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September Tour Announced From The Major Minor

Detroit pop-punk outfit The Major Minor is pleased to announce their forthcoming tour in promotion of their recent EP. The In Pop Punk We Trust Tour will go through the month of September and will be promoting their six track label debut, entitled Different Light.

The EP is full of emo dipped pop-punk that harkens back to the middle 2000s, definitely check out those dates below!

Dan Amaro had this to say about the announcement, "There's a special feeling when promoters and venues open their door to your band hundreds of miles from home. We've been touring the Midwest a lot the past 12 months waiting until the time is right to stretch our reach. And come this September, that special feeling will return when we play some new markets on our forthcoming tour. If you want to see what a dream come true looks like at small-mid level venues, come to one of our shows on the tour.”

Check out the band via their social media down below to keep up!

THE MAJOR MINOR: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Imminence Records Signs Ætherial, Releases Teaser for Forthcoming Single

Imminence Records has recently announced the signing of Melbourne's melodic death metallers, Ætherial! 

To celebrate the announcement the band has released a teaser of their upcoming debut single that will be on their debut album, entitled The Still Waters of Oblivion. The label debut will drop this fall with more news being shared closer to the release, but in the meantime check out the teaser below!

Bassist, Cassandra George had this to say about the recent news, "We are absolutely thrilled to be joining the Imminence Records family! Their exceptional work ethic and dedication to their bands is second to none and we are ecstatic to be releasing our debut album with them. We really appreciate our amazing team for all their handwork behind the scenes and would like to thank both the EMG and Imminence crew for their belief in us - we are extremely excited to unleash Ætherial in all its dark and devastating glory upon the world really soon..” 

The band from down under is one not to be missed, so definitely check out their social media to keep up with future announcements!

ÆTHERIAL: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Imminence Records Signs Conscious Emcee Axiom Tha Wyse

Imminence Records has announced that they have signed conscious hip-hop emcee Axiom Tha Wyse.

To celebrate the signing, the Boise native has released the lead single for his forthcoming label debut entitled Kiss The Chef. The track, "Demons," is released in conjunction of National Mental Health Awareness month and is about Axiom's struggles with substance abuse to battle his depression and how he transitioned from that to using music to deal with his depression.

Check it out below!

Axiom Tha Wyze had this to say about the track, "Depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain. After I realized that it became manageable in my life and I stopped using substance abuse to try and fix it. Replacing the negative with something positive, for me it was music, helped save my life. That's essentially what this song is about is the internal struggle of battling depression.

This Boise Idaho native has learned from the masters and strives to perfect his craft to bring you the raw rugged style of the legends before him and uplift his generation for the sake of peace, love unity and having fun. To keep up with more of Axiom Tha Wyze's news, check out his social media links below!

Axiom Tha Wyze: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Danger Of Falling Announce Tour

West Virginia's The Danger Of Falling have recently announced a tour with Years End, and the Imminence Records’ promising melodic hardcore up-and-comer are pleased to announce more tour dates in support of Hope/Well!

You can check out the short tour down below!

These dates all in support for last year’s five track label debut EP that was a critical darling for brimming with conviction and having an essence that has quickly drawn in fans all around the world.

Guitarist Robert Grimm had this to say about the upcoming dates, "We are excited to get out on the road with Years End! We have been good friends for a while and we are looking forward to playing some areas we have never been to before.”

For more on the upcoming tour, our The Danger of Falling, check out their social media below!

The Danger Of Falling: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Curses Signs To Imminence Records, Releases New Single

Throughout 2016, the Bluefield, West Virginia metalcore act Curses has been building up a buzz around themselves through aggressive show-playing and the release of two singles. Not to let the burn fade, the band has just announced their signing to extreme music's premier label Imminence Records. Furthermore, the band is about to start touring and has dropped yet another single, titled "The Abandoned", which will be featured on their upcoming debut album Chapter I: Introspect. Though the album won't be coming out until January 27th, this single along with the others should tide fans over until then. Check "The Abandoned" out below!

Since 2012, Curses has been plugging away to make a name for themselves. With an EP and a slew of singles under their belt, the band has been able to gain sponsorship opportunities, host some pretty notable features (most recently being Spencer Sotelo of Periphery), and even a slot on their region's Vans Warped Tour lineup. Currently consisting of Brandon Casto and Eli Fry on vocals, Davey Nicewander on guitar, Michael Olivares on bass/vocals, and Shane Cyrus on drums, the band is currently set to make a killing. 

