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GRIMM. Debuts New Music Video 'Summerset Station'


A blend of hip-hop & alternative rock, GRIMM. brings out the best of both genres in their brand new single "Summerset Station," off of upcoming EP, spectrum. The new track also has an exclusive music video you can watch below!

The track is an upbeat, 21 Pilots-esque anthem that you definitely want to check out. If you're familiar with the genre blending techniques of Linkin Park, 21 Pilots, or even locally grown band Civil Youth, then you're definitely going to dig this. The video isn't what it seems, but maybe you should watch it for yourself to figure it out.

According to GRIMM., "After years of writing, managing and playing for bands, Adam found his own voice that would be the inspiration behind a new perspective in mainstream music. Being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 6, Adam had always been treated differently. Dealing with a mandatory separation from class into a resource room where Adam spent his time writing music and helping his classmates that functioned at a lower level. He used his musical ability to become more social and gain the confidence to become the performer he knows he will be. GRIMM. wants to be an inspiration to kids with Autism who feel their disability is stopping them from achieving their goals in life."

Good, new & exciting music for a good cause is definitely the type of stuff we like to get behind. GRIMM is going to push the limits on genre bending, and we look forward to what's to come in the near future!

Stay tuned later this month when GRIMM anticipates to release spectrum, and check out their social media to keep up with all updates!

GRIMM: Facebook // Instagram

Album Announcement Comes From Roam Along With New Single


ROAM has officially announced they are releasing their second album titled Great Heights & Nosedives on October 13th, 2017 via Hopeless Records. The first single from the album, "Playing Fiction", premiered in the UK on BBC's Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter and can now be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Check out the music video for it below!

Alex Adam (Guitar / Vocals) explains the thinking behind the track, "Playing Fiction is really a song about pretending, and the realization that things aren't always how they seem. Maybe you're pretending you're ok, saying nothing's wrong when it actually is, or, as is the case in Playing Fiction, you're pretending a relationship hasn't run its course when it has.

The video for the song centers around myself and Costello walking through a town with strange scenes appearing as the day progresses. It all builds towards our realization that we're stuck in a fairytale daydream, and we end up being a part of the fantastical world. It was a lot of fun to shoot with all our friends and some cheeky special extras in various costumes. We'll let you guess as to their identities..."

The album is now available for pre-order through the band's site, or on iTunes with an instant grat download of "Playing Fiction" here.  

The Flatliners Release New Video 'Indoors'

unnamed (2).jpg

Toronto's The Flatliners released a brand new music video recently for their track "Indoors." The video takes place at a local karaoke night, where the patrons are only interested in singing 'Indoors,' and those participants are clearly ready to fight to keep "Indoors" playing all night long.

Check out the smooth little diddy below!

Frontman Chris Cresswell says, "'Indoors' comes from a place of deep winter isolation and serious reflection - with the help of some burning paper and that familiar smell. Nights like that, that can really help take you to where you want to be once the snow melts."

He adds, "So now that it's summertime when you're out with your friends burning the candle at both ends, enjoy it, cause the snow's gonna fall before you know it. This one's for all those karaoke kings and queens out there, singing along like no one's watching."

Check out The Flatliners social media to keep up with everything they're up to!

The Flatliners: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Web

the Big Drops Share Another Brand New Music Video

The Big Drops, a NY/NJ-based band with a psychedelic flair, has released a music video for their song “Baskets of Love,” which comes off their just released debut album, Time, Color. I’ve written an article for these guys before, and I was a big fan of their music, so I was excited to see the video for “Baskets of Love,” a song that’s reminiscent of 1960’s rock n’ roll.

The video features the band performing mostly in black and white, intermixed with close-up shots of the guys in vivid, vibrant color. The color contrasts make it really cool, and the way it’s filmed in grainy, vintage quality fits with the aesthetic of the song. 

Check it out below!

The video originally premiered with Songwriting Magazine, where The Big Drops admitted that they had a lot of fun filming for “Baskets of Love.” Check it out, and I would definitely recommend listening to the full album of Time, Color. “Baskets of Love” isn’t the only great single on there, and I look forward to seeing some other possible music videos in the future (my personal favorite track is “By The Water,” and I’d love to see a visual companion for that). 
In the meantime while you’re waiting for more releases, watch the video for “Baskets of Love,” download the album, and you can certainly expect to see The Big Drops appearing on the road this year! Some tour dates are down below, and be sure to follow The Big Drops on social media for any forthcoming announcements. 

