20 Years of Pop Punk

New Found Glory Announces "20 Years of Pop Punk" Tour

Taste the edgy-ness.


Has it really been that long? I suppose so.

New Found Glory, or “NFG” if you’re cool, was a staple in the angsty teen playlist throughout the early 2000’s. Originally from Florida, they came together in 1997 and have been steadily releasing albums ever since. Singer Jordan Pundik’s nasal-y voice and surprising range gave the band an edge over the most other lip pierced groups of that time.

Their discography comes out to a whopping 15 albums (greatest hits and deluxe versions included) which is impressive for any band. From tracks like the classic “My Friends Over You” to newer ones like “Vicious Love” they’ve stuck to a similar successful formula, filling their songs with short chugging power chords underneath some simple riffs that easily become ear-worms in everyone’s head. Most people agree they were a key founder of the “Pop Punk” style but perhaps that wasn’t the best thing ever invented.

Since its birth, the genre has suffered some insufferable bands and appears to be on its last legs. But don’t expect it to go out with a bang, expect a slow, excruciating death with tours like these.

Undoubtedly they’ll fill concert halls and dimly lit venues as they always have. They’ve gone through lineup changes and various collaborations and side projects but still manage to stay loyal to their sound and their fans, and we respect them for that 

Their countrywide trek starts in March and is sure to attract all the hand tattooed 30 somethings around. Check the dates below and get some info/merch on their website here!!