Ten Cents Short Release Music Video for "Higher Powers"

Massachusetts pop-punk quartet Ten Cents Short have released a new video for their song “Higher Powers”, which is from from their upcoming sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks.

The concept for the video plays on the idea of a band signing a major deal and having everything changed about them.  Throughout the video, the band is constantly pestered by a staff member/director from the label constantly wants to make changes to what they wear and how they do things. Eventually, the whole band themselves are replaced by other people, at which point they fight back against the changes and walk away from the whole thing. 

According to the band’s vocalist/bassist Aaron Couto, “Higher Powers” is “a song about working hard and putting your all into something, meanwhile someone else gets all the glory. The moral of the song is to always stand for what you believe in and don't let anyone be your puppet master."

The video was directed by Dan Fried of Just Fly Casual Productions and the entire record was co-written, engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios. The EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks is scheduled for release on May 26th, and the EP can be pre-ordered now on the band’s website. 

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