Come Unstuck Still Reeling From Music Video Release

Photographer:  DNF Music Productions

Photographer: DNF Music Productions

In celebration for their October EP release, Come Unstuck have been moving steadily forward to keep relevant in all of their pop punk glory.

Ground Rules was released on October 5th, and while that was nearly two months ago (and we suck), Come Unstuck released their music video for title track “The Ground Rules” the same day. The upbeat, fun music video is a perfect hype up for the debut EP!

Check out the video below!

If you like what you see & hear, you definitely want to head over to these guys’ social media to keep up to date on what’s to come. Surely a band you don’t want to miss!

Come Unstuck: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

MKNLY's "When I'm Lonely" For When You're Lonely

North Carolina 4-piece are celebrating their most recent release, “When I’m Lonely,” this week!

”When I'm Lonely" is the first look into their upcoming EP, due out later this year. After spending a year preparing for their upcoming release, MKNLY aims to showcase a more vulnerable side to their sound.

Check out the single below!

About the single, the band states, "“When I'm Lonely” is the title track for our upcoming EP release. This song truly encompasses the emotions of the one night stand mentality. Scared to be alone but yet at the same time completely scared to love or be with someone."

With plans to release an EP in the winter, “When I’m Lonely” is setting the stage for something great. For fans of that bridge between emo, pop, and alternative, MKNLY is going to be the band you’re looking out for. We’ve got their social media links down below, so check it out!

MKNLY: Facebook

Playing To Vapors' Live Music Video Celebrates Debut Album Release

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Five-piece indie-pop band Playing To Vapors is celebrating the release of their debut album, Shred The Master Design, with an awesome live music video for the album’s title song. Along with that, the full stream of Shred The Master Design is now available here, accessible to all fans.

Check out the video below!

Playing To Vapors hails from Columbus, Ohio, and their sound is described as “sonic ambience.” With a description like that, they’ve gotta be worth a listen.

Before Shred The Master Design, Playing To Vapors released two other EP’s and a series of singles, and they’re excited to unleash their first official full-length album on the world. The band’s vocalist Lucas Harris had a few words to say about the album: “We sought to throw out many of the practices we’d used in the past to make a record (hence the title). It was the first album we’d recorded to tape, many of the decisions were made in the moment, and songs were literally crafted as we were tracking them.”

Shred The Master Design captures the raw aesthetic and powerful musicality of Playing To Vapors’s live shows and performances. They took inspiration from live shows they’d done in the past and brought that energy to the recording studio, and it can be seen in the live music video for “Shred The Master Design.”

Check it out, and stream the full album now!

Playing To Vapors: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Bear Fight Releases New Single, 'Harlem'

At first, I was going to write a sarcastic, searing piece about California's Bear Fight and their new single, "Harlem" (because, you know, who knows Harlem better than a group of white males on the other side of the country?). With the constant whitewashing in Hollywood *cringes at thought of Ghost in a Shell*, I thought I was faced with a similar topic in music. What I thought was a song about Harlem, NY, after some mild googling, I realized it's an "unincorporated" community in Monterey County, CA by the same name. It pays to be less reactionary, friends! Use your brain, not your hearts.

Anyway, you can check out the "Harlem" below:

Bear Fight brings to the table some fun blues and indie rock vibes just in time for Spring weather. They bring to mind groups like the 1975 or Vampire Weekend mixed with the Black Keys. Basically, you combine the soulful, grounded elements of blues with the cutesy elements of indie pop rockers and you get Bear Fight. What these young men have created may be regarded as corny, but they actually pull it off. The sounds in "Harlem" show a certain music IQ that displays the depth of the band - they throw nods to classic blues and soul but add a modern, indie rock edge to it in order to create something fresh.

In regards to "Harlem", the group reflected:

"Written in the makeshift studio of someone's living room at the same time as our single 'She,' 'Harlem' was originally an idea played on the Fender Rhodes, just meant to be vocals and keys the whole time. After bringing it to the table with the band, we challenged the direction of the song and ended up with the final track. The song is inspired by feelings of the origin of the city of Harlem and the struggles of those in the city. It also deals with the struggle musicians have when faced with expressing themselves fully. We wanted the track to reach back into the past a little, calling upon familiar sounding tones and vintage guitars that encompass the classic nature and history of the title city." 

It is unclear what is next for Bear Fight as this single is just that, a single - they haven't announced an upcoming EP or full length. But regardless, you can keep tabs on the band on:

Bear Fight: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Equipment Premieres Video For "One Or Both," Releases New EP

Toledo, Ohio based Pop Rock project Equipment has just released a brand new music video!

