MKNLY's "When I'm Lonely" For When You're Lonely

North Carolina 4-piece are celebrating their most recent release, “When I’m Lonely,” this week!

”When I'm Lonely" is the first look into their upcoming EP, due out later this year. After spending a year preparing for their upcoming release, MKNLY aims to showcase a more vulnerable side to their sound.

Check out the single below!

About the single, the band states, "“When I'm Lonely” is the title track for our upcoming EP release. This song truly encompasses the emotions of the one night stand mentality. Scared to be alone but yet at the same time completely scared to love or be with someone."

With plans to release an EP in the winter, “When I’m Lonely” is setting the stage for something great. For fans of that bridge between emo, pop, and alternative, MKNLY is going to be the band you’re looking out for. We’ve got their social media links down below, so check it out!

MKNLY: Facebook

Four Star Riot Share New Song

To start the holiday weekend, Four Star Riot made sure to tease fans with a brand new single, "Beautiful Soul." The track is available on Spotify & Apple, but you can check out a stream of "Beautiful Soul" below via Bandcamp!

The song, a longtime staple in the band's live show, was recorded and produced last month by Steve Connelly at Zen Recording. Lyrically, it's about inner-beauty and strength, and the power to overcome sadness; a topic that is fitting for the month of January, when depression affects so many people! Musically it pulses and drives, showcasing a tight four-piece power pop unit with a track that's built around guitar, bass and drums.

This is a really nice, smooth track that makes us excited for what Four Star Riot has coming up in their future - and also nicely highlights their 2016 release of Waves back in September!

For more on Four Star Riot, and their running start to 2017, check out their social media links below!

Four Star Riot: Facebook // Website // Instagram 

Mansell Drops New Album, "Mantra"

Atlanta based alternative trio Mansell have just released their debut full length album, Mantra

The group formed back in 2014, featuring Holden Fincher (Guitar/Vocals), Trent Bilodeau (Bass/Vocals), and Grayson Arias (Drums/Vocals). The three all came from various styles of music in the Atlanta music scene, but have come together to blend their alternative and indie roots into a sound all their own. 

Mantra features some really interesting songwriting, and I find the record to be a solid dark pop album. From one moment to the next you're not sure whether you'll get an ambient soundscape, or a catchy pop refrain. Don't take my word for it though, listen to what Holden Fincher had to say about the record.

"It’s a record of consciousness. Specifically within ourselves, our environment and people in our lives, as well as our perception of the world as it was all expanding in various ways. Dissecting it all and wondering what it’s all made of and what it will make for us later on."

If all this has you saying "this is right up my alley" then you can listen to Mantra right on this very page!

If you're anywhere near Atlanta, then you can check Mansell out live on November 25 for their album release show at The Vinyl in Atlanta!

Mansell: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Mansell Release New Song

The Atlanta-based trio, Mansell has released a new single from their debut LP Mantra -- "A Note 2 Myself" -- available November 11th via Substream MagazineHere it now at SUBSTREAM MAGAZINE

"This is just a song for daydreaming," says vocalist/guitarist Holden Fincher. "It’s sort of a running joke about how vague or in my head I can be and this is sort of musically and lyrically narrating the act of that. The ending lyrics represent the disconnect within yourself or your world that often leads to the desire to escape or drift. That drift becomes isolation as time passes leaving you wishing to attach more with your heart and other people more than with your mind over analyzing every part of itself."

Mansell is a three piece band who have played many genres in their home town of Atlanta. Formed in early 2014, they currently write indie and alternative styled songs that draw from the inspiration that formed them. Members that make up the independent outfit are Holden Fincher (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Trent Bilodeau (Bass/Vocals), an Grayson Arias (Drums/Vocals)

The track captures the late 80's and 90's alternative sound. "The guitars and bass tones harbored more from the vibe of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and the Smiths," says Fincher. "We wanted a rawness that was still beautiful and came with a bit of shimmer naturally."

Check out the track list for Mantra below.

  1.  Walking on Bank Street
  2. Ghost
  3. Age
  4. Cloudland
  5. A Love Immodest
  6. Character Portrait
  7. A Note 2 Myself
  8. King Pleasure

Mansell: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

King Shelter Announce West Coast Tour w/ Sticky Fingers

King Shelter, Orange County's premiere “salad rock” group, are about to undergo a short West Coast tour with Australian band Sticky Fingers. The band is looking forward to this tour to bring their unique sound on the road. 

The band has recently released a new music video for their single 'Preoccupy.” You can check that out right here!

Indie Shuffle described the sound of “Preoccupy” as “several familiar pieces of different styles of songs that you're heard before mixed into one song that makes sonic love and produces a pleasantly audible baby.”

King Shelter's whole thesis is that no one person is more important than anyone else, especially in this artistic realm. They aim to make music that stands alongside the people listening, not above them. Hecocks states: “If we want things to be better, then we have to do it. Change happens by people doing things, by people disregarding classes and associations. I want people to see what is important. People are important, art is important, output is important, YOU ARE IMPORTANT." 

Here are the tour dates:
9/30/16 @ Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA | 9pm
10/1/16 @ Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA | 8:30pm
10/2/16 @ The Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA | 8pm
10/5/16 @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR | 9pm
10/6/16 @ The Crocodile, Seattle, WA | 8pm 

You can follow King Shelter on their various social media sites to check out their stuff and keep up with new announcements as they happen. 

King Shelter: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

A Boy Named John Shares "Gentleman"

CW: Sexual Assault

On September 25th, A Boy Named John did their part in shining a light on the constant brewing storm that is sexual assault. The band recently released their music video for the track "Gentleman," a track off of their album So We Live | So We Die.

According to the band's youtube, "We wrote this song with the intention to help provide solace for victims of sexual violence. These horrible incidents will keep happening until our society learns to respect and love one another. Enough is enough. Be the change you want to see in our world."

The music video was put together by Eric DiCarlo, while the music was produced/engineered by Kevin Kumetz, and Mastered by Mike White. You can check out the video above, a powerful music video for a powerful track. 

In the mean time, check out A Boy Named John's social media for more of an inside scoop.

A Boy Named John: Facebook // Website

Must Be The Holy Ghost Share Track

Must Be The Holy Ghost, an alt-electronic artist otherwise known as North Carolina-based Jared Draughon, has teamed up with Idobi Radio to stream his new single, “Might Crack,” from his upcoming EP, Overflow, due out through Cardigan Records on September 16. 

You can check out the single below right now! 

The song grooves along with a relaxed feel but hides a little deeper meaning while juxtaposed with the lyrical content."The music has a 'walking on a nice sunny day with headphones' kind of vibe to me, so I wanted to contrast that with the lyrics," says Draughon. "The notion that I 'might crack' at any moment even though I'm currently alright appealed to me. You never know what might push someone over the edge...a story we hear about all too often in the news. I'm not referring to a person with a short temper, but a well composed individual going through some tough times and is close to hitting their breaking point."

“Might Crack” is more of an indie rock track than selections from the rest of the upcoming emotional EP. Must Be The Holy Ghost has released a music video for another song from Overflow called “Melt Down,” which you can see right here!

You can pre-order a copy of Overflow from Cardigan Records right now. It's also available on iTunes for pre-order. 

Check out Must Be The Holy Ghost on tour this September on the following dates as he supports Overflow. 
9/16 - Greensboro, NC @ Urban Grinders
9/17 - Wilmington, NC @ Satellite
9/19 - New York, NY @ Berlin
9/21 - Allentown, PA @ Alternative Gallery
9/23 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Back Bay Brewing
9/24 - Winston-Salem, NC @ The Garage
9/26 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Mockbee
9/27 - Fort Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail
9/30 - St. Louis, MO @ Foam
10/1 - Springfield, MO @ Front of House
10/4 - Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle
10/5 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
10/7 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
10/18 - Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog
10/11 - Los Angeles @ Residence
10/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Harvard & Stone
10/15 - Long Beach, CA @ 4th Street Vine
10/20 - San Antonio, TX @ Limelight
10/21 - Fort Worth, TX @ Shipping and Receiving
10/26 - Atlanta, GA @ 529
10/29 - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor

For more on Must Be The Holy Ghosts, check out the social media links below!

Must Be The Holy Ghost: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Neaux Release New Video, Announce New Album.

Brooklyn based shoegaze band Neaux have released their first single and music video for their upcoming debut album Fell Off the Deep End.

Harking back to the days of Lush and Sonic Youth, Neaux are part of the recent resurgence of the shoegaze sound. Muddy guitars, dreamy vocals, and soothing melodies are the centerpieces of that sound. Originally formed by the main songwriters Sierra Kay and Nick Fit, Neaux was soon joined by Ryan Briggs and Chris Peters to fill out the sound.

The new song “Make Me Stay” is the first track we get to hear from the band’s upcoming release. The video is simple, featuring Kay and Fit, and utilizing a number of almost unsettling camera angles. It’s also strikingly red. The video fits the song excellently.

Fell Off the Deep End will be released on September 16 from Iron Pier records. 

1. Slowstroll
2. Somewhere Up North
3. High Hopes
4. Only Lonely
5. Make Me Stay
6. Beaten Bruised and Over It
7. Deep Dive
8. Sorry I Said It

Neaux: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram

Four Star Riot Share New Track


Tampa alt-rock pop group Four Star Riot has released a new single off of their latest album, Waves. The new single is called “Empty Space.” You can listen to it right now for free on SoundCloud!

“Empty Space” is a tight, catchy rock song about a personal journey as one is growing up into adulthood, maneuvering around the changes in your way of life. It's full of energy and passion and you'll be singing it all week long!

Waves is set to release on September 2nd via Vital Records. 2016 has been a great year for Four Star Riot after their song “Something So Right” was featured in the soundtrack to the box-office smash hit Deadpool as well as several television appearances on ESPN and MTV. 

Give them a look and follow them as they lead up to the release of the LP!

Four Star Riot: Website // Facebook // YouTube

Basic Cable Preachers Release New Video

Last week,  Idobi hosted Basic Cable Preacher's release video for their brand new single "Tomorrow's Gone." Check it out below!

Basic Cable Preachers have blown up in their home state of Ohio. The band spent the last half of 2015 touring their debut album "Ma" that they recorded in Cleveland with  producer Jim Wirt, who has worked with Incubus and Fiona Apple (and it shows with Basic Cable Preachers) . Opening up for acts such as July Talk, The Royal Concept and American Aquarium, they have proven to be a genre-defying band that can hook any music lover.

2016 has proven to be quite the year for Basic Cable Preachers since Tyler Birch joined on drums. He really helps push the group to new musical limits. With this new tenacity, Basic Cable Preachers have been in and out of one of Cleveland’s premier studios, Crushtone/Vuture Visions Studio, exploring the depths of their creativity and ingenuity. A lot has changed in their sound from their freshman release, Ma. The group utilizes more soundscapes, synthesizers and orchestral instruments to further develop their ideas. The sky is the limit for this band!


Must Be The Holy Ghost Announces New Ep & Tour

Alt-electronic artist Must Be The Holy Ghost, the solo endeavor of North Carolina native Jared Draughon, has announced that his new EP Overflow will be released on September 16th via Cardigan Records.

Here's the video for the single "Melt Down"

"I think of 'Overflow' largely as an extension of 'Get Off'," Draughon says. "I've been playing songs like 'Forest,' 'All Night,' and 'Melt Down' live for over a year while touring to support the first record. They were all written shortly after 'Get Off' was released, but it took awhile before I recorded them. Playing the songs in so many different venues and situations helped me figure out how they should be recorded to find a balance between a studio sound with a live feel."

The video for "Melt Down" showcases Draughon's signature live performance in which visual artist Evan Hawkins uses water and food-coloring on an overhead projector to paint the show in swirling colors. Pre-order Overflownow on iTunes or get your hands on a limited-run vinyl version at Check out some of the dates below to see the show live.

Overflow Tracklist:

1.Melt Down
2. Forest
3. All Night
4. Might Crack
5. Keep Taking the Medicine
6. I Know You Know

Must Be The Holy Ghost: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Better Things Share New Single

Alt-Punk band, Better Things have released a brand new single straight off of their upcoming album!

Getting Worse is expected to release on August 19th, and in preparation, VA based guys Better Things have shared their single, "Named After A Kiss Song." The recording of the track came together very quickly says the band's producer Ryan Cohen, who owns Robot Dog Studio in VT. "I love the simplicity of this song," says Cohen. "I think Brad took two takes and we were like, 'Cool. Sounds good. Let's get some Moe's'"

Meanwhile, the band had this to say about the track, "I wrote this song as a valentine's day present for a girl who later shit on my heart," says vocalist Brad Yandow. "Originally, I intended for it to be entirely acoustic and eventually I talked to the band about putting it on this album. In the studio I taught them all three notes and bada-bing bada-boom."

"Named After A Kiss Song" is available for purchase on Bandcamp!