The Big Drops: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Youtube

New Music Video From Philly Favorites Honeytiger

Photography: Rachel Del Sordo

Photography: Rachel Del Sordo

Our favorite indie rock duo from Philadelphia, Honeytiger, are spending their summer making cool new tunes, one of which is their brand new music video!

"Interviewer" was recorded and mixed by Andy Clarke at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia and mastered by Ian Farmer (of Modern Baseball). The video was shot and directed by Carson Miller at The Pharmacy in Point Breeze, Philadelphia with choreography by Katie Elkins!

Check it out below!

"Interviewer" is the first track off of their forthcoming EP that will be released this summer. This will mark the first release of 2017 for Honeytiger and first studio-recorded song for the band!

To keep up with Honeytiger, check out their social media below!

Honeytiger: Facebook

Sleeptalk Release Music Video for Dizzying New Single "Young"

Electro-pop quartet Sleeptalk from Los Angeles has released a new music video for their single "Young." The track comes from their debut self-titled album that will be released on July 28th via Artery Recordings, which includes a combination of remastered versions of songs from their earlier EPs as well as brand new tracks. 

Check out the video below!

Vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick says "This song is about a specific night where 10 PM turned to 5 AM within minutes. It's about those nights where the only thing to look forward to is the rest of the night. The type of night when congenial is not only a word but a lifestyle. Stumbling around, lighting continuous cigarettes and enjoying a group of friends where nothing can go wrong, except the end of the night."

Pre-orders for Sleeptalk are available now on iTunesMerchNow, and all other digital retailers. For more on Sleeptalk, check out their social media below!

Sleeptalk: Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Instagram


The Tambo Rays Share New Single Off Of Debut Album

Pop-rockers, The Tambo Rays, are busy preparing for their upcoming release of Recharge, and to celebrate they've recently shared their brand new single, "Yes or No," from it!

Check out the track below from the Oakland natives!

The track premiered along with a music video via Wonderland Magazine where the band shared, "This song is about letting go of old habits and beliefs, and the uncertainty that ensues the unfamiliar territory of new begins. It’s about confronting the difficulties of going in a direction different than the status quo, and releasing the expression of our most honest form of self, regardless of what others think."

To keep up with The Tambo Rays, check out their social media below!

The Tambo Rays: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Youtube // Spotify

New Single from Amanda Markley ft. Will Pugh

Seattle songwriter Amanda Markley has released a new single, called “Ways to Go,” a year after debuting her self-titled EP. The new track features Cartel frontman Will Pugh, who also produced the song.

Check it out below!

“Ways to Go” is about relationships: the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the journeys people take together to grow and change. Recording the single was the first time Markley and Pugh worked together, and Markley says it “has a good message because it’s about getting through the ups and downs of a relationship and how life is always a journey.”
Her own life has certainly been a journey. Markley wasn’t always a singer. She used to ride horses, but after a devastating spinal injury (I’ve been there – it sucks) she had to scale back on her passion for horseback riding and channel her emotion into something else. She coped with her injury by writing in a journal, which lead to her inspiration for writing music. And since then, she’s come a long way. Markley strives to inspire people to follow their dreams, which is the foremost message in many of her lyrics. “Ways to Go” may be about relationships, but it also encompasses Markley’s passion for embracing life and all that comes with it. 
Listen to “Ways to Go” through the exclusive release with Substream Magazine, and keep up with Amanda Markley on social media for more updates from the soulful singer. 

Amanda Markley: Twitter // Youtube // Instagram // SoundCloud

Alex Bent + the Emptiness Share 'Vanilla Blue'

Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Bent + the Emptiness have recently released a brand new track in preparation for a future LP release!

The track is a smooth, R&B inspired track perfect for the coming summer months. Check out the music video for it below!

Alex Bent explains, "I decided on the title “Vanilla Blue” several months before I started writing the song. It originally came to me as a description of my appearance, but after running the name by several friends I realized that those two words could be interpreted in many different ways. One friend interpreted the title to mean "a sweet kind of sadness" and it stuck with me. I started working on the song shortly thereafter and wrote it with that meaning in mind."

"Vanilla Blue" takes a step back from the typical for Alex Bent, and we'd say it's a nice change of pace! Check out Alex Bent + the Emptiness' social media links below to stay up to date!

Alex Bent + the Emptiness: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud

Julian Fulton Releases EP, 'Battered Receptions'

Just after the release of the single “Rosie’s Disposition,” which I loved, Julian Fulton has released the full EP Battered Receptions. A solo project offset from his band The Zombie Gospel, Battered Receptions is Julian Fulton’s solo exploration into his own musical abilities, and it sounds like another success. Fulton previously released 2 other solo EP’s, but Battered Receptions proves to be the strongest. With tracks like “Rosie’s Disposition” and “Howl,” Fulton exhibits a strong solo presence that sets him apart from his previous work with The Zombie Gospel.

The 5-track EP is one worthy of listening to more than once. Check out the full track list streaming below!

Julian will be stopping close to home on an upcoming tour date in New Hope, so if you’re interested in seeing him live, stop by John & Peter’s on the 20th of this month to watch his performance.

5/20 – John & Peter’s – New Hope, PA

Battered Receptions is available for streaming now, so head to Julian Fulton’s Bandcamp and listen to it as many times as you can before you get tired of it. And then listen to it some more. “Rosie’s Disposition” is definitely my favorite track, but all the songs are worthy of attention. 

Julian Fulton:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud // Youtube

New Single from SØF Out Now

Spunky pop artist SØF has released a new single about amphetamines. Yes, that’s right, amphetamines. The song is called “The Rush,” a fitting title, and comes from the artist’s experiences in college, when she noticed her classmates start to get wrapped up in the workings of a drug-fueled society.

“The Rush” follows the release of three other singles in 2017, and it continues SØF’s ambition of trying to break away from the teen pop persona she had in the younger days of her career. The new single is catchy and fast-paced, and the subject matter is certainly distinctive from SØF’s other music. 

Check it out here, and check out "Ghosts" previously released below!

About the song, SØF said, “I really wanted to write about something different and give myself a challenge.” With “The Rush,” she breaks away from her typical songs about love and relationships. She says it’s also her favorite song lyrically, which makes it worth listening to. SØF blends genres and has a knack for singing fast and rapping, as well as remaining unique and unapologetically herself in the world of mainstream pop.

She’s one to watch out for in the future.

Give “The Rush” a listen below, and you can also check out some of her other previously released singles. 

SØF: Facebook // Website

The Big Drops Share New Single "By The Water"

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Time, Color, NJ-based indie group The Big Drops has shared their first single, “By The Water.”

The song was originally premiered through GroundSounds, who said, “It’s a perfect track to get lost in as The Big Drops paint an aural landscape that simulates being transported to a forest on a beautiful day.” That’s certainly enough to get me to listen to it. The song is definitely dreamy, with echoing vocals and enticing, psychedelic instrumentals. 

The Big Drops formed in 2011 when brothers Greg and Vramshabouh Kherlopian decided to go all Walden like Henry David Thoreau and live in a log cabin for three years. Eventually, they found their drummer Caleb Estey and their bassist Steve Donahue in 2015, and now they’re ready to release their first full-length debut in the form of Time, Color. The album is described as “running through a sonic wilderness,” which is already enough to get me interested. Inspired by 1960’s pop music and leaning towards electronic tendencies, founding brother Vramshabouh says, “We feel like our music touches on a variety of different vibes and colors. So we like to think the overall theme of this album is diversity of life.” 

I’m certainly looking forward to this release!

The Big Drops also have a show coming up in Clifton, New Jersey, if you’re in the area and want to get a taste of them live. For now, listen to “By The Water” on SoundCloud, and check out their social media to stay up to date!

the Big Drops: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Youtube

New Album and North American Tour Announcements from Hexheart

Seattle post-punk artist Hexheart has announced the release of their debut album, Midnight On A Moonless Night. The first single off the album, “A Thousand Times,” premiered on The Huffington Post, which you can listen to down below. Hexheart’s North American tour will kick off on May 31st and end on June 22nd, from California to Oregon. 

