Civil Youth Announces Tour

Philly’s own Civil Youth, an alternative rock band who has opened for artists like Twenty-One Pilots, AWOLNATION, and Phantogram, have been preparing for the debut of their new album, Conversations, slated for release on May 19th. They’ve already released two songs from the album, “Belief” and “Dark Debts” (you can watch the music videos for both down below), and now they have announced that they will be going on tour following the official premiere of Conversations. Their East Coast tour kicks off at TLA in Philly on May 20th, and ends in New York in July. 

Civil Youth has already toured nationally, and they bring new levels of excitement and energy to all of their live shows, which are filled with light-up drum solos, plenty of chanting from the crowd, and stage acrobatics. Within just a year of their first show in March 2015, Civil Youth grew from being local in Philly to being nationally known across the US. They’ve gotten air time on one hundred and thirty-four FM radio stations, licensing with MTV, VHI, and E!, and have released three albums (Disguised in Color, Who Rescued Who, and Ossein, an acoustic album).

I’d say that’s pretty impressive, and I’m sure the Philly fans who have been there since the beginning are extremely proud. It’s always nice to see a local band from your hometown get famous, and Civil Youth is going to keep climbing up that ladder with the release of Conversations. Look out for it on May 19th, and catch Civil Youth at any of their east coast tour dates (I expect to see a full crowd at TLA on the 20th). 

You can preorder Conversations on iTunes, and be sure to get your tickets early for the show at TLA. Check out the dates below, and social media under that to stay in check with Civil Youth!

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