk. It can perhaps be the theme to an old time hipster, but still terrifying fun house. Like one in American Horror Story.  

Stream it below!

"Pick Yourself Up," is the first single off Lunch Ladies’ debut album, Down on Sunset Strip, slated for release on March 10th, 2017.

Singer Cynthia Rittenbach’s vocal tone provides a sense of playful vertigo one may find themselves in during a post-apocalyptic trip to Coney Island, where you’re completely alone and the rides are mysteriously operating by themselves. However, the creepiness gives way to a feeling of harmony as each instrument fits snug in between the quick taps of a hi-hat cymbal. By the end of the song you may feel a bit dizzy and hypnotized, but isn’t that what songs are supposed to do?

Upcoming Tour dates:

2/15 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn, NY
3/10 - The J House - New Brunswick, NJ (release show)
4/14 - Brighton Bar - Long Branch, NJ

Youth in Revolt Release Emotional New Track

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Youth in Revolt recently partnered with Rock Sound to unveil their emotionally driven track, "Not Giving Up." Undoubtedly one of the deepest and most personal tracks on The Broken, "Not Giving Up" touches on the aftermath of an unhealthy relationship where both individuals realize they could have said and done things differently.

Check out "Not Giving Up," below!

Youth in Revolt's Kenny Torres explains, "'Not Giving Up' is a very personal song to me actually. Right before we started recording this song I woke up to a call that my ex-girlfriend had died, and we weren't on the best of terms so it fucked me up hard. There were so many things I wish I could've apologized for and things I wish I could've said. To this day I'll always feel responsible in some way, because words have an impact on people, and you say hurtful words to people when you're immature and don't know how to handle a breakup. It really makes you wonder and say, "What if I didn't say that?" or "What if I said this instead and didn't stress this person out?" This song was about our relationship and how everything was just fucked up, and how I wish I could've been a better person, really. I'd say this is the most personal song on the record to me."

For more on Youth in Revolt and what they're up to, including the upcoming release of their record, check out their social media below!

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Youth In Revolt Unleash New Music Video

Youth In Revolt, a Jersey-based five-piece rock outfit, is gearing up to release their much-anticipated debut album, The Broken, on January 20th, 2017 on Outerloop Records. Fans have eagerly waited for this album, and to whet their appetite, the band has released a new music video for the album's title track “The Broken.”

The band has been on a rise recently after their popular covers of Lorde's “Royals” and Elle Goulding's “Something In The Way You Move” gained them attention with fans, and their 2015 EP, Love Is A Liar's Game, was a success. 

Youth In Revolt's vocalist, Tanner Allen, said the following about the new song: "'The Broken' is the title track for our debut record. We chose to name the record The Broken because the track is a great summary of what we were striving for, both thematically and musically, on the album. The song, in particular, is about finding your way in a world that you don't understand or fit into, and finding strength, despite what the general population may tell you! It's a call to arms in a way, our way of saying to come together and find strength in numbers to make it through this rollercoaster of a world that we live in. This is especially important now as our country goes through this absolutely perplexing election campaign that we're in the midst of. It's paramount that we think for ourselves right now as the divided population is shoving their own opinions down our throats. Musically, this song is a chaotic and powerful rock song. We want people to hear this song and feel like they are a part of a movement with us!" 

Fittingly, the video is being released in the aftermath of the recent Election season, and the theme of the album and the title track fits right in with the mindset of the world right now. 

You can watch the brand-new music video for “The Broken” right here!

Pre-orders and merchandise packages can be purchased here. Digital pre-orders with "The Broken" available for instant download will be live on Friday, November 11, 2017. Visit Outerloop.Group for more information!

Youth in Revolt: The Broken Tracklisting
1. The Noise
2. Love is a Liar's Game
3. Not Giving Up
4. The Broken
5. Brisbane
6. Don't Wait for Me
7. There for You
8. I'm Not Scared
9. Alright
10. Sleep
11. Only One


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Lorna Shore Announces Second Full-Length Album

New Jersey's own deathcore doombringers Lorna Shore has announced that they will be releasing their sophomore album, Flesh Coffin, for their fans to enjoy on February 17th, 2017. Furthermore, the roll-out has been heated up by the release last week of "Denounce The Light", which is the debut single off the album. Based on this sample alone, listeners can expect to hear a darker, more mature, and - as always- unforgivingly heavy Lorna Shore next year. You can listen to the single below:

With a handful of EPs, a killer album, and a slew of high-profile tours with bands like Oceano and The Black Dahlia Murder under their belts, Lorna Shore has quickly made a name for themselves amongst the extreme music scene as an outfit with an edge. Combining the band's richly influenced instrumentals with Tom Barber's demonic-yet-dynamic vocal delivery has proven to be a winning formula, and with the newest release, each aspect is only being explored deeper than ever. This release will no doubt serve to further cement Lorna Shore's place as top-notch innovators spearheading the injection of a more black metal-inspired technicality into their sound. 

