Lilac Lungs Release Debut Album 'Eventide'

Detroit foursome Lilac Lungs, an indie rock band with a pretty name, will be releasing their first official album on May 12th. The album is called Eventide, and it’s a 10-song emotional roller coaster that comes from a personal place for the band members.

With frontwoman Emily Torres on vocals, Johney Birrell on guitar, Terrence Elizondo on bass, and Matt Jones on drums, Lilac Lungs is ready to show the world who they are, inside and out. When they were developing the album, lead singer Emily Torres had a certain image in mind: she wanted to capture the whole spectrum of human emotion in the songs on Eventide, and she wanted her listeners to feel safe when they heard the album. She wanted it to be a safe space, and that’s what the album and its gorgeous cover artwork calls to mind for her.

“This album came from a very genuine and emotional place for us,” says guitarist Johney Birrell. “Nonetheless, we never fail to push ourselves to strive for new sounding music to give whoever listens to these a refreshing, yet nostalgic experience.” 

Eventide is a mix of catchy pop, indie, and alternative, hitting on a wide range of musical techniques that come together to create one emotional ride. Emily Torres adds, “I wanted to capture the thoughts of the night, how we fear them and really use the album artwork to represent a never ending sunset as the safe place, where I want to always be lost in.” The album cover sure is pretty, and the track list looks stellar. You can hear the first single off the album, “Next to Nothing,” and watch the music video for it below. That’ll have to be enough to hold you over until May 12th, when the full-length album Eventide will be released. 

Until then, keep up with Lilac Lungs on social media, and listen to “Next to Nothing” on repeat.

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