LKFFCT Share 'Hatchling' From Upcoming LP

Just a few days ago, LKFFCT shared their lead single off of their upcoming full-length, Dawn Chorus. The album is due out October 6th via Sniffling Indie Kids, and is a widely anticipated album - as LKFFCT have made a name for themselves quickly in basements and small sweaty spaces alike.

The track premiered on All Things Go where the band detailed, "'Hatchling' is the first song that we wrote for the new record & has been a staple in our live set for over a year now. The song is about maturation and learning to empathize with those who may not share the same life experiences or ideals."

Stream it down below!

Dawn Chorus is set to be the band’s most expansive record yet, not only in length but in the use of wide-ranging instruments, genres, and topics laid out across the album’s 38 minutes. LKFFCT are definitely going for it.

The band has a few shows coming up in the area, so check those out if you're into these cool dudes so you can check them out live!

LKFFCT Tour Dates:
9/16: The Meatlocker - Montclair, NJ
9/23: North Jersey Indie Fest - Jersey City, NJ
10/7: Grine Fest - Upper Saddle River, NJ
10/13: Cat Circus - Bloomfield, NJ (record release show)
10/14: TBA - New Paltz, NY
10/28: TBA - Philadelphia, PA

Otherwise, stay up to date with these indie folk by following their social media for any new updates!

lkffct: Facebook

Counterfeit Culture Release "Apothecary" Music Video

Post-hardcore group Counterfeit Culture recently released a music video featuring Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse, for their single, "Apothecary." 

The video showcases a violent relationship which highlights the message of the band's recently released EP titled, DeathwishDeathwish dropped August 1st and was produced/engineered by Armellino and gives off the melodic metal vibes and harmonious vocals that will remind listeners of This Or The Apocalypse.

Watch the new music video for "Apothecary" below and stream the rest of Deathwish HERE.

Guitarist, Patrick Robertson talked about the video saying, "This music video is the most meaningful thing of the whole release for all of us. We spent so much time planning out the storyboard, and drove all the way to Lancaster, PA to film part of it. Of course having our good friend Ricky Armellino in it makes it that much more special to all of us. We wanted to follow up on our music video for X, and put out something that's just as impactful. Alec and Kiera, the actor and actress in this video did an absolutely amazing job portraying an abusive relationship. This is a culmination of all our hard work, and we hope everyone can get something out of it!"

Check out the video up above, and for more on Counterfeit Culture, check out their social media down below!

Counterfeit Culture: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

No Such Animals Share Brand New Music Video

New Jersey locals No Such Animals have been hard at work creating new music, and are stoked to finally share a brand new music video with listeners and fans alike!

A music video for their single, "Sold" is in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, "Create T.V." and an all at once emotional, groovy, easy listen. The video is mostly distorted images of the band playing, which feels right. They remind me a little bit of a more chill The Bravery.

Check out the video below!

No Such Animals is a project spearheaded by vocalist and guitarist Ryan Romanowski, which has culminated over many years of cassette tape recordings and and private late night bleacher performances. Driven by nostalgia and recognizing the timelessness of early rock music, the band has breached the surface when the three remaining members, Mike Cavalli, Mike Roshe and Bill Grainger discovered something special by chance through social media.

Upcoming shows for No Such Animals can be found below!
July 28 – Bayville, NJ at Fubar
August 4 – Manhattan, NY at Connolly’s Klub 45 w/ Hat Trixx. The Commotions

You should stick around for their upcoming EP release, and check out No Such Animals' social media below to keep up!

No Such Animals: Facebook // Instagram

THE STOLEN Announce The Fragile Heart Tour Pt. II

NJ band, THE STOLEN, recently announced their headlining tour celebrating a successful release of Fragile Heart. The tour kicks off on August 9th in Amityville, NY at the Amityville Music Hall and will wind its way through Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, before making a run down sound in Dallas and Atlanta. The tour concluded on August 20th in Nashville, TN at The End.

Tickets are now available for The Stolen's headlining tour for Fragile Heart PT. II at their website, so check it out, and we've got the tour dates below!

The Stolen unleashed Fragile Heart which included single "Euphoric" an '80s new wave meets a late '90s alternative sound, with dreamy undertones and effervescent verses. The music video directed by Felipe Gomez looks back on the thrills evoked from the first tastes of freedom and the nostalgia of night adventures in adolescence.

Check it out below!