Hexheart was formed by Jasyn Bangert, formerly of EBM band God Module. Bangert needed an alternate outlet for his musical ideas that didn’t quite fit in with God Module, and Hexheart was the result. Alongside Andrew Pearson on synths and backing vocals and guitarist Patrick Hogan, Jasyn Bangert rounds out Hexheart with a strong core.

The band is inspired by influences both old and new like The Cure, Joy Division, Cold Cave, and She Wants Revenge, but they’ve got a sound that’s original and unique, combining darkwave and synth-pop electronics and melodic vocals. The tour dates can be seen above, and the album is available for preorder now!

Hexheart: Facebook

Debut EP 'Hell Or High Water' From Blonde Roses

Blonde Roses, based out of New Orleans, have partnered with Substream Magazine to stream their debut EP, Hell Or High Water. Blending alternative rock with southern blues, Blonde Roses is proud to stream the full EP after they previously released their single, “Anymore.” The band is influenced by artists from the 60’s and 70’s, and with Hell Or High Water, they aim to give their fans honest and real lyrics about staying strong through the curveballs life throws at you. 

Band members Molly, Harry, Anthony, and Albert want Hell Or High Water to be their introduction to a long career in music, and the EP is a promising start. Raw, vulnerable, relatable, and real, Hell Or High Water draws from the band’s Louisiana roots and their personal experiences, sending a message to persevere, to stay strong, and to stay true to yourself.

The two singles off the EP, “Anymore” and “Bullet,” paint a picture of overcoming life’s obstacles and still being able to appreciate the beauty of it all. Lead singer Molly says, “Life isn’t always going to be easy, but it’s a blessing.” 

Hell Or High Water will officially be released later in the spring, but for now, it’s available for digital streaming, and keep up with Blonde Roses on social media for more updates from the band.

Blonde Roses: Facebook // Website

Full Of Hell Share New Music Video

As they gear up for the release of their new album Trumpeting Ecstasy on May 5th (Profound Lore), experimental death-noise band, Full Of Hell have released a new music video for the album's title track!

TheQuietus said it's "...suitably gloomy to fit the track's scuzzy, industrial streak." The song features guest vocals from Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger and the video was written, shot and edited by Jordan Musheno and Ian Killian.  

Check out the debut video below!





Trumpeting Ecstasy is available for pre-order here.  For more on Full Of Hell, check out our interview with them, and then check out their social media down below!

Full Of Hell: Facebook // Bandcamp

Drum Play-Through Out Now via A Wake In Providence

New York City deathcore outfit, A Wake in Providence, recently announced signing to Outerloop Records, along with the release of their latest track, "A Darkened Gospel." The track was hailed by Metal Injection as "a relentlessly destructive track that slows down for no more and annihilates everything in its wake."

In celebration of all of the recent announcements, A Wake In Providence have shared a drum playthrough of"A Darkened Gospel," for fans! Check out below!

Here is what drummer Anthony had to say about recording the series, "I'm super excited to have been able to film these videos! I was able to perform and record the tracks in a comfortable environment and have my buddies D'Andre Tyre produce the audio and Joe Flannery film the videos. I had a blast tracking these, hope you guys enjoy 'em ! Big thanks to Vratim Footwear, Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Axis Percussion."

Stay tuned for further announcements, tour dates, and new music by checking out A Wake In Providence's social media below!

A Wake In Providence: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

Check Out "The Sand Song" From Lauren Scott

Lauren Scott introduces brand new song "The Sand Song" for listeners. The smooth, folk inspired song is the perfect introduction to a cool spring evening. 

Check out the stream below!

In celebration of "The Sand Song," Lauren Scott will be at Connie's Ric Rac in Philadelphia, PA for Femme Freedom. Check out the event here.

Influenced by artists such as Laura Marling, Dan Auerbach, and Lianne La Havas, Lauren Scott creates soulful music that is earnest and enchanting. Lauren has been playing in and around Philly since 16. Her progressions dynamic and enthralling. She has also played at World Cafe Live, and Musikfest, as well as a variety of spaces along the East Coast. "The Sand Song" is just the beginning for Lauren, as she plans on releasing her debut EP "Stuck in Time" in the fall of 2017.

To keep up with Lauren Scott and her upcoming adventures, check out her social media below!

Lauren Scott: Facebook

Dizzy Bats Share 'Until We Die' With Listeners

NYC's very own Dizzy Bats have recently shared their most recent music video for their track "Until We Die." A low-key tribute to the struggles and hardships of a newer band - working itself through the highs and lows of practice frustrations and on-stage performances. 