Flesh Coffin Tracklist:

1. Offering Of Fire
2. Denounce The Light
3. The Astral Wake Of Time
4. Desolate Veil
6. Void
7. Infernum
8. the//watcher
9. Black Hollow
10. Flesh Coffin

The band will also be setting out to perform three tour dates before the year ends: a December 9th show at The Champ in Lemoyne, PA; a December 10th show in Knoxville, TN with genre veterans Whitechapel; and a December 11th show backstage at Championships in Trenton, NJ. Come out and see these bad boys perform new material and classics that will melt your face into a puddle of pure liquid metal. Disclaimer: we cannot ensure that your face WILL in fact be turned into a puddle of liquid metal, so if it doesn't happen, don't blame us! 

If you like what you hear, don't be afraid to hit that like button across the boards on Lorna Shore's various social media outlets. The next few months are expected to be a busy time for these Jersey boys, so if you don't want to miss out, stay tuned!

Lorna Shore: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Youth in Revolt Announce Debut Album

New Jersey rock group Youth in Revolt have been on the scene for a little while now. Last year they were on the Warped Tour, and their cover of "Royals" by Lorde was featured on Pop Goes Punk Vol. 6. 2015 also saw the release of an EP from Youth in Revolt, Love is a Liar's Game. Now the band has announced plans to release a debut full length album on January 20th, 2017 with Outerloop records. The record will be entitled The Broken

"Writing The Broken was such an interesting experience," says bassist Kenny Torres. "We took so many risks and tried so many new things, it was such a rollercoaster of emotions. We came to the studio with an overwhelming 34 songs and a couple demos. After listening to them with Taylor Larson, we just decided we should just rewrite the entire record. During that process, we stayed at his house in Bethesda, Maryland and adapted to the city and the studio. Every day and night we spent writing, recording or learning the new songs that were coming together. Whether it was tracking screams at 5am, or tracking guitars at 5pm, almost every hour of the day we were working. It truly was the most fun, and creative experience we've had as a band. We expanded our sound, minds, and achieved things that seemed impossible and out of our reach. 

The album is a collection of experiences we can all relate to, and each song is significant in it's own way. However, the title track 'The Broken' is not only our favorite song but one that describes what we went through in the process of writing this record. We as a band were broken and had basically broken up but we've been able to piece ourselves back together and are now joined by our good friends Tanner and Arvin and original guitarist Chris. We couldn't have pulled through and made this record without the guys at Oceanic Recording, The Foundation Studio, and and all of our fans who support us and give us the drive to continue to do what we love to inspire positivity and creativity. "

So without further ado, we can share with you the cover art and tracklist of The Broken


1. The Noise
2. Love is a Liar's Game
3. Not Giving Up
4. The Broken
5. Brisbane
6. Don't Wait for Me
7. There for You
8. I'm Not Scared
9. Alright
10. Sleep
11. Only One

Keep your eyes on The Hook to hear any upcoming singles, and for any further information about the album.  You can see Youth in Revolt live on November 17 at Studio at Webster Hall in NYC!

Youth in Revolt: Outerloop Records // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Wild Americans Debut New EP

Montclair NJ based indie-pop trio Wild Americans have just released their brand new 4 track EP, entitled Lighten Up. 

Lighten Up is Wild Americans’ first ever release. It delivers in its promises of a laid back indie vibe. The perfect kind of music for when you want to unwind a little bit. Originally the band had no intention of sharing the music with the world, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Milea elaborates…

“When Mike  and I were still in college, we collaborated on his senior thesis project. The idea was to create original musical content, record it ourselves, and come up with a hypothetical marketing plan for it. We went with a few tunes that he had written, and a couple of mine too. We spent every day of, what felt like a very long and extremely cold winter in our studio space, where we demoed and arranged the material. We showed the project to friends and they were all really encouraging. We picked out our four favorite songs, put a band together, and recorded them live at Portrait Recording Studios, with a few overdubs here and there.”

The record was mastered by Scott Hull, who has worked with Sting, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, and a number of others. 


1. Afternoon
2. Ocean
3. I Wanna Take You Home
4. Loser Freaks





I for one am very glad that Wild Americans chose to put the record out. You can check out the music video to Lighten Up’s lead single “I Wanna Take You Home” right here!

For more on Wild Americans, check out their social media below!

Wild Americans: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp