Fairy Bones New Single Is A Genre Blend You Don't Want To Miss

Arizona-based alternative quartet Fairy Bones has recently released a fast-paced music video for their latest single "No One Can Suffer Like I Can."

Check it out below!

 Vocalist Chelsey Louise addresses her own struggles with depression with a self-effacing sense of humor in the song, "I'll tell myself, ‘Suck it up b---h, there's so much worse happening in the world.'," says Louise. "But I realized, if I don't help myself first, I'm cornering myself into being useless to others. I need to save myself before I can save anyone else. I use humor to mask the fact that I'm ‘suffering.’ So do others. Misery loves company and all that. It's kind of nice when someone else understands that. Just ’cause I post something nihilistic doesn't mean you need to be worried. I'm still working this all out myself so I don't want to come off like I have all the answers, or any answers for that matter, but that's where I'm at in my head right now"

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