Julian Fulton's New Single "Rosie's Disposition" Out Now

Songwriter Julian Fulton recently shared his new single, “Rosie’s Disposition,” off his upcoming EP, Battered Receptions. Fulton says the song is about “feeling caged, trying to convince yourself you’re happy, until finally running off in pursuit of something substantially more fulfilling.” The description certainly fits with the song, which includes some train sounds and is reminiscent of running away to find better days.

“Rosie’s Disposition” has some beautiful harmonies in the back half and a melodious guitar riff that I’m obsessed with, and it definitely makes me excited for the full release of Battered Receptions.

Battered Receptions will be Fulton’s third self-released EP, slated for release on May 12th, and the proceeds from the pre-order of the album will go towards the ACLU! Julian Fulton performs solo or with his band, The Zombie Gospel, and Battered Receptions is another of his solo explorations as his fellow band members go off to pursue school or job opportunities.

If the rest of the songs on the EP are anything like “Rosie’s Disposition,” it promises to be a successful release.

Fulton first performed at age 17, and since then, he has been making strides in the music world. Whether he’s solo or working with The Zombie Gospel, he delivers genre-bending music that pulls you in and makes you want more. I’ll be marking my calendar for the release of Battered Receptions, and I’m probably going to listen to “Rosie’s Disposition” ten more times before the EP comes out. 

Catch Julian Fulton live at a couple of his upcoming shows below! (Also don’t forget to pre-order the EP so you can support the ACLU!) Do yourself a favor and listen to “Rosie’s Disposition,” and then get inspired by it and hop on a train to a random place. And then listen to the song again while you’re on the train. It’s that kind of track. 

Tour dates:
5/20 – John & Peter’s – New Hope, PA

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