Alex Bent + the Emptiness Share 'Vanilla Blue'

Canadian singer/songwriter Alex Bent + the Emptiness have recently released a brand new track in preparation for a future LP release!

The track is a smooth, R&B inspired track perfect for the coming summer months. Check out the music video for it below!

Alex Bent explains, "I decided on the title “Vanilla Blue” several months before I started writing the song. It originally came to me as a description of my appearance, but after running the name by several friends I realized that those two words could be interpreted in many different ways. One friend interpreted the title to mean "a sweet kind of sadness" and it stuck with me. I started working on the song shortly thereafter and wrote it with that meaning in mind."

"Vanilla Blue" takes a step back from the typical for Alex Bent, and we'd say it's a nice change of pace! Check out Alex Bent + the Emptiness' social media links below to stay up to date!

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