New Single from SØF Out Now

Spunky pop artist SØF has released a new single about amphetamines. Yes, that’s right, amphetamines. The song is called “The Rush,” a fitting title, and comes from the artist’s experiences in college, when she noticed her classmates start to get wrapped up in the workings of a drug-fueled society.

“The Rush” follows the release of three other singles in 2017, and it continues SØF’s ambition of trying to break away from the teen pop persona she had in the younger days of her career. The new single is catchy and fast-paced, and the subject matter is certainly distinctive from SØF’s other music. 

Check it out here, and check out "Ghosts" previously released below!

About the song, SØF said, “I really wanted to write about something different and give myself a challenge.” With “The Rush,” she breaks away from her typical songs about love and relationships. She says it’s also her favorite song lyrically, which makes it worth listening to. SØF blends genres and has a knack for singing fast and rapping, as well as remaining unique and unapologetically herself in the world of mainstream pop.

She’s one to watch out for in the future.

Give “The Rush” a listen below, and you can also check out some of her other previously released singles. 

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