Check out the video below!

The video, shot in LA, is their third collaboration with California-based director/producer, Michael Chiu. Dizzy Bats is made up of Connor Frost (Vocals/Guitars), Dave Ma (Vocals/Bass), Jared Sochinsky (Guitars), and Derek Swink (Drums).

"Until We Die" comes off of Dizzy Bats' latest EP, Until We Die. A three track concept that was released back in February! The track produced by Jonathan Markson at The Gallery Recording Studio, and the anthemic video is sure to be in your queue after first watch!

Check out the video streaming above, and then feel free to check out Dizzy Bats' social media to keep up with everything they've got going on! A band you definitely don't want to miss.

Dizzy Bats: Facebook // Bandcamp

New Single “Mysteries of Nature” From Mouth Breather

Montreal alt-funk solo artist Owen Hooper, more commonly known as Mouth Breather, has released his new single and music video, “Mysteries of Nature.”

Check out the video below!

The video gives off a ‘70’s vibe, and features Mouth Breather singing directly into the camera in a yellow-hued blast of color and energy. The song captures Mouth Breather’s upbeat personality and represents the singer passionately, romantically, politically and socially. “Mysteries of Nature” was born from a jam session with Mouth Breather and his friends last summer, and with a funky bass-line and catchy beat, the track is bound to get stuck in your head. The music video is certainly eye-catching enough to hold the viewer’s attention. Directed by William Wilkinson, the video was shot on an old TV zoom lens to give it more of that vivacious 70’s feel.

“Mysteries of Nature” is funky, fun, colorful, and it continues Mouth Breather’s tradition of bringing his philosophy to his music. From the official video release via Atwood Magazine, Mouth Breather’s purpose with his music “is to ask abstract questions with little hope of an answer. The youth of today are told they can be whatever they want, but Mouth Breather is here to remind them that they can’t.” “Mysteries of Nature” does just that.

Give it a listen and watch the video below, and hear more of Mouth Breather’s music on his social media. 

Mouth Breather: Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Emarosa Releases Music Video For 'Sure'

Off of their album 131, Emarosa recently released a moving, heartfelt video for their track, "Sure." Singer Bradley Walden shares "It's a very intense song about loss, hope & balancing your sanity between the two."

Watch the video, which shows the band finding their way through what seems to be the middle of nowhere, down below!

"Sure" just adds to Emarosa's impressive body of work of epic, charged anthems including  "Cloud 9," "Helpless," "Blue" and "Miracle" which were also released off the highly anticipated album, 131, in July via Hopeless Records and garnered incredible praise with Substream Magazine saying "We don't hesitate to proclaim Emarosa is better now than ever before" and stating that "'131' shatters the mold the band previously sat in and stands out as a modern rock masterpiece that delivers hit after heart-felt hit." 

They're also heading on tour, so check out those tour dates below!

Upcoming Tour Dates
4/17 - Lansing, MI @ The Loft
4/19 - St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
4/21 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre **
4/22 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre **
4/24 - El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls **
4/25 - Austin, TX @ ACL Live At The Moody Theater **
4/27 - New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues **
4/29 - Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks
4/30 - Atlanta, GA @ Purgatory, Masquerade
5/01 - Knoxville, TN @ The International **
5/02 - Lancaster, PA @ Lancaster Convention Center **
5/03 - Silver Springs, MD @ The Fillmore Silver Springs **
5/06 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft at the Chance
5/07 - Huntington, NY @ The Paramount **
5/08 - Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
5/09 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE **
5/10 - Toms River, NJ @ Pine Belt Arena **
5/11 - Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness
5/13 - Lakewood, OH @ Mahall's
5/14 - Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room/Old National Centre **
5/16 - Portland, ME @ Aura **
5/17 - Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom **
5/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
5/22 - Houston, TX @ House Of Blues **
5/23 - Pharr, TX @ Pharr Event Center **
5/24 - San Antonio, TX @ Jack's Patio Bar
5/25 - Dallas, TX @ South Side Ballroom **
** - Tour w/ Sum 41 and Pierce The Veil

For more on Emarosa and the new video check out their social media below!

Emarosa: Website // Facebook // Twitter