"We wanted the video to reflect the innocence of youth," said the group, "The filming of the video was a unique experience for us. We chose to have our younger siblings take roles as an underlying connection to ourselves."

THE STOLEN are definitely an up and coming band that you don't want to miss - with features on MTV, spots on Warped Tour and So What?! Music Festival, this rising band doesn't disappoint. Be sure to get your tickets above at their website, and check out their social media for more updates!

The Stolen: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Full Of Hell Share New Music Video

As they gear up for the release of their new album Trumpeting Ecstasy on May 5th (Profound Lore), experimental death-noise band, Full Of Hell have released a new music video for the album's title track!

TheQuietus said it's "...suitably gloomy to fit the track's scuzzy, industrial streak." The song features guest vocals from Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger and the video was written, shot and edited by Jordan Musheno and Ian Killian.  

Check out the debut video below!





Trumpeting Ecstasy is available for pre-order here.  For more on Full Of Hell, check out our interview with them, and then check out their social media down below!

Full Of Hell: Facebook // Bandcamp

Exclusive Premiere: Sentient Moss Shares '1999 in Colombia' Anticipating New Album

Photography: Dave McArthur / Moberium Media

Photography: Dave McArthur / Moberium Media

Anticipating a new album is an exciting and tricky endeavor. The guys at Sentient Moss have been preparing for their March 24th release of their upcoming album, Somebody, Somehow, by sharing a track or two with listeners - and this week, The Hook was lucky enough to pair up with the foursome to exclusively premiere their newest track, "1999 in Colombia."

Check out the stream below!

If you're a fan of American Football, or Moving Mountains, Sentient Moss might be right up your alley. The single, "1999 in Colombia" features members Connor McArthur (Vocals & Guitar), Matt Balkovic (Vocals & Guitar), Nigel Whitley (Bass), and Joe Fadem (Drums). Somebody, Somehow was produced / Mixed by Kevin Grossman at The Hangar (Wall, NJ), and mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media (Asbury Park, NJ).

The band first released "Clarity" last week with 36vultures, and "1999 in Colombia" at first starts out like something I've heard before. Traditional alternative rock with the heavy, gruffness of the vocal outlining a stand out guitar riff. The song, though, surprised me as I listened further - that guitar riff breaking itself down into a more methodic, math like arrangement making the track feel unique and more emotionally heavy hitting.

To celebrate the upcoming album release, Sentient Moss will be joining Halogen's (our faves) Homecoming Release Show on March 25th, presented by Electric Oak! Toy Cars and Grin & Bear are joining the show as well, check out the poster below!

So far, with this being their second release off of the album, Somebody, Somehow, is lining up to be a killer collection that you definitely want to stay tuned for on March 24th! For more on Sentient Moss and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

Sentient Moss: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

SØF Release New Track "Ghosts"

East Brunswick's very own, SØF has taken some time to do some re-branding, allowing herself to take on a new persona! Shedding away her initial pop tracks, SØF delves into a feisty and organic sound. She plans to release multiple singles throughout the first half of 2017, hoping to maintain a wave of momentum through her natural ability to write descriptive, personified indie tracks, all tinged with a hint of relatable pop. 

To do so, SØF has released her single, "Ghosts" which you can check out below!

About the tracks, SØF states: “Writing “Ghosts” was admittedly a massive therapy session for me. For years, I dealt with a unforgiving urge to cling to the past and hold onto the memories of people who hurt me. I wanted so badly to be the girl who is unaffected by all of that, and “Ghosts” was my way of faking it until I could make it.”

For more on SØF, check out her social media below!

SØF:  Facebook // Website

Super Snake Shares New Single

Out of our homestate of NJ, Super Snake are a group for fans of bands like Deftones, The Butthole Surfers, and Queens of the Stone Age - but they're out here making a name for themselves the good old fashioned way: by releasing a brand new single for listeners!

In anticipation of their debut album release, Leap Of Love, the New Jersey quintet Super Snake have teamed-up with Brooklyn Vegan to unveil their ghastly new single “Big Seize,” which you can check out streaming below!

Written from the perspective of a Nosferatu-esque character who is consumed by a dark desire for affection, the song informed the album’s overarching theme and lyrical concepts. Taking cues from B horror slasher flicks and pulp-comic elements, “Big Seize” rumbles along like a funeral dirge or a snapshot from the ‘The Devils Rejects’.

