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Sea In The Sky Announce 'Everything All At Once' Debut Full Length

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Alternative rock quintet Sea In The Sky has announced their debut full length Everything All At Once which is set to be released September 29th. Produced and engineered by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios and mixed and mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio, the musicians show off their maturity after releasing their previous three EPs.

"'Everything All At Once' showcases a blend of musical styles we've all been influenced by. In turn, we hope to influence our fans to be adventurous when exploring music." says Guitarist, Jakob Bray

On the new album, Everything All At Once, the band showcases their melodic, progressive guitar work with smooth, soaring vocals, which will quickly remind you of band's like CHON, Dance Gavin Dance, and Polyphia.

Hear the band's self-titled single, "Everything All At Once" below.

You can keep up with Sea In The Sky down below via their social media if you dig it!

Sea In The Sky: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp

Andorra Back With EP

Slip on your wrist sweatbands and buckle up because rockin' rollin' rollickers Andorra are back with What You Wanted - the first of two EP releases due out this summer. The Philadelphian alt-rock outfit teased its release last September with "Four Corners", the opening track off the work. You can stream the angsty anthem of alienation below, where lead singer Kevin McCall seemingly channels the feelings captured in "Adam's Song", yet adds Andorra's "sweaty, bearded boozehound" spin, making for an edgy alt-rock ride soaked in Bud Light and regret.

What's fun about the What You Wanted EP is how, in actuality, it is the first half of a full-length album to be followed up later this summer with What You Got. As if that wasn't enough, the group will then drop the project as a whole LP, including some bonus tracks, as What You Wanted, What You Got this Fall. w-o-w.

Lead singer Kevin McCall described the full work as a tribute to where one grows up - however, along the way, the work dives into the feelings of moving on and out on your own and what comes with dealing with that; from the vices one may employ to the solace one may find in isolation or "in their room", Andorra is taking a hard look at these decisions one makes under duress.

I believe the underlying theme seems to convey the cruel reality of life in that no matter what you do and/or regardless of your intentions, you will never be in control of what transpires. A famous quote adapted from Robert Burns' To a Mouse best captures this theme:

The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain

In aligning this to McCall's intentions with the LP's theme, one can tie this to the idealized view one encompasses when making the transition into complete independence and adulthood, followed by the crushing realities that come with responsibility and maintaining relationships in adult life, but more painstakingly, the nostalgia one grapples with in thinking about the Before. What You Wanted, What You Got will stand to cover these feelings of dealing with the Now, while still being anchored down by The Before - demons we all grapple with in going through major life changes.

However, beyond subtle references to age-old allegories and the inherent dread that comes with aging, What You Wanted offers a more mature, refined sound for the group since their debut etc, etc, etc... in 2015. One can easily attribute this to line-up changes and a few years of life experience, which always seems to influence a band or artist's sound.

This go around, Andorra displays a much more cohesive sound and has truly come into their own as a functioning band with a clear-cut desire to provide hard-hitting, alt rock jams. My fav track off this first half is definitely "Habits". Despite it being a re-hash of a long lost Andorra tune, it still captures the "new" band's energy, supplied with some lovely dirty vocals by McCall throughout the hook. One can taste the disdain in his vocal performance as he expresses his frustration with being left behind, but like, in that fun, "Hey man, it's just rock" way. Like, by the end of the song, I noticed my dress shoes somehow morphed into converse and my shirt & tie transformed into a wrinkled Ramones t-shirt. What were once khakis became slightly torn jeans. My resentment towards "the Man" now prevalent in all my waking thoughts. All of this because I *foolishly* listened to Andorra at work. But with this transformation in mind, if you enjoy the Foo Fighters, bands like Everclear, the Stone Temple Pilots or Franz Ferdinand, or honestly just rock music in general, you'll enjoy what Andorra has to offer.

Anyway, there's only so much hype one can generate via critical analysis and clever wording, so to get a feel for what one can expect from Andorra, the band is throwing a release show for What You Wanted this Friday, May 26th at the Barbary in Philly. For more details, hit that link or just click the image below:

Otherwise, you can stream What You Wanted above or just click here for the Soundcloud playlist...but to get updates and more, keep up with Andorra on:


Civil Youth Announces Tour

Philly’s own Civil Youth, an alternative rock band who has opened for artists like Twenty-One Pilots, AWOLNATION, and Phantogram, have been preparing for the debut of their new album, Conversations, slated for release on May 19th. They’ve already released two songs from the album, “Belief” and “Dark Debts” (you can watch the music videos for both down below), and now they have announced that they will be going on tour following the official premiere of Conversations. Their East Coast tour kicks off at TLA in Philly on May 20th, and ends in New York in July. 

Civil Youth has already toured nationally, and they bring new levels of excitement and energy to all of their live shows, which are filled with light-up drum solos, plenty of chanting from the crowd, and stage acrobatics. Within just a year of their first show in March 2015, Civil Youth grew from being local in Philly to being nationally known across the US. They’ve gotten air time on one hundred and thirty-four FM radio stations, licensing with MTV, VHI, and E!, and have released three albums (Disguised in Color, Who Rescued Who, and Ossein, an acoustic album).

I’d say that’s pretty impressive, and I’m sure the Philly fans who have been there since the beginning are extremely proud. It’s always nice to see a local band from your hometown get famous, and Civil Youth is going to keep climbing up that ladder with the release of Conversations. Look out for it on May 19th, and catch Civil Youth at any of their east coast tour dates (I expect to see a full crowd at TLA on the 20th). 

You can preorder Conversations on iTunes, and be sure to get your tickets early for the show at TLA. Check out the dates below, and social media under that to stay in check with Civil Youth!

Civil Youth: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify

Back Garden Light Cover The Jackson 5

This is a new one: a pop punk band called Back Garden Light from Bordeaux, France has released a new cover of The Jackson 5’s famous “I Want You Back.”

Originally released in 1969 and written by The Corporation, Back Garden Light’s version of the song is still just as energetic and feel-good as the original. Back Garden Light’s music video for the cover was filmed at Claouey Skatepark, the oldest skatepark in France, which is fitting for the song, as the park was built during the 1970’s. The track itself was produced by Back Garden Light’s guitarist Matthieu Kirby. 

Check it out below!

Vocalist Max Desgarnier said the band chose to cover “I Want You Back” because they wanted a song that was iconic, but not overplayed. This is their first cover in a while, and they thought The Jackson 5 track was fitting “because of its classic status, it’s instantly recognizable, and it has personally inspiring vocals.”

Back Garden Light formed in 2014, and since then, they have been busy writing their own songs and filming their own music videos. Their latest EP, Life’s A Game, is available on iTunes and Spotify, and it was mixed and mastered by Bert and Eric, members of the notable pop punk outfit Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Back Garden Light is on tour in Europe this year, and you can connect with them on social media below!

Back Garden Light:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Yawn Mower Releases EP

Asbury Park's "fuzz rock" duo Yawn Mower are back with their new EP What's All This New Piss? Clocking in just under 15 minutes, the work takes you on a surf-y, grunge-y indie rock journey just in time for the rebirth of Spring; it serves as the quintessential soundtrack for your bike ride to the beach for lifeguard duty, shaking off a hangover from the previous night's bonfire as you approach the coast.

For a taste of What's All This New Piss?, you can stream the opening track "Preacher Says So" below:

The most attractive element about Yawn Mower is their rough-around-the-edges attitude that bites at you throughout the EP. Perhaps it is due to their surfy, carefree misfit aura or their channeling of the 90's with their Cobain-esque vocals and song arrangement that make this impression so. Regardless, the group is worth a listen if you're a fan Pavement, the Butthole Surfers, Dinosaur Jr., old Arctic Monkeys or of course, Nirvana; it's punky enough to make you bob your head, but not too heavy to play in the presence of mom. In terms of the EP's ideal listener, if you're the type to wear a Ramones t-shirt, torn jeans and/or Converse sneakers (or a combo of the three), you'll feel at home listening to What's All This New Piss?

Since Yawn Mower is made up of two gentlemen, I'm curious as to what their stage presence is like. I often enjoy watching 2-piece bands perform; it's interesting to see how a group fills a space with only two musicians attempting to be as engaging as a full band. The lack of members often leads to a rawer tone which I like. However, not every duo can pull this off so I'm curious as to how Yawn Mower translates the unbridled energy of their EP to the stage.

Anyway, What's All This New Piss? is a solid effort by the band, which makes me eager to see if they decide to make a full-length album to follow up with. You can stream/download the EP on Yawn Mower's Bandcamp. Otherwise, keep up with the Asbury Parkin' pair on:

Yawn Mower: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp

Secret Space Re-release Debut Album

On March 17, Secret Space will drop an acoustic re-do of their debut, considering each song for an emotionally timid, far-sighted recording of their previous album WindowRoom called Window Room Part 2: Lost In a Dream.

They’ve made live performances on sessions like Audiotree and have given viewers a performance more suited for an arena than a studio. They believe the first recording of Windowroom only conveyed a limited view of the song and wish to give fans a different listening experience. Using a dreamlike theme throughout the tracks, and it feels as though the album took on an entirely new depth.   

To give fans a taste of the upcoming new rendition the record, they've dropped a new video for Suffer In, peep it above and peep the stuff below for their social media. 

Secret Space: Facebook // Website // Bandcamp

VISTA Announces 'The Stripped Sessions'

Long Island-based anthem rock band VISTA have just released their new single, “Henchmen,” but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down any time soon. “The Stripped Sessions,” their new acoustic series, will launch on YouTube this month. The first video in the series is a single-guitar version of their 2016 track “Mansions.”

Check it out below!

The video gives viewers an idea of what “The Stripped Sessions” will encompass: a new, stripped-down side to VISTA never before seen by audiences. The YouTube series nudges the band in a fresh new direction while they are getting ready to create their next EP. 

Rock Sound has named VISTA as one of their “On The Radar” bands to watch, and VISTA is certainly living up to the title as their presence is being recognized in the press and on social media. Their latest single, “Henchmen,” sends a powerful message of unity in the face of oppression and a reminder to stay strong to those who face it. Their song addresses an issue which is all too relevant in modern society. “The single is a big, anthemic, and energetic testament to what this band is capable of,” says Substream Magazine. Along with the recent release of “Henchmen,” the band was seen in New York City supporting Fueled by Ramen artist Against The Current. Their second EP will be released later this spring. 

To keep up with VISTA and their new acoustic series, subscribe to the band on YouTube and watch out for any new releases, social media links provided below!

VISTA: Facebook // Twitter

Joe Marson Releases Politically-Driven Single

Alternative/Soul singer-songwriter Joe Marson is back with another single. This time around however, his release is a bit political. "Explore/Explode" is a response to the results of the recent U.S. Presidential Election. The foreboding tune begs listeners to ask themselves "Where will we go from here in the next 4 years? Will we explore and expand? Will we become more open-minded, listen to each other and begin to understand one another? Will we become less divided? Will the metaphorical walls built up between us due to alternative points of view dissolve? Or will we explode or rather, implode? Will we fall apart as a free and just nation?"

Regardless of your conclusion, you can stream "Explore/Explode" below:

To give listeners a better understanding of "Explore/Explode", Joe Marson reflected on the track:

"Inspired by the recent election, I was thinking a lot about humanity's darker tendencies vs what we could be. Explorers. Of the unknown both of our planet and beyond. Or the less evolved of us could rise to power and ruin everything with war and greed. The song is about ultimately about hope vs fear. I created this song on my computer, a method of writing I have never tried before. It was fun finally being able to use some synth and drum loops on a project. Everything else was recorded in my bedroom."

Otherwise, after questioning everything about humanity and why we behave the way we do, keep up with Joe Marson on:

Joe Marson: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Unlikely Candidates Announce February EP

The new year is off to an exciting start, and with that The Unlikely Candidate joins the likes of many others with their announcement for their upcoming EP, Bed Of Liars!

The EP is due out February 17th, via Another Century Records, and will serve as the band's label-debut and features six danceable, indie-infused alt-rock tracks. Vocalist Kyle Morris explains, "Bed Of Liars is the first time the band truly defined itself in sound. It also marks the departure from observations on humanity to introspections on being human. The messiness, contradictions, and compromises of love are unraveled between life's tangled sheets of grey, as the band's focus shifts from the head to the heart."

Check out the tracklist below!

unnamed (2).jpg

Bed Of Liars Tracklist:
1. Best Things in Life Aren't Free
2. Ringer
3. Your Love Could Start A War
4. Violence
5. Call My Name
6. Reaction





The Unlikely Candidates released their single "Ringer" as an instant download for those who pre-order Bed Of Liars on iTunes & Amazon! Definitely worth the pre-order, in my opinion! The track is an intense, but exciting song that is sure to tease fans for this February release!

For more on The Unlikely Candidate, peep their social media links below!

The Unlikely Candidate: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Music Video Release From Joe Marson

It doesn't get any more art school than in Joe Marson's *censored* music video for "No Retreat". Packed with gritty, black and white visuals featuring a nude group of individuals engaging in satanic, cult-like behavior, it was nearly impossible for Marson to get any edgier. But somehow the Californian "alternative soul rocker" did just that with his channeling of Southern blues elements and his parched, soul-laden vocal that harks back to your first hangover.

