Dead Koolaid

Death Koolaid Release Music Video for Latest Single

U.K based Death Koolaid release a video for their new single “Kids”. The video was directed by Brendan Cleavers and filmed by Heath McWalters. Check it out below!

These London Punk Rockers have gained a lot of recognition in their homeland as the first punk band to ever play the Brighton and Hove Festival. They were also nominated for the U.K MVA award for their video “The Second Rule."

Since releasing their first EP, Death Koolaid Vol. 1, the band has been circulating their the U.K with festivals and tour dates. The mayhem this band creates both on the record and live is contagious. With this single, they wanted to express the idea that fear and ideology can be used as powerful tools to control people.

Each of their videos are unique, and allow for infinite interpretations of the song's coinciding with the video. The band pushes music and we, as listeners, can't help but indulge in our addiction. Their videos are as poetic as they are chaotic, stimulating the mind and enticing the heart, and their music is keeping the punk movement alive and well in the foggy city of London. Death Koolaid Vol. 2, is available for pre-order below.

Check these guys out!

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