Exploded Birds

ORBS Share "Exploded Birds"

With the combined forces of Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Ashley Ellyllon (Fear Before The March of Flames), and Adam Fisher(Fear Before The March of Flames) the music world is rocked with ORBS!

They are releasing their second album after a six year break to work on other projects. The second record, Past Life Regression, is produced by Briggs with help from Kris Hilbert Recording and Will Yip Mixing. The record is being released by Briggs' own Hogweed & Fugue Records via Equal Vision Records.

“Exploded Birds” is the first single of the album, and you can stream the track below!

The single takes the listener on a journey of chaos, suicide, and rebellion. The range of influences on this track represent the group’s wide array of talent. The song is its own concept album; watching the struggles of young person through a chaotic life. Much like Pink Floyd’s The Wall or The Who’s Quadrophenia. The song follows the protagonist as the tempo and lyrics change in this tale of pandemonium. Many of the lyrics act a voice in the mind of the protagonist, telling them to “prepare your body for death” and “release the dog they’ve got chained up."

This is the voice of the chaotic youth striving to go against the grain and raise hell. Then the protagonist is met with the past and future versions of themselves. The future protagonist reminisces the youthful past they once had that was “smothered out by routine." The future protagonist takes on their own life and regret changing it and becoming normal. This is a theme all of us as human beings experience, letting go of our youth and bracing for the end of our lives as we know it. 

Instrumentally, the track takes the influences of each member of this powerhouse of an experiment. The intro feels like a New Wave track from the early 1980’s but with its own twists and turns. Then it comes into its own “acid rock”/punk environment smack in the middle of the track. As the song winds down, the feeling becomes slowed down and labored. Like the turn of a time the song turns into a folk rock ballad that speaks to the Bob Dylan or Neil Young in all of us.
This track makes me very excited to see what the rest of the album will be.

With an album titled, Past Life Regression, the band is expected to take us other lyrical and instrumental roller coasters!       

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