Playing To Vapors' Live Music Video Celebrates Debut Album Release

   Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Photographer: Brennan Kurfees

Five-piece indie-pop band Playing To Vapors is celebrating the release of their debut album, Shred The Master Design, with an awesome live music video for the album’s title song. Along with that, the full stream of Shred The Master Design is now available here, accessible to all fans.

Check out the video below!

Playing To Vapors hails from Columbus, Ohio, and their sound is described as “sonic ambience.” With a description like that, they’ve gotta be worth a listen.

Before Shred The Master Design, Playing To Vapors released two other EP’s and a series of singles, and they’re excited to unleash their first official full-length album on the world. The band’s vocalist Lucas Harris had a few words to say about the album: “We sought to throw out many of the practices we’d used in the past to make a record (hence the title). It was the first album we’d recorded to tape, many of the decisions were made in the moment, and songs were literally crafted as we were tracking them.”

Shred The Master Design captures the raw aesthetic and powerful musicality of Playing To Vapors’s live shows and performances. They took inspiration from live shows they’d done in the past and brought that energy to the recording studio, and it can be seen in the live music video for “Shred The Master Design.”

Check it out, and stream the full album now!

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