HEIRSOUND Releases First Part of EP Trilogy

When it comes to writing, the Rule of Three principle basically suggests that any events or characters introduced in threes makes for funnier, satisfying and more engaging storytelling. We've seen this applied in such classic works like The Three Little Pigs or The Three Musketeers. However, you may be wondering why I'm introducing such a topic to begin with. Well interestingly enough, LA-based alt-pop duo HEIRSOUND has decided to release their newest work, LAYERS, as a three-part EP series. Adding to this excitement, the duo just released the first part last week. WOW.

To give one a feel for what to expect off this first installment, HEIRSOUND dropped a music video for "Proud", which you can stream below!

Reflecting on this first volume's release, Alexa San Román (one of two members) shared:

"We are excited to share with the world the first installment of the Layers collection. We've worked long & hard to create something real that we are proud of and Volume 1 is just that. This EP deals with reactionary, aggressive emotion & some of it is not pretty but nonetheless, it is where our story begins. We hope that you decide to take the journey through all 3 EPs to experience the full emotional transformation & arrive at where we stand today."

What's so compelling about this quote is how Alexa points out that each volume of this series will capture a different set of emotions, thus taking the listener on a journey through the duo's emotional psyche. This is the kind of stuff I look forward to in an LP release, so I'm interested how the duo will execute the remaining volumes of the series - will the shift in moods be too drastic? Will there be a sense of cohesion and flow between each part? Only time will tell.

Regardless of these points that I'll leave you to consider, the first part of LAYERS says good things about the duo and bodes well for the subsequent releases. If you're into PVRIS or just any angsty-ish pop artists who harmonize and have larger-than-life personas, you'll like HEIRSOUND. I guess if you're trying to be alt-pop, you NEED all-caps in your name.

Anyway, for updates and the latter EP releases, you can keep up with the duo on:

HEIRSOUND: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.