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Super Snake Shares New Single

Out of our homestate of NJ, Super Snake are a group for fans of bands like Deftones, The Butthole Surfers, and Queens of the Stone Age - but they're out here making a name for themselves the good old fashioned way: by releasing a brand new single for listeners!

In anticipation of their debut album release, Leap Of Love, the New Jersey quintet Super Snake have teamed-up with Brooklyn Vegan to unveil their ghastly new single “Big Seize,” which you can check out streaming below!

Written from the perspective of a Nosferatu-esque character who is consumed by a dark desire for affection, the song informed the album’s overarching theme and lyrical concepts. Taking cues from B horror slasher flicks and pulp-comic elements, “Big Seize” rumbles along like a funeral dirge or a snapshot from the ‘The Devils Rejects’.

Lead singer Jerry Jones, who also fronts the band Trophy Scars (currently on hiatus), shared a few thoughts on the new Super Snake single: There is this oscillating psychedelia that can melt you in there—it was one of our favorite moments writing together. It was the first song completed so it made sense to be the first single with our new guitarists who totally just shredded and really inspired the hell out of us with the rest of the EP.

For more on Super Snake, check out their social media below!

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