Equipment's debut EP Chump was released on November 25. The first single "Commuter" is available for free download directly from Bandcamp. The video for "One or Both" is simple, just Nick Stoup (The driving force of Equipment) in front of a camera, having all sorts of liquid (and even a pie or two) dumped on him while he sings the tune. Check it out right here.


"The video was really fun to shoot." said Stoup, "For some reason I really like seeing how uncomfortable I can make myself without finally calling it quits. "I break a guitar for the first time in the video, which probably symbolizes something. Shooting didn't take very long, yet paint was still coming out of my ear the next day."

Chump is a short listen, 5 songs, only 12 minutes. So basically you have zero excuse not to put it on during your next drive, or walk, or whenever you listen to music. Hell, do it right now.

Chump Tracklist:

1. One or Both
2. Commuter
3. You Did It
4. Phone Calls at 3 AM
5. Boring

“On this EP, I really tried to capture and articulate the situations I was living in at the time of writing: getting stuck in relationships I shouldn’t have been in, losing friends to college, and making rash choices after drinking alone. But don’t worry I made it sound really fun!” 

If you live anywhere near Toledo you can check Equipment out on December 23 @ The Ottawa Tavern.

Equipment: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp


Jaye Jayle Signs Record Deal, Announces Tour

Louisville, KY based dark indie group Jay Jayle have just announced some big plans for 2017. The four piece group revealed a record deal with Sargent House records/management. 

Jay Jayle are hot on the heels of their full length album House Cricks and Other Excuses to Get Out. The record received rave reviews, with one reviewer describing the band's sound perfectly. "Simple backbeats paired with dry blues and psychedelic heat shimmer." They are true minimalists, condensing their music "down to [its] most concentrated essence."

In addition to the new record deal, Jay Jayle have announced a short tour starting in January. If you live nearby, you'd be unwise not to check these guys out.

Tour Dates:

Jan 18 - Cleveland, OH Now That’s Class ^
Jan 19 - Washington, DC DC9 *
Jan 20 - Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus *
Jan 21 - Philadelphia, PA Boot & Saddle *
Jan 22 - Columbus, OH Double Happiness ^
^ w/ Cloakroom
*w/ Cloakroom & Pinkwash

But wait, there's more! Jay Jayle are soon going to be putting out a split EP with fellow Sargent House artist, Emma Ruth Rundle. The EP will be entitled The Time Between Us and will feature three tracks from each artist. As usual, keep your eyes on The Hook for more news on Jay Jayle.

Jay Jayle: Facebook // Bandcamp // Sargent House

Mansell Drops New Album, "Mantra"

Atlanta based alternative trio Mansell have just released their debut full length album, Mantra

The group formed back in 2014, featuring Holden Fincher (Guitar/Vocals), Trent Bilodeau (Bass/Vocals), and Grayson Arias (Drums/Vocals). The three all came from various styles of music in the Atlanta music scene, but have come together to blend their alternative and indie roots into a sound all their own. 

Mantra features some really interesting songwriting, and I find the record to be a solid dark pop album. From one moment to the next you're not sure whether you'll get an ambient soundscape, or a catchy pop refrain. Don't take my word for it though, listen to what Holden Fincher had to say about the record.

"It’s a record of consciousness. Specifically within ourselves, our environment and people in our lives, as well as our perception of the world as it was all expanding in various ways. Dissecting it all and wondering what it’s all made of and what it will make for us later on."

If all this has you saying "this is right up my alley" then you can listen to Mantra right on this very page!

If you're anywhere near Atlanta, then you can check Mansell out live on November 25 for their album release show at The Vinyl in Atlanta!

Mansell: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Mansell Release New Song

The Atlanta-based trio, Mansell has released a new single from their debut LP Mantra -- "A Note 2 Myself" -- available November 11th via Substream MagazineHere it now at SUBSTREAM MAGAZINE

"This is just a song for daydreaming," says vocalist/guitarist Holden Fincher. "It’s sort of a running joke about how vague or in my head I can be and this is sort of musically and lyrically narrating the act of that. The ending lyrics represent the disconnect within yourself or your world that often leads to the desire to escape or drift. That drift becomes isolation as time passes leaving you wishing to attach more with your heart and other people more than with your mind over analyzing every part of itself."

Mansell is a three piece band who have played many genres in their home town of Atlanta. Formed in early 2014, they currently write indie and alternative styled songs that draw from the inspiration that formed them. Members that make up the independent outfit are Holden Fincher (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Trent Bilodeau (Bass/Vocals), an Grayson Arias (Drums/Vocals)

The track captures the late 80's and 90's alternative sound. "The guitars and bass tones harbored more from the vibe of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and the Smiths," says Fincher. "We wanted a rawness that was still beautiful and came with a bit of shimmer naturally."