Better Things: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website

The Dirty Clergy Release New LP

Garage-rock group The Dirty Clergy have released Rattlesnake, their newest LP. The album is already receiving high praise for it's old-school sound!

Check out the music video for their single “All I Need” right here!

Dirty Clergy is Brad White (Vocals), Brian Manasco (Guitar/Keys), Joshua Pope (Guitar), Ky Carter (Bass), Cody Moorehead (Drums). The band have been compared to artists such as Alice Cooper and T. Rex since thier formation in 2011 with the release of thier debut EP, The Breakdown. Rattlesnake is thier second full-length LP, coming after Revival and a second EP, Shake. 

Rattlesnake was recorded by former Verbena drummer Lester Nuby III, and The Dirty Clergy want it to be a statement proving that old-school rock'n'roll mentality and energy still lives on today. 

Here is the track-list from Rattlesnake:

1. Decades
2. All I Need
3. Gold
4. I
5. Strange Love
6. Do or Die
7. Nothing
8. Ghost Stories
9. Cocaine, NV
10. Lie
11. Give Me Your Reason
12. Out of Time
13. All The Money
14. Summer Days (Ft. Karina Noelle)

Follow the Dirty Clergy on their websites to keep up with new announcements of additional music videos and upcoming tours! Here are the links: 

The Dirty ClergyWebsite//Facebook//Twitter//Bandcamp

Debut Album From The Maytags Out Now

Iowa's own retro-soul group The Maytags have recently released their debut album, Love Lines, which was released on July 1st. 

Love Lines has been met with a ton of praise, and is about the intensity of the end of relationships. Each member of the seven-piece band took part in writing the album. The band, consisting of Dustin Smith (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Leo (Keys), Sam Mogerman (Drums), Daniel Kreipke (Bass),  Andy Poppen (Trumpet, Vocals), Tim Sanders (Saxophone, Vocals), and Ben Chappell (Lead Guitar), spent less than 30 hours hammering out the album in-studio. The gang is musically coordinated and fine-tuned after extended touring. 

The Maytags have received praise from Talking Heads' David Byrne and a few publications such as Politico and The Atlantic. Smith's lyrics are a highlight of the album, referencing the culture of Des Moines, his hometown. 

The Maytags are going to be going on a local Iowa tour to support the album. You can check out the dates right here!

The Maytags Tour Dates:
7/15 Camp Euforia Music Festival - Lone Tree, IA
7/22 Iowa City Summer Concert Series - Iowa City, IA
7/22 Yacht Club - Iowa City, IA
7/23 Beaverdale Bluegrass Festival - Des Moines, IA
7/29 Woolys - Des Moines, IA
8/7   Prairie Moon Winery & Alluvial Brewery - Ames, IA
8/12 Redstone Room - Davenport, IA (The Maytags Album Release Show)
8/13 The Octopus - Cedar Falls, IA
9/18 Maximum Ames Music Festival - Ames, IA
9/24 Waverly Festival - Waverly, IA

You can check out Love Lines on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud

For more info on The Maytags, check out their social media below!

The Maytags:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Kinnecom Launches Two Singles

Raleigh, North California’s alternative hip-hop artist, Kinnecom launched two new singles, “Feels Like Warfare” and “Icy Hills (Featuring Donovan McCray)” in promotion of his upcoming mixtape, Rain!

The mixtape also features Spaceman Stuu, Ferrari2Wavy, KLE, Raxz, and CloudyNueve. Kinnecom states: "Rain is the honest soundtrack to being on your own in the city, struggling to make it. The harsh winters, the chaotic traffic, the isolation within the heavy population. This mixtape is an anthem to overcoming self doubt and choosing your own destiny."

unnamed (6).jpg

Rain Tracklist:
1. Skyscrapers Shake
2. Hopeless Era
3. The Underground, The Nameless (Feat Spaceman Stuu) 
4. Feels Like Warefare
5. Calm Down
6. Stuck In My Thoughts (Feat Ferrari2Wvy) 
7. Blink (Feat KLE) 
8. Standing Right Here (Feat Raxz) 
9. My Eyes
10. Swim [Remix] (Feat CloudyNueve) 
11. Icy Hills (Feat Donovan McCray)

Emerging from Imminence Records, Kinnecom has been writing and producing music since a very young age. He’s written and recorded several albums, his solo instrumental album recorded in 2011 generating Kinnecom recognition from artists all over the country which brought him to collaborate on an album with Drew Fulk and land his first record deal with Indianola Records during his term with former hardcore band, Wealth in Water.

