Jesea Lee Releases Dreamy New Acoustic Single "Great Lakes"

  Photographer: Andrew Wells

Photographer: Andrew Wells

Cleveland-based indie pop songwriter Jesea Lee has released the third single from is upcoming debut EP, Sleepspent. "Great Lakes" is an acoustic track about Lee's fiancé and tells a dreamy story of one's willingness to endure anything to keep the person they love safe.

Check out the stream below!

"While recording my new EP I had three tracks done and it felt incomplete, like I needed to have a fourth song and I knew I wanted it to be an intimate acoustic track," says Lee. "When I sat down to write this song I had just gotten engaged, so the words poured out of me pretty quickly. After I recorded the guitar and vocals, it felt a little too simple, so my buddy Lance and I spent hours creating all these weird ambient sounds with feedback and different amps. I think it really adds to the mood and atmosphere of the song."

Pre-order Sleepspent now on iTunes or Bandcamp and get an instant download of the EP's first single "TV Glow." Definitely check out the new track, and then check out Lee's social media to keep up with his upcoming release!

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