Lead singer Jerry Jones, who also fronts the band Trophy Scars (currently on hiatus), shared a few thoughts on the new Super Snake single: There is this oscillating psychedelia that can melt you in there—it was one of our favorite moments writing together. It was the first song completed so it made sense to be the first single with our new guitarists who totally just shredded and really inspired the hell out of us with the rest of the EP.

For more on Super Snake, check out their social media below!

Super Snake: Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Website

Youth in Revolt Release Emotional New Track

Full Band 2-b.png

Youth in Revolt recently partnered with Rock Sound to unveil their emotionally driven track, "Not Giving Up." Undoubtedly one of the deepest and most personal tracks on The Broken, "Not Giving Up" touches on the aftermath of an unhealthy relationship where both individuals realize they could have said and done things differently.

Check out "Not Giving Up," below!

Youth in Revolt's Kenny Torres explains, "'Not Giving Up' is a very personal song to me actually. Right before we started recording this song I woke up to a call that my ex-girlfriend had died, and we weren't on the best of terms so it fucked me up hard. There were so many things I wish I could've apologized for and things I wish I could've said. To this day I'll always feel responsible in some way, because words have an impact on people, and you say hurtful words to people when you're immature and don't know how to handle a breakup. It really makes you wonder and say, "What if I didn't say that?" or "What if I said this instead and didn't stress this person out?" This song was about our relationship and how everything was just fucked up, and how I wish I could've been a better person, really. I'd say this is the most personal song on the record to me."

For more on Youth in Revolt and what they're up to, including the upcoming release of their record, check out their social media below!

Youth in Revolt: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

Chasing Safety Share In Studio Footage

Cherry Hill, NJ Post-Hardcore outfit Chasing Safety are hard at work on their next album NOMAD. They recently shared the first episode of their ongoing studio vlog.

NOMAD will be Chasing Safety's sophomore album, the followup to 2013's Season of the Dead. The band has made a splash in the time they've been around, with an impressive 70k+ Facebook likes, and a record deal with Outerloop Records. The band hopes NOMAD will deliver more complex guitar riffs and catchy melodies for your listening pleasure. Check out Chasing Safety's first in studio vid below.

"The video gives a cool look into our first few hours in the studio. We were stoked to be able to film these small videos to show people a little peak into the making of an album." - Johnny Galivan (Vocals)

NOMAD is going to be dropping on January 6th, 2017. But if you pre-order here, you can get yourself a download of the lead single "Brand New Prison" right now! You can also check out the music video for "Brand New Prison" right here!

You can catch Chasing Safety live this Thursday November 17, @ The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC.

Chasing Safety: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Youth in Revolt Announce Debut Album

New Jersey rock group Youth in Revolt have been on the scene for a little while now. Last year they were on the Warped Tour, and their cover of "Royals" by Lorde was featured on Pop Goes Punk Vol. 6. 2015 also saw the release of an EP from Youth in Revolt, Love is a Liar's Game. Now the band has announced plans to release a debut full length album on January 20th, 2017 with Outerloop records. The record will be entitled The Broken

"Writing The Broken was such an interesting experience," says bassist Kenny Torres. "We took so many risks and tried so many new things, it was such a rollercoaster of emotions. We came to the studio with an overwhelming 34 songs and a couple demos. After listening to them with Taylor Larson, we just decided we should just rewrite the entire record. During that process, we stayed at his house in Bethesda, Maryland and adapted to the city and the studio. Every day and night we spent writing, recording or learning the new songs that were coming together. Whether it was tracking screams at 5am, or tracking guitars at 5pm, almost every hour of the day we were working. It truly was the most fun, and creative experience we've had as a band. We expanded our sound, minds, and achieved things that seemed impossible and out of our reach. 

The album is a collection of experiences we can all relate to, and each song is significant in it's own way. However, the title track 'The Broken' is not only our favorite song but one that describes what we went through in the process of writing this record. We as a band were broken and had basically broken up but we've been able to piece ourselves back together and are now joined by our good friends Tanner and Arvin and original guitarist Chris. We couldn't have pulled through and made this record without the guys at Oceanic Recording, The Foundation Studio, and and all of our fans who support us and give us the drive to continue to do what we love to inspire positivity and creativity. "

So without further ado, we can share with you the cover art and tracklist of The Broken


1. The Noise
2. Love is a Liar's Game
3. Not Giving Up
4. The Broken
5. Brisbane
6. Don't Wait for Me
7. There for You
8. I'm Not Scared
9. Alright
10. Sleep
11. Only One

Keep your eyes on The Hook to hear any upcoming singles, and for any further information about the album.  You can see Youth in Revolt live on November 17 at Studio at Webster Hall in NYC!

Youth in Revolt: Outerloop Records // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

A Boy Named John Shares "Gentleman"

CW: Sexual Assault

On September 25th, A Boy Named John did their part in shining a light on the constant brewing storm that is sexual assault. The band recently released their music video for the track "Gentleman," a track off of their album So We Live | So We Die.

According to the band's youtube, "We wrote this song with the intention to help provide solace for victims of sexual violence. These horrible incidents will keep happening until our society learns to respect and love one another. Enough is enough. Be the change you want to see in our world."

The music video was put together by Eric DiCarlo, while the music was produced/engineered by Kevin Kumetz, and Mastered by Mike White. You can check out the video above, a powerful music video for a powerful track. 

In the mean time, check out A Boy Named John's social media for more of an inside scoop.

A Boy Named John: Facebook // Website

Ruby Roses Amps Up Listeners With Brand New Singles

Northern NJ natives, Ruby Roses, have been amping up for their upcoming July release for their upcoming album, Some New Paradise!

In preparation for the release, Ruby Roses has shared two brand new singles with listeners - and if they're anything like what the album has for us in store, then we're really freakin' excited!

Some New Paradise :
1. Love Is In My Arms
2. Shipwrecked
3. Wait All Night
4. Copenhagen Sky
5. Get Me Out Of My Head
6. All That You Need
7. Good Company
8. Illusions
9. Keep The Magic
10. When She Goes Away
11. Catch A Dream
12. Somehow

"Copenhagen Sky" and "Wait All Night" are clearly influenced by Indie-Rock and Pop influences! They're reminiscent of summer nights and the lyrics are good and some parts really sounded like The Beach Boys, so basically you should be listening to these singles!

And more importantly, they are both free!

Check out Ruby Roses social media links for more on the upcoming album, take a listen to the singles, download them for FREE!! Do the thing.

Ruby Roses: Facebook // Bandcamp // Website

A Boy Named John Shares Album

NJ born & raised alt-rockers A Boy Named John have been spending the month of June very wisely! The group not only just released their new full-length album, So We Live | So We Die, they also have shared a new music video for their track "Sir John" off of the LP!

Check out the music video for "Sir John" below!

So We Live | So We Die was released on June 24th, and features production from Kevin Kumetz (I Am the Avalanche, With The Punches, Seaway) and Michael White (Whitney Houston, 3 Doors Down, The Rolling Stones). And since their beginning, the six-piece has shared the stage with prominent alternative rock outfits like You Me At Six, Metro Station, Never Shout Never, The Academy Is… and The Spill Canvas, to name a few!

Which really means you should be on the look out for these up & coming dudes! For more on A Boy Named John, check out their social media below!

A Boy Named John: Facebook

Semiotics Release Music Video

Photography: Jason Paul Renna

Photography: Jason Paul Renna

Local New Jersey grown band, Semiotics, just released a brand new music video this week for their track, "Cheers Me Proper."

"Cheers Me Proper" comes straight off of their most recent EP, For How, which released in October 2015. The music video is a beautiful non-romantic (and awkward, and goofy) ode to playing basement shows - the guy on the phone, beer as donations, and a whole lot of tomatoes - and you should definitely check it out below!

While you're at it, just check out For How because that's also some super stellar alt-rock/emo music you can vibe to. Semiotics is also gearing up to go and play some shows with Brackish - check out those dates below (on the coolest poster I've ever seen).

For more info on Semiotics you can check back here where we'll be checking out their newest EP, and learning more about Semiotics - or you can just go straight to the source and check out their social media!

Semiotics: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud

DALEK Shares New Single


New Jersey based progressive hip-hop trio, Dalek share their new single, “Control,” from their first album in six years, Asphalt for Eden! They also announced their record release show at The Bell House in NYC on April 22, 2016. 

Check out the Soundcloud stream for "Control," below!

For the past decade and a half, the group has been known for their old-school-street poetry influenced language and delivery underscored by enticingly alarming, sinister sounds. 