The nostalgic and visually compelling "No Retreat" can be streamed below!

One interesting lil tidbit about Joe Marson is that you may have heard his music without even knowing it. His blend of alternative rock and soul has had seen placement in "Deadpool" and a few series on FX and Netflix. But aside from you readers out there excited about performance royalties, for those who wish to see the NSFW version of "No Retreat", you can find it on Marson's Youtube here

Otherwise, keep up with the gritty songwriter on:

Official Website//Facebook//Twitter//Instagram

Super Group Neaux Stream Debut Album

Perhaps the stars aligned when Neaux was formed, as the band is comprised of musicians scattered throughout the music industry – yet together, they’re able to produce a rich and crunchy 90’s-esque sound that gets you bobbing your head. What’s even better, is that they’re currently streaming their first album, Fell Off The Deep End, in full on

“Old friends making new noise.” 

The grunge-y, shoegaze-y “alternative” rock outfit is made up of Sierra Kay (VersaEmerge), Nick Fit (Trash Talk, Loss Leader), Ryan Briggs (Have Heart) and Chris Peters. What’s cool about this line-up is that they befriended each other while sharing the stage at Warped Tour. Years later, Nick and Sierra decided they wanted to collaborate and now, they’ve become a band to look out for in 2016 – a fun and exciting tale bound to inspire.

Neaux’s 8-song effort, Fell Off The Deep End is being pressed and distributed through a boutique label, Iron Pier, and will be available this Friday, September 16th.  

In the mean time, keep up with Neaux on their social media below!

Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Bandcamp

A Foreign Affair Unveil "Awake" Music Video

California has hosted no shortage of stellar post-hardcore acts, and Sacramento-born A Foreign Affair is only one of the latest to rise to attention in the Golden State.

Recently, the band released a music video for their track "Awake," a single which will be featured on their EP coming out later this year. The band's instrumentals are very reminiscent of more experimental bands such as fellow Sacramento natives and post-hardcore maestros Dance Gavin Dance, and this definitely isn't a bad thing.

Check the music video out below!

"Awake" is more than just a pretty song, as the lyrics run deep. Says frontman Alex Strobaugh of the song: "'Awake' is a song that encompasses the feeling of being haunted by someone's memory. It's about coming to terms with living without someone who has been lost." Married with the mournfully wailing riffs in the background provided by guitarists Jared Cambridge and Nick Blevins, the lyrics hit with an uncommon weight. You can purchase this song from the bands Bandcamp, provided at the bottom. 

Be sure to follow A Foreign Affair on their respective social media outlets if you are interested in keeping up with the latest news and information about their EP as it is released. Until then, stay tuned!

A Foreign Affair: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp 

Four Star Riot Share New Track


Tampa alt-rock pop group Four Star Riot has released a new single off of their latest album, Waves. The new single is called “Empty Space.” You can listen to it right now for free on SoundCloud!

“Empty Space” is a tight, catchy rock song about a personal journey as one is growing up into adulthood, maneuvering around the changes in your way of life. It's full of energy and passion and you'll be singing it all week long!

Waves is set to release on September 2nd via Vital Records. 2016 has been a great year for Four Star Riot after their song “Something So Right” was featured in the soundtrack to the box-office smash hit Deadpool as well as several television appearances on ESPN and MTV. 

Give them a look and follow them as they lead up to the release of the LP!

Four Star Riot: Website // Facebook // YouTube

Wild Americans Announce Debut EP

New Jersey trio Wild Americans have announced their debut EP Lighten Up will be released on September 9th. Check out the video below!

The four-song record was engineered by John Ferrara of Trophy Scars and mastered by Scott Hull, who has also mastered the music of Sting, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, and many more. The music video for the lead single "I Wanna Take You Home" showcases the band's mellow sound that The Aquarian Weekly calls “Mid-Tempo Space Music" and was produced by Charlie Chalkin Productions. The track makes for a perfect end of summer jam and certainly sets the tone for the rest of the EP. 

"It's only four tracks, but there's a lot to dig on in there," says drummer/vocalist Mike Neglia. "We wanted to create an honest product, so we recorded it live, found our sounds, and said exactly what we wanted to say."

Wild Americans says their music conveys the acceptance of defeat, without the satisfaction of acceptance. Pre-order Lighten Up here.


3.I Wanna Take You Home
4.Loser Freaks