Composer/DJ/Producer Varien Shares New Track "Mutiny"

Ahead of his performance at the Dreamhack Convention last weekend, Composer/DJ/Producer, Varien has just released a new single, "Mutiny." The track presents a cinematic blend of synthwave, vaporwave, house, and other genres to give the listener a fresh, new sound.

"Mutiny" comes just after Varien's single, "ghostâ–³shell," a remix of the Ghost In The Shell Anime franchise, which garnered over 150 plays in over a week! Check out "Mutiny" here on Spotify! 

Varien had this to say about the track, "Going into 'Mutiny,' I wanted to blend synthwave with EDM in a very tasteful way. I wanted to have the colour and feeling you would get from a great synthwave/outrun type track, but something that was dancefloor and DJ-ready. I definitely feel I accomplished this and am absolutely excited to share it with the world. This is one of my first experiments with combining new and exciting ideas like synthwave, vaporwave, witch house, etc. into an understandable format - and I hope to please both the underground that gave birth to these incredible genres and the more casual listeners who love a fresh style."

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