Check out the track list for Mantra below.

  1.  Walking on Bank Street
  2. Ghost
  3. Age
  4. Cloudland
  5. A Love Immodest
  6. Character Portrait
  7. A Note 2 Myself
  8. King Pleasure

Mansell: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales Announce EP Release Date

Toronto indie-pop band Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are gearing up to release their newest EP, BANG, on October 14th. The band exudes summer fun and modern-day indie sensibilities. 

The music video for the lead single, “Home,” got over 200,000 views on Facebook when it debuted and gained the band some play on Global News, Sirius, and even a recognition from the mayor of Toronto, John Tory. 

You can check out the music video right here and feel the fun for yourself:

"This is a record we've been piecing together for a long time," says Ginger Ale & The Monowhales' drummer Jordan Circosta. "We wanted to make something that bangs, something that clangs. Something that shows us at our happiest and most carefree, but also gives a taste of the darker side of things. We've had a lot of time to get to know each other and learn to make music as an ever-evolving group of friends. What you hear is the old and the new, side by side. Some of these tracks are songs we've been playing live for years, others have never been heard before. This is a thank you to everyone who believed in us when even we had lost hope, but this is also a nod to the future. We have a long road ahead of us, and no plans to slow down." 

BANG EP Tracklist:
1) Home
2) Name For Myself
3) Let It Fall
4) White Walls
5) Don't Talk





The band is on a tour supporting the new EP. Check out the dates below!
9/24 - Peterborough PRIDE
10/14 - Toronto (EP RELEASE PARTY - Horseshoe Tavern)
10/29 - North Bay (Nippissing University)
11/03 - Toronto (Live at City Hall)
11/16 - Toronto (Indie Week - Supermarket)
11/17 - Toronto (Indie Week - Speaking on a panel regarding the power of social media)
11/18 - Sudbury (Peddler's Pub)
11/19 - Sudbury (Peddler's Pub) 

Check out Ginger Ale & The Monowhales on their social media to stay in touch!

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Basic Cable Preachers Release New Video

Last week,  Idobi hosted Basic Cable Preacher's release video for their brand new single "Tomorrow's Gone." Check it out below!

Basic Cable Preachers have blown up in their home state of Ohio. The band spent the last half of 2015 touring their debut album "Ma" that they recorded in Cleveland with  producer Jim Wirt, who has worked with Incubus and Fiona Apple (and it shows with Basic Cable Preachers) . Opening up for acts such as July Talk, The Royal Concept and American Aquarium, they have proven to be a genre-defying band that can hook any music lover.

2016 has proven to be quite the year for Basic Cable Preachers since Tyler Birch joined on drums. He really helps push the group to new musical limits. With this new tenacity, Basic Cable Preachers have been in and out of one of Cleveland’s premier studios, Crushtone/Vuture Visions Studio, exploring the depths of their creativity and ingenuity. A lot has changed in their sound from their freshman release, Ma. The group utilizes more soundscapes, synthesizers and orchestral instruments to further develop their ideas. The sky is the limit for this band!


Pop Rockers Harbour Unveil New Single

Cincinatti based indie pop/rock outfit Harbour have released a brand new song entitled “Runaway Kids."

The 5-piece band formed in 2014, and have already generated a strong fanbase who they have dubbed the "Runaway Kids," after their new single!

They’re already selling out shows, and Harbour has even performed at the Bunbury and Longstone Music Festivals. Their self-titled album was released in 2014, and since then they’ve put out another EP, With Love, and now two singles, “Sanibel” and “Runaway Kids."

You can listen to "Runaway Kids" right here!

“Runaway Kids” is a fun track with catchy pop melodies, and a laid back groovy sort of feel. It’s simple, yet effective. The lyrics talk about sharing moments with the people in your life, and reflecting upon those moments.

Harbour’s Ryan Green elaborates, "Imagination is the brightest aspect of our mind. We reminisce to simpler times because we're addicted to nostalgia. We're so focused on the next destination, the journey becomes obsolete but those are the memories we cherish the most. The best part is we can visit these moments anytime we'd like. We're all Runaway Kids, take your time, enjoy the ride, we'll get where we're going eventually."

For more, check out their links below!

Harbour: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Soundcloud

Civil Youth Release New Acoustic Performance of "Sleep"

Philadelphia based indie outfit Civil Youth are on a roll. Since 2015, they have embarked on 6 U.S. tours, and they’ve now just released a video of an acoustic performance of their song “Sleep.”

