MKNLY's "When I'm Lonely" For When You're Lonely

North Carolina 4-piece are celebrating their most recent release, “When I’m Lonely,” this week!

”When I'm Lonely" is the first look into their upcoming EP, due out later this year. After spending a year preparing for their upcoming release, MKNLY aims to showcase a more vulnerable side to their sound.

Check out the single below!

About the single, the band states, "“When I'm Lonely” is the title track for our upcoming EP release. This song truly encompasses the emotions of the one night stand mentality. Scared to be alone but yet at the same time completely scared to love or be with someone."

With plans to release an EP in the winter, “When I’m Lonely” is setting the stage for something great. For fans of that bridge between emo, pop, and alternative, MKNLY is going to be the band you’re looking out for. We’ve got their social media links down below, so check it out!

MKNLY: Facebook

Yawn Mower Releases EP

Asbury Park's "fuzz rock" duo Yawn Mower are back with their new EP What's All This New Piss? Clocking in just under 15 minutes, the work takes you on a surf-y, grunge-y indie rock journey just in time for the rebirth of Spring; it serves as the quintessential soundtrack for your bike ride to the beach for lifeguard duty, shaking off a hangover from the previous night's bonfire as you approach the coast.

For a taste of What's All This New Piss?, you can stream the opening track "Preacher Says So" below:

The most attractive element about Yawn Mower is their rough-around-the-edges attitude that bites at you throughout the EP. Perhaps it is due to their surfy, carefree misfit aura or their channeling of the 90's with their Cobain-esque vocals and song arrangement that make this impression so. Regardless, the group is worth a listen if you're a fan Pavement, the Butthole Surfers, Dinosaur Jr., old Arctic Monkeys or of course, Nirvana; it's punky enough to make you bob your head, but not too heavy to play in the presence of mom. In terms of the EP's ideal listener, if you're the type to wear a Ramones t-shirt, torn jeans and/or Converse sneakers (or a combo of the three), you'll feel at home listening to What's All This New Piss?

Since Yawn Mower is made up of two gentlemen, I'm curious as to what their stage presence is like. I often enjoy watching 2-piece bands perform; it's interesting to see how a group fills a space with only two musicians attempting to be as engaging as a full band. The lack of members often leads to a rawer tone which I like. However, not every duo can pull this off so I'm curious as to how Yawn Mower translates the unbridled energy of their EP to the stage.

Anyway, What's All This New Piss? is a solid effort by the band, which makes me eager to see if they decide to make a full-length album to follow up with. You can stream/download the EP on Yawn Mower's Bandcamp. Otherwise, keep up with the Asbury Parkin' pair on:

Yawn Mower: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp