Be Kind

Benchmarks Asks Us All To Be Kinder With New Single

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, new indie punk band Benchmarks is getting ready to release their first full-length album. Our Undivided Attention will be available on March 24th, but for now, Benchmark’s latest single “Let You Down” is available for streaming.

Check it out below!

The song gives a reminder to its audience that it is necessary to remember to be kind to one another, as that is something that is so often forgotten in today’s society. With Nashville serving as the backdrop, the lyrics of “Let You Down” paint a picture of forgiveness, of kindness, and of loving one another.

Benchmarks vocalist Todd Farrell Jr. (who is also the lead guitarist for Columbus-based punk band Two Cow Garage) says this of the song, “The idea for this song came after a friend called me out on something I said that I, perhaps, didn’t think through. We all build our own ‘houses’ around ourselves based on the way we see the world, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world outside doesn’t exist. I used the backdrop of a rapidly developing city (like Nashville, where we live) to tell the story of tearing our neighbors down to build ourselves up, and how maybe that’s not the best way to treat people.”

The album Our Undivided Attention is the follow-up to Benchmark’s EP, The American Night, which was released in June 2015. The album’s first single “Frames” is available for streaming on Spotify, and you can listen to “Let You Down” on SoundCloud. Physical copies of Our Undivided Attention are available for pre-order through SofaBurn Records, and you can connect with Benchmarks on their social media sites!

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