“Sleep” is from the band’s first album Disguised in Color, released in 2014. Disguised in Color received a fair bit of attention, being played on 134 FM radio stations. Civil Youth even licensed music TV stations such as MTV, E!, and VH1. In July of 2015, just 9 months after their first album came their sophomore release Who Rescued Who. Their recent acoustic EP is entitled Ossein

This performance of “Sleep” features all three members of Civil Youth playing a much lighter version of the song. An acoustic guitar, a mandolin, and Daytona Beach. You can watch the video below!

Singer Michael Kepko had this to say about the video: "We hope you enjoy our video of "Sleep" from our first record, "Disguised In Color". To preface this day, we drove from a show in Orlando to shoot this the following morning, then continued the day driving to Atlanta, GA for another show the next evening. Irony at its best..."

You can check Civil Youth out on tour this August! The dates are below.

Civil Youth: Facebook // Bandcamp // Website

Hollow Sunshine Announces New Mini LP

Iron Pier, an independent record label based in Brooklyn, NY, is excited to announce the release of Bible Sea, the new mini-LP from California duo Hollow Sunshine and the first entry in the label’s new mini-LP series.

Hollow Sunshine acts as the creative union between songwriter/instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer and vocalist/lyricist Morgan Enos. In contrast to the duo’s previous LPs Held Above and Bring GoldBible Sea ditches a traditional rock band dynamic in favor of disfigured samples, 808 sequences and driving industrial percussion. The harsh, otherworldly atmosphere created by the music is soothed by Morgan Enos’s melodic vocal approach. “We wanted something very modern,” Enos says. “Bible Sea is a curveball. Reuben and I work best headed into uncharted territory.” Sawyer describes Bible Sea as the tension between animal and machine—a cold and detached record. 

Bible Sea demonstrates the depth and ingenuity Sawyer and Enos are capable of on any release. Sawyer says that the goal was to create new and refreshing sounds and take as many risks as possible, putting the philosophy of the band succinctly: “music has no place in the hands of safety.”

Check out some of their tour dates.

West Coast June Tour w/Death Bells (Australia)

June 13 - Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull

June 15 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark

June 16 - Seattle, WA @ Central Saloon

June 17 - Eugene, WA @ Wandering Goat

June 18 - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern

June 19 - Los Angeles, CA

Bible Sea, Track Listing:

1. Bad Company

2. Masks of Saturn

3. Bible Sea

4. Jewel After Another

5. Reservoir

6. Hades

Hollow Sunshine:  Bandcamp //Facebook//

The Novelists Release New Single

The Novelists, Reno NV's cinematic art-pop indie rockers, have released a new single from their recent album, Breaking The Script. The music video single is the opening track to the album, entitled “Morris & Estelle.”

You can listen to “Morris & Estelle” and check out The Novelist's debut music video here!

The story behind the video is what fueled the inception of the Novelists. It expresses a true story of elderly lovers faced with terminal illness. It is only fitting that this particular song also becomes the debut music video for the group, directed by Nicholas Lam. Lam has collaborated with artists such as Bastille, Jason Derulo, and Kylie Minogue.

If you enjoyed the video, make sure to check out the full-length double LP, Breaking The Script, for more of the Novelists' storytelling tunes. 

Here is the track-list for the double album, Breaking The Script:


1. Morris & Estelle

2. Finish Line

3. They Will Follow

4. Prisoner Of Your Mind

5. Pattern

6. I'm In No Pain

7. No One Watching Us

8. Set Ourselves Free

9. We

10. You Will Know My Name

11. War Paint

12. Above The Hiding


1. Hang On

2. Soul Sucker

3. I Don't Want To Be Like You

4. Milo

5. Columbia

6. Take Back

7. Changing Tide

8. Take It Slow

9. Rubber Band

10. I Remind You

11. Decide

12. Easier To Dream

The Novelists:Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Instagram // YouTube

Jaeger Wells Unveils New Video

Houston, TX/Tucson, AZ | June 7, 2016 - It doesn't always take a 5-piece band to bring a true rock sound to life, and indie singer/songwriter Jaeger Wells proves that. Focused determination shines through in his 2015 release of Fever Dream Anthology EP, an Ace Enders-produced project, that featured five positively charming anthems with a punchy rock undertone. Today, Jaeger Wells is thrilled to unveil a cover of Justin Timberlake's shiny new summer smash "Can't Stop The Feeling" under the video direction of Gerald Reihsen. Check it out below.

And stream Fever Dream Anthology below via PureVolume

  1. Sao Paulo Liars Club

  2. What It Feels Like

  3. For The Jilted, For The Broken

  4. Rotten Apple (Of My Eye)

  5. East Coast Ghosts

Check out Jaeger Wells on social media.