The Big Drops Share New Single "By The Water"

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Time, Color, NJ-based indie group The Big Drops has shared their first single, “By The Water.”

The song was originally premiered through GroundSounds, who said, “It’s a perfect track to get lost in as The Big Drops paint an aural landscape that simulates being transported to a forest on a beautiful day.” That’s certainly enough to get me to listen to it. The song is definitely dreamy, with echoing vocals and enticing, psychedelic instrumentals. 

The Big Drops formed in 2011 when brothers Greg and Vramshabouh Kherlopian decided to go all Walden like Henry David Thoreau and live in a log cabin for three years. Eventually, they found their drummer Caleb Estey and their bassist Steve Donahue in 2015, and now they’re ready to release their first full-length debut in the form of Time, Color. The album is described as “running through a sonic wilderness,” which is already enough to get me interested. Inspired by 1960’s pop music and leaning towards electronic tendencies, founding brother Vramshabouh says, “We feel like our music touches on a variety of different vibes and colors. So we like to think the overall theme of this album is diversity of life.” 

I’m certainly looking forward to this release!

The Big Drops also have a show coming up in Clifton, New Jersey, if you’re in the area and want to get a taste of them live. For now, listen to “By The Water” on SoundCloud, and check out their social media to stay up to date!

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