They’re eccentricity manifests most in their full-length albums: Gutter Tactics (2009), Abandoned Language (2007), Absence (2005), From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots (2002), and Negro Necro Nekros (1998) - all of which were released through Ipecac Recordings. Dalek supported these albums on tour for a decade, and has performed with many influential artists!

That includes, (but is not limited to) KRS One, Tomahawk, The Melvins, TOOL, Grandmaster Flash, Jesu, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pharcyde, RJD2, DeLa Soul, Prince Paul, Lovage, ZU, Black Heart Procession, Gaslamp Killer, Earth, Flying Lotus, The Bug, Mastodon, and Fantomas. 

After taking a break from the tour, the group was revived and reformed by virtuoso and producer, DJ Dalek creating a new line-up. This consisted of DJ rEk, who works the turn-tables, as well as co-producer Mike Manteca who manages samplers and effects. The trio united to share their original, experimental sub-hip-hop genre through their long anticipated album, Asphalt for Eden

Check out the track list below!

1. Shattered
2. Guaranteed Struggle
3. Masked Laughter (Nothing's Left)              
4. Critical
5. 6dB
6. Control
7. It Just Is

For more information on Dalek, check out their social media!

DÄLEK: Website // Facebook

The Stolen Release Music Video

Due out on April 8th, The Stolen are amping up to release their upcoming EP, I'm So Dead!

In preparation for this, the NJ pop-rock locals partnered with Buzznet for the exclusive first look at their "Can't Get Enough" music video. The debut track is off the EP resonates with the band's progression to integrate 90's rock with a modern pop and R&B twist reminiscent of The 1975, The Summer Set, and The Maine.

Check out the video for "Can't Get Enough," on Buzznet!

The EP will feature five brand new tracks which were produced and engineered by Rob Chiarappa and Mike Oettinger at Retromedia Studios in Red Bank, NJ and Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, NJ.

Track listing:
1: Narrow Lense
2: I'm So Dead
3: Can't Get Enough
4: Skeleton
5: White Dress

The band had this to say about the EP, "We wanted to write a record that told a story of personal/drastic change that happened this year. We wanted to write a record that grooves. We took influence from 90's rock to modern pop to R&B. With a year of hardship and a larger musical palette, it gave us more to color with for this record."

The Stolen is also currently on tour - and you can check out those dates below!

Tour Dates:
Mar 31 - Toronto, OH @ D-Beatstro
Apr 1 - Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot
Apr 3 - Berwyn, IL @ Wire
Apr 4 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dame
Apr 6 - Kent, OH @ The Outpost
Apr 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
Apr 10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
Apr 12 - Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
Apr 13 - Atlanta, GA @ Under The Couch
Apr 15 - Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
Apr 16 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Club Refuge
Apr 18 - New York City, NY @ Studio at Webster Hall

For more going on with The Stolen, peep the social media below!

The StolenWebsite // Facebook // Twitter

Hiding Out Announces EP

We're excited to share that New Jersey's Hiding Out has announced the details of their upcoming EP!

The news comes after their most recent release in January, "Light Me Up." A tangy, catchy song that makes the jersey come out in anyone, especially me. The song is reminiscent of warm summer nights in the salty air, and impressively totes lyrics, vocals, and instrumental coordination that listeners can easily get lost into. If you aren't listening to it, you should be listening to it - bottom line.

After its release, the single became available on Spotify to stream, as well as for purchase on iTunes. "Light Me Up" received a great deal of success from listeners, and if it proves anything about Hiding Out it proves that their upcoming EP, Vena Cava, is going to be a collection of tracks you need to be on the look out for.

Track listing:
1. Dry Heat
2. Light Me Up
3. Vena Cava
4. Ghosts In The Backseat

Vena Cava is expected to drop on April 1st, and will contain 4 tracks, one of which being "Light Me Up." You can check out the tracklist above for the inside scoop on the tracks! Expect waves to be made with this release, and we're already itching with anticipation.

Hiding Out is comprised of Joe Dicamillo (guitar), Bryan Little (bass), John McManus (vocals), and Kevin Sardy (drums). The group has been quickly gaining momentum thanks to "Light Me Up," and will also be playing a ton of gigs and amping up fans in preparation for their debut EP - and I have "Light Me Up," on repeat until then!

For more info on Hiding Out, or what they're up to, check out their social media plugs below! Meanwhile, keep checking back on Halfbeat for complete coverage of these talented guys.

Hiding Out: Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Instagram