New Single a& Video from Illyin Pipes

Illyin Pipes is an up-and-coming indie electronic band from Toronto getting ready to release their debut EP, Spaces. In anticipation of the EP, the band recently released their first single and music video for their song “Waking Up.”

The track is a good fit for the current season, as the video gives plenty of summery vibes and the song itself is described as “a nostalgic look at a carefree summer.” 

Check it out below!

Jill, Illyin Pipes vocalist, says about the song, “I was struggling with a few things while trying to maintain an illusion of positivity and balance. The dichotomy of stability and disorder is present in ‘Waking Up’ as well as the remainder of the EP’s songs, even if that wasn’t intentional when we wrote them.” 

I immediately liked this song, right from the opening notes. It’s mellow and dreamy, and it’s definitely one to listen to when you want to relax. It reminded me of a few Beach House songs (and if you’ve read my articles, you know that’s one of the highest compliments I can give). 

The full Spaces EP drops this month, but “Waking Up” is a great look into what promises to be a fantastic debut for this new band. 

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