New Single Out from Caretaker

Caretaker is a new art-rock band on the rise, based in Brooklyn and ready to release their debut single, “Swallow.” Caretaker formed in 2016, and they are made up of Erin Pellnat on lead vocals, Eva Lawitts on bass, Alex Pulakos on guitar, Damian Sim on keyboard, and Chris Kasnow on drums.

With their first official single, Caretaker aims to show the world just who they are as musicians. They like rock songs with infectious energy, and “Swallow” certainly fits the bill. 

 Speaking on their new single, Caretaker had this to say: “’Swallow’ is a song about being trapped in a relationship where someone is successful in convincing you that you are constantly wrong. This gets to the point where you believe everything they say, gladly taking punishment and abuse from them and wrongfully accepting that you deserve it. You know that you would feel completely contented and sane if you just cut ties so that their influence can disappear and you can set yourself free.”
With a powerful message that’s sure to speak to the souls of hundreds of fans, “Swallow” is a promising debut for Caretaker and leaves us all wondering what we’ll get to hear from them next. They have a couple of live shows coming up in New York, so catch them if you can and don’t miss your chance to hear “Swallow” performed live!
6/19 – Pinebox Rock Shop – Brooklyn, NY
8/19 – Arlene’s Grocery – New York, NY

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