Speaking to their recent signing, guitarist Nicewander exclaims:
"We're excited to see what the future holds for our relationship with Imminence Records and we couldn't be happier to be on board. We'd also like to thank our fans, close friends, our management team at Defiled, and anyone else who has supported us thus far. 2017 promises to be a banger!"

As for the aforementioned touring, the band is embarking on the 13th with the bands Sheeva and Alive/Alone starting in Illinois and ending in South Dakota.

Check out the dates below!

Curses has so much coming up, it'd be a travesty if you missed out! Be sure to follow them on social media so you can stay up-to-date with the latest news, and be sure to grab a copy of Chapter I: Introspect when it drops early next year. As always, stay tuned!

Curses: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

The Creptter Children Make Announcements

Gothic/Industrial rockers, The Creptter Children, have made some really cool announcements recently - especially since they haven't put out any new music since 2010 (that's six years!).

After recently signing with our pals over at Imminence Records, The Creptter Children also shared a music video for their brand new single, "Watching You." The music video follows protagonist Iballa Chantelle on a stimulating fantasy adventure back to a time of ancient Egypt where gods, demons and sexual goddesses once ruled our world.

Check out the music video below!

“We're so excited to bring to our Freaks some new music after such a long hiatus. "Watching You" shows our new found musical strengths and can't wait to hit you live onstage with it. We had so much fun working on the song and doing the music video which will surely please the old fans and the new," says vocalist Iballa Chantelle.

For more on The Creptter Children, check out their social media below!

The Creptter Children: Facebook // Website

Imminence Records Participating In Extra Life 2016

Imminence Records is picking up steam in the music industry as a respectable business entity, and recently, the Greeneville, NC company signaled the opening of a new avenue in their operations: philanthropy.

Specifically, the company has declared that they are taking part in the 2016 edition of Extra Life when it kicks off on November 5th. Extra Life is typically an event during which gamers stream themselves playing their chosen entertainment title for 24 hours as they simultaneously pool for donations that go toward their choice of Children's Miracle Network hospital. Imminence Records have set a donation goal of $500 by November 5th, with proceeds going toward the James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital in Greenville.

As for the streaming end of things, Imminence has not made it clear yet as to whether or not they will be partaking. However, they have been finding clever ways to garner donations, including a recent Debate "Drinking" Game on Facebook. The game suggested making a $1 donation for every lie told by either candidate and for every interruption. Based on how this election is going, they very easily could have filled out their donation on that night alone!

If you're interested in contributing to their efforts or those of others, follow this link to make a donation. November 5th is coming fast, so get on it before it's too late! For more information, as well as news on some of the hottest new music coming out in the metal/post-hardcore scene, be sure to follow Imminence Records on their respective Internet outlets. As always, stay tuned!

Imminence Records: Website // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

Cries Of The Captive Unleash New Album

Imminence Records has been signing some of the best upcoming acts in the underground music scene, releasing albums for Hook-approved bands like Stages, The Apprehended, and Perdition, to name a few. However, Utah's nastiest deathcore juggernauts Cries Of The Captive may be the heaviest band they've pulled onto their roster as of late, and as of September 23rd, their debut album, Totalitarian, is available for your listening pleasure! We've provided the title track below as a sample of their brutality, and you can stream the album in its entirety by following the Bandcamp link at the bottom of the page!

Started in 2011, Cries Of The Captive's current line-up consists of Mason Blair on vocals; Jordan Huemiller, Skyler Dustin, and Justin Hill on guitar; and Kyler Loughlin on drums.  The band took a year to bring its fans a solid body of new material, kicking a notch up on the bone-breaking rhythmic sensibilities, merciless beatdown-influenced grooves, and gnarly guttural, slam-inspired vocal delivery they're known for. 

Totalitarian Tracklist:

1. Grief
2. Closed Casket
3. Totalitarian
4. Dead Zone
5. Gaptooth
6. Cataclysm
7. Collapse
8. Abomination
9. Dissolution

The band will also be playing a show with Whitechapel and Oceano on October 24th in Idaho Falls, with more shows presumably to follow in support of the album. Be sure to follow this band online if you're liking what you're hearing. As always, stay tuned! 

Cries Of The Captive: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Under Paris Share Music Video For New Single

Metalcore quartet Under Paris release a video for their new single “Revive.” With this new single, they also toured with Ashes of My Regret and Set For Tomorrow. The tour began in Beckley, WV and finished Saginaw, MI!

According to Vocalist Michael Alexander, “Revive’ is more than just a song to us. It’s a new beginning. It’s a fresh start. For me personally it’s about getting a lot of things of my chest and saying what I’ve been thinking and feeling for the past two years. You hear the phrase ‘turning the page’ a lot but this is so much more. This is us closing the book on what we use to be and starting something new. This is us, being honest and being real. This is us moving on, this is us growing. This is our Revive.” 

The band has been going strong since September 2012 beginning with a release of their first single, “If the Drugs Don’t Work, Can You Drive Me Home?” which featured Rene Lopez of Scarlett O’Hara. Their prolific work consists of two singles off of their first EP Our Stories and others off of their full length entitled “Transitions.” The band is very pleased to be signed to Imminence Records and hope to reach a larger audience with this single.

Links to social media are below!

Under Paris: Facebook // Twitter

R&B Artist KLE Signs to CNMTC

New York City’s R&B artist KLE has just signed to Imminence Records’ CNMTC imprint, that is owned by Kinnecom, and dropped her first single “Crying Out Loud," that will be released on her forthcoming label debut later this year. Check it out below.

“Crying Out Loud” is a song about wanting a mutual connection with someone, wanting to be loved whole heartedly as one would love the other. I felt emotional when writing this song. The music gave me intense vibes. The instrumental brought me feelings of love and loss, all at once. I had to find a way to bring the two together. It’s a declaration of love, and a cry for clarity.” -KLE

Based out of New York City, KLE grew up performing long before her R&B career. Even in the most competitive city, KLE stands out with her soothing voice, uplifting lyrics and unteachable skill. In late 2015, shortly after meeting hip hop producer Kinnecom, they began recording her debut album, scheduled to drop late 2016. In June of 2016, it was announced that she had signed to Kinnecom’s label CNMTC and released her lead single “Crying Out Loud.” Keep up with KLE on social media with the links below.

KLE: Facebook // Twitter

The Danger Of Falling Share Video


The Danger of Falling is proud to announce the release of their first single “Myself/Alone."

Hailing for Morgantown, West Virginia, this Christian five-piece brings a positive message with a killer instrumental spine. The single is off of their debut EP, Hope/Well, which is due out August 5th.

This track is a fresh blend of clean/dirty vocals where the listener cannot predict the pattern. It's unlike the traditional dirty vocals verse/clean vocals chorus we're used to in metal/hardcore music, something different that I personally wished more bands would try. The rhythmic legs on this song keep the track going as if they're doing hardcore leg day workouts. The group hopes that with this powerful single they gain a larger following than their live shows have given them.

Starting in 2014 with their first demo, The Danger Of Falling began to build their own sound through lives shows. This gained the attention of Imminence Records and they were soon signed to the label. They signed on in January of this year, and are soon releasing what is anticipated to be a great EP.

It is always so exciting to watch a group like this grow and become a real powerhouse that cannot be messed with. They have their talent and music on their side and that's all they need. 

The Danger Of Falling: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Forthteller Signs With Imminence Records, Joins Stages Tour

Ever since the surge of death metal throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Florida has been a hotbed for heavy music.

Considering that The Hook has recently covered news pertaining to the alternative hardcore heroes Frameworks and Imminence Records metalcore newcomers Stages, who both originated in Gainesville, it seems clear that this has not changed. It looks like Imminence Records has taken particular interest in Florida’s potential, as they have just signed Tampa tech-metalcore maestros Forthteller to be amongst their ranks. 


The band, formerly known as I Shot The Albatross, features vocalist David Winters, vocalist/guitarists Ryan Kole and Justin Hatton, keyboardist Josh Beoddy, bassist Garrett Sharp, and drummer Thom Schultz. Together, these Floridians compose complex pieces, complete with odd time signatures, chaotically sweeping riffage, and heartwarming, synth-laden melodies, along with a lot more. Their sense for both the heavy and the heartfelt is evident throughout their Madman EP, which has gained them a lot of attention since its release in May. 

 Furthermore, the band has been added to Stages’ New War Tour, which will bring Forthteller on with their newfound label mates, as well as Tallahassee metalcore act A Dying Breed, on three of the four dates of the tour. You can view dates below.

Drummer Thom Shultz remarked on the recent events: 

We are very excited to be joining the Imminence Records team. This opportunity is something we have been working toward for a long time, and it is amazing to see all the hard work, the immense support we have received, and the opportunities every industry professional has given us finally come to fruition. We want to offer a special thanks to the dudes in Stages for letting us hit the road with them in July and August! Thank you to everyone for believing in us and making this possible. We will never forget that support!” 

With Forthteller’s newfound signing, this band is bound to be demanding the attention of the metal scene at large soon enough. Be sure to follow them on social media to keep up with the latest in Forthteller news, and pick up their existing material for cheap on their Bandcamp. Lastly, be sure to catch these guys live if you find yourself able to do so, as they put on a particularly prime set. As always, stay tuned for more technical terror!

Forthteller: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Stages Streams New EP In Full

Imminence Records has been supporting some seriously talented up-and-coming bands as of late, including Pennsylvania’s own Perdition and French hardcore hellraisers No Jogging For Today, both of whom were recently covered by The Hook. One of its most recent catches, the Florida metalcore quintet Stages, is letting fans listen to their label debut EP entitled New War.

It can be enjoyed in its entirety right here

On this bite-sized EP, which came out on June 24th, Stages makes an effort to imbue their static brand of metalcore with experimentation, including using electronica to create atmosphere and melody and allowing the guitars to focus on pulverizing the listener with varied, sometimes hardcore-esque riffage.

According to vocalist Aaron Berkshire, the band is very happy to see the EP finally released, as the band waited a long time to release the material in order to ensure a polished final product. It shows throughout, from the tight structure of the songs to the superior production quality. 

Stages also took the opportunity to release a list of tour dates that will bring them around their home state, with a stop in Georgia. The band will be supported by A Dying Breed.

Check out dates below!

unnamed (6).jpg

This band will be busy and busting their asses to bring us prime progressive metalcore tunes, so keep an eye out for new activity. Pick the new EP up at iTunes and MerchNow, and feel free to follow them on their various social media accounts. As always, stay down-tuned for some metalcore mayhem!


Stages: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Apprehended Makes Moves

Beaufort, Soutch Carolina post-hardcore outfit, The Apprehended, have just been dying to show people what they can do now that they’ve signed to Imminence Records!

Fresh off a tour with Pyro, Ohio that brought them from West Virginia to Wisconsin and back around to Tennessee, the band announced their third EP, At Arms Length! 

The album is set to drop on July 8th, and they also premiered “Still Flyin’”, the debut single from it! The song establishes itself within familiar territory while demonstrating the progress these gentlemen have made as people and as songwriters.

Check it out right below!

“Still Flyin’” opens up with a satisfyingly technical intro and an in-your-face verse that is surely meant to show off their vocalist Michael Pitt’s insane range, followed by an anthemic chorus that will get even the most stoic of concert-goers jumping around and singing. It is post-hardcore at its purest, brimming with emotional charge and perching itself on the fine line between poppy acts such as Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens and more progressive bands within the genre, like Dance Gavin Dance and Circa Survive. Lastly, the song makes it a point to touch upon all corners of their newer sound in a way that makes it easy to listen to and feels short and sweet despite being nearly five minutes long.The song takes a notable shift away from the metalcore influence they have carried with them even as recently as their 2015 stand-alone single “Can We Just Speak”, providing for an experience that feels more polished due to the switch. It remains unclear if the entire EP will employ this stylistic shift.

The Apprehended formed in 2009, and is currently composed of vocalist Pitt, guitarists/vocalists Jade Williamson and Austin Ramey, bass-shredder Matt Snow, and drummer Josh Dooley. They have made a name for themselves in the Southeast post-hardcore scene with meaningful lyricism, powerful instrumentation, and a commanding live presence. With two EPs already under their belt, the signing to Imminence Records and release of At Arms Length will kick off a new chapter in the band’s career.

Michael Pitt had this to say of the EP: "’At Arms Length’ is just a sample of what The Apprehended has become over the course of just a few short years. It's representative of who we are as both people and artists, and we're excited to present to you this culmination of so much more than just blood, sweat, and tears. This record is just the beginning of what we as a band are excited to accomplish with the help of Imminence Records."

The band also recently streamed a full set which they performed at the LAUNCH Music Conference, at the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster, PA.

You can see that on Facebook!

Follow The Apprehended on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest events and news. 

Hopefully, they will tour again soon!!!