Hope Vista

Hope Vista Shares Brand New Single

One of the hardest working women in music & a peer I admire greatly, Hope Vista has been spending her downtime productively, and with Hope, there never is downtime (lucky for us).

Her first solo release since 2015, Hope now spends the majority of her time leading her full band VISTA. “Skin & Bones” is due out on December 28th, and harkened to be the only release from her solo act in the foreseeable future.

About the single, she states, “For the last three years, my life has been VISTA. It will remain VISTA, and that will always be my main priority. While VISTA is focusing on writing, I wanted to share with you all a song I wrote this fall that I felt was important to share. I have no further plans to release any other solo music again, but I felt this one was special.”

December 28th, we expect you guys to be right here for “Skin & Bones” debut! The single is a tantalizing teaser not only as a solo single, but for the future of VISTA. We can’t wait to see & hear what happens as the year ends with this fast moving, hard working band & artist.

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Vista Teases Fans With Upcoming Single

Anthem Rock group Vista has spent the majority of 2016 being very busy. Basically rebuilding themselves from the ground up, the group released their 2016 EP, VERSUS, and then spent most of their time on the road making sure the press knew they were there, and they were proud!

Now, on the verge of a new year, Vista is also preparing for new and exciting announcements and music! The band recently announced their brand, spanking new single "Henchman," expected out on January 13th! Hoping to solidify the band as a punchy anthemic trio, the band set out to write and record “Henchmen,” their latest offering as a powerhouse single, written collectively by all 3 members.

Check out VERSUS for a taste of what's to come!

Be on the lookout for the upcoming single, and until then, check out Vista's social media below to keep up to date always!

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