Once the group broke up in 2013, Kinnecom and a few members assembled to form Motiv (formally known as Motvational), hit the road twice for two national tours and recorded their debut album mid-2014. During that time, Kinnecom prepared and released his full length debut album, Virtual Gravity. The album plays as a cinema and marks Kinnecom with a signature, organic presence within the music industry. It’s beautifully woven with poetic rap lyrics, synthetic vocals, and his story, perspective on social issues, and uphill battles.

The music also delivers inspirational messages to his audience. Through Imminence Records, Kinnecom released Virtual Gravity November 18th and his sophomore album, Motion Sickness on October 30th.  

Follow Kinnecom online!

Kinnecom: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr

Surviving The Era Shares New Music Video

Surviving The Era has released a music video from their upcoming album, Parallax.

The music video is for “Queen of The Sea” features the band, comprised of Jake Cooley (Drums) 
Kevin Cortez (Guitar), Seth Borges (Bass/Vox/Keys), Ryan Sollom (Vocals), and Kyle Newton (Guitar) performing the single.

Give the video a watch here!

Surviving The Era formed in 2014 and hit the scene with a unique and inspired vision to energize the music scene. Since their formation, they've played over a hundred shows and festivals and have supported acts such as He Is Legend, Oleander, Stroke 9, Must be the Holy Ghost, Children 18:3, and Burn Halo. 

Seth Borges, the vocalist and bassist for Surviving the Era said: “Parallax is about perception. It describes the effect of when an object appears as if it has moved because the viewer has changed their position. Similarly, music is a personal experience for everyone, and our perception of music can change over time based on where we are in life, even though the music itself never changes. We put our hearts into every song we write, and our ultimate hope is that people can connect with it and gain new perception of these songs as they move through their journey in life.”

Parallax is set for a CD release party on June 18th at Sacramento's “First Festival.” You can order tickets here!

Follow the band on social media as they lead up to their album release!

Surviving The Era: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram 

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties Release EP

The new EP from Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Bittersweet, is out now! The next chapter in the concept album series about the  the life and times of Aaron West features three tracks. 

The band describes this release as a transitional period for the character, moving on from his previous  experiences in the American South in 2014's debut album from the band, We Don't Have Each Other. The EP is a set up for future full-length releases from Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties. 

You can order limited physical copies of the album at Hopeless Records and on the band's website. 

Here is the track-list for Bittersweet:
1. '67, Cherry Red
2. Goodbye, Carolina Blues
3. Green Like the G Train, Green Like Sea Foam

The band is going on tour, being supported by Allison Weiss, Can't Swim & Cold Collective.

Tickets are currently on sale for these dates!
May 28- Howell, MI - Bledfest*
May 31- Boston, MA - The Sinclair
Jun 01- New York, NY - The Studio @ Webster Hall
Jun 02- Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
Jun 03- Syracuse, NY - The Lost Horizon
Jun 04- Buffalo, NY - The Studio @ Waiting Room
Jun 05- Cleveland, OH - Mahall's
Jun 07- Chicago, IL - Subterranean
Jun 08- St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
Jun 09- Nashville, TN - The End
Jun 10- Charlotte, NC - Visulite Theatre
Jun 11- Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
Jun 12- Orlando, FL - Backbooth
Jun 14- San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Jun 15- Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
Jun 16- Oakland, CA - Oakland Metro House
*Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties only

Follow Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties for news about the future of the band, links below!

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Climate Control Release New Lyrics Video

Hailing from South Africa, Alt-Rock group Climate Control recently released a lyric video to support their song, "Ghosts."

Climate Control formed in 2008 and has been continually working on and furthering their sound. They released their debut album Preludes in 2013, and a follow-up single "Tidal Wave" in 2014. The band consists of  Nicolas Gonzalez (Vocals/Guitar), Jacques du Toit (Drums), Wesley Smuts (Bass/Vocals), Luca Zeeman (Guitar), and Brooklyn Pakathi (Synths & Keys).

Lead vocalist and guitarist Nic Gonzalez said, “‘Ghosts’ is an energetic, ponderous song about the concept of leaving a lasting legacy. It raises the questions: Does it all matter in the end? And do we actually leave a worthy mark on people and the world?"

Check out the video below!

Follow Climate Control